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Editorial #1 - July 2002 - Thoughts worth thinking about. Reading to destroy civilisation!

Dear Readers,

First a thought from Carl Sagan: "One of the saddest lessons of history is this: If we have been bamboozled long enough we tend to reject any evidence of the bamboozle. We are no longer interested in finding out the truth. The bamboozle has captured us. It's simply too painful to acknowledge even to ourselves that we have been taken. Once you give a charlatan power over you, you almost never get it back. So the old bamboozles tend to persist as new ones arise."

Yes: Most people are too proud to admit that they have fallen for a confidence trick and sentence their children to slavery to maintain their own enslavement and their disability - pride.

Albert Einstein: "the significant problems we face cannot be solved at the same level of thinking we were at when we created them."

We are at a vital crossroads in human development. Are those quotes genuine? Intelligent people make intelligent comment; these are spot-on for reasoning and importance.

  • Now is a time for all intelligent people to start questioning attitudes, philosophies, ideologies and our view of life itself - we need to face the evidence if we are to re-think our attitudes and accept some trivial embarrassment on behalf of the comfort and survival of future generations?

We are told: "do not put the Lord your God to the test". Why do so many expect God to clean up our mess if we cannot be bothered to do what we can for ourselves? Do enough of us have abilities of intelligence, faith and self-sacrifice to ensure we successfully meet this challenge?

Now a word from an activist in the USA: just a glimpse of what humanist values and ideological thinking have done to education (in the USA and worldwide). Can we see that vested interest education must end with human deformities and enslavement? Humanism is not just another word for human.

Home education revolution! By Samuel Blumenfeld
"The only effective group of citizens today in open opposition to big government are the home schoolers. They are the only Americans willing to take on the public education system that props up the entire statist enterprise of big, intrusive government. Forget about conservative politicians. They are more concerned about conserving their legislative privileges than rolling back increasingly intrusive government.

"Although President Bush has said nice things about home schoolers, he is doing more to expand federal control over education than any previous Republican president. His call for standardized testing is, in reality, a call for a federal curriculum, which will be used by the establishment to continue dumbing down the nation.
[Ed: Oppressors tell us what we want to hear not what they are doing.]

"In the last two months, I've spoken at four home-school conventions in liberal New England, and there is no doubt that those who attend the conventions are revolutionaries in the true sense of the word. They have rejected the tax-supported school system, which is the chief instrument the totalitarians are using to construct a socially controlled society.

"Only by reasserting the need for educational freedom can this nation restore its adherence to the principles of a free society. …

"The fact that parents can still legally take their children out of the government schools and educate them at home is an indication that this revolution can be won peacefully. The simple fact is that the home-school movement has reached critical mass and cannot be destroyed without causing a civil upheaval, and no politician can afford to let that happen.
[Ed: Don't be too sure about that.]

"Why are so many parents home schooling? Because they've come to the realization that the schools are destroying the brains of American children. It all starts in the first grade where teaching methods are used to deliberately cause dyslexia and reading disability. The method is popularly known as whole language, or the sight method, in which children are required to memorize a sight vocabulary.

"That is, they are required to memorize English printed words as whole configurations, like Chinese characters. Sounds harmless enough, unless you understand what that kind of memorization results in: a holistic reflex.

"What's wrong with a holistic reflex? It becomes an obstacle to learning to read phonetically. An alphabet is a phonetic system in which letters represent language sounds. To become a fluent reader, you must develop a phonetic reflex, not a holistic one. With a phonetic reflex, achieved through phonics drill, the reader can easily see the phonetic structure of the words he is reading and discern the syllabic units that make up the word. But a reader with a holistic reflex cannot see the phonetic structure of the words, because he has the automatic habit of looking at words as whole configurations.

"In other words, the holistic reflex and the phonetic reflex are mutually exclusive. And it was Ivan Pavlov, in his pysch lab in Moscow in the 1920s, who proved that when an animal is subjected to two mutually exclusive reflexes, it has a nervous breakdown. All of this is known to American psychologists, for the results of Pavlov's experiments were published in 1932 in a book, "The Nature of Human Conflicts: Researches in Disorganization and Control of Human Behavior," by A. R. Luria, professor of psychology, State Institute of Experimental Psychology in Moscow. It was translated by an American student of Pavlov's, W. Horsley Gantt.

"The other day, a mother called me on a radio talk show. She complained that her son was having trouble with reading. It turned out that the school was teaching phonics and also requiring the child to memorize a sight vocabulary. I told her that her son was experiencing a collision of reflexes, which was causing his confusion and difficulty. I told her to get my Alpha-Phonics program and teach her child to read at home.

