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Editorial #1 - May 10, 2003

Public Manipulation; Why TheMindWeb; Biological war; Reason for war

Why is it that well-known people like Gore Vidal and unknown people like me are allowed to say in public that we do not have democracy? If this is a dictatorship why do those with power over police and armies not put us away as do other dictatorships? Well we have enough on site to explain that, not a lot of reading. Let's reassemble the basics.

We live in system called 'democracy' but this 'democracy' is culturally controlled by the "humanist ideology" religion. This means that the dictatorship is hidden behind beliefs that control basic cultural attitudes. The true power is hidden behind the ideology and a fake government is placed in front of the ideology for focus of public attention.

The ideology acts as a religious faith seemingly unattached to the government but allows the governing powers to manipulate the morals and values of majority populations. When people are indoctrinated into a culture with a false base then good can be made to look bad and bad can be made to look good.

Primitive dictators control their people by force; force is primitive. In a "modern" party democracy we are controlled by primitive beliefs rather than primitive force so even if a well-known and respected person says, "This is not democracy" we still believe that, if what the dissident claims is true, then authorities will react with force. If 'authorities' and mass media ignore the challenge, then so do we.

On the other hand, if authorities want you to believe something; for example: we have to go to war to protect ourselves against "weapons of mass destruction", the public reaction is massively stimulated. If the national leader just said this and mass media merely reported it, then those who heard would ignore it. We have learned to take notice only if the message is repeated ad-infinitum in every media by dozens of people.

So you see why our 'authorities' now have no fear of dissidents and can claim we have freedom of speech. Great democracy! Dissidents, if their message is too revealing, are either not reported or reported too little. Few see, remember or believe dissident claims because most of us feel no need for the effort to reason for ourselves. Dissident comment does not fit the pattern of values set by our ideology - the forces we rely on to interpret our beliefs for us are missing. We, the people, do not want our comfortable, caged mindlessness, disturbed and our leaders use freedom of speech to build new deceptions.

So if I want you to take notice of what I say I have to try to give honest explanations for thinking people. 'Globalist authorities' don't let me be hassled because they do not believe I can dent their perfect defense; the defense of an ideology created mind-set defended by public-relations-machine-fed-government and mass media. So long as their indoctrinated servants do not betray them they can safely ignore dissidents. It is only because these matters are so important to the human future that I persist. We are given self motivation (will) and we have been given intelligence, we do not have to be puppets.

Why TheMindWeb
TheMindWeb was started so as to offer enough public information to convince thinking people about two basic underlying human essentials.
1. The right to know that life was created by an intelligence and:
2. The right to know that we could only continue to develop as human beings if we chose to live within the freedom of a true democratic/republic system of government.

I think that aim, in the main, is now completed.

This process has gone about as far as it can go without the help of readers. Those readers who care little for the future of humanity will close their eyes to the irrational nature of PR manipulator arguments; they will ignore the wasting away of human freedom as they ignore the duplicity of 'party political democracy'. These will fear to leave animalist ways and fear an unknown future, they will make no effort to challenge or discuss advance of our human potential in open forum.

However there are others who will study the material evidence and comment, or seek clarification, where needed. These will not be afraid to face the unknown but will gladly challenge the unknown to explore the wonders of the human potential. It is written that we should not test our Creator to save us from wanton stupidity.

Biological warfare; SARS and AIDS. How can we know; what can we do?
An earlier editorial suggested the SARS virus was a Chinese germ warfare project that escaped by accident before it was sufficiently tested. As it posed a danger to China ahead of others, this virus had to be reported to the world in order to get world help with its control. We should all note the different approach authorities have taken to this as against other viruses. A deadly virus, without known controls, frightens Globalists; these people do not like risks.

That SARS is a mutation of an animal virus was confirmed by mapping of its genes. The same was also said of AIDS. It is very difficult to prove by examination if such are natural mutations or are mutations created deliberately by genetic engineering. It is not uncommon for some diseases to transmit between species but is uncommon for others to do so. What should be of interest to us are the differing attitudes of 'authorities'.

