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Editorial #1 - November 1, 2002 - Solving the Crime -- Who Benefits?

Dear Readers,
If this is your first visit you may find it an advantage to go to the "Menu". (Retired Editorials file) September and October editorials are related.

In September we looked at how we could escape our dictatorial government and also at a simplified explanation of how the world financial 'casino' operates. Some may have thought the casino simile too simplistic! However, if you see comment in the financial press about huge debts to the world banking system: billions owed by 'third-world' countries, etc., you will now see more clearly.

If you see suggestions of a world-banking collapse you may feel less sorry for the Globalists who own the "world financial" casino. You may see these huge loans are not made because the bankers are too stupid to realise that they will never be repaid but because they need to keep players in the game until they, the Globalists, have achieved their ends.

In October we felt confident enough to take a more honest look at our social life, perhaps becoming aware that we have no human social life. Are we beginning to see that all we have now is a 'social life' mythology? Is Shakespeare's: "All the world is a stage", a wise or humorous comment?

We are hearing a lot of 'why does the world hate the US'. Well it is natural enough that the most powerful nation of the day will be viewed with a mixture of envy, admiration and jealousy; but what is happening today does go a little deeper. September II did create sympathy for the USA in large parts of the world and also feelings of, "Well - serves them right" from areas where people feel that the US became rich by taking advantage of the poor and powerless.

This is not to disparage the USA or its people. This site is about world problems. There are good and bad everywhere. The US and its close supporting nations are no worse than the rest. We have a lot to be proud of, even if, perhaps not as much as we may like to claim.

What we (all peoples of our world) most need to learn is to do and to see things each from the others viewpoint: we all have to try to see our world and ourselves with a far more intelligent caring. We need find our truth.

Though this site is only now approaching its second anniversary I think we, and I do include myself in this, have learned a lot. As said in Of Truth: we really do not know what we know until we think honestly to uncover 'what the things we know' mean. So I believe I, and hopefully our readers, are gaining an improved spiritual and worldly insight. I really did not know where I was going when I started this journey; are we now beginning to see our world more clearly and honestly?

A famous US president once said words to this effect: In politics, if it happens you can bet your life it was planned that way. Well any leader who tries to give the world political insight is great in my view. In 2002 'our' leaders have been adopting an extreme warlike attitude and the UN a conciliatory attitude. What does this mean?

There was a short explanation of the Hegelian system in "Humanism-Brainwash". The Hegelian Dialectic Process is a humanist control method whereby designed social conflict is used to create planned social change. Example: The 'right' is named 'capitalist' and the 'left' communist but these terms refer to the two wings of the same bird (A vulture no doubt). We may also recognise that the "Good cop; Bad cop" routine is just a domesticated version of the Hegelian system.

Our "3 stooges" world leaders are playing 'bad cop' under the direction of the international government and the UN is playing 'good cop' directed from the same head. What is this about? Well if we want to solve a crime we first ask: "Who Benefits?"

It is not possible for mere mortals to look into the mind of the 'world government' crime syndicate but behaviour leaves clues. Hussein may prove to be only the "Fall Guy" or the bait for much bigger fish! Think about it: does this excuse for a war appear just too frail to be credible?

We turned on and demonised Iraq after having been supportive friends, he was a good guy once. We created a situation in which Iraq would have cause to hate us and feel forced to build dangerous weapons for defence against us. A war to destroy Iraq on account of past performance would appear hard to justify in the state of the world today. If Iraq does have real weapons of mass destruction then forcing it to use or disperse them among terrorists does not make a lot of sense.

At least it does not make a lot of sense to the great majority of the world's people, the ones who will suffer the consequences. Other nations have done things as bad or worse than Iraq, some may be planning biological weapons. Why are they not equally targeted? Perhaps they are to be next in line, but will bullying reduce, or make worse, the terrorist threat? Can we admit that many have reasonable cause for fear and hate? Abuse and unjust violence, logically, will increase rather than reduce terrorist danger?

To say that all this huffing and puffing is about oil is intelligently stupid. If our world leaders quietly encourage this idea, then we must realise that the international government wants us to believe it is about oil as a way of leading our minds away from other possibilities. Example: could globalists be planning to close the banking casino under blame of terrorist activity they manipulate into being?

If the globalist mafia want to bring the world of "common" people to a more easily manageable submission - reduce populations in a maelstrom of violence, poverty, hunger and disease - then well timed collapse of our world's commercial economy might appeal to them as a very smart move.

But the world financial system is the mother of Globalism. A banking system of worldwide usury has nourished and given Globalism its key to world power: would Globalism kill its own mother! Well, greater crimes have been committed and this one has been forecast.

So we now see there may be more benefits to looking at things from the viewpoint of others than simple human compassion - seeing things from the viewpoint of friends and enemies could be vital to our future; the better our understanding of our world the better our chance of survival.

