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Editorial #2 - October 15 2002 - What have we come to? (continued)
The first part of this article can be found in "Retired Editorials".

Can behavioural experts not know that what they promote is the cause of the horrific cultural trends of our times; can professionals make so many 'honest' mistakes that are, at the same time, both disastrous and intellectually stupid? Why do national leaders promote policies against overwhelming opposition from world public opinion and (more importantly) the comments of authorities who should have some idea of the consequences of adding terror to terrorism? Who does not know that leaders lie? Why do WE not see that our leaders serve alien interests?

Is not the example of on-going Jew/Arab conflict sufficient evidence that the "you kill one of ours we will kill ten of yours" attitude is neither civilised nor an effective response to those reduced to means of last resort to avenge injustice. It was the way of the Nazis in World War II and it did not do them any good either. The Old Testament advises "An eye for an eye" but this advice for people of primitive human understanding was superseded 2000 years ago. Why do leaders still use the authority of their positions and the overwhelming might of their "weapons of mass destruction" to 'encourage' their 'friends' to follow their lead.

As a boy I lived in the country and a circus set up a rest camp nearby. Why now do I recall that their large elephant became terrified at sight of a mouse?

I can believe that a small and industrially backward nation could obtain materials for a crude nuclear device, find a way to hide it in some large city and devise remote detonation. What is difficult to believe is that any small, industrially weak nation would (unless forced) dare use this weapon against a nation that would then be happy to wipe such fools off the face of the earth!

No group of small industrially poor nations can hope to match the world's largest and richest nations in war technology; not even those that openly build, test and develop. Why are those who point this out not in the news? Terrorism, CAN be an horrific response, but, for the weak, can be no more than a response of last resort.

So now let us suppose that a crude nuclear device, detonated in the centre of a large city, could kill, maim or otherwise destroy the lives of a million people. Is this weapon, or those who would use it, worse than a secretly designed, scientific, silent, mind-warp program - a program designed to create deformed human behaviour and bring war, crime, terror and misery to millions?

Our worry should not be about mice trying to secretly create nuclear bombs and rockets to challenge the super powers, rather we need be concerned about mice that might carry diseases that neither they nor science yet understand. We should not force them to hide in holes where such diseases might be generated. (Refs: **)

The mind-enslavement weapon called 'Humanism' is our most fearful weapon of mass destruction. Manipulation by lies creates injustice; injustice creates crime, terrorism and war. Humanism is not a biodegradable! This monster will grow in the human mind until we either die of it or expose this philosophy of enslavement by deceit. Can any weapon of terror be worse than one that robs the human mind of its right to find truth?

Humanism has magnified caring, but removed our sense of what real caring is about - it has shown us how to feel good, to have fun, think with our hearts and ignore intelligence. Humanism teaches that there is no truth so we find it easy to tune-out consequences of mindless behaviour. When we believe that life offers no more then the pleasures of the day what is there to strive for?

Not all are totally deceived, so, to make campaigning to expose the truth difficult, Humanism chose its name, from the start, to set itself up as the human moral high ground. To this end it has convinced the majority that it represents humanity and that it is fighting the horrors its plan was designed to achieve: the deceived are blinded to the truth.

Humanism is not bad because it promotes caring but because it deforms and misdirects caring. We are subdued by double talk like "making convincing progress" (they want to 'convince' us they are making progress against 'poverty' of one kind or another); they "plan to make a difference" (but not the difference we think). They are clever and careful with words: "how do you feel about that" (you must feel, not think). They continually promote feelings and good intentions; 'political correctness' demands feel-good intentions.

But, the cost of mindless feel-good intentions is beyond human capacity to pay! Politically correct humanism has already ruined more lives and caused more destruction than vengeful terrorists would ever dream of. World leaders rave against a less lethal terror in order to manipulate people into wars and the chaos of mutually accepted ignorance. We surrender our rights to 'Caesar' gladly and do not see that, to Caesar, we are now no more than a dangerous burden.