"The literacy scandal is only one reason why parents are now home schooling. There are over four million kids on Ritalin, academic chaos in the classroom, a curriculum of boredom, pornographic sex education, school massacres and more. If you love your kids, get them out!"
Sam Blumenfeld, author of "Is Public Education Necessary?" and other education titles.

Why is this miseducation world-wide? The human development advantage of phonetic reading is totally proven by the advance of cultures that adopted it as against stagnation by those following holistic systems. What parent would give their child food knowing it to have stopped the development, not just of people but of entire civilisations? Phonetic advantage is beyond rational dispute.

To lead children astray is a human crime! Miseducation is an assault on humanity more important than war. War kills bodies; deforming education is a lifetime disability allowing creation of war.

Do not blame teachers; we are all equally involved. Who owns the magic wand of social subversion? Who wants human thinking processes deformed - and WHY? Who saddles the world with 'new' fads of education and ideology without public testing or evidence of benefit? Globalists! Why do we accept whatever is dumped on us? See opening comment.

This goes far beyond education! What is hardest for people to accept is that 'our' government is not our government. International forces govern us. Votes do not create democracy! We ignore our own intelligence to give our faith to worldly authorities. Is humanism a little scroll that tastes sweet to humanity but sickens us when we swallow the swindle? Revelation 10:9-10

Government is at our human development heart! Few people have the skill, time or finance to home-school. Only change to true democratic government can give us government finance with public control. Many see that government bows to international pressure but refuse to admit the consequences of control by vested interests. Look at education, law, commerce, and medical services! All are tilted against us to the limit that we, in our growing enslavement will accept.

We become sicker, more financially stressed, and more devoted to sport, sex and sadism as we become more educated to trivial pursuits and less understanding of social reality! Our gullibility increases as understanding fades.

Hospital example: I had the misfortune to be confined to one of Sydney's best hospitals and being of age to know what hospitals were like fifty years ago found the service sickening.

As an adolescent my hospital was a male ward of about twenty beds. Nurse, sister and matron wore distinguishing dress. We saw them each day; they knew us, they knew our problems and the kind of care we needed. Wards spotless. Sheets changed daily. We stayed until well.

Today it's a mixed-sex ward of six, toilet one corner, shower the other. So convenient! No dress distinguishes nurse from sister, matron, doctor or cleaner. Floors get a dirty mop and missed dirt may stay for days. Patients seldom remain long enough to see sheets changed, most are discharged if they can walk; the system cannot afford to hold us to confident recovery.

You never get to know nursing staff because they are rosterd to different wards each day. Nurses don't know your problem or how you should be treated; they don't have time to read the literature of every patient every day and don't expect to see you again. Humanist philosophy makes health care ridiculous and expensive. Why? Because humanism is an ideological corruption of human!

Example: Female patient, (fifty/sixty age group) wanting toilet at night. Recovering from a hip operation she had fallen on a concrete path and broken arms - couldn't use hands to ring the bell. Awake I rang. Nurse, "Can you walk?" Lady, "Yes" (although overweight and tottery). Nurse got her on her feet, said "Off you go" began straightening the bed.

Patient should not have been allowed to walk on her own, imagine a stumble. Could not open toilet door; called nurse to let her in and to get her seated. Nurse back to the bed. Patient finished. Nurse returned. Patient, "I need a wipe" Nurse, I've no gloves (gloves in a fitting near ward door) I'm not touching you, go as you are." Patients with special needs should be in special wards. Nurses overworked! Why? Because organisation is directed by sick ideology

Not the worst example of care observed but easiest to tell. I saw my doctor once in about ten days. Staff either not informed of his visit or ignored it; had me in the shower. Interviewed naked in front of doctor, his retinue and patients.

Do you wonder why, in our 'advanced' world, we cannot afford the compassion and health care we had fifty years ago? Why railways close because we cannot afford to maintain what we could once afford to build? Why public services are increasingly accident-prone? Why so many care more for money than for people? Why $millions are wasted on ideology based stupidity?

Politics, finance, education, health, law: all waste $ millions on humanist emotional delusion. We are bribed with sex and 'fun' while in human need we are poverty stricken. Medications for the body undergo some testing but education that poisons or deforms the mind is introduced on the say-so of quisling agents. Shall we think about such matters and attend our humane duties?

Note: Pressure of grave events and public concern demand a mid-month editorial; look after July 14th. Above editorial will remain available in Retired Editorials file.

For a long chapter on Globalist education see "Globalism-Brainwash". This book is now on Fast Download at the bottom of this Home Page.

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