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Editorial: January 2002
Editorials January to June 2002 are now part of the downloadable book Of Truth

To those who are concerned;
The first exciting news is that we have our first meaningful TMW (themindweb) email. A call for help! Not what was expected but, as it turned out, even better, it brought me to a new understanding and highlights the importance of open discussion.

For much of the year the question of "sacrifice" has been niggling at my mind. It was not adequately expressed. Answering our first email brought it up again. Then Dec. 12th, early morning, when the mind works most clearly, a breakthrough!

Those who have read "Of TRUTH" will have noticed (Part 6) the "Spiral of Life". Sorry, therein is an error! For about 25 years this construct had resisted change but there it is, the vital second line, "The way to Truth is through Freedom". Those who made a copy of this please change Freedom to "Sacrifice" and also on the line below. Yes freedom is involved but is really a part of truth i.e., "The truth will set you free".

Sacrifice is a vital Christian revelation: so vital to the development of our human nature and understanding of life that it is right up there at the threshold of truth. In fact it is the very doorway to knowing Truth better. Sacrifice is a vital element of human love. How had I failed to recognise its place in the spiritual 'gene'?

The true nature of human sacrifice is also evidence that Christian Revelation is genuine. The true meaning of human self-sacrifice has never, and would never, be apparent to humanity without guidance from agents who knew our God is truth. Without knowing that our God is truth, intellectual self-sacrifice (the willingness to sacrifice false belief to truth, has no meaning). In a mindless creation (were that possible) self-sacrifice would be meaningless. Be assured (for humans) sacrifice to God is sacrifice to truth i.e., John 14:6 "I am the way; I am the truth and I am life; no one comes to the father except by me."

But who is the beneficiary of human sacrifice? It is not God the Father. The father gets no benefit from your sacrifice. No, sacrifice is for our own intellectual growth as humans. Our parents want us to grow strong, healthy, intellectually competent; is that not what good parents want of their children? Why would God not want this for his children?

Jesus called us "stiff-necked". Meaning we are too proud to turn our heads to face the truth. If we cannot grow intellectually we are no more than animals. Jesus said "Don't bury your talents"! We must build on our talents, for " to those who have, more will be given and those who have not, from them will be taken even the little they have."

Leave self behind! Sacrifice your old self for a new self! We are not gods, we cannot ever be so proud of our knowledge that we cannot afford to sacrifice false beliefs and attitudes for improved beliefs and attitudes. The better we know truth the better (more beneficially) we can live our lives.

"We Know" - yes we do know so much but even those practised may fail to recognise every step in the stairway they climb. We can all overlook the need to think things through to their logical understanding. Thoughtful discussion is so important to all wanting to advance their understanding and so to know Truth better.

Two emails, two questions to start our second year. Understanding our origins is vital to human development; that is why World Government has been so determined to fix evolution theory in our minds and deform our vision to our self-destruction; it is not to their advantage that we be either healthy, wealthy or wise. Nor is Bible discussion the extent of it, worldly understanding is also vital. This site is open to discussion of any relevant subject.

The other "TMW" email simply asked if I believe Jesus is God. I would dismiss this on grounds that what I believe is not what this site is about; we seek truth: see RC&D file.

The important email (see RC&D file) could lead to very fruitful discussion. That is the importance of the exercise, it helps us re-focus our attention. I am now hopeful readers will become involved; to aid this a response coupon is added to the discussion files.

Information on our site is challenging, at least in some part, to practically everyone. You do not have to agree though rapid growth of 'hits' indicates many agree with much of it. If you have information to dispute any of it then let's see it. If you have information to disprove anything on it then I do want to know about it; knowing the truth is important to me and should be to everyone.

The Christian Bible tells us to have faith. What are we to have faith in? Is it the human law, education system, ideology or government? No! Is it the Holy Bible? No! Is it some human idea of what we call God? No! What we need have faith in, is TRUTH.

Why? Because it is truth that is of value, not man-made ideas! The importance of truth is such that no one can use the intelligence he/she was born with; or make best use of their life; or be a true Christian, if they do not want to know truth better.

  • The truth of what we are and what is going on in our world is what this site is about. That is what I want and that is, or so I believe, what every concerned person on earth really wants; we all want understanding that will allow us to make best use of the life we were given. Love requires sacrifice of false belief to the truth.

So, let's get on with it? Don't forget "Readers Comment & Discussion" file for your response, comment or contact.

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