This manipulation would not be possible in an advanced culture because people living in a truly advanced culture would be self-governing and enlightened about emotional manipulation. That we are not enlightened is conclusive evidence of corrupt, world wide, manipulative government.

Our problems are within our ability to understand and fix; we only need care enough to make the effort. We are not really as stupid as we try to make ourselves believe.

Mind blight does not just affect the odd town or city in the USA: or Canada, South America, or Australia; it is much, much more than two high rise buildings or the cruel cost of a few thousand victims; it is not something that has happened and is over. It is a blight that is growing and world-wide: it is rivers of deaths and mountains of misery - it is drugs, vandalising, burning - it is violence, poverty, injustice, indifference and cruelty. This is the war against humanity that is creating our rising tide of blood.

Humanism is not a biological virus or poison gas; it is a sweet-tasting feel-good, mean little scam of ideology that is rotting the very fabric of an innocently trusting human culture - it is a little scroll (story) that tastes sweet to the emotions but sickens us when swallowed. (Revelation 10: 8-10.) It is robbery of pathetic poor by the obscene rich. It is unaffordable insurance; medical care; law! It is a growth of death and misery for world-wide millions! Because we think emotionally, not logically we are blind to cause and effect. Will the importance and justice of our need help us awake?

  • Jesus told us to sell our coat to arm ourselves. Crucified in place of a criminal; sacrificed for the advance of our enlightenment; do we still not see the message? If we do not prefer death to life, injustice to justice, hate to love, pain to pleasure, then why, 2000 years later, do we still accept law to crucify the innocent and free the guilty? Is it because, fearful of responsibility, we sell our souls to mercenaries?

Why is injustice still emotionally enforced as human rights? Our hearts care but we pay others to tell us what to care about. We have intellectual capacity to expose humanistic deceits but are too smug to look past our emotions!

Jesus of Nazareth truly does represent the Truth of life!

True human law can not oppose moral truth. Self-defence is a "basic right" of life, not a retreat for criminals. What right has a Judge to say that a bloodied head or cracked bones mean too much force when every day people are robbed, battered or murdered because criminals are encouraged by 'in-human' rights? You have no human right to give the criminal the option of killing you.

Who benefits from teaching that we are just common animals? How many children have been maimed or killed because they thought all animals were cuddly friends? How many teenagers now believe all ideas are equal, that our responsibility is to get what we want from a meaningless life or become 'losers'? How many millions of parents have cried because their teenage children treat them with contempt, and they never know why?

Our 'unity of governments' neither enlightens nor protects us? It does not work for our benefit! When we behave like animals it is because we are trained so to behave. We have made great advance; the shame of it is that we sell our birthright to thieves because we fear the responsibility of governing ourselves.

Matthew 16: 19-20 "… what you forbid on earth shall be forbidden in heaven, and what you allow on earth will be allowed in heaven." Are we being told that we are to become the masters of the universe - displace our creator?

A frightening thought? But wait! If the creation plan is that we develop in the rational intellect of our creator will we not then know our true nature? Will we not then become trust-worthy? We must look for the rationality of the Word of Creation in both the spirit and the flesh if we are to advance.

Our world is saturated with mind-warp lies and enslaved to criminal Government! We can learn the truth of what is going on only by accepting responsibility for our lives. To lose our ability to act rationally in our own interests is the only fate worse than death; it leaves us with life but without opportunity to gain from its living. It may take time to clean up our mess but life climbing up is infinitely better than life running down. If what is here presented is not true then why is it we claim to care but look only for what we want to see?

* Refs: Of Truth: The Stockholm Syndrome: Globalism-Brainwash (Chapter 3, at least).
** Refs: Examples of risks related to gene manipulation in August "Retired editorials" file.
November: Nearing our second anniversary may be a good time for a little consolidation.

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