The situation is similar to when archaeology finds a stone arrowhead. It is easy to imagine that this could have been produced by chance fracturing of rock * but in fact that is so unlikely that the artifact is always assumed to be manmade. So with AIDS and SARS; it seems safe to assume that they are genetically engineered modifications to what were previously diseases exclusive to non-human animals. These may be far more dangerous to mankind as they are outside medical experience.
*Note: ability to imagine a chance progression of events convinced the world of chance creation and the desire of escapism was what enticed most to ignore mathematical fact.

Had this new disease been deliberately released we might expect that, like AIDS (*1), it would have been released more widely and substantial numbers of people exposed before it was noticed. The WHO authorities, confident of their ability to protect themselves, would not need to panic; they would have just done their usual 'headless chook' flap.

Of course we cannot expect the culprits to be open to the public about responsibility but a reading of events indicates that this is the kind of disease that Dr. Brock Chisholm (first director of the WHO) warned the UN of in1946. I say "this" (meaning genetically engineered modified) rather than reproductions of known dangerous diseases such as anthrax that are easy to multiply in the small laborites of (not highly industrialized) countries, or even by well funded terrorists.

However information released at the time of the anthrax scare showed effective spreading of known disease also benefits from help of first class facilities and good organization. See The Crimson Crime of arrogance" Chapter 11 (*2). Today it is probable that few countries have first class facilities for germ warfare development and probably only three countries, China, the USSR and the USA are at, or near, cutting edge. Saying fear of biological weapons being created is reason for the Iraq 'war' is frivolous.

A biological threat to the super-powers would need scientific and industrial muscle; facilities that could not escape inspection especially when combined with overhead "activity surveillance" (as was Iraq). The finding, or claimed finding, of crude facilities or some chemicals will not convince many that preventing massive biological attack was the true reason for the Iraq 'war'. Clue: "weapons of mass destruction" means nuclear.

Nuclear threat by Design!
Since the collapse of the old regime in the USSR there have been persisting stories of sale of nuclear materials and/or nuclear weapons. It seems very likely that this is what the 'political' panic is about. Though terrorists cannot produce such weapons they may well buy them. The nuclear bomb is the ideal terrorist weapon; instantaneous, massive consequences, small, frightening and unknown numbers available. Our 'blind mice' leaders create terror and hate in blundering violence! Are they, in manipulated ignorance, being used to ensure that, within a foreseeable future, major cities will be destroyed?

That would, or could be easily made to, mark the beginning of the end for the commercial world! It would also explain why the Globalist controlled UN is not charging our war leaders with war crimes as a step to bringing about the same result. No doubt Globalists feel they have time for a more secure program?

Could our leaders really be charged as war criminals?
The issue of combatant morality is under increasing challenge and the UN could show 'our' side in a very bad light if Globalists did not have a better "economic collapse" trigger set up. The morality of this "unauthorized by the UN" war is not helped by revelations that we used cluster bombs.

Many countries and probably most people believe cluster bombs are, or should (along with landmines) be outlawed. These weapons are as easily seen as anti-child as military weapons! Their use in war, or in civilian areas by forces with overwhelming military superiority, is not morally excusable. Most of us opposed the war even if, in its conduct, most rally behind leaders. Do we who opposed this war want responsibility for the massive destruction plus unnecessary and continuing death? Guilt-feeling citizens could be easily returned to condemning leaders?

The claim by some that the 'war' was for oil riches is surely dead! Why would the Globalist financial Empire want to waste oil to make money? The idea that the war was because Saddam switched his UN money from American $ to Euro is only credible if we ignore both that this danger would more likely be increased by the war, plus the obvious "New World Order" plans of Globalism.

The USA economy is shaky and our leaders are submissive to Globalist finance. The economy of the USA could collapse at a wave of the Globalist hand if the world turned from the $ to the Euro. So there is no logic in looking at world events from old-fashioned "national-benefit" viewpoints. Though national leaders may be happy to be deluded that they defend national or personal interests the evidence is clear that Globalists set the program. Watch what is done not what is said!

So what are these monstrous events about? That is well covered on site (*2).

Personal Defense
SARS recovery, at present, is more likely the result of good health than treatments directed to containing the virus. Prepare for lifestyle change; check out your gardening skills. Continued editorial May 24th.

*1 See Aids and the World Government plot.
*2 See our small books at "Fast Downloads" In particular Globalism Brainwash and The Crimson Crime of arrogance.

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