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Editorial #1 - February 1, 2003

Do we have Constitutional law?

If we will not defend our right to democracy itself
how and why will we defend any lesser - more cumbersome - right?
What use to complain of political irresponsibility
while we refuse responsibility for the politicians we elect ?

War crimes trials should be a warning that we cannot trust those who push themselves into leading positions of power. We may think that political betrayal can't happen in our own country but, if you live in any modern 'democracy', then be sure that it already has. Have we not already seen enough evidence to confirm that?

As example: President Franklin D. Roosevelt introduced a declaration of National Emergency in 1933 and this has been renewed yearly by every President since. According to my information this declaration means that citizens of the USA are now not governed (any more than are Australians and citizens of many other 'democracies') according to their National Constitutions. The US Constitution is in suspension - indefinitely. Today National Constitutions are commonly 'reinterpreted/suspended' to suit the convenience of those in power.

It is also reported that a move was made to withdraw US states from the State of Emergency in 1996; public silence makes it appear as if this move has been suppressed, as also is the true meaning of democracy. Further information on the withdrawal attempt would be appreciated.

In nations such as the USA this could only be possible by silence of judiciary, military, all political parties and mass media, (individuals aren't equally aware). This national emergency does not, as did that declared in 1917, differentiate between US citizens and foreign. For more information see "Constitution: Fact or Fiction" by Dr. E. Schroder. Published 1995. For the term of this national emergency it seems that the Constitution of the USA is at the discretion of government. WHY? Even more important: why is this situation global if the plot itself is not global?

  • In true democracies, National Constitutions belong to the people. The people not only have a right to know if, when and why their Constitution is suspended but need to give consent. It is not the right of military, law, financial interests, or elected governments to reinterpret or suspend democratic constitutions: if these, between them, do this without public knowledge and agreement, then that is rightly a 'conspiracy of treason' against the lawful national authority. That authority, in any true democracy, can never be other than its people.

Let's repeat (again) a quote on the front cover of The Crimson Crime of arrogance: this shows that our present danger (the situation most people do not want to face or believe) was a danger and active threat known even in the early days of the USA. Quote: "Single acts of tyranny may be ascribed to the accidental opinion of the day; but a series of oppressions, begun at a distinguished period, and pursued unalterably through every change of ministers, too plainly prove a deliberate systematical plan of reducing us to slavery". 3rd US President Thomas Jefferson.

Does that statement not fit perfectly the situation of the USA today where continual renewal of a State of Emergency aligns the citizens of the USA with foreigners? Does this not clearly say that the government of the nation has been taken over? The results of national subversion are clearly visible now that we see Globalist directed, "series of oppressions" appearing around a world indoctrinated to Humanism's "laws & lies" driven ideology. Oppressions include "indoctrination of children to false ideology disguised by using the trick of calling it social education".

This cancer has been long visible to perceptive people and, no matter what quislings tell us, that sickness was no consequence of democracy! To see Globalist plotted gradualism ever more clearly, listen to Abraham Lincoln, another great past President of the USA. Quote: "The money power preys upon the nation in times of peace and conspires against it in time of adversity. It is more despotic then monarchy, more insolent then autocracy, more selfish then bureaucracy. It denounces as public enemies, all who question its methods or throw light upon its crimes". EQ.

Or Jefferson again: "The end of democracy, and the defeat of the American Revolution will occur when government falls into the hands of the lending institutions and moneyed incorporations." EQ. That time has come. Freedom now, more urgently than ever before, has need of defenders.

What is now happening has had long and careful plotting! Our thinking and attitudes are now so warped and tangled that citizens, who expose treason, can be treated as public enemies. This is highlighted by another quote I use: "Treason never prospers; what's the reason? For when it prospers, none dare call it treason;" Sir John Fortescue. We must defend our human potential. We cannot fear the thieves more than the disastrous consequences of losing what they steal.

We do not want to face the problem of our brainwashing into slavery because many of us are already mentally disabled by Humanist Ideology. This inhuman world government threatens human life! What we are exposed to is a disaster beyond comprehension. Humanist Ideology is the most horrific weapon of mass human destruction ever designed.

Our anti-human education (See, Crimson Crime of arrogance; *1) did not enter our education systems without resistance and protest. In fact, never before or since has there been such protest of, and so many books written to expose manipulative education. At first we fail, but give the tricksters time. Those immoral lose sight of reality, arrogance breeds ignorance! Lessons of humanity are forgotten! As arrogance overcomes self-discipline, behaviour becomes shamelessly bigoted and we begin to notice.

