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Editorial #2 - May 24, 2003

Diet of Death

The word "decimate" originally meant to reduce by or kill one in ten.
Today it is used to mean reduce by a majority.
When people find that only about one in ten of us remain then I am sure that many will find it much easier to think positively about their Creator.
Should there be only one out of ten left I feel sure that we will also find it much easier to see how we could choose and elect our own representatives and govern ourselves; a responsibility we must take if we are to achieve our Human potential.
But, as our Christian Bible tells us, many stubbornly resist torments to the end.

The good thing about free will is that we have a choice of future, the bad, it seems,
is that we have to think for ourselves.

It is now a time to think about saving our future!
We may usefully discuss defense against biological warfare, a warfare that will torment worldwide and in many ways. There is also the 'nuke' with its tormenting fallout; these are pestilences we have given into the hands of our Globalist gods.

At date of writing SARS is reported to kill only a small percent of those affected but the end of this threat is far from certain, we may escape lightly but our stooge governments try to 'play down' the danger for fear of economic loss or electoral backlash.

In the moral climate of today many risk spreading the disease because they care more for the common $ than the common sense. If SARS should advance toward epidemic levels in China, the percentage to die will rise as infection dosages increase and medical service fails. Epidemics will cross borders and economies will crash. SARS may be only one of many such dangers but responsible action will greatly increase our chance of survival.

Not being a doctor I confine advice to common sense. To improve chances of survival against germ warfare we should first, as far as practical, avoid crowds. In an area of local infection a face-mask may help. Against virus our natural defense is a healthy lifestyle. It is said: cleanliness is next to godliness; adopt common sense hygiene as a habit.

That this virus has been better controlled in prosperous areas probably reflects a better level of health and hygiene in those areas. We still have much to learn about lifestyle, health and nutrition. It is normal for commercially produced foods, both vegetable and animal, to have growth forced with chemical fertilizers and growth hormones.

Pesticides, poisons, chemical fertilizers! Add genetic engineering of foods without fully tested long term effects. Our commercial system gives dominance to packaged convenience and sales appeal; nutrition is usually a sales gimmick, not a concern.

The results of the above (plus selection for keeping qualities and sales appeal) means food has become a nutritional disaster area. But that is not the end of it: this danger is not made public other than by protest groups given little or no public support! Exposure has been treated with scorn and denigrated as 'ratbag' by politically correct sources of mass media, public health agencies and national governments. Here are three examples of quality decline given by a small Australian publication called "Just Organics":

Excerpt from US Senate Document 264 in [note]1936.
"It is horrific news to learn from our leading authorities that 99% of the American people are deficient in these minerals, and that a marked deficiency of any one of the more important minerals actually results in disease.

"Any upset of the balance, any considerable lack of a single element (mineral), however minute the body requirement might be, and we sicken, suffer and shorten our lives.

Difference between Organic and Inorganic Grown Vegetables:

% of dry weight

Mileq/100g dry weight Part/millions dry matter
Calcium Magnesium Boron Manganese Iron Copper Cobalt
71.0 49.3 37.0 169.0 516.0 60.0 0.19
Inorganic: 16.0 13.1 6.0 1.0 9.0 3.0 0.00
23.0 58.2 36.0 68.0 1938.0 53.0 0.63
Inorganic: 4.5 4.5 5.0 1.0 1.0 0.0 0.00
96.0 203.9 88.0 117.0 1584.0 32.0 0.035
Inorganic: 47.5 64.6 12.0 1.0 19.0 0.5 0.20

End Quote.

Yes we are increasingly discouraged from taking vitamins and mineral supplements; yes they do tell us that we are wasting our money as we can get all our needs from a healthy diet. The mystery: if they ARE concerned for public health why do they not tell us that our foods CAN NOT create a healthy diet unless grown organically? Why do they make no effort to encourage production of nutritious foods? Why do they not expose production where nutrition has been destroyed?

If 'stooge governments' were "OUR governments" they would work to protect us, they would NOT protect and help those who destroy health for money or who have a vested interest in undermining our health! Why are we being distracted from what is going on around us. Food problems were also referred to in our August Editorial (2002). See "The Gentle Face of Terror"

The above points our way to better health and stronger immune systems. A good starting point, where possible, is to begin growing as much of our own food as we can. Those without garden space can work to create group projects in secure locations. Use Heritage seed if available; learn to avoid chemical fertilizers and poison sprays; learn alternative pest controls and to make compost. When needed use natural fertilizers: animal manure's, blood & bone, or those fish or seaweed based.

Some high value foods relatively easy to grow are turnip, radish, beet-(root) (the nice fresh leaves of each of these are also very nutritious in salads). Also nutritious are pumpkin, garlic, cabbage; fruits include Blueberry, Avocado, Grapefruit; in fact probably all common vegetables and fruit when naturally (organically) grown in healthy soil.

