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Retired Editorials

Editorial #1 - August 1 2002 - The Gentle Face of Terror

Dear Readers,
That we opened the 14th of July Editorial on the same day as the official announcement that a virus had been artificially copied was good timing; but why was that announcement made? Was it because they did not want the blindfolded people crying, "Why were we not warned?" So what is planned? After all, as you saw from our editorial, the announcement was of an out-dated and meaningless experiment.

Rapidly moving events may well lead to the global economic meltdown globalists believe will give them undisputed ownership of the world; it may also lead to the destruction of the Great Whore of commercial usury and end in Armageddon. As in the mid-July editorial we do not want to spread ideas for terrorism but there are things that should be revealed. As my grandfather would say, "There are more ways of killing a cat than choking it with butter."

For instance who are the more dangerous terrorists? Is terrorism only about big dramatic events? There are simple ways to make sick, make poor and make defenceless those you want to destroy. As the saying goes, "Those the gods would destroy they first make mad." Destruction does not have to be violent; death can be achieved by crippling cultural manipulation. Let's look at the gentle face of terror.

Spraying a slow acting poison over a crowd to make people sick and die over a period of time, is terrorism. However multinational business is free to produce, sell and promote slow acting poisons - tobacco a convenient example. It cannot be logically argued that international business, even over the last twelve months, has not done more human harm than common terrorism - would that not be so even if we only count the production and promotion of unhealthy consumer products?

Now we can excuse this as being "just business", or as "satisfying a public demand". We can say this started before we knew a product would harm both health and economy or that it now too big to stop, but does not the republican/democratic ideal of government include enlightenment and protection of the people?

People in control of businesses that may have more economic power than many nations, do have choices. When it becomes known that a product will cause sickness and death then humans have responsibility. Is indiscriminate killing (by promotion of unhealthy products for profit) morally better than giving life in despairing violent protest? Commerce does have humane choices?

Who does government protect? Are people who promote unhealthy rather than healthy products not worse than common terrorists? If murder and extortion is disguised as legal by a devious social philosophy and if the general public, because of belief in this philosophy, is therefore not terrorised - does that make it moral? If people (influenced by devious belief) willingly pay to make themselves sick, is promotion of this deceit morally different from secret poisoning? Is international business, operating behind a shield of ideological deceit, morally different from international terrorism?

Is it OK to be shot so long as you are tricked to pull the trigger yourself? Whatever your thoughts of the above it is clear that commercial crime is defended by ideology and by government. Why are we turning a blind eye? Let's look in our own kitchens, we may find a conscience there.

Following items are from the literature of a small group operating in Coffs Harbour (Australia). They are concerned about healthy food production; interesting items about (GM) genetically modified foods or foods that become sick because of their production environment. Quote:

A Part History of GMO's Deadly Failures. An outbreak of EMS [eosinophila-myalgia syndrome].
Showa Denko, a Japanese Genetic Engineering company, in 1988 decided to manufacture Genetically Engineered L-tryptophane. The first shipment was sold in the US. Immediately following its sale some 37 people dropped dead from the disease EMS (eosinophila-myalgia syndrome), previously almost unknown in the USA. Another 5000 became seriously ill, with 1500 of them crippled for life.

While the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) continue to claim that GE foods are equivalent to conventionally produced foods and are completely safe, they never-the-less, instantly launched a full scale investigation into this disaster, and found this medication in EVERY households medicine cupboard. Despite this evidence they still maintained that [the genetically engineered product] GE was NOT to blame. FDA has a long way to go before we believe that GE is not harmful.

Mysteriously a factory fire made further investigation impossible, though Showa Denko admitted later under oath, that they believed the GE engineering was to blame, and as a consequence has paid out billions to victims and their families.

Plant Genetic Services decided to take a DNA gene from a Brazil nut and splice it into a soy bean to boost up the methionine level, despite the fear that Brazil nuts are highly allergic to many people. Much testing indicated that rats were not damaged, so gearing up for planting of millions of acres for animal feed, was commenced. Steve Taylor, a food Scientist in Lincoln, became disturbed enough so that a test on human serum was undertaken, and proved positive, with the serum being greatly damaged during tests. But for the care taken by this true scientist, EMS such as above, or worse could have been released onto the world, with a costly clean up job running into millions and many shattered lives.

Industrial Watchdogs: A GE Company, in 1995 perceived some worthwhile monetary gain from producing Methanol from wheat straw, and returning the residue back to the soil as compost. So far, most laudable. Professor of Microbiology, Elaine Ingham, with her own laboratory here on the coast decided to do some research to check the findings. Spreading some of this compost caused the death of the soil. This project of the GE firm, with the full backing of the BLIND and BIASED FDA would have gone ahead, but for the brilliance and perception of Elaine Ingham, who arguably, is 'without peer', in the discipline of Microbiology. The value to society of such as Taylor and Ingham is beyond measure.

That Green Vegetable: DOWN 80%
The remark that I heard was: "Broccoli has lost 80% of its nutritional value'. The implications of this were staggering. No other food item so powerfully represents healthy eating versus pleasurable eating. 'Eat your broccoli or else," is a consistent mother's mantra. So was it possible? I rang Tim Lang, professor of food policy, at Thames Valley University, England, who said: 'I wondered when someone was going to get on to this.' He put me in touch with a man called Dave Thomas who said "At last!"

Thomas is a British Researcher. He investigated all the past editions of The Composition of Foods by McCance & Wilddowson - the leading authority on British nutrition that notes the content of all major foods. The book first came out in 1940 and by checking right back he was able to plot some startling trends.

Thomas' research refers specifically to trace elements and minerals. Thomas discovered that, since 1940 there had been some stunning declines of these in all fruit and vegetables: calcium is down 46%; sodium down 49%; copper down 75%.

