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Editorial #1 - March 1, 2003.

Who Today Will Carry the Flag?

'Jefferson: "The end of democracy, and the defeat of the American Revolution will occur when government falls into the hands of the lending institutions and moneyed incorporations." EQ. That time has come. Freedom now, more urgently than ever before, has need of defenders.'

Unfortunately those brave and clear thinking people who fought the original battles are long gone. Who, today, is prepared to act responsibility for the freedom of future generations? Who today have not allowed their minds to be taken over by ideological thinking, peer-group attitudes and comfortable living?

I do not apologize for repeating quotes. Old time leaders were patriots. They were independent of mind and clear of thought. We need be reminded of this and have their thoughts presented in more than one way for better understanding by sedated minds with the muddied values of today. Today current events are confused and misrepresented. Human life has been herded into a Shangri-La of pleasures and mindless animalist responses.

This is not an evolution by chance and natural selection! It is instead a deliberate use of chance and opportunity by intelligence directed to greed and ignorance. Today we live in a world of ever-growing strife and ever-growing danger for both present and future generations. Human attitudes and thoughts have been misled and human progress, apart from passing comfort and technology, is in reverse. Today we have wars and talk of wars! We have weapons and uses of weapons unimagined at the time of the American Revolution.

Today we have national governments under control of a secret world government and a world authority, the United Nations, directing by huge influence, human culture and affairs. To this authority our nations and people are just roadblocks in the way of Globalist plans dedicated to the glorification of their secretive self-interest sect.

The United Nations is the public voice of a Globalist Empire - an empire gained by unearned wealth and trickery - of power consolidated by the indoctrination of peoples to an ideology that turns us against our own true nature. We have been blinded to the reality of our humanity; a humanist ideology' has been substituted for learning of our Human nature and development.(*1)

Humanist means a 'substitute', or 'make-believe' Human. Humanism substitutes belief in chance creation for intelligent creation so that we will value our intelligence less and opportunities for greed, self-aggrandizement and pleasure more. Humanist 'People-Shapers' have educated us to materialist slavery! Wealth is now our ambition and compassion has become its mask. (*2.)
Look at current events. Today we have a tragic/comic Opera being played out by three national leaders playing 'bad cop' and the United Nations playing 'good cop' in a theatre where people clamor for peace. The most common opinion appears to be that the USA wants to gain (for exploitation) possession of the oil owned by Iraq but, as pointed out (Crimson Crime; Chapter 4) that is not a logical reason for this Grand Opera. Conservation today is promoted for service to the Globalist future; they do not want exploitation for popular use. Conservation is a certifiable aim of world government but forced high profits support the Globalist program.

Globalist World Government manages national populations by influence of national governments and government controlled education - by the teaching of false cultural ideology and by use of the socialist principle called The Hegelian Dialectic Process. This "HDP" is a system where "designed social conflict" is used to manipulate social change. In this process the planned outcome, as would be expected, is other than the choice presented to the people.

As the natural aim of world government is undisputed world ownership, then its activities must be to the disadvantage of the great majority of the world's people (to end with their elimination).

We, the world's people are a threat to Globalists because:
a) We, the people, if awakened, have the numbers and strength to defeat Globalist plans.
b) We, the people are using resources that Globalists want for their own future.
c) We, the people are in such numbers as compete for comfortable Globalist use of space.

As large populations are both an annoyance and a danger to Globalism, the true purpose of this United Nations Grand Opera will include:

  • To increase public poverty by increasing expenditure (waste) of public money on 'defense' etc., and reducing production efficiency by progressive, excessive, government meddling.
  • To increase restraints and regulation of populations by increasing such restraints and regulations in the name of protecting the public from growing terrorist activities.
  • To direct loyalty to the UN (by having us see it as the defender of peace and justice) thus encouraging populations to demand/accept national armies being placed under UN control.
  • Forcing increasing terrorist activity by increasing the real and implied threat to small nations and cultural groups by large nations in support of the above.
  • By the time this editorial is on the Internet we may be at war but this war is not the prime purpose of the Grand Opera. What the big show is about is achievement of the items listed above. Individual survival may well depend on realization that we are governed for private, not public, benefit and that all, or almost all, major events are designed to manipulate public thoughts and attitudes to Globalist benefit. The war itself is likely (in terms of war) to be a trivial event (over in days rather than months) if it begins at all.

Think about it! The Globalist forces, if sensibly used, need hardly lose a man to enemy fire or put a foot on enemy soil.

Globalist directed forces can:

  1. Destroy, by use of long range missiles and rockets, Iraq's airforce on the ground or in the air before planes reach attack positions.
  2. Observe ground movements and besiege major cities by destroying transport without coming in range of enemy guns: where already in range troops gain protection from close Arab population.
  3. Destroy primitive enemy rockets in flight.
  4. Pulverize positions and cities, should opposing fire become a threat.

What can Iraq do?

  1. Should Iraq have any biological or chemical weapons capable of field delivery and of causing grave danger to allied soldiers, then it would be foolish for Iraq to use them. Retaliation could be catastrophic but, if leaders are convinced of death, then consequences may be irrelevant to them.
  2. Should allied forces attack (and a first strike would undoubtedly be severe) then Iraq will have little choice other than suicidal offence or surrender.

The aftermath: It should be expected that Iraq and small nations (even cultural groups with some technical and economic ability) already feel forced to experiment with alternative weapons. This U.N. Grand Opera will, I believe, create new pressure for development of alternative weapon technology and sharpen terrorist skills. It is possible - even likely - that some smaller nations or groups have already established such weapons in what they are being forced to see as enemy cities. Also miseducated "intellectually deprived" nuts will be tempted to copy terrorist heroics.