A "Friends of Freedom" (Canadian) Newsletter (November 2002) sent me has a speech by Joseph Sobran (USA) called Force, Freedom and the State. Below some interesting quotes:
" The same is true in Europe, Australia and Israel, where people can be - and are - fined and imprisoned for expressing heterodox opinions, …
  " To us in the USA, with our strong constitutional protections under the First Amendment, all this seems baffling. We can hardly believe it's happening in our sister democracies, because to us democracy seems inseparable from the right of free discussion. …
     " To us, freedom of speech is very nearly a sacred thing. It isn't just one of our freedoms but the sovereign freedom - the one on which all others depend. If the government can suppress our opinions it can suppress anything. …
     " What is really going on here? The deepest changes in society often creep in unnoticed. As G.K. Chesterson said 'Men can always be blind to a thing so long as its big enough.' Little changes, like changes in dress, may be more obvious than big changes in fundamental attitudes. …
     " In the same way a new and alien ideology has crept into the West almost unnoticed. It still has no name though we clumsily call it by terms like "political correctness", which fail to capture its essence."

[Note: Sobran calls it "Alienism", meaning it is an alienation of Western culture from its people. Our readers know its name is "Humanism". It is a reshaping of cultural beliefs and attitudes to elitist service. Sobran rightly sees it as an introduced ideology with a new and highly deceptive (anti-human) vocabulary. But he then questions the legitimacy of the State.] Quotes:
"But I wonder if it isn't a mistake, after all, to talk about free speech [as] if it were an essentially different thing, in a separate category, from other freedoms. When states have gone as bad as those of the USA and Canada, maybe the problem isn't one of speech but of the state itself.
"Maybe our belief in the State is one of those invisible errors I spoke of a while ago - something so big we don't even notice it. I think its time for us to question the very legitimacy of the state itself.
"What is the state? When you come right down to it, the state is nothing but an organized monopoly of force, claiming the authority to rule all of the society within its borders. Can such a claim be valid?
"Certainly most people accept the claim. They think the state is necessary to society. No, they don't think it - they assume it. Yet Professor R.J.Rummel of the University of Hawaii calculates that states in the twentieth century alone killed nearly 200,000,000 of their own subjects worldwide. And this staggering figure does not include wars."

Sobran goes on at some length to point out the flaws in present state activity. Flaws we know only too well. But I think readers will see that these worries about the state simply reveal more evidence of the twists and turns of mind struggling with a problem. As Chesterson suggests; the very big problems can be difficult to see. Worse, we may not want to face (or admit to ourselves) their frightful consequences.
But we have to challenge our educated indoctrination and our emotion based values if we are to respond logically and defend our humanity. It is not that the State as a community organisation is wrong it is that misled communities allowed their States to be taken over by alien forces.

It should be now very evident that these Globalist forces must control Nation states because independent Nations obstruct their plans to gain ownership of planet earth. Only when states are subdued can their people be made submissive by ideology. But do not think that Globalists are aliens to planet earth; they are aliens to our human development. Globalism hates and fears our developing humanity because this will remove their power over us and they do not have the human intellect or caring to appreciate the potential free human development offers.

  • As others point out: if we citizens were to act against each other as the State now acts against its citizens, we would rightly (as well as by law) be classified as criminals. We have to see that every act of this imposed Ideology: its social education, mass media, entertainment and political propaganda; is all aimed deliberately to prevent us seeing, and accepting, our urgent need to take responsibility for our own governing. They must prevent this because, by this, we will gain our freedom to understand life and see the truth of events. *2:

Globalism is intent on creating greater and greater divisions and conflicts so as to create cultural divisions and poverty among people and nations. They incessantly claim democracy but democracy nowhere exists. They know how easy it would be for humanity to reclaim its inheritance of truth, self government and moral law! Time is becoming critical for them and also for us. Only when they have us destitute, sick and helpless can they claim it as their kindness to put us out of our misery.


ALERT: If you have a chance to see a TV program called "Bioterrorism" don't miss it. It confirms things we have uncovered and underlines just how urgent it is that people take control of governments.

*1: See on Site: The Crimson Crime of arrogance: Chapters 1 & 2.
*2: See on Site: The Crimson Crime of arrogance; Chapter 5.
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