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Retired Editorials

Editorial: March 2002:
"Human Development": continued ...
Editorials January to June 2002 are now part of the downloadable book Of Truth

Creation belief is the principle base for all human behaviour - it is our base for life's meaning - it is our base for how we see ourselves, our future, our morals and our justice.

So why have we taken it so casually? Why so easily deceived? Did we feel that being responsible for our actions was too big a load to bear? Did seductions of animal passions overpower us? Was it our own entire fault?

  • You will find some answers on this site but basically, the fall of man was caused by the seduction of the animal side of our being. Were we not created perfect? We were created perfect for fulfilment of the purpose of our creation.
  • We had to glimpse hell through the fires of temptation! We had to learn from and be strengthened by our mistakes! We needed to discover the alternatives of animal and human! We had the challenge of a human potential to develop and truth was there to be found. Yes the Creator did create both good and evil, it is for our benefit.

Some fail, some triumph, that is a need of the process! Those who triumph (accept their true nature) will find a world where the prey and the predator in us walk side by side. No longer will we use each other to satisfy greeds, prides and prejudices. No longer will we sacrifice others to satisfy lusts.

As creation belief is so basic to human development and behaviour, let us follow up on current science as it relates to chance evolution. The "Evolution" series recently shown on TV revealed that our science has progressed in understanding of "genes"; genes hold the answer to our creation. There is new evidence for intelligent creation that adds to evidence already significant.

Chance creation theory is fundamentally flawed. Those arguing the theory always direct the attention of the reader/listener away from basic science: their arguments concentrate, essentially, on the more easily fudged frivolities. By scientific mind manipulation chance creation has been presented with such force throughout the world that people believe they are being told established facts and, believing, defend what they are told.

  • Genetics science (as stated on the "Evolution" tapes; available retail) reveals a basic genetic design for animate life present in early life-forms. Genetics science has now advanced to reveal genetic pre-design of biological structures. Genes for eyes, limbs, body, head and tail were part of a basic genetic structure from the beginning.

Genes did not evolve gradually as "Evolution", nevertheless, continues to preach. The new evidence confirms past evidence: i.e. genetic structure began as complex and that random 'chance mutation and selection' are specialising forces to reduce the load of damaged and unused genes. These are forces that lead toward extinction.

Given this information it is difficult to see how it can be seriously argued that each species of animal, insect, reptile, bird and mankind was created by chance. Chance is destructive, not creative! All passionate argument for chance creation is in shambles.

As life-forms enter diverse environments beneficial genes dominate; those unhelpful or detrimental become irrelevant. Legs do not advantage a fish! Legs are only useful transitionally: that is, if the fish has a genetic alternative to transform to a land animal.

Genetic design is far too complex to be created by chance - to say genes could be so created, and even before needs arise, is pure fantasy.

The mechanism whereby species genes are organised as needed is not yet uncovered but it is logical to assume that, in a developing creation, they are triggered by opportunities of environment. The natural forces of chance mutation destroy unneeded genes and once a gene is lost to a species, chance cannot replace it, e.g., the vitamin C gene we once had.

  • The detail design of a basic structure that allows life-forms to assemble as needed, and adapt to a developing world, may seem miraculous, but only intellect can foresee need and design for it. Original genetic structure is ordered so as to assemble life-forms that are flexible to various stages of earth's development. Embryo development and metamorphosis may give clues to the mechanism.
  • What was clear to the honest eye is now illuminated. Biological life was pre-designed for a developing world and man's adventure to humanity. We are given intellect to understand ourselves in today's world. Man alone among animals has the gift of creative intellect: in creative intellect we are in the spiritual image of the Creator!

It should now be clear that chance plays no part other than to destroy damaged or unused genes: this, as a help to preserving original designs, reflects intelligent creation.

The Evolution tapes say Christians listening to the evolution story ask: "Where is a place for God in this?" The word "God" is a pre-Christian image for the Creator! Jesus of Nazareth revealed that God is Truth and laid the foundation for a scientific understanding of creation. Truth is the image for God for a world of science. Truth as God is a revelation given for the 21st century.

Christians should ask, "Where is truth in the evolution religion"? When the question is put in the way of today's understanding it is more pertinent.

Next month: A hint from Revelation. Don't miss it.

Note 1: Although unplanned it seems that the first four editorials of the year have a larger message to bring us. It is now planned that they become part of the on-site book "Of TRUTH" , possibly in June. In the meantime they will remain, in order of presentation, in the "Retired Editorials" file.
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