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Editorial # 3 - 29 March 2003.

Cleaning up!

So the 'war' goes 'according to plan'. This 'war' is different in many ways: first it is a war designed for manipulation of populations, it has reporters in the front line because enemy forces are judged irrelevant. As many will have noticed it could have been over in a few days with very little loss of life, but of course this would not have achieved a propaganda value in keeping with the effort. Nor would it have generated the hate needed for prolonged terrorist activity as in accord with aims mentioned in the March #1 editorial. Do not be surprised if developments now lead to surprises and distress for those who have not seen the truth of world events.

Now back to basics. This month I have a couple of new www sites for you. Naturally I cannot guarantee the accuracy of their information but from my own experience I can say that, from what I've seen, these reports appear to be within honest boundaries. In other words: fit with the pattern of worldly events and worth noting.

The main problem with sites that report on matters of our concern is that they often see things from a restricted viewpoint. Many find it hard to believe that there is a Globalist (finance government) that (to varying influence) has been operating for centuries; the evidence for that is overwhelming. We study problems but so often fail to see they are tied into other problems or can only be cured by first attending to influences more basic. We protest in traditional ways blind to our continually worsening situation; we expose corruption of democracy and health but refuse to admit our efforts are futile unless we also expose the forces behind our problems and how those who manipulate these forces expect to benefit.

My first offering relates to a full page public notice published in The New York Times on February 2, 2003. The site is www.dr-rath-health-foundation.org, quote from newspaper:
"Why the Pharmaceutical Industry is Backing a War Agenda:
"Every country that adopts a national policy based on effective natural therapies is a nail in the coffin of the pharmaceutical 'business with disease'[disease business]. In the global battle between natural health and the financial interests of the drug companies there can be only one winner.
"That is why the pharmaceutical interest groups have placed their lobbyists in key political positions.

  • "George Bush and Tony Blair are the heads of the two leading export nations of pharmaceutical products. They are also the most aggressive war advocates.
  • "Donald Rumsfeld has been the CEO and board member of several pharmaceutical multinationals (Searle, Gilead etc.). Now he is the fiercest war advocate in the Bush administration and controls where and how long the bombs fall.

"The following facts now also appear in a new light:

  • "The pharmaceutical industry was the single largest industry group sponsoring the war agenda of the Bush administration during the November 2002 elections. *
  • "The first 'benefactors' from the 'Homeland Security Act' where the drug companies, receiving guaranteed immunities for any side effects of their products. *
  • "In his State of the Union Address, President Bush does not support effective natural health, but promises 400 billion dollars (!) subsidy program for the drug companies under the cover of Medicare.** End quotes.

* Mentioned in a recent Editorial

** The powers of Globalism have for years been manipulating their political stooges into introducing more expensive procedures and restricting natural cures because of threat to drug company credibility and profits. They expose trivial dangers attached to overdosing with natural products but ignore the widespread overdosing with pharmaceutical products and dangers of standard medical procedures.

That's just the tip of an iceberg of industries profiting out of creating anything from poor health to war. Globalism is totally without morals. They tell us that: war is peace; hate is love and profit is the only God. Unless we realise that there is a world body that desires and profits from our poor health, our debts and our misleading social education, then we will never see the true meaning of world events.

Carlyle's way: www.redherring.com/vc/2002/0111/947.htm
This link was available on 22/03/2003 but unavailable today on 29/03/2003 when it was checked.
Quote from an article by Dan Briody
"December 11, 2001
"Present were former secretary of defense Frank Carlucci, former secretary of state James Baker III, and representatives of the bin Laden family. This was not some underground presidential bunker or Central Intelligence Agency interrogation room. It was the Ritz-Carlton in Washington, D.C., the plush setting for the annual investor conference of one of the most powerful, well-connected, and secretive companies in the world: the Carlyle Group. And since September 11, this little-known company has become unexpectedly important.
"That the Carlyle Group had its conference on America's darkest day was mere coincidence, but there is nothing accidental about the cast of characters that this private-equity powerhouse has assembled in the 14 years since its founding. Among those associated with Carlyle are former U.S. president George Bush Sr., former U.K. prime minister John Major, and former president of the Philippines Fidel Ramos. And Carlyle has counted George Soros, Prince Alwaleed bin Talal bin Abdul Aziz Alsaud of Saudi Arabia, and Osama bin Laden's estranged family among its high-profile clientele.

"For the 11th-largest defense contractor in the United States, wartime is boom time. No one knows that better than the Carlyle Group, which less than a month after U.S. troops began bombing Afghanistan filed to take public its crown jewel of defense, United Defense, a company it has owned for nearly a decade. That this company is even able to go public is testament to the Carlyle Group's pull in Washington.
"United Defense makes the controversial Crusader, a 42-ton, self-propelled howitzer that moves and operates much like a tank and can lob ten 155-mm shells per minute as far as 40 kilometers. The Crusader has been in the sights of Pentagon budget cutters since the Clinton administration, which argued that it was a relic of the cold war era--too heavy and slow for today's warfare. Even the Pentagon had recommended the program be discontinued. But remarkably, the $11 billion contract for the Crusader is still alive, thanks largely to the Carlyle Group.
End quotes.