We now know 'Our' leaders are not ours! We only elect from among alternatives offered by 'alien to democracy' Globalists. We choose only from the chosen but in our blindness we retain feelings of loyalty to those we call our own; equally on the political-scam band-wagon as on the playing field. Should we all paint our faces to prove our primitive loyalties? Is our loyalty to quislings causing us to miss the point of this entire world-stage extravaganza? "Who benefits?"

A tender spot for Winston Churchill does not blind me to the fact that (if true) he may have made a grave error in allowing Coventry (un-warned) to suffer 'saturation bombing' (excused as not wanting to let the enemy discover that their 'unbreakable' code had been broken).

Spies could have learned of the attack. Many lives and a valuable city could have been saved! A significant enemy force destroyed! Germany believed its code unbreakable - its leaders may, as humans often do, have preferred to believe an alternative but, even if not, allied forces may have been better served by a crushing victory on the day.

How often in history have leaders sacrificed thousands of their own for some perceived advantage? Even in the last century there are surely more examples of leaders accepted large losses of their own in order to create excuse for war; generate sympathy for some partisan cause or for other perceived advantage. Blindness is such good cover for complicity. To 'them' are we not always disposable?

Was, for example, Pearl Harbour a military mistake? Should not the garrison have been on war alert? Were warnings ignored! Alert people know that leaders 'allow' or 'encourage' things to happen so as to gain public support for their plans: manipulation is their trade - their lifestyle!

A few thousand lives for the ultimate good - well perhaps it might seem a reasonable trade so long as we do not honestly ask, "Who Benefits?" Lives saved later MIGHT replace lives sacrificed; but then again, might not. Should we forget old wisdom, "A bird in hand is worth two in the bush" or see that a life saved today may itself save two in the future?

Well it is as easy to blame and hate leaders as it is to love them but do we also, if we are honest, have to bear the blame for choosing to pay alien chosen mercenaries to run our government? Is this not also a betrayal? Are we not responsible for failing to make the modest effort of self-sacrifice needed to just open our eyes to the danger and make the small effort of organisation needed to choose and elect honest and reliable people to represent us in OUR Government?

Many may have seen the sense of choosing our own representatives as explained in September but became discouraged after trying to present the idea to others.

  • As said: "No community action can be successful without community understanding of its duties, rights and means of action. If people are never told then people will never know." If activists worked to this end they would make a positive difference.

It is no easy road! We need patience but a little progress is better than a big loss. Can we see that most of those protesting against corrupt undemocratic government reflect elitist attitudes, they do not fight for democracy? Honesty reveals that most protesters only want their own team on top?

We fear democracy because we fear that the ideas of our group may not have majority support! We face death rather than compromise. Who now has faith in our God-given human ability to understand and choose wisely for the human benefit? How can we, the people, share power with each other if we do not trust our nature? If we do not trust our nature we do not trust our Creator. Our fear is only reasonable should it be that people be given power without also being given truth!

If we are to govern ourselves then all must have opportunity of inclusion! All who desire freedom must be allowed to share understanding of our situation - of how much we have to gain and of how much to lose! That must be part of the deal!

Today we live in an elitist world and, unknowing of any other, are enslaved to elitist induced ways of thinking. We are trained from childhood; we must be loyal to our team, our peer group, our sect and our political party. Whether it is sport, politics, race or religion we mustn't applaud the other team.

Elitist culture is alien to democracy! Those who investigate honestly will find that, at grassroots, 'left' and 'right' really have much in common; the same enemy is presented from a different view, but we cannot admit it. Each cannot talk to the other because "what if we were to agree about something"! We cannot agree with 'that lot', it would be disloyal; it would be contemptible.

People have to be shown some meaningful amount of the truth! Today our legitimate protest is against lies; our legitimate campaign is to reveal truth! If campaigners will not do this then they cannot win. Only through revealing truth to fellow citizens so that our desperate need is exposed will we mobilise or see that the common good does include all of us. Attitudes change when we see that truth is more than a matter of pride and prejudice, it is a matter of a living life or a dead death.

Today most think emotionally rather than rationally. We are mind-warped to accept peer pressures and self-opinionated attitudes. We need to learn and to adopt true Christian attitudes; trust our God-given humanity; learn the truth of self-sacrifice and have faith in the kind in which we were created.

Only with personal faith and generosity to seek and share truth, comes responsible action of the whole. Remember: "There, but by the grace of God go I". Let's not be blinded by 'feelings' that we are more important or more human, than others! Let's be open to truth and transmit truth! Have faith in truth and in the humanity in which we were created! Don't condemn without trial!

So make-believe Christians and 'wanna be' Christians and "lukewarm" Christians and "sectarian" Christians all need take a hard look. Faith means trust in our Creator and His human creation. Belief in a man-carved image of God will not stand the light of truth.

There may not be much time but any time is better than no time. It is better to go a little way on the right road than a long way on the wrong road.
Barring unforeseen events or challenging reader comment, this will be our last editorial of the year. However you may expect revised formats for our three booklets to help you produce booklets of professional authority. Expect this change to "Fast downloads" by December. Also a new booklet giving increased authority to recent editorials for 2003.
A happy and rewarding Christmas break to all.

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