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Editorial: February 2002
"Human development" - Editorials January to June 2002 are now part of the downloadable book Of Truth

Last month we looked at the importance of "sacrifice" in relation to human development. If we look at the history of mankind and aids to developing talents of mind, language, community, etc., I think we will see that "humanity" is a development stage in the creation. Would we develop language more complicated than animal need had we not a designed potential? Why did Jesus visit and sacrifice for our enlightenment? Why do tribes without guidance stagnate?

  • To say that living organisms have a natural survival instinct may be scientific but to say that a survival instinct (in a chance creation without purpose or need) is a natural development, is surely a statement of religious faith.

The science to be learned from 'chance evolution myth' is that man, when devoted to an idea other than truth, creates all manner of explanation (or deformity) to convince himself and others that his desire is truth. As science proves each explanation wrong the wrong explanations are ignored and, with new contortions, each new discovery is attached to our desire.

We can believe that it all happened by chance, but really, don't we need an adolescent desire to evade responsibility in order to believe that? Can we believe it if we use the caring potential of our nature, our human reasoning ability and an adult yearning for truth? Is our best excuse for accepting chance creation anything other than that we trusted those who are untrustworthy?

If we actually need evidence that the "theory of chance creation" is fraudulent, then all we need do is study (with open mind) the scientific evidence given to support the theory. If we do that, we find the evidence being interpreted with bias and evasion of scientific logic. Truth-seeking honesty reveals very different conclusions!

  • An excellent example for study is the recent TV production "Evolution". Tapes display "WGBH Educational Foundation" (a quality production but no country of origin). Is it a "world government" product? View this propaganda with understanding that chance is mindless.

Mindless chance knows nothing of life, death or purpose! Chance is destructive of complex systems and does NOT find ways to overcome life's difficulties! Unless evolutionists can provide hard scientific evidence that chance is other than destructive of complex systems then there is no rational theory of evolution! The great majority of life-forms to have existed on earth are now, by chance, extinct. Many genes are chance destroyed; few, if any, are created. Accident = damage.

Don't be deceived to believe the argument is about science! Chance evolution is man-made religion -- not a science-based theory! Observe huge gaps where imagination fills in for (or disputes) evidence! Years of revisions reveal chance creation as only a deceit to escape human responsibility -- a devotion based on belief in miracles.

But evidence for miracles is a vapour thin illusion: the creation of which we are part is not a construct of either chance or creative magic -- this creation is organised by intelligence - it is a system of logical development and logical, science-observable order.

We were not created perfect humans in a universe of magic; the "Lord of the Rings" is not Lord of our lives. We are an intelligence-conceived and logically developing humanity in a logically ordered creation. In this creation we are now sufficiently developed and have sufficiently developed ideas, ideals and science so that (when we use our intellectual abilities honestly) we will step out of adolescence into adult humanity.

Can anyone with eyes and human desire to see (and intelligence not devoted to evading adult responsibility) look at our culture today and deny our behaviour is adolescent? Are we not behaving culturally as you expect of an arrogant, know it all, self-centred, animal-passion controlled, drug escapist, stiff-necked adolescent wallowing in ego-pleasing lies?

  • Can we go on behaving as we are and not destroy ourselves? Can we see that we cannot live by false beliefs and still live and act in the truth of our true nature? If intelligent young people become convinced that life is just a meaningless chance event then truth also becomes meaningless and they adopt self-destructive values for living. Were we not warned?
  • False creation belief is the foundation for the philosophies that now poison the values, attitudes, behaviours and needs of human development.

A simple example of the cost of false creation belief! While writing this, much of eastern Australia was in a severe bush-fire season. Are you surprised that probably half those highly destructive fires were vandals lit? Media reports say up to 20,000 fire fighters became involved; insurance's exceeded $75 million and total costs many times more.

But vandals are more than arsonists! Given conviction of life without meaning: then robbery, rape, suicide, or murder all become irrelevant! Dangerous living makes sense -- adore disorder, cause accidents, despise authority and work without care or conscience! Suffering is a passing sideshow and justice a joke! With reason made meaningless these insult humanity; love notoriety and publicity; gain public positions; stand for parliaments; accept bribes; ignore corruption; teach in schools; operate in hospitals and have children. Lives without meaning create outrageous waste, corporate collapse, pain, destruction and death. Look and see!

Would you like taxes reduced by half, or workloads reduced by half, or to get double pay for your work? If you think that prospect too good to be true well that is not the half of it! Benefits of an adult human culture are beyond imagination.

  • How often do you hear the phrase: "You can't change human nature?" Well, we may not change our human nature but (what is important) we can achieve it!

We can also lose what we have, another old saying states: "While I live I grow"! When human growth stops, potential stops - culture degenerates -- civilisations can and do die. How much time is left for filtering out the poisons undermining human development? It is later than you think!

How often do you hear claims of "human rights"? How seldom human responsibilities or duties are claimed! So much we want - so shy to pay! We demand government, 'big-brother' or providence love and care for us as 'Peter Pan' adolescents: but at what cost?

  • We are not born with human rights we are born with human responsibilities! Until we accept our responsibilities and duties (sacrifice adolescent evasions and have faith in truth alone) we cannot gain human maturity and do not qualify for human rights.

Globalist government lives on adolescent gullibility. If, in mass, we remove our support, their balloon deflates. Without us they are as nothing. They have mobilised our strength against us! By blaming others we belittle ourselves. Accept our human responsibilities -- eliminate man-made problems.

  • It needs so few to start an avalanche of awakening to "the voice that's never still". Though many fail, humanity cannot fail. Those with faith in truth will advance to new enlightenment.
  • A reliable scientific fact: "The truth will set you free!" It is of greater benefit to live in that understanding than to win a $million; and you don't need buy a ticket.

Continued next month. Editor.
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