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Editorial: May 2002:
The War against Humanity -
Editorials January to June 2002 are now part of the downloadable book Of Truth

"With all these things the birth-pangs of a new age begin."
Matthew 24:8 and then Matthew 24:22 (New English Translation).
"If that time of troubles were not cut short, no living thing could survive…"

We have now taken a basic look at our relationship with our Creator so, to complete this treatise, we take a quick look at ourselves and the kind of world we have created.

Danger to our world is increasing by the day and human relationships, with their personal and national and international problems, multiply week after week. In politics, business and family we appear to have lost all moral standards and ability for responsible human behaviour.

Educators and church elders abuse children and ignore their own moral teachings. International aid workers abuse children and the human caring they claim to represent. Authorities and mass media campaign against child abuse but are themselves responsible for promoting and defending the ideology that is not only the worst child abuse of all but is itself the root cause of almost all the activity they so hypocritically complain of.

The above is only part of an extensive and growing social corruption. Confusion and corruption also abounds in law, environment, economics and politics. We are surrounded and strangled by confusion and corruption. Leaders claim authority for good but promote evil.

Is there something wrong with people?
Is there something wrong with government?

  • Or is it that there is something seriously wrong with the "politically correct" philosophy that our world is now indoctrinated to live by? Was the ideology now taught deliberately based on beliefs that would make our behaviour self-defeating and self-destructive?

In a rapidly over-crowding world we should not be surprised that the super rich and powerful might feel alienated from the less privileged and seek to protect themselves and their families by conducting a secret war against, what they see as, the common multitude. Most war and genocide plans have developed around issues less serious.

Evidence of unnatural political behaviour has been long apparent; certainly we can find evidence that a world government has been operating for centuries. Our investigation has shown the war conducted by globalists is both physical and emotional. Evidence also reveals that we do live by a false ideology and that our world is ruled by an internationalist group of families who seek unencumbered ownership of the earth.

  • The Globalists (self-proclaimed 'owners' of the earth) consider the great majority of earth's residents mere contaminants that waste resources, damage environment and threaten the future of elitist families.

Who are these elitist families? Their identity is not important and knowing them distracts from our best action. It is probable that they will never come to trial in a human court. We do not need to know them to defeat them and we have no human law or punishment that is adequate for the crimes they commit. Leave them to God. Their religious philosophy is humanist. We need to know this because this is a philosophy that they impose on our world to justify (or disguise and defend) their behaviour.

  • They use scientific methods to impress on us that life is no more than a chance event in a chance created universe - that life is based on survival of the fittest (meaning themselves) and that this is the natural law of life.

The deception becomes clear when we view world events with open-minded intelligence and look directly at the science on which they claim to base their teachings. The behaviour they promote only becomes rational when we look for and understand who gains and who suffers from decisions that offer neither benefit nor hope to the world's people.

When we ignore what our 'so called' leaders say and look with open intelligence at the world events they engineer, it becomes clear that evidence for the existence of an elitist world government (as now exposed by research) is not open to intelligent dispute.

Usury and party spirit are not new to the world; they are age-old basic challenges to human development. The Moffatt translation of the Bible gives Proverbs 29:8; as; quote: "Unscrupulous men kindle strife in a city; the sensible discourage party-spirit." E.Q.

For three totally independent witnesses against elitism and the 'party' system I refer you to:
1st. "Plato: THE Laws" (Penguin). This writing is one that goes back well over 2,000 years; quote:
"Each side passes it's time in narrow scrutiny of the other, apprehensive lest someone with memories of past injustices should gain some offices and start a revolution. Of course, our position is that this kind of arrangement is very far from being a genuine political system; we maintain that laws which are not established for the good of the whole state are bogus laws, and when they favour particular sections of the community, their authors are not citizens but party men; and people who claim that these laws have a claim to be obeyed are wasting their breath." End quote.

2nd. Barry Cohen, columnist for "The Australian" newspaper 4/7/1995; quote:
"Only a minuscule proportion of the population are members of political parties and, as these parties are controlled by an elite, it ensures the decision as to who represents us in parliament is in the hands of very, very few." EQ.

3rd. Roman historian Livy; quote:
"The struggle between parties is and will always remain, a worse misfortune for the people than war, famine, plague or other manifestation of God's wrath." EQ.

Today usurious elitism disguises its own violence with claims to defend us against dangers that they themselves create. They engineer violence by creating hardship and injustice, then claim to avenge the death of innocent people by killing thousands of innocent people.

They claim democracy but no elected government in the world today upholds the principles of democracy or governs on behalf of the people. Every government operating on the 'party' system has the majority of its members chosen by agents of globalism and the party system is, by its own nature, anti-democratic.

However, by honest investigation, we also find that it is not beyond our ability to upset the globalist plan. Their power, generated by control of the usury based world financial system together with usury of people for private profit, is exercised by control of a worldwide system of "party politics". That is their strength.

That is also their weakness. The weak link in globalist planning is the 'party system' that allows them to promote an image of democracy. This weakness will become clear when a majority of people see that by standing firm to choose and elect their own representatives they gain control of government.

  • We do not have to elect the shallow selfish egotists chosen by those agents of globalism who manage the party system. We do not have to elect the ego driven candidates chosen for their weak-minded desire to worship power and their blindness to human responsibilities. We do not have to elect candidates who wallow in the bliss of ignorance and sell their souls for pride of position.
  • We do not have to let alien governments run education to instil values and ideals to delude children and (for political power) abort our human potential.
  • We do not have to bow meekly to a mass-media-glorified ideal called "freedom of speech" that is no more than a permit for liars!
  • We do not have to ignore that "freedom of truth" is the only freedom that gives guarantee to the future of humanity.

Globalists control commerce and have the power of unlimited wealth because they constitute, what our Creator has called, "The Great Whore" of our world. They live by financial and physical usury. They exist in the image of the usury called The Great Whore.

"The Great Whore" is the God given image for the usury that has impoverished and drained the spirit of the human creation. It is usury in all its forms that has, for generations, created the bloated wealth and power of a corrupting elite; and it is the Party system of Government that has been the reins of elitist power over most of this time.

But they cannot force us to use their system. When the masses of the people rise up to defend human rights, the wealth and power illegally amassed will be reclaimed. Property gained by crime is, with justice, confiscated. An honest system of finance will make their book entry money worthless. They will fight but they cannot win against the power of truth. Those who support globalism in the battle will suffer the fate of globalism.

Note 1: Time and tide wait on no man; this is not a good time for those who dither.

Note 2: Thanks to those sending complimentary messages but we are still lacking discussion. I have not been too concerned so far this year as I have had other work in hand. You will be interested to know that the new enlarged and revised "Of TRUTH" is now on this site.

You may also be pleased to see that with "Of TRUTH" there is a new "whole of book" down-load facility. I urge you to use this so that you have the whole treatise ready in your computer for printout and study. The Adobe Acrobat Reader version is particularly good for printout as it is formatted to print in a nice style of 43 pages. If you do not have Adobe Acrobat on your computer there is also provision to download that.

Of TRUTH is more than just the sum of its parts, you will not see the whole picture with just a few selected Parts. This little book is, I suspect, the purpose of my life but I am healthy and expect to still have time to participate in useful discussion.

Regards, Editor.

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