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Editorial - September 1 2002 - We CAN Create a True Democratic Republic + A tale of two cities

  • If you want an important person to visit you should clean your home and make it comfortable for your expected guest. If you say to yourself, "This important and powerful person helps those sick or in bad situations, I pray for his visit so that he can clean up the mess I have made," you will be disappointed.
    Matthew 4:5-7 The devil: "..throw yourself down; for scripture says, 'He will put his angels in charge of you, and they will support you in their arms, for fear you should strike your foot against a stone.' " Jesus: "Scripture says again, 'You are not to put the Lord your God to the test.' " We have intelligence to behave intelligently, if we do not use it then the consequences are our own. Why do so many follow the Devil's tempting?

Dear Readers,
In our August 14th editorial we discussed two of the most important understandings we need to reach in order to free ourselves from the slavery of manipulative misinformation. Now we come to the third unit of that trilogy. All three are vital. We need to equally understand the basic lie of manipulative philosophy; the reason behind its promotion and how we may clean-up the mess we have allowed to accumulate.

Why do so many think that they can leave it to God to clean up their mess? We may be adolescent, we should not be childish? So many act as though political life is separate from Christian duty? Did not God, many years ago accept our petition for an earthly king but warn us of the consequences?

Be assured; our earth life is important. Our political behaviour, our moral behaviour our social behaviour: all behaviour is important. It is our actions rather than our words that reveal our true selves.

We CAN Create a True Democratic Republic!
The Australian Constitution says something important about democratic elections. It says (in regard to both Senate and House of Representatives) that representatives shall be "directly chosen" - a clear, meaningful instruction stating the essential for both democracy and republic.

Is this "directly chosen" instruction unique to the Australian Constitution? Should it be that this is the only Constitution to specifically state the democratic essential, then Australians have a unique responsibility. Sadly, Australians are as brainwashed, misled and stubborn as the rest of the world.

On the other hand, any nation claiming to be a democracy or a republic, (both represent "government of the people by the people and for the people") will also claim for its people an innate right of political choice. Any such government would, I think, find the going very hard if it tried to deny its electorates this right. To deny this right it would likely need martial law and an army willing to kill its own citizens.

  • The point: It should be abundantly evident to politically alert people that it is impossible to have a "government of the people, by the people and for the people" if the people only choose from among the self-opinionated, arrogant and power seeking who push themselves forward. Equally it cannot be a democratic republic if the people elect candidates put forward by special interest groups. Political parties offer no more than does an alien dictator.

If we elect the alien chosen then they are going to represent aliens no matter what is promised. We can threaten to vote these out if they serve badly but they know that if they ignore those who chose them then they will not be in the next election - they will get no endorsement or support and, being the kind to be chosen as servants, will have neither the ability nor courage to stand alone.

So we cannot have a "government of, by and for the people" until we are responsible enough, mature enough and wise enough to know that freedom requires we "directly choose" candidates to represent our interests. We simply cannot elect candidates who represent other interests. It is the choosing of the candidate that creates a democratic republic not the election. Why is this so difficult to face?

As for Australian friends, they have to face that they vote for oppression and act in contempt of their National Constitution whenever they vote for either self-chosen 'independents' or party-chosen candidates. Party government may have made this legal but is itself unconstitutional.

Throughout the ages intelligent, observant people have warned of the dangers of the party-political system; we have had opportunity to observe its lies and treachery in our own lifetimes. Democracy requires we "directly choose" representatives of known ability, honesty and intelligence. People seeking power and aggrandisement are not the people we want running our lives.

Parties combine the small-minded greed of the stooge with the stand-over power of the gang. Force to follow a party line is, in a legitimate democracy, criminal! Party government cannot be democratic! At best, parties represent only small parts of electorates, at worst, they are owned by alien interests. Alien interests now manipulate nations and peoples to private benefit. Once established a party will put survival before principles and money will always buy influence when the going gets tough.

  • So how long will it be before we become mature enough to accept the simple democratic essentials? Can we not see that to live in a democratic republic each electorate has to form a public "commission" to facilitate the public choice of a candidate of known honesty and ability to represent THEIR interests in THEIR parliament?

Remember your electorate chosen candidate is NOT an independent - or a servant. Those we "directly choose" have no divided loyalties! They know they are electorate nominated! When elected they will, as democracy requires, be supported with information from their electorate. Electoral campaigns will not be expensive campaigns of bribe and persuasion - we need little more than display the credentials of our candidate. Who will vote for aliens in preference to their own?

