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Editorial - June 2002
The Word that is the Bible v The Word that is the Creation
Editorials January to June 2002 are now part of the downloadable book Of Truth

With thanks for challenging comments that showed need for the following.

Dear readers -- It is natural that many Christians may feel fear at taking a step closer to God; but the oppressed will rejoice. This is what must be expected as we approach the end days of our generation and face stepping forward to a generation of new enlightenment.

Who will dispute that our Creator is intelligent? I put it to you that intelligence is not only an important attribute of our Creator but that, in fact, our Creator is the sole source of intelligence. If you can accept this then we are well on our way because it is intelligence that underlies the Christian faith.

I also put it to you that the creation was not created as a plaything; our Creator is not a child - nor petty or spiteful. I see the Creation as a serious project. Do you?

Animals, plants and other forms of life are just biological mechanisms programmed, may I put it, like your computer. These self-replicating life forms are behaviour programmed and reactive to stimulation. Most, if not all, of this programming is conveyed through the genetic system; but mankind was given intellectual capability. I believe the Creator has a logical plan for us. Do you?

It appears that our intellectual ability (intelligence) required a development program because development is what we have, and are, experiencing. A mindless program does not drive us!

Note also: the Creator did not personally write the Christian Bible; it was inspired. This means we have to appreciate that it was inspired to a mankind who was in process of developing intellect. Inspiration was discussed and retold; it was translated, interpreted and finally written down in various languages as accessed by the biased and limited intellect of a mentally developing mankind.

We were warned that the developing intellect of man is unreliable, the wisdom of the world would be refuted. See this now being demonstrated. Many translations and religions, but people fight and die for a chosen belief. So when we look for the true word of God we have first (if we look with a developed intellect) to admit the true, rational intelligence, of the Creator and appreciate that the creation, in all its majesty, was created for a purpose: a logical and intelligent purpose.

How many Christians see that we have two Bibles - the corruptible Word written down by mankind and the incorruptible Word of the Creation itself? Our Christian Bible reminds us of this but Christianity turned a blind eye.

  • We were not left to rely on the polluted stream running through the biased mind of mankind; back-up was provided! The "Word" of the Creator is truly reflected in "the things He has made". We have the true Word of God in the creation and we are told to view the creation through the eye of reason (rational intellect) to know all that may be known of God by man. See: Romans 1: 19-20.

So, where the man-made Bible departs from the rational logic of the creation, should we not push that aside to reveal our improved human development and understanding of our Creator?

  • Do you realise that, had Christianity had faith in the incorruptible Word of God and looked to science for understanding of the creation of life, then the false science of chance evolution (they still desperately look for hard evidence to support it) never could have been imposed on man? Chance evolution was never more than a theory and was never supported by confirmed scientific research.

Truth is the reality of the creation! Truth is our God for the 21st century and The Creation itself is our Bible for advanced study. When the rational intellect of true science is given freedom then all we need know of our Creator will be firmly established. Think about that!

Why did Christianity turn its back on the Word of the Creation? Was it not that we loved, too well, our man-carved image of God? Over the years we have created a god in our own image and it has proved, in light of the intelligence we are given, to be, to growing numbers, an empty image. Yes the Holy Bible does 'contain' the Word of God but it was expressed, interpreted and shaped by man, to man's desire. Can we now, with improved intellect and the experience of time, accept its true teachings? Can we see ourselves as we were and repent?

What a different world it would be had we not been misled by the pretence and deceits of humanism (the mock human and the fake chance creation ideology) but lessons have to be learned. The Testaments still serve immediate needs. A dose of faith in Truth will help us see what is important and help us put doubtful areas aside. For contrasts see the message of the universe in relation with the way we live today.

Honest needs are met. We should not, excessively, try to uncover more than is given us to uncover for, as we now see, we may lead ourselves far astray.

Now a word about our ground defence

  1. No doubt there would be, and have been, hundreds of thousands of people who have tried to expose what world government (disguised as local government) is doing; even more have complained to governments that oppress them. Will we never learn! For all the good achieved they may as well have saved their energies; the progress of injustice and enslavement has continued. Perhaps the resistance has slowed enemy advance a little and awakened a few but, without alteration to the result.
    Because the enemy, from long experience, knows people and has all areas of common response securely covered.

  2. No need to despair, there is still an opening to rebuff the enemy. This opening exists because so few people look past convention. For this reason the general population has no image of the escape path in mind, therefore it is invisible to them - and our enemies. But if active people were to expose the weakness of globalist philosophy in a credible way and relate it to the Word of Creation, then a general awakening could begin and those floodgates erected against revolt begin to buckle.

  3. The enemy "Achilles heel" is the false philosophy of humanism that is imposed on the peoples of the earth. Exposure of this is the bugle call that may shake sleepy-heads. Download and print-out "Human Manipulation" and "Of TRUTH" as these complement each other.

Site development changes being made will add Human Manipulation to special download files, this, with Of TRUTH, give a broader view of our present situation and potential. Those who do not take account of the full breadth of information available may fail to promote a convincing understanding and slow our ascent out of mind slavery. These downloads take little time so there is no value in downloading individual Parts or Chapters. "Acrobat" proved more attractive and reliable and is itself also available for download if not already on your computer. The MS Word download generated errors depending on the version used so this, together with separate Parts or Chapters, will be removed. Also note that the first part of this editorial will become the needed introduction in Of TRUTH. Sorry to inconvenience those who have already downloaded this file.

The new download facility is easily accessible at the end of this "Home Page". Enter this site by the 'front door' to read editorials. All services are displayed and easily accessible from here. Too many make other entries; why not remind your friends?


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