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Editorial: - January 1, 2003 - Starting a New Year

Dear Readers,
We start 2003 with a new book, "The CRIMSON CRIME of arrogance". Although based on editorials covering the last months of 2002 I am confident that new chapters and revisions will make it well worth your attention. Go to end of page "Service Files - Fast Downloads" for your copy. I expect this book to be, for this year at least, our most used book. I say this because I know those editorials have been growing in popularity and also because new chapters, additions and improvements lift this literature to a new dimension of interest and value. Meaning and consequence of what we reveal is much improved.

Added to that "TCC of a" and our other three books are now formatted so that you can easily have them turned into influential books at an attractive price. Even as few as five copies can be economically produced by a good photocopy service. Just make sure that they have the needed stapling (called saddle stitching) and guillotining equipment. Inspect samples and check prices. Further description of the bookmaking process at the click-stop above; also accessible at the fast-downloads service files.

The convenience and greater efficiency of a compact book for conveying this kind of information makes this exercise well worth while. A quote from USA President, Thomas Jefferson, repeated below, is on the front cover. This quote shows that our situation today, (the situation most people do not want to face or believe) was known even in the early days of the USA to be an active threat in our world. Quote:

"Single acts of tyranny may be ascribed to the accidental opinion of the day; but a series of oppressions, begun at a distinguished period, and pursued unalterably through every change of ministers, too plainly prove a deliberate systematical plan of reducing us to slavery". Thomas Jefferson, 3rd US President.

Yes the cancer was visible even then to perceptive people in a position to observe. The end product is far more visible now that we see Globalist directed "series of oppressions" appearing around a world that has been deceived by the sickening arrogance of humanism's emotion driven ideology. We may not want to face this problem but its danger should be now quite evident to any honest observer. You will find our dangerous situation expressed more clearly than ever before in "TCC of a". Humanity is threatened by inhuman world government and exposed to disaster too horrific to be ignored by those of human intellect and caring motivation.

You will see that this anti-human education did not enter our education systems without resistance and protest. In fact never before or since has there been such strong protest or so many books written to expose manipulative education; or any other form of government social manipulation. But even that is not the total extent of the problem we face today, below is another example of the multi-pronged attack on human life and culture. For the sake of your future do not ignore these attacks.

As example of everyday world government attitudes here is some information distributed by
The Health Sciences Institute: December 2, 2002

The following insult to our humanity is one sample from among thousands! It is not an orphan event and it could not happen in a people governed democracy. This HSI newsletter reveals the contempt with which we are viewed as a result of our acceptance of party controlled government. If there is anything in our world that is fully entitled to be called a weapon of mass human destruction it is the manipulated cultured ignorance we are tricked to accept. Although this example relates to health we should understand it reveals very clearly our future in the plans of Globalist government.

It appears that the government of the USA in November introduced law under the name of The new Homeland Security Act designed, they say, to protect American citizens from terrorists. However it appears that such acts can have other acts pushed into the envelope and passed with very little attention given and in this case a provision was added to protect American corporations from legal action by parents of autistic children.

The history of it is that about seventy five years ago Eli Lilly began making thimerosal and high levels of mercury (known to be a dangerous neurotoxin) later began to be detected in American children and linked to permanent neurological damage, including autism. It seems that in America, infants below the age of two often receive eighteen vaccinations and about twelve of these contain mercury. It is known that mercury poisoning from vaccinations may cause autism and this, rightly, frightens parents. It also frightens the executives of Eli Lilly, makers of the mercury based vaccine preservative in question.

Are Eli Lilly executives making sure that children are no longer given this dangerous injection? Well no, but they are trying to make sure that they are not sued because of any damage it causes. The company, of course, denies there is any connection but even the FDA admits that; quote: "concerns" have been raised, and claiming that the agency is working with vaccine manufacturers to "reduce or eliminate thimerosal from vaccines." EQ.
Can we wonder why they don't just ban it?

But how does Eli Lilly react. Quotes:
During the recent political season, Eli Lilly donated $1.6 million dollars to various candidates - more than any other pharmaceutical company. So it hardly seems like a mysterious coincidence that less than two weeks after the mid-term elections someone in the senate sneaked this vaccine provision into the homeland security bill. And "sneaked" is no exaggeration - the provision was introduced at the 11th hour, as were six other provisions that had nothing whatsoever to do with homeland security.