NOTE: The Carlyle Group of investors is, I contend, only one of a number of fringe organisations sheltered by the Globalist World Government Sect. They aren't intellectual but with a little help they amass fortunes which they use to support the 'right' people and glamorise themselves. What they fail to realise is that they are sacrificial stooges to the needs of Globalist plans. They are on a similar level as another group of (socialist saboteur) stooges who are disguised in the name of neo-conservatives.

The difficulty that many of us have in accepting the total atrocity of our world situation comes about, I think, because over the last century or so we have become more human - meaning more intellectual, more trusting and more caring. We forget that it is only a few hundred years since we came to the Americas, Australia, New Zealand etc., and thought little of native populations or their destruction.

Well the Globalists, over these years, have been living secluded and self-indulgent lives of power play and secret public manipulation; they retain barbarian attitudes. Today they think no more of clearing their world of unwanted people than did our ancestors a few centuries ago. With deceit they try to 'hog-tie' us but times change, we now have an intellectual capacity to understand them, we can repulse their take-over.

How did they introduce a self-destructive philosophy into our education system?
The following quotes may help: The first is from an article by Don Chisholm.
".. bear in mind that large corporations now drive the agenda in vary many (probably most) universities and government agencies. While in Australia I was chatting with the head of a geology department at the University of Queensland who admitted that his research department should be called a development department because most work is directed toward profit making techniques rather than pure research. He said that if he objected, the university administration would replace him with someone who would follow the corporate fund-giver's agenda. We heard the same story from Bill Rees, of U. BC, co-author of Our Ecological Footprint), at the World Order conference last year. And of course we have all read about Dr. Margaret Olivery of U. of Toronto who was sued because she wrote that the drugs they were developing were harmful to children. …

From an article by William Krehm: "Universities depend increasingly for their financing on grants from governments that [in turn] depend on corporate contributions for their election expenses."

This manipulation is not new! The Chance Creation Theory could never have become taught as truth in universities had governments not underfunded these and arranged tax-free foundations for big business contributions. Globalists then had only to let it be known that they favoured the teaching of chance creation theory and would financially favour 'progressive' universities. University administrators needed the money and, one point of view or another what did it matter if they bowed to a fetish. Did they want to know that this fetish was the needed base for destructive social philosophy/ideology?

Those who have human motivation will win this war and protesters will save much pain if they unite against intellectual terrorism. But many protest sites seem more concerned with defending their following than with the needs of victory - they see an evil but their ideological indoctrination (survival of the fittest) puts competition before co-operation. The enemy defences are many layered.

Gore Vidal
I was fortunate to catch on TV an interview with this well-known American writer and was impressed! Not on my reading list! It may be that he, only in recent years, has become active in exposing the full atrocity of the take over of the republic. He is not afraid to say, in public, that there is no democracy and that the political system of the USA has fallen into corrupt hands.
Every whistle blower is hated! Often even by those the whistleblower is making great personal sacrifice to help. We, the people, so often do not want the smooth running of our lives disturbed even if the disturbance is vital to our future. We are annoyed even though benefits may (if we stop to honestly think) include saving our families and ourselves from slavery and/or death.

The whistle-blower exposing corruption in business or industry is often made to suffer severely. When the exposure of corruption is of our culture at a national level then we, the people, just hate to face it. Sheeple feel happy running with the mob and get annoyed if you start telling them that they are being herded into the sales pen and may be bound for the abattoir ***. Those who expose coming disaster require a deep conviction and strength of character and need be prepared to ignore personal injustice and suffering.

So my admiration goes out to whistle-blowers even when they may not see the problem in its entirety or may be philosophically opposed to myself in some respect. In this case Mr Vidal is atheist but he has a strength that would, I believe, turn him around if he uncovered that the lies and corruption he is trying to expose were the consequence of lies more fundamental to the human culture. He, if he had access to the science of nature as exposed on this site, would, I think, see the failure of evolution theory. Or, given access to the truth of creation and corruption of theist teachings, would welcome the true reality.

Now what, in essence had Mr. Vidal to say in this interview? Well he says what honest thinking people must have realised when watching the last presidential election. He sees that the Republic had become overthrown. He sees that honesty and morality have become irrelevant in relationships between the ruling class and we, the people. He sees that the law of the land had become the tool of the corrupt. He sees that Bush was elected by the power of money and corruption, not by honest election.

We, the people, in our hearts know that is true. Neither the people of the USA or of the world should be angry about nations whose leaders opposed war with an Iraq that was manipulated into its situation. Do we remember that the regime in Iraq was promoted by the USA intelligence and later deceived to start the original gulf war? As a past US president said: "In politics, if it happens, you can bet your life it was planned that way.

Also the people of the USA should not be angry that the people of the world, in their great majority, opposed this war and the war-manipulators. The people of the world were witness, through their TV and commentaries, to the corrupt progress of the presidential election. We, the people, though easily manipulated are not stupid but, if we want to live in a world of honesty and justice we must live up to our potential for honesty and justice.

That is not to say that Hussein is a saint but betrayal by seeming friends is still betrayal and corruption of our system of government is still corruption. Congratulations to Gore Vidal and more strength to his voice.
*** See The Stockholm Syndrome and Globalism Brainwash Ch. 3 for insight into public behaviour; and also recent editorials for expansion of our subject matter.
NOTE: editorial comment will now appear fortnightly so long as I have stimulation and insight for it.

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