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Retired Editorials

Editorial: December 2001.

To those who are concerned:
I am surprised (after feedback provision and invitation) that no response has been received to start reasoned discussion of the human situation. To clarify these matters discussion is essential. It would be good to begin our second year on-line with the opening of serious discussion.

Perhaps some have been confused that Christian Revelations have been included but if we are serious about finding the truth of human life we cannot be discriminatory about potentially vital contributions. If we want to live by truth rather than by ego-based man-made religions we need to search all areas of knowledge that may throw light on our true human nature.

Thoughtful readers will also like to take a little time rather than rush in with off-the-cuff comment, others, raised to compete, may feel overwhelmed. I can't complain about the former and the latter should realise that competition is neither the only or best means of progress. Time passes: can we begin just by beginning?

Will any normally intelligent adult deny that the world is becoming more dangerous by the hour? In hope of getting discussion started I put this position:

I have said that the terrorist campaign may be the beginning of the disintegration of The Great Whore of "Revelations" (now clearly identifiable as the city of commerce). This disintegration is a large event that could take years, not weeks. Can we learn from history? As is truly said, those who cannot learn from history are forever doomed to repeat it.

First let us understand that the revelation of Mohammed (570-632) though in the Hebrew lineage of religion, came later than did Jesus. The Byzantine Empire was founded on commerce; it was taken over by Islam and flourished to become (less than 1,000 years ago) the leading world civilisation. But in the take-over by Islam the commercial nature of the empire was not destroyed. Nor was the immorality of a corrupting commerce destroyed by the disintegration of that empire; the weed of greed was already planted in the fertile soil of the Christian garden. Is there a lesson for us here?

Were we able to transport to the Byzantine era at its height, would we be surprised at how similar their beliefs and attitudes were to present beliefs and attitudes? Would we find the same pride, arrogance and humanistic self-righteousness as now being expressed in today's increasingly self-destructive social attitudes?

Given the nature of the order of creation exposed in Of TRUTH, and the manipulation of humanity exposed in Globalism-Brainwash, may we assume that, before the Byzantine Empire disintegrated, the attitude of the commercial city infected and corrupted the revelation given to Mohammed? Is there here a preview, or warning, for our time.

Can we have some thoughtful comment on that please? Or would someone prefer to turn to the matter of the crumbling chance creation myth? I hope readers have been watching the increasing TV efforts to justify this myth. Have you noticed that the latest evidence of genetics only reveals more clearly that chance creation is a myth? Here again we see that those educated to fanaticism cannot accept the meaning of the evidence that they find; but will they have the courage to take this evidence into the classroom?

Regards, Editor.

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