More specifically carrots have lost 75% of their magnesium; broccoli has lost 75% of its calcium.. and sodium has disappeared entirely from runner beans. There are less dramatic declines almost across the menu. [Ed: so much for the healthy diet that doesn't need supplements]

We know we need calcium for healthy teeth and bones. But copper? Apparently, it is a crucial guard against premature ageing in general, and ailments as varied as piles and emphysema in particular.

Sodium? We can get too much, but it is essential to the working of the nerves and muscles. Magnesium has magical properties that ward off many problems from kidney stones to muscular spasms and PMT. And virtually all our intake [of minerals] comes from vegetables, fruit and nuts. That much is accepted science. There are at least two possible factors for these declines:

1. Thomas thinks it is due to modern agri-business that has dumped huge quantities of fertilisers on the soil. These stimulate a rapid growth of bulky crops, high in water but low in minerals.

2. Professor Lang takes it to plant breeding. The unprofitable business of trace elements is way down the priority list. The seeds we plant in our domestic gardens have been specially bred to mature earlier, to resist disease; to last longer, to look better. [Ed. Market forces. GE by breeding]

Thomas notes the mysterious increase in a variety of diseases and problems such as diabetes, asthma, leukaemia, eczema and allergies in general. He thinks that the decline in minerals is a possible answer. This may or may not be the case but there are questions here that require answers.

Professor Lang thinks so: "I don't understand why nutritionists aren't looking at this. It is an issue that will come" in the meantime we have to eat four or five times as much to get the benefit that would have been available 60 years ago. So eat more broccoli or else!
Taken from The Guardian.

The Hundredth Monkey
The Hundredth Monkey phenomenon shows that when enough of us are aware of something, all of us become aware of it. There is no limit in whatever sphere to an expanding energy field that can circle the world. This is the story of "The Hundredth Monkey 'The Japanese monkey, Macaca fuscata, has been observed in the wild for a period of over 30 years. In 1952, on the island of Koshima scientists were providing monkeys with sweet potatoes dropped in the sand. The monkeys liked the taste of the raw sweet potatoes, but they found the dirt unpleasant.

A 3 1/2 year old female, named Imo, found she could solve the problem, by washing the potatoes in a nearby stream. She taught this trick to her mother. Her playmates also learned this new way and they taught their mothers, too. This cultural innovation was gradually picked up by various monkeys before the eyes of the scientists.

Between 1952 and 1958, all the young monkeys learned to wash the sandy sweet potatoes to make them more palatable. Only the adults who imitated their children learned this social improvement. Other adults kept eating the dirty sweet potatoes. Then something startling took place. In the autumn of 1958, a certain number of Koshima monkeys were washing sweet potatoes - the exact number is not known. Let us suppose that when the sun rose one morning there were 99 monkeys on Koshima Island who had learned to wash their sweet potatoes. Let's further suppose that later that morning, the hundredth monkey learned to wash potatoes.

Then it happened! By that evening almost everyone in the tribe was washing sweet potatoes before eating them. The added energy of this hundredth monkey somehow created an ideological breakthrough!

But notice. The most surprising thing observed by these scientists was that the habit of washing sweet potatoes then spread over the sea. (See life on Earth by David Attenborough P. 281-2). [Or "The Hundredth Monkey." Ken Keyes Jr.] Colonies of monkeys on other islands and the mainland troop of monkeys at Takasakiyama began washing their sweet potatoes!

The Critical Awareness. When a certain number achieves an awareness, this new awareness may be communicated from mind to mind. Although the exact number may vary, the hundredth monkey phenomenon means that when only a limited number of people know of a new way, it may remain the consciousness property of [only] these people." E.Q.

Now some comment:
Above items from the community circular "Just Organic". Dramatic crime is not the source of all harm and we do not have to be big/powerful to do our bit of good. I do not recall any of the above items appearing in the news! Items are easily missed; did you miss these? Alert people know of dangerous trends and if we all do our bit to expose the truth we can change our culture - we can make a difference.

Terrorist war will be a human disaster, but think about this: are our terrorists just frustrated amateurs? After all the experts have us quite content to poison both mind and body, and then, for good measure, eat food that lowers our vitality. Surely, if we just allow ourselves to be led as we are we will happily self-destruct, but this is too slow for globalists: we are wasting THEIR resources. Common terrorists will do us a good turn if they awaken us to the whole breadth and depth of the legal terror we seem happy to die with.

Note: News reports. A third of people in an African country have AIDS. Estimated 70 million world-wide to die of it in the next 20 years - worst still to come. See AIDS article on site for more on the cover-up and genetic engineering potential. Epidemics also tend to progress similar to "Monkey" enlightenment.

In regard monkeys' enlightenment: We are told that we are evolved monkeys but the evidence denies it. Taught lies are more damaging than physical poisons! Mankind has an animal body but humanity, through development of intellectual abilities, has overruled much of the telepathic abilities we would have had as non-human animals. Though not now so strongly, it does appear that ideas become more easily spread as a "threshold of awareness" is passed. Each revelation to truth helps more breakthrough to enlightenment.

I recall the 'monkeys' research but no publicity. Those doing real human study have reason for keeping information to themselves? Don't dismiss nature's forces too quickly! Why did we allow ourselves to be misled? European peoples suffer badly at the hands of world government while expatriate communities and other races face horrendous injustice.

All the evidence I can give is only the tip of the iceberg - but enough should be enough. Those who refuse to face evidence, refuse to face evidence. We need to consider both the old and the new; at the extremes are the creations of God and the creations of man.
Note: "Retired Editorials" Jan. to May are now Of TRUTH Parts 7 to 11 and Ed for June its Introduction.

Regards: Editor.

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