With Iraq defeated and occupied then partisans have nothing to lose by activating secret weapons, and Iraq have no say to continue restraint of those it may at present be restraining in service to its own survival. It then also becomes logical to assume that such weapons may be produced and activated in the future as warning/defense against further attack by major nations on small nations or cultural groups. Creating cultural strife is the way to increase, not reduce terrorist danger!

Increasing 'terrorist' type activity could cause catastrophic disruption of modern communities and also have world-wide trade repercussions in poor and overcrowded nations. This would represent success for Globalist plans. We need therefore assume that our chaotic world is set to advance to seriously increasing chaos and our present culture and prosperity to become unsustainable. Globalism then, in perhaps only a few years, may be able to promote wars or spread disease at will so as to 'cleanse' large areas of THEIR Earth for their future use.

We do not want to believe that 'people' would make such inhuman or atrocious plans! Look at past atrocities (Cambodia, USSR etc.) and what we know they have already done to subvert Human culture. If they trick us about such basic things as democracy; indoctrinate children to a false philosophy of life; teach humanism as a substitute for human; encourage irresponsibility, drugs and crime; genetically engineer foods to lower food value; irradiate foods to endanger health; encourage unhealthy attitudes, etc. Well; don't expect to be kept waiting too long before you are faced with the NWO reality of being increasingly less able to maintain your health, prosperity and lifestyle; but of course you must then also expect to become less able to do anything about it.

If you watch news and the more serious TV programs you have noticed reports of terrorists being warned so as to evade imminent capture or of their communications being under surveillance (such warnings leaked from the organizations responsible for our defense). You may also notice stories of criminally inept secret service or government behavior and organization etc. Not to mention the use of anthrax made in USA defense laboratories being used in the name of terrorism.

Contradictions, apparent or genuine, may be confusing, they are meant to be. Not all TV presenters are ideologically committed (or not so much so that they will ignore a good story). All committed people may not accept every requirement of their faith. Globalism attempts to balance confusion so as to leave too few convincing clues for those who seek to make sense of a situation.

The teaching of false philosophy is not the only cause of stupidities and irresponsible behavior that will cause terrifying accidents and events, nor does it mean that misled people are stupid. We do not have to be stupid to be, in innocence, misled by indoctrination to false beliefs. We must not forget that those who force false philosophy into our schools are tricked/misled by Globalist planning. Globalism does not yet have private military capability but its financial strength supports the most extensive, manipulative, unscrupulous and versatile secret service ever created.

The Globalist SS will be/is merged with every major national secret service. It must be especially strong in those nations called 'democratic'. So why should we be surprised that terrorists are warned of dangers: that some terrorism may be high-level planned: or that warnings of pending terrorist activities are 'mislaid' to abort government action or warning? There will be increasing 'leaks' and 'exposures' as Globalism attempts to increase public confusion and mental torments.
As said: When you see the truth of things everything begins to fall easily into place but when you are looking in the wrong direction things become illogical and beyond understanding.

What Can We Do? "The Crimson Crime of arrogance" Pages 32-3. Quote:
"We are educated to believe we are just behaviour programmed animals and that there is no Creator, no truth, no right or wrong; all is just a meaningless struggle for survival; the future is for the strong - most ruthless. … "World leaders, unchallenged, say good is evil and evil good: their god is power and they work for global meltdown."
… "Even so, there is still a way to escape disaster. We must reveal the evidence that we are not mere [chance created] animals unable to distinguish between good and evil.
"We must choose our own responsible and intelligent representatives and elect them to parliaments. If we do these things then neighbours, knowing our citizens control their own government and have reason for sincerity, will agree to destroy and never use terrorist weapons or tactics - yes, they will agree, they too want to live.
" End quotes. See page 25 of Crimson Crime for "We CAN Create a True Democratic Republic."

I am reminded of one of Aesop's Fables.
Hercules, on a narrow road came across a fearsome and threatening animal. Our hero gave it a whack with his club and was surprised that it appeared bigger and more threatening. He therefore belted into it more furiously but the more he hit it the larger and more fearsome it grew. A friend appeared; "Stop Hercules!" she said, "The monster is called strife, let it alone and soon it will be as small as before."

In those days people were more "down to earth" in day to day living. Today we have leaders who do not appear to have learned the simple lessons. So much so that it seems to me that the world may now be approaching that period of strife biblically called Armageddon.

We may not understand the nature of Armageddon because of the ancient language and description; or be misled by peer-group attitudes or indoctrination. We may become deceived to think that Armageddon will be the battle between religions as desired by Globalists. Those who see more clearly the true nature of our creator might see that the torments of Armageddon may be within the mind and that the battle for humanity is between the Truth and the untruth rather than a mindless squabble between manipulative religions promoting ideas fed by animalist impulses.

The torments of today are increasing as a result of 'public authorities' lashing out at monsters built up in public imagination; these are bashed to create ever-growing strife. The war now is between those "who appreciate the importance of 'the truth of life and creation' to the future development of humanity" as against those who fight for petty partisan desires of pride and domination. We are involved in a definitive struggle between our animal nature and our human nature - between the truth of our creation and animalism lingering from our physical development.

There are only two possible endings: we either destroy ourselves or we win the struggle for our human potential. To the individual it is an individual choice but for life itself there is no choice, good will always win in the end because the overcoming of adversity is the designed test of intellectual growth.

Notes: *1: *2: See Chapters 1; 2 & 4;5 of "The Crimson Crime of arrogance"
also Chapters 3 & 4 of "Globalism-Brainwash".


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