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Editorial #2 - November 15, 2002 - Hunt for the Anthrax Killer

Our first November editorial remains available in retired editorials file. As readers know I had planned a short break from editorials to give time for other work. This editorial was forced by events and a bit rushed but other work is on track.

On the night of the 6th of November the Australian Broadcasting Commission played on TV an hour-long program of what claimed to be the report of a US investigation into anthrax terrorist attacks in the USA. Though the reliability of such reports is suspect the Australian National news service is more reliable than the commercial stations so it seemed worth a look.

There was also the point that, as this program was likely shown in the US, the homeland viewer would know what I was talking about if comment was needed. No need to go into detail, those who watched will know what was reportedly uncovered so it only remains for comment. The report did go into sufficient detail to be convincing and well worth watching.

Although, at time of the report the killer/s had not been found it had been found that the anthrax had come from heartland US bio-defence community laboratories. This was tracked down by use of cutting-edge analytical equipment that was able to analyse the genetic structure in such detail as to distinguish not only between US anthrax and that known to be in the possession of Iraq but also between individual laboratories.

As might be expected, with the CIA and other high level investigators on the job, the trail to those actually responsible appeared to get a little muddy near the end and, at time of the report the culprit/s remain uncovered.

A leading commentator thought the culprits might be a small group of patriots who were unhappy with progress in bio-defence. If so these patriots were prepared to kill some and put numerous American lives at risk for their cause. As pointed out in the first November editorial, sacrifice of homeland citizens for the greater good is not uncommon but is of dubious morality.

The point that did not escape me and probably also has not escaped you, is that this report supports previous thoughts on terrorism expressed through these pages. The skills shown by those involved and the very high level of science used, not only ruled out common terrorists but also ruled out Iraq as either the source of the anthrax or of the terrorist attack.

As was suggested, it may have involved a small group of US patriots. Certainly we have been prepared for such by a number of TV movies on the lines of crazy 'right wing' patriots. While it is not uncommon for dissident cells to appear in organisations we have to see with doubting eyes their existence in the secret services and heartland defence research organisations. When they appear in such sensitive positions in leading nations well, as was said, in politics, if it happens you can bet your life it was planned that way.

Dissident cells are allowed to form in such organisations to aid undertaking of clandestine or illegal operations. If things go wrong these cells are disposable without much harm to the organisation itself. Such cells are not large enough to do much on their own but can be of vital service to other interests. Formation of such 'cells' is made much easier by the influence of our humanist amoral education.

The probability that such a cell was involved borders on certainty but it is likely (none daring say this on National TV) that the action was part of the Humanist/Hegelian 'NWO' program of creating conflict that would advance the Globalist campaign of world ownership.

As with the use of aircraft as bombs, the success of this anthrax campaign would need planning by true professionals with aid of science, technology and access to facilities far beyond the reasonable reach of common terrorists.

In the case of the 'aircraft as bombs' the importance of the mission would forbid that success be left in the hands of trainee pilots. Such pilots could only be used to secure the controls and follow simple orders to direct the aircraft into range of an auto-pilot directional system that would fly the aircraft accurately and free of emotion to its target.

The operation would need access to high level technology to create direction-finding equipment of like appearance to regular equipment and access to aircraft to install it, plus access to a terrorist group to provide a front and do the dirty work. It also needs access to the flight programs of airlines and scheduled use of aircraft. The 'doctored' aircraft would have to be at the right place for the right flight when the hi-jack crews boarded.

These highly complex operations are not for amateurs. They are not about learner pilots taking over aircraft to crash into any building in any convenient city.

So I hope that a lot of readers did see that program and become aware of the kind of planning and skills needed to ensure a successful result. We need a realistic appreciation of the kind of planning that must go into high-tech terrorism. Also, to those who thought I was being extremist with suggestions in the first September editorial, I hope you will now accept that I only gave realistic warning of what is possible or probable so that alert people may be better armed to defend their lives and interests.

Quote: "Knowledge will forever govern ignorance: and a People who mean to be their own governors, must arm themselves with the power which knowledge gives." James Madison (Former US President) to WT Barry, August 4, 1822. It is time to start thus arming ourselves.

There is elitist terrorism and common terrorism. Elitist terrorism is expertly planned to achieve specific public manipulation targets. These planners are human and can make mistakes and they may also be revealed to knowledgeable people by the sophistication of their operations. Common terrorism also can do horrific damage. It is possible for people with some training and with access to less than the latest equipment to accidentally produce a new and deadly virus but, in the case under review, this was not the way of it. Both the virus and the way in which it was used were genuinely hi-tech.

The Indonesian Holiday Resort bombing exemplified common terrorist work.

If the anthrax attacks are the work of 'NWO' agents do not think that exposing it in this way will cause a change of plan or cause them undue worry. Nor will we hear talk of bombing US bio-defence facilities. The only way Globalists might be caused to think of aborting their present plan would be an uprising of a nations people prepared to take government into their own hands. Globalists believe they have too tight control of the public mind for that to happen.

Globalist/humanists may think they are gods but they are not, nor are they infallible. In the aircraft as bombs episode they did overlook that passengers now have independent means of air to ground communication. They allowed too much time between the first and last impact. They also failed to allow for the human nature of passengers giving them the courage to sacrifice themselves deliberately for the common good rather than just be terrified and allow their lives to be wasted. Mind deformities do not destroy our human nature.

Another point worth mentioning: when our three stooges Howard, Blair and Bush were frantically pushing for urgent war against Iraq, they may have been in genuine fear that the anthrax terror would get out of control. Convinced the anthrax was produced in Iraq they would be reluctant to make public their true reasoning for fear of creating public panic.

We can now see a relaxing of the propaganda war against Iraq happened as anthrax cleared Iraq and incriminated the US bio-defence community. However do not expect apologies or that demands for weapons inspection may be cancelled or modified. If Iraq does have a deadly new bio-weapon immune to present inoculation then we may find out its location only after a real war starts. It seems a safe bet that Iraq has no other useful defence ability.

Did Globalists also make a mistake in not realising that the very latest technology would track down the source of the anthrax? Or did they, at this time, only want to go so far? Be sure that this war scare and the pressure it creates for increased terrorist activity will increase terrorist planning urgency, security and sophistication. That certainty, and the good excuse for tightening controls over resident populations, could be all that Globalism wants at this stage.

Well good for them if their plans are on track, but it will also give time to those gaining insight into the need for truth in their lives. It will help those who seek truth to gain spiritual strength and the stimulation to strive for it.

Now I must refer back to the top. We cannot just accept that this anthrax report is reliable. There are thousands of fake reports put out by secret services circulating to keep people agitated, confused, worried and distracted. Most are too silly for worldly people to take seriously but that does not mean that very credible appearing stories, such as that above, may not also be faked even though details be true.

A reason for suspicion: if it were not doctored it would probably not be released. However we need not be too concerned about its purpose. The thing is that it could be true and we can use it as an educating exercise no matter if true or not. All we need know with certainty is that humanity is enslaved by an inhuman philosophy designed to serve criminal world government.

Knowing that, we know we can and must escape. Only when we take responsibility for our own governing will we know political information is reliable. THAT's our challenge and all who distract us from it aid our enemies.

My thanks to readers for their loyalty, do not forget to tell friends of this unplanned editorial, also remember that our three books are on line to be formatted for easy conversion into attractive hard copy for December.

May I repeat my best wishes for the holiday season as, at this time, I am still not planning a December editorial.

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