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Editorial #2 - January 2003: Part 2.

"Needs must when the devil drives"
An old saying of my grandfather: meaning "desperate situations justify desperate responses".

Quote: "To do evil a human must first of all believe that what he's doing is good…
Ideology - that is what gives evildoing its long-sought justification.
" Solzhenitsyn.

WHAT IS HUMANISM? Humanist ideology is not a mistake; it is a confidence trick of elaborate and extreme immorality. Those who designed it are those we now call Globalists. The purpose of the scam is to gain uncontested ownership of planet earth as part of their New World Order. Quote: "The Globalists wield almost unlimited power because of their wealth and position… The greatest strength they possess is that the general public … does not even know that they exist." William Bowen (1984).

Today the world believes that good is evil and evil good; we believe this because people we don't know tell us so. As shown in The Crimson Crime of arrogance (*1) the basic Globalist plan was to undermine human intellect so that the great mass of humanity would become too emotionally primitive, socially ignorant and culturally confused to understand events. Therefore, when Globalism did become known, the general population would be unable to effectively resist.

The plan was primitive but relied on scientific understanding of the human intellect at its present level of development. The socialist/humanist ideology was a plan to reverse human development, glorify the primitive, promote the ugly and seduce the innocent to animalist behavior. Advancing knowledge of human weaknesses gave Globalist organizers critical understanding at a time when they had gained control of the world financial system and through that, party system governments. These developments gave them power to make people believe that a step back was a step forward. Their plan seemed faultless.

First they promoted that desire which enticed people to evade responsibility; this was coupled to the age-old feeling of comfort and safety in solidarity with leaders. It is primitive that people give unquestioning trust to leaders, especially in times of crisis and so, given no further enlightenment, people would continue to trust and elect those hungry for power.

People for ages past had learned that their best chance of survival in any crisis was faith and loyalty to the decisions of their leaders; and why not? Was not the safety and power of leaders also dependent on the safety and strength of those led? Was this not the natural way of life?

But life moves on! Globalists are not just one of a competing assortment of nations. Globalists, as masters of the 'city of commerce', now have financial control of nations. (*2)

With control of the party system giving control of education and with financial control of news media to give bias to information, Globalism gained the power to create, and to present to the common mass, authorities who would be able to convince the common mass of anything of which Globalists might chose to convince them.

On recent TV a young spokesman claimed: 'The protestors job is not to solve world problems but to bring these to the attention of those whose job that is.' So long as we have this attitude we show our opponents that we are slaves to their trickery and that their plans (enslavement and genocide) are not threatened. Most protestors never question that world leaders are devoted to public service despite the clear evidence against it. Protest groups must learn that effective protest is exposing the plotting of those creating corrupt attitudes, not complaining about what is done!

It is tragic that so many well-motivated people do not see that our whole value system is artificial. We deliver ourselves to both moral and economic bankruptcy and there is no longer easy escape. We value wasteful housing, government, law, transport, education, etc., and waste prosperity. We are told that a life is worth any expense but the cost of one heart transplant may be the death of a dozen who can no longer afford simple medicines.

The mechanics of indoctrination. Government by laws and lies is ancient! Only during the last hundred years did science allow insight into the manipulation of people to reach such levels of refinement as to allow "people shapers" to operate with the precision of surgeons. (*3). By this time there was already wide acceptance and perceived need for compulsory public education. The vulnerable child mind was now wide open to abuse.

Then mix in the help of the "Spoiled Brat Brigade" (SBB). Those who feel emotionally compelled to fight what they see as the injustice of discipline and the right of those who have more to give to have more to gain. They adapted justice to survival of the fittest and judged themselves fittest unaware that others were engineering their success.

The SBB needed little encouragement to become fanatical in their jealous desire to crush existing authority. They ignored consequences because they would create consequences! They talk peace as they kill opposition! They promote child sex to create sex offenders! They campaign for both promiscuity and reduced population! They mix cultures in the name of diversity to create conflict! They talk freedom, to add legal restraints! They glamorize equality to create equal poverty! They deform equal right to justice to encourage crime! They fight superstition with superstitious beliefs! They combat religious violence with greater religious violence! They defend freedom of the press to maintain freedom to deceive.

Ego blinds them to their monstrosity! They claim the right of all wrong as they deny truth and, with enthusiasm, kill those who do not believe them. They claim rights of gods but lack humility to see that only their Creator could have given them the intellect they abuse.

The humanistic image of God as a 'pushover parent' fell over, so the SBB become bitter reformers. Happy to believe that there was no God, no humanity and no moral truth they set themselves to destroy everything human. Every human discipline of mind or body they quickly claimed as bad or unjust. They declared war on truth - mankind was just another animal created by chance and selection - they gave themselves the duty to recreate this animal to their desire. Blind to the wealth and power of a secret world government behind them they gained the arrogance to set about destroying humanity in the name of humanist ideology.

In this mind the Spoiled Brat Brigade (SBB) saw it as their duty to save mankind from religious superstition and the wars and suffering these had created. They would save the world from overpopulation! There was no Creator; man had no option (they said) other than to be his own saviour. Morals: right and wrong did not exist!

