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Editorial #2 - August 15 2002 - Is Pride and Prejudice stealing our Future?

Dear Readers,
Increasing support suggests now as a good time for action review. Let's use the Stock Market for example. The market is behaving very erratically and on a down trend. The pundits are saying things like, "If you haven't sold don't worry too much so long as you are in for the long haul. Good stocks will always come good, there has never been a ten year period when prices have not advanced; now is the time to look for good buying opportunities."

Now the birds sitting in a 1,000 year old tree might give each other similar advice but, when rot is in the heartwood and the most severe storm in memory is brewing; or when the axe-man stands at the base and says, "I can get a few homes out of this one" then all past history of the tree is irrelevant.

Stock-market waves come and go irrespective of the tide coming in or going out but the usurious commercial system is rotten to the core and it seems likely that there is an axe-man standing by saying this tree is in the path of human progress. Intelligence must tell us that this tree is going to fall. It is a big tree, it may take some time to fall, but its days are numbered and its fall will be hard. This is not a time for nesting in the branches.

We are advised to take note of both old and the new knowledge. Old knowledge shows us that things not only resist change but that they also end. We need old history to know ourselves and we need new history to see that reaching the future requires change in our lives and attitudes. A problem of community is that we get stuck in a groove of pride and prejudice and become afraid to admit of need to change.

How Pride and Prejudice blind us!

Never forget that intelligence does not always mean wisdom! While the very wise need also be very intelligent the very intelligent can also be very unwise. Those not so gifted with intelligence may, within the limits of their intelligence, exhibit more wisdom than those of greater intelligence, mindwarp of pride and prejudice cause the downfall of many intelligent people.

Day after day, year after year, with monotonous repetition, professors write enlightening articles, mobs rampage, individuals complain. All know the facts, or enough of the facts to state their case, but fail to reach crucial conclusions. WHY?

Over time many letters are written to such people, or their advocates, but experience shows it wasted time, few admit that the knowledge they display may not match critical conclusions they reach.

It is unlikely the people involved are moles knowingly working for the enemy. They take their stand with genuine concern. They know the situation but refuse to draw the rational conclusion; ingrained convictions stop the flow of rational thought. Even when cultural brainwashing is explained, as in Globalism-Brainwash, or natural loyalty forces are explained as they are in The Stockholm Syndrome, few will face their disability. Dedicated mind-sets can be so rigid as to need forceful techniques to move.

An article read long ago gave a typical example. A researcher, having uncovered a phenomenon not accepted by contemporary science, presented the evidence to a group of fellow scientists under conditions of their own choice so that they knew that no trickery was involved. All admitted the result proved the point however on the following day all denied it.

To help truth lovers advance it is important we look into this 'can of worms'. Here are two examples of letters commenting on literature in attempt to break mindsets by logical explanation. These matters are crucial to those who want to live in truth.

Letter 1
Your literature shows the strength of your arguments, others argue to the same conclusions even if in a different terms. Excuse me if I misread you but I think its time for straight talking, the problems we have to solve are not going to be solved by bending with the breeze.

You are well aware that the human world is heading for catastrophe but, within my reading of your position, you do not appear to address the basic problem. Yes you see that globalism is behind the market philosophy but do not admit that the globalist philosophy is deliberately created for a designed goal. Can we really believe that the huge globalist (World Government) enterprise is merely for money or that Globalists are too stupid to understand the consequences of what they are doing? Can we believe, against all evidence of history that the very ambitious care about the majority?

Do we not have to admit that although these families are motivated by greed they are, at the same time, not entirely stupid? Globalists, as you know, already have unlimited access to money and, although wisdom may not be their strength they do have access to top brains for help with planning and social research. They plan thoroughly if not wisely.

Our failure is that we ignore the importance of the philosophy directing our culture. This failure is so basic as to be difficult to explain. Nevertheless we must try.

It is evident that many people cannot face challenge to their ingrained beliefs. The thought is so traumatic that, to avoid confrontation between truth and pride, they misread or ignore evidence. However socially alert people can see that it is 'the philosophy of an intelligent culture that shapes the culture'. Our philosophy of life creates our way of life just as surely as the kind of germ we catch decides the kind of illness we develop.

So all mob protests, all reasoning complaints and academic articles, backed by all the activists with all their good-will for creating a better culture, will always fail while the culture is governed by a belief system which, under the microscope of intelligence, tells us that life is without meaning or purpose. When we believe that life is a meaningless act of fate - that there is no truth, no right or wrong, no good or evil, then intelligent culture is set to self-destruct. This is because, removed from the rational intellectual base of its foundation, thinking becomes erratic, confused and self-contradicting. Those swayed by appeals to kindness can present no convincing intellectual argument to stem the tide of violence and frustration that results from intellectual despair.

A philosophy based on belief (even though that belief be false) will always direct culture. Emotion based morality does not direct culture. Today we live in a culture governed by a false philosophy and, to disguise its true nature, this philosophy is coupled with emotion-based 'feel-good' morality. Most people accept the feel-good morality because they then do not have to face the trauma of a plainly inhuman philosophy. This is only possible because we are brainwashed to defend ingrained attitudes.

In this event the young, as is their nature, seek a life that is meaningful within the philosophy they are taught is based on truth. However without meaningful values the only meaning life then has is based on selfishness, personal pleasure and excitement which they accept as their moral right because their morality is emotion based.

