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Retired Editorials

Editorial: Easter special & April 2002:
A hint from Revelation - Editorials January to June 2002 are now part of the downloadable book Of Truth

Now let us look at a revelation related to human development. When reading the "Old Testament" we should realise that when we first received communication from our Creator, we were at our most primitive stage: we had just been given the intellectual image of our Creator. Education, advanced language, knowledge of ourselves and our world, these were challenges our intellectual development had still to take on.

Could, or should, matters of humanity be explained to those at childish level appreciation and language? Only in the primitive terms needed to initiate the challenge! Bear with me.

We cannot (at this stage) know the whole truth! We must accept that what leads us toward truth is (beneficially) truth. Intelligence accepts no Creator other than intellect.

Those who now look seriously at religion (including Old and New Testaments) should be aware we try to see things as we want to see them rather than with the insight of the Creator. So 'why should/how could' we expect that the Testaments (in their many translations and interpretations) will reveal the pure and unpolluted word of God?

The Creator is not a magician! The Creator understands the limits and development needs of humanity. We have animal instincts and intellectual free will; and the spirit of truth is with us always -- if we listen.

The fact of the "New Testament" is itself all the evidence we should need to prove that we are in a development situation. Human pollution of the Old Testament, plus advances in our development, created need for a New Testament. To believe the Testaments, Old or New, remained unpolluted, does not agree with the intellect our Creator shared with us! Christians have no choice other than to have faith in truth.

Those of us who still cannot see that the Creator was quite able to program the man animal to behave in any way desired (just as were all other living creatures) should take up play of some competitive mind games to try to develop use of their given reasoning ability. *

  • The Testaments still give valuable guidance but it is now time for humanity to become adult - it is time for mankind's metamorphosis to true humanity.
  • It is time to improve use of our given intellectual capacity! It is time to admit the need to discriminate between the truth of an intelligent Creator and the corruption of man-made pollution.

To take the Testaments on trust and without faith in truth we would have to believe the creator to be, at the same time, brilliantly intelligent/extremely stupid; brutal/gentle; generous/demanding; arrogant/understanding, etc. But that picture, of course, better reflects our own transition from mankind to humanity.

Revelations 11: 7-11: (but read 11: 3-12) "And I have two witnesses ….. dressed in sackcloth …..
But when they have completed their testimony, the beast that comes up from the abyss will wage war upon them and defeat and kill them. Their corpses will lie in the streets of the great city, whose name in allegory is Sodom or Egypt, where also their Lord was crucified. For three days and a half, men from every people and tribe, every language and nation, gaze upon their corpses and refuse them burial. All men on earth gloat over them, make merry, and exchange presents; for these two prophets were a torment to the whole earth. But at the end of the three days and a half the breath of life from God came into them; and they stood up on their feet to the terror of all who saw it. Then a loud voice was heard speaking to them from heaven, which said, 'Come up here!' …

Let us not be petty about semantics; at core I think you will recognise the two prophets as the Old and New Testaments. They are now dead in the eyes of authority: dead by the bestiality deep in our animal bodies. But none dares give them burial though all devote themselves to celebration and pleasures of the flesh. These two were, in fact, a torment to our animal nature until our faith was seduced to believe in chance as our creator.

The two Testaments, lying dead in the streets of the bestial city of usury (The Great Whore **) await human intellect to reveal an intelligent Creator and thereby to justify them. This will terrify many. These two, when revealed as true prophets, have completed their work -- humanity may then become adult and we can live in accord with understanding of our true nature. With understanding we will no longer need polluted evidence for guidance and warning, we will know our true selves and live and act accordingly.

Can we see that we were/are being told of a time when we accept understanding of our true nature -- of a time when the world must acknowledge that the testaments were originally "From Almighty God"? Can we see that we no longer need be confused to believe that we are mere biological robots, playthings of chance or our Creator; we have the spirit of an intelligent creator and are designed for greater things?

We will, no doubt, still have challenges to face - intellectual development to accomplish. No doubt our ultimate purpose will, for a time, remain hidden, but we (those alert to the challenge) must now see that we have a future of creativity quite beyond the ability of 'mindless' biological machines.

Can we now see that the story of Adam and Eve and their seduction is the story of humanity - the story of our trial by temptation, our fall and of our rescue; this, all at the same time, being woven into progressive development of our human intellectual potential?

Can we see that we are now on the verge of our human future? All we now need is enough faith in truth to step out of our past confusions and give trust to our intellectual spirit. We are offered a place in creation as children of a new beginning! We should apologise to our intellectual gift and to the intellect that created us; we should wipe the slate clean and rebuild our community in accord with the truth and humanity of a nature we can now appreciate.

Our world is now in a sick and dangerous state -- our human cultures are full of inhumanity, fear, despair and corruption. We now face our greatest challenge and need use our creative intelligence for our survival and future progress. I trust we have the courage to take up this challenge.

I put it to you: it is as simple as that!

My load is light; sayest the Lord - so why do we crucify ourselves?

Sacrifice revisited
Some, who would follow the intellectual force, may be upset! That is good, it means these realise that they have cause for concern. Many who seek to accept the offer of salvation and say 'I believe in the Lord Jesus and am saved' should also remember words, like, 'Many will claim me at the judgement and I will say I do not know you'. Do we see the significance?

Any barbarian can say 'I believe in the Son of God' but if they do not know this being then their statement is meaningless. Likewise the faith of many may be made meaningless if they do not make honest effort to know, in truth, the one that they claim faith in. Many accept, on faith, ideas that only reflect human error or ignorance. Many fail because they do not try hard enough to understand the true meaning of sacrifice.

Do I recall a passage in the Old Book where God tests a man to the sacrifice of his son? In today's understanding we see our beliefs and ideas as our own children and are very (sometimes fanatically) defensive of them - we fight and die for them. But our beliefs and ideas are not children and are rarely our own. To destroy any of our beliefs is a genuine sacrifice for our animal instincts but, to our intellectual nature, destruction of false beliefs is recognised as release from ignorance.

If we do not have the faith in truth to sacrifice beliefs that intelligence (the intellect that gives us the image of our Creator) shows to be wrong, then we neither know, nor are known to, the One we say we believe in.

The Testaments, read with open intelligence and related to true science, reveal the truth.

* Mind development games such as "Checkers" (USA) called "Draughts" in most English speaking countries, or card games such as "500", should always have a place among children's games.
** The Great Whore: Revelation 17-18. New Testament. New English Bible.
The heart of commerce is of course the corrupt and usurious banking system, the beast is the beastly side of mankind and the seven hills are seven nations of which those holding power secretly formed an alliance aimed to create world government under private control. Has the corruption, degradation and usurious theft of wealth that has left nations in a moral and financial shambles now revealed a truth? Do we see this truth revealed Biblically as "The Great Whore"?


Note: As mentioned last month the first four editorials of the year will become chapters to the on site book "Of TRUTH".
They will convert to chapters 7,8,9,10, in the meantime they will remain in order of presentation in the Retired Editorials file;
The present Ch.7 will then become Ch.11.

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