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29 May 2010
RIP Alan
Your words live on mate!

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For much of the last century technology has been in increasing advance, but human behavior has been in increasing decline. Where one hundred years ago we could afford to build railways and roads we now cannot afford to maintain them. Cultures once truly caring have become pretentious and cruel.

This trend is nowhere better illustrated than in health services. The technology of body maintenance – transplants including heart and liver – the ability to photograph and even view-live our internal organs at work – the ability to analyze and manipulate genes; these are all today beyond what could be imagined a mere fifty years ago. Yet, in my own lifetime, I have seen both health and health-care decline dramatically.

To understand this we need to understand changes in politics and philosophy. Politics can be called the technical base for social order and philosophy the intellectual base for social behavior. Politics dramatically changed when the rich and arrogant learned to use their power. They then, to consolidate, created a deformed and misleading philosophy.

This has resulted in mass indoctrination and deformity of public behavior. Programs based on Hegelian Dialectic principles have caused us, in youth, to form “Peer Groups” in isolation from parents, personal responsibility and morals, with cruel social consequences.

It is important to understand that this site is in no way related to any group, sect, religion or political movement but is devoted to knowing without fear or favor, the truth of what is going on in our world. Only by knowing the truth can we make intelligent decisions. If we do not face the iniquity of our social corruption and do not see that fashion is a childish moral guide, we are already lost.

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Now substantially complete, this literature is divided into four main sections. Files boxes begin with a convenient separate listing of:

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“Discovering Humanity”: things we should learn in primary school.

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