  • There are three elements of brainwashing involved: the first is to install conviction to a philosophy based on a false creation belief; the second is to add a feel-good morality based on emotion; the third is to promote an ego defence for pride and prejudice to deter us (victims) making an intelligent assessment showing our philosophy and our morality are incompatible.

So there it is; you know the kind of world we live in, you know where it is heading. Will you take up the challenge of philosophy and help reveal the truth of life and a morality based on truth. This is the only force able to power rational reform.

Letter 2
First let me congratulate you, so much good material. However I write in challenge to your correspondent….

This great writer offers good sense, good expression and a strong grip of the true nature of world government. However there is a blind spot. While this involves a small part of the writing, it undermines its value as enlightening, exposing, literature. Example: quote: " Humanity is being driven by fanatic fundamentalists to create money for those who already have it without limit - no obstruction is permitted."

Now all who study the problem, including your correspondent, know that Globalism can 'acquire' whatever money it wants, it already owns or controls most big business. So why plan and scheme and go through the trauma of enslaving the world for meaningless gain? How can we imagine that those who own and control the worldwide financial system and can, if they don't want to create inflation, make billions just as easily as saying, "the banks are going to sell gold"? Or by spreading rumours and dumping stock to create a market crash, buying back at a lower level and selling again on the confidence rebound.

How can we fail to see, if only from the horrendous nature of their planning, that they are not that stupid. How can we fail to see that, in their situation, there is no point to making money that they don't need! Can intelligent people be so foolish as to devote life and family future to worthless ledger entries?

Let us put ourselves in their place for a minute. We get lucky, we work without scruples, we get rich. What more can we want? Being greedy we first want more and more money, but then, after a generation or two we control the financial system and money has lost its glamour; but by now we see that money gave us POWER. We now love power! We can dictate to governments, we can choose who can be elected. By gifts to universities we can have them favour what we want taught. By control of news and government we can send nations to war so - where can we go, oh where can we go, from here? *1

The world WE control is over-crowded and polluted. Valuable resources (OUR resources) are wasted. It's OUR world and we want it for OUR families. We spend a lot of (other-peoples *2) money on pushing conservation but that is not the answer because we cannot get the level of conservation we desire and freedom to enjoy our world so long as present population levels must be managed. We don't want a world for those we have enslaved we want a world for ourselves. *3

Now your correspondent says: " they kill and terrorise innocent people for oil monopoly and profit … "

Back to being ourselves now. Can we imagine a group, even of mafia morality, who have access to infinite supplies of money wanting to sell a resource valuable to the future of their families, for worthless figures in a bank ledger? Well, when someone tells me an incredible story, I say, "Well I can ALMOST believe that! But I cannot say, even jokingly that I can almost believe that people, who work with such dedication and skill for generations, do it all just for gain they know is worthless. If I am wrong please enlighten me.

If we are to survive this attack we just have to stop believing in the myths that international "public relations" and (secret services) spread. We need to see that this war is for life, not money. So long as we believe Globalism is only about profits we keep running in circles: we believe they need us for their profit. We must face that we are not their profit we are their liability.

Question: What two deceits have created our present dangerous situation and most urgently need exposing?

  1. The philosophy taught, and incessantly reinforced throughout our lives by every form of mass media so that we believe it beyond challenge, is called "Humanism". This philosophy is totally dependent for its credibility on the theory of "creation by chance evolution". Though the chance creation theory has no scientific base or sound logic to back its claims it succeeds because it is promoted by mass media and taught at all levels of education as though beyond question.

    The scientific evidence relating to our creation and human development supports creation by intelligence alone. The evidence for intelligent creation is in the rational nature of the creation and the evident fact that chance creates chaos. This is supported by information given us in advance of our ability to understand or work things out for ourselves. We can observe that there is, behind us and our creation, an intelligent directive. *4

    Humanism, despite its name, has nothing to do with human or humane! Humanism supplies a morality to replace the natural moral nature of human. Humanism is the deceit of manipulators! Do leaders of Christian denominations not see there is no Christian choice other than to actively expose the fraudulent science backing humanist philosophy and planning? Jesus said "He who is not with me is against me." Meaning that those who do not teach truth teach lies! Whether they do this by design or by default is irrelevant.

  2. The second important lie promoted for defence of Globalism is the belief that those who rule do so for money. That so many of those who promote this belief know well that the Globalist enterprise owns and controls the USA Federal Reserve and its attendant worldwide banking system demonstrates the difficulty of so many when taught convictions come face to face with facts. It is urgent that we realise that a life lived in self-contradiction is just a prelude to death but that, on the other hand, those who come late to work for truth get the same pay (reward) as those who came early. See Matthew 20: 12-16.

Bars on our prisons of mind melt when we see that the Emperor really has no clothes at all.
Regards: Editor.


*1. Note: For more information on bank power see "Globalism-Brainwash" chapter 4; "Who really governs".
*2. Note: Globalists like wasting public money because they want to keep the people poor, preoccupied and pointless in their activities and thinking.
*3. Note: For more on mind manipulation see "Globalism-Brainwash" chapter 3; "Bernays .." .
*4 Note: The evidence and logic promoted to support 'chance creation' is self-contradicting (see "Of Truth" and Search for other evolution items on site. Chance is destructive of order. What captures people is not the logic of the theory but the force with which it is promoted.

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