Our chosen representatives also know that the combined electorates represent their own nation: they, as a parliament, have a united public purpose. Though basic operation of parliament will be similar, half will not be working to frustrate the other half. Our MPs will be of better quality and have a clear mandate to serve their nation. Pressures to serve individual, sectional or alien interests will not be tolerated if they appear among community chosen representatives.

Surely: After so many elections of undemocratic parties to serve fake democracies; after all attempts by caring people throughout the ages to warn of party dangers; after all experience of party treachery in our own time; we must surely, by now, be ready to face our responsibilities. How can we fail to see that 'big brother' does not work to serve us? If we want government of, by and for the people, then how can we not see we must accept our responsibility to choose our representatives?

  • Action: We know why the world is in turmoil and we know what can, and must, be done; but we should also know that no democratic republic is possible while citizens know nothing of true democracy. Will the blind abandon blind leaders! Not while they do not know where they are being lead! If groups campaigning for a better world were to do no more than explain true democratic process, can you imagine that people would not make the effort to organise a small staff to facilitate the choosing of a community candidate? Can you believe that they would not vote for their own chosen candidate?
  • The barrier against a true democratic republic is a barrier in mind! Time is short! The Internet is fragile! Download and print out for your own benefit and inform others for the benefit of all. Is there a community notice board - in your public library perhaps?
    Can you pin up a small notice such as:

The www site for those who care enough to work for social justice,
a true democratic republic and the human future.

No community action can be successful without community understanding of its duties, its rights and its means of achievement. If people are never told then people will never know!
A tale of two cities: another view of the world financial system.
The families owning the world financial system are called Globalists; they plan a New World Order. The power of this group is based on a system of corruption that is, in the Christian Bible, called usury. Usury is most commonly understood in relation to money; but money represents labour. Usury is as simple as one person taking unfair advantage of another.

How does the usurious financial system operate? It operates similar to a gambling casino. A Gambling Casino is set up to take advantage of gamblers. A properly run casino does not itself gamble it makes its profit from the gambling of others by taking a percentage of the money gambled. The world financial 'city' is a system set up to take like advantage of players in the game of life. Neither produce anything of value to the community but steal the production of others by legalisation of immoral services.

Example: Suppose a thousand gamblers with a $million dollars each are locked in a Casino to gamble until one has all the money. In time half will have lost their money and been tossed out. Now you may think that at this time the half remaining have an average of two $million each but of course the Casino, taking its percentage on each play will already have millions in profit.

The Casino owners observe the scene and think the game might possibly be over too soon, so they take some unlucky gamblers aside and offer them a loan, say at x%: losing gamblers jump at the chance? The game is now very pleasing to the casino owners! The owners are not actually risking any money; loans may appear as if from profits but, as we will see, they risk nothing.

So the game goes on, some losers are removed, others are loaned more money to keep them in the game; eventually only one is left. This 'lucky' player has several million dollars in chips, but wait, he owes most of it to the Casino plus x%. Even the winner could leave in debt.

Can things be arranged so cleverly that all loans will be repaid in full? No, but that doesn't matter. Some gamblers may have been thrown out owing big debts to the casino. Who cares! The casino finishes with all, or almost all, the money brought into the game! Those ejected with debt leave with only debt; if the casino can squeeze repayment out of these it is not to recover losses, it is added profit. All that was given was credit! The suckers were used to keep the game alive while the casino collected the real money. The casino gained all, or most, of 1,000 $million dollars from the world and for that produced, in return, only misery. That's what usury means!

So there it is: the tale of two cities: the city of finance and the city of the gambling Casino. Like our imaginary Casino, Globalists now possess most of what is of value; they sell us credit to manipulate the game. Do they still need us? The time when our wealthy nations begin to look like some (also naturally wealthy) South American nations may be closer than we think. What nation is not in debt?

Do not imagine that those owning the world financial system do not have the money/power to wreck the world economy by causing the collapse of the Stock Market system. Do not imagine it will hurt them. Only they know when! Some very rich people will go down but these are just pawns in the game. After the collapse Globalists plan to own the globe - will we give it to them?

  • We can't just sit back and leave it to God to fix. We turned a blind eye to truth and justice but still have the strength and ability to clean-up our mess. Jesus said, "If you find something of great value in a field you should sell everything you have to buy that field"?

We do not have to live by imposed values or gamble life away in the Globalist casino! Freedom is our birthright to claim! We can govern ourselves in Truth! The fears and torments in our minds: we can overcome them. Truth is the thing of greatest value in our field of life! Globalists cannot own it! Let them and their 'Great Whore' meet justice! Life cannot progress in partnership with its own corruption but life alone can win this war! Should those who work for human salvation be so few as to need help then help will be given.


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