As The New York Times reported last Friday, nobody seems to know, or will admit to knowing, who placed the provision in the bill, or even who wrote it. It's almost as if someone is ashamed to be associated with this addition that will simply brush aside both class-action and individual thimerosal lawsuits aimed at Eli Lilly. A spokesman for Lilly said that the company knew absolutely nothing about the sweetheart provision.

I suppose that includes Sidney Taural, the chairman, president and C.E.O. of Eli Lilly, who has a seat on President Bush's Homeland Security Advisory Council.

Well none of this has a very good smell, does it? Even the current senate minority leader Trent Lott recognizes the fishy odor. So to force through the passage of the Homeland Security bill, Senator Lott promised that three of the last-minute provisions (including the vaccine protection) would be reviewed when congress reconvenes next year. He said, "We need to work on those three provisions."

Note that he didn't say that the provisions would be removed, reworded, or changed. He only said, "we need to work" on them. And that's a perfect example of some beautifully vague political-speak for you. End quotes.

So, as is now stands these bills are law and act against lawsuits. Will a 'white knight' save the day in the end or will the bad guys win? Well, with this publicity I doubt the bill will remain in force, but I also doubt the company directors will be treated as terrorists or even suffer confiscation of ill-gotten gains.

The Health Sciences Institute also reports: Quote:
Last year, under pressure from the Centers for Disease Control, the Public Health Service, and the American Academy of Pediatrics, pharmaceutical companies agreed to stop manufacturing vaccines that contain thimerosal. But while this mercury-based preservative is no longer in production, stores of vaccines that contain it are still being used. This is a very important detail that all parents of young children should know about because they can tell their pediatricians to use only thimerosal-free vaccines on their children.

Likewise, if you have a child or know of a child who is showing signs of autism, you can get further information and assistance from the Coalition for SAFE MINDs (Sensible Action For Ending Mercury-Induced Neurological Disorders) - a non-profit organization founded by parents to raise awareness about the exposure to mercury from medical products (safeminds.org).
End Quote.

So thanks to "HSI" for the warning: Readers, wherever you are in the world, please be alert.

Is this the way of civilized people? Do you believe large businesses should be protected when they introduce poisons into our foods and medicines? Do you believe that companies should be allowed to genetically change food crops and animals to risk unknown long-term effects? It is one thing to prove that a genetic change works to give the planned results but, as we have seen, (August '02 editorial) there can be disastrous side effects; these may not appear for years. Why do we have to fight every issue every inch of the way for the rare human rights win?

There are people, raised and educated in our own countries, who (directly or indirectly) have killed or ruined the lives of far more Americans than has Saddam Hussein but are company directors threatened with annihilation or even confiscation of assets? Whatever Globalist serving governments fight to protect it is not their citizens. Party politicians work (knowingly or unknowingly) for Globalism but few understand that Globalism, to achieve its aim of undisputed ownership of planet earth, must first destroy the human nature of humankind.

Every day we eat foods sprayed or treated with pesticides and weedicides among other health dangers. Some of these risks may be acceptable! Who knows? True democracies would neither encourage these trends nor protect them. But Globalism encourages and protects. To say this is just about money reveals that incredibly sick and deformed moral attitudes have been introduced to our culture, such "series of oppressions" are not created just for money.

Back to "TCC of a". The arrogant mind manipulators have seemed unstoppable with mass media, government and education all working for them, but, as with other emotion driven religious explosions, there comes a time when people see that results, truth and rhetoric do not fit together. The Humanist movement has used up its rope and, backed by public revulsion, will hang itself.

I think that our new publication "TCC of a" needs another chapter. As suggested when this site became active, this is a developing literature. The quickest way to improve our literature is for readers to tell me where you see a need for improvement. As is, I have no hesitation in recommending "TCC of a", it makes a very good companion to and rounds out our existing three books, but I also expect readers comment to help with a 12th chapter. Other books on the fast download are improved and tidied up versions of the reader editions so, if printing out our books, use the editions formatted for book-making.

I feel we now have most of the material needed to show the world situation in clear language. We do not want unneeded bulk. However there is room for improvement and I expect to be here to answer questions that may help clarify what is written. If you see problems feel free. So long as able I will do what I can. (To be continued)

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