Humanists said man must learn from experience but arrogance blinded them to self-contradictions. There was no morality but they would claim morality; existing morality must be destroyed, each person to adopt personal morals divorced from past attitudes. There was no truth but they would claim truth to their desire. They carried the message with enthusiasm into the education systems of the world assisted; of course, by the support of the hidden masters, their money, their party government, their mass media and their created authorities.

The SBB, in their frenzy of enthusiasm, factually threw out the baby with the bath water. Much that was considered moral in the past was not mere religious ideology but was established by human experience as a need of human development. So when they blacklisted existing morals they destroyed (or attempted to destroy) the natural discipline for the human development of children, just as the Globalist planners wanted. The result: infinite amoral attitudes gave rise to infinite amoral conflict; also just as Globalism planned.

It is important that those of us who fight this war for our humanity realize that those who created the ideology are not the same people as the suckers who carry the banners. The planners knew that the ideology created was corrupt but told the rag-wavers it was science.

The Humanism that they created as a substitute for human is a religion of worship of primitive life. Humanist leaders have admitted it religion; law has also found it so: (Change Agents in the Schools: Barbara Morris Report USA 1979. P19). But humanist rank and file believes humanism is science despite that it can be seen as religion by honest logic. Humanists claim their ideology is science based but it is, in fact, based squarely on the well-smudged theory of creation by chance and natural selection. (*4).

A friend recently received two letters in which humanists claimed that I mislead people by saying the creation debate is between 'chance and intelligence', that I ignore natural selection. Well those who actually read these investigations know that is not true. Natural selection is scientific but is not a creative force and the force of creation is what evolution theory is about. Natural selection is a force that helps maintain the health of species. Without it all species would quickly become genetically corrupted and degenerate to extinction. Natural selection does not prevent species becoming extinct but, by deleting 'damaged, unneeded genes' and protecting needed genes, maintains species for far longer than would otherwise occur.

The weakness of that humanist argument is that they ignore that natural selection has to have something to select from. Just as it cannot select from nothing it cannot create from nothing. It can only select between the original genes and those damaged by chance events. That is why evolution theory had to combine selection with chance, the chance of genetic damage that would give natural selection something new (chance damaged genes) to select from.

But chance, as we know, is destructive of complex order. Chance is the force that constantly reduces order to chaos; that is basic. So, while chance can destroy or damage what has been created, it cannot create.

Chance destruction is only 'helpful' in a situation of environmental stability. When chance damage occurs to a gene not used then natural selection may eliminate the unneeded genetic load. This is called "specialization" and when environment does subsequently change, as it surely will, then that organism no longer has the alternatives the eliminated genes once gave it, this organism may now become extinct just as science has so conclusively shown. Over 90% of life forms ever existing are now, by chance, extinct.

There is definitely no creative force in the chance and natural selection combo; that is why creative evolution is neither science nor scientific theory. That is why creative evolution began as a questionable theory and (despite all effort of humanists) remained so. The only known force able to create order out of chaos is intelligence; this is unchallenged.

So not only is humanism a religion but it, in partnership with its 'cult ideology' of socialism, has been the cause of more death and misery than its 'theist religion' rivals. Massive death tolls in the USSR and Cambodia alone put to shame the death tolls of theist religious wars. So humanist claims and reasoning (as we would expect of those who claim there is no truth) are lacking in truth. Humanist values lead human life to extinction.

If we have time to waste we can demolish humanist myths one by one - they are childish. They cannot stand in open science forum. That is why they have had to establish their claims with children and with people tempted by socialist bribes. So our 'childish tantrum' intellectuals, who seize on any idea to serve their arrogance, have, finally, to face reality. They may make new claims but we now see through their disguise.

Humanists made easy gains by deceit of the young or naïve. With massive Globalist help they fooled the trusting mass with false claims, fake authorities, myth and propaganda. But people are now beginning to see that humanist claims are denied by reality. You may find it futile to argue face to face because it is rarely possible to present enough evidence to take you beyond charge of "your opinion". Find honest seekers; show them where to find evidence.

Humanists stole the rope of entwined disciplines we humans use to climb to greater heights but in arrogance, denying discipline, they hang themselves! Let us not waste time arguing with those who deny social truth. Without truth discussion is without base for intelligence or reason. They have come to the end of their tether; neither science nor logic can defend them.

The power and influence of our oppressors appears frightening but let us remember that worldly wealth is illusionary; it, along with its influence, relies on political power. Change to true democracy and power enters public hands. Worldly wealth, gained by deceit and cheat, will, along with its influence, disappear (we grow by intelligent discipline, not chances).

Do not think that the rebirth of humanity will be painless; we have to contend with a huge ignorance and misplaced loyalty. In this situation the old saying truly comes into it's own. "Needs must when the devil drives" those of human intellect and human caring have to face this devilish challenge irrespective of dangers that may or may not be apparent - may or may not be real. There is no fence sitting; those who fear to take up the challenge are lost.

Notes: * 1: See (On site book downloads) The Crimson Crime of arrogance. Chapters 1-2.
* 2: See (On site book downloads) Globalism Brainwash Chapter 4.
* 3: See (On Site book downloads) Globalism Brainwash Chapter 3.
* 4: See (On Site book downloads) Human Manipulation Chapter 10:
Also "Of TRUTH" Part 9:
NOTE 2: I hope to devote the February mid-month editorial to readers comments or questions


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