A useful book is Dr. Cass Ingram's "Supermarket Cures" 2nd edition 2002. Published in the USA by Knowledge House, PO Box 4885, Buffalo Grove, Illinois 60089.
In Australia by; Bookman Health, Level 9 Trak Centre, 443-449 Toorak Road, TOORAK Victoria 3142. This book does not cover all supermarket items nor does it give us a chemical analysis (analysis, of course, varies according to where and how things are grown), but within its three hundred pages is a lot of basic information related to common foods nutrition and health. But healthy eating requires we eat healthy foods.

Organic foods aren't always available in supermarkets. Every adult should be taking at least a good "multivitamin-mineral" each day. Remember; it takes very little common sense to avoid danger of overdosing with healthy foods and vitamins, or to avoid things to which you are allergic. Overdosing or misuse of pharmaceuticals is a common danger.

Learn to avoid processed and prepackaged foods; they often contain harmful additives or use processes that destroy nutrition. Do not take too seriously official nutrition opinion. Doctors, often, are not trained in nutrition and most of what has been advocated over the last 20 years for weight loss and health is now being shown by independent research to be irrelevant or harmful. Not so surprising when you know that industries promoting those ideas profit in $billions from sickness but gain nothing from good health.

Town water is another problem! Not only does it have all manners of chemicals added to neutralize impurities but fluoride is often added for mass medication. However we are all different, what is good for me may be bad for you. Some popular medications react badly with me. There is also opinion that fluoride is a mind sedative.

It is an expense and bit of a nuisance to use a filter good enough to remove fluoride. I did it for about twenty years before moving to the country and recommend the use of reverse-osmosis water filters for city and town dwellers. With luck we may have a year or two to adopt healthier, more moral, lifestyles; but time is running out, we cannot start too soon.

Groups such as Health Sciences Institute (HSI) put out a lot of interesting information. I cannot recommend untried products but my experience indicates that, for many problems, alternative cures are better and safer than pharmaceuticals. It is to our shame that we allow financial powers invested interests that give them huge public influence.

We have to open our eyes! Globalist international drug companies profit financially and politically from our poor health, ignorance and poverty. They are masters of both genetic engineering and intellectual deceit. They produce the drugs and, through cash donation and political influence, direct medical education! Successful students believe teachers!

A few words from HSI; quote: "Not long ago, some of the best of these brilliant minds got tired of watching their hard-won breakthroughs get buried by red tape, out-of-control regulators, and special interests.
They decided it was time for an information revolution. And so...they created a network with which to share the news of underground medicine and amazing, effective cures and treatments with other members...
This network, called the Health Sciences Institute (HSI), has now grown to over 75,000 people and includes sources from as far as Malaysia to as near as the top universities in the U.S."
End Q.

Further to the above another shortened HSI quote. Reviews work of recently deceased Dr. Atkins; quote: "an influential, groundbreaking leader in the field of complementary medicine, he was indeed something of a guru - a trusted counselor who helped millions of people regain their physical health with his unconventional ideas about nutrition."
"After many years of abuse by mainstream nutritionists, there was a sea change for Dr. Atkins …in July I told you about a cover story in the Sunday New York Times Magazine that showed how a steadily growing minority of establishment researchers were beginning to take seriously the low-carbohydrate diet …
"In a nutshell, the Atkins plan advises us to eat as much meat and other high protein and high fat foods as we care to, while avoiding starches and refined carbohydrates such as breads, pasta, rice, and sugars. This plan has won many millions of readers worldwide, but has drawn numerous, often passionate attacks from the nutrition and diet establishment.
"The American Heart Association has long condemned the Atkins diet as an unhealthy regimen for the cardiovascular system. So it must have been thoroughly galling to many in the AHA "low-fat" camp when the results of a Duke University study were announced last November, as part of the 75th annual AHA meeting. In all of the heart health categories in that trial, the Atkins diet scored equal or higher marks than the AHA's "Step 1" low-fat diet.
"In the Duke study …half followed the AHA's Step 1, low- fat diet, and the other half followed the Atkins diet, in which 60 percent of their daily calories came from fat, while carbohydrates were reduced to less than 20 grams per day. The Atkins subjects lost, on average 31 pounds each over 6 weeks, while the AHA group lost an average of 20 pounds each. … But the real news comes from three sets of data that are touted to measure heart health.
"The levels of LDL cholesterol (commonly called "bad cholesterol") for the two groups showed almost no statistical change. … Meanwhile, the Atkins group showed an 11 percent increase in HDL cholesterol (the "good" cholesterol). The AHA group recorded no rise in their HDL levels.
"Finally, and more importantly, the AHA group had a 22 percent drop in triglycerides, while the Atkins group experienced a triglycerides drop of almost 50 percent - more than double the AHA dieters.
This was a major victory for Dr. Atkins - to be vindicated with prestigious research, and to have it announced in the camp of his most vocal detracters."
End quotes.
HSI web site: http://www.hsibaltimore.com/hsi/hsiindexie.shtml

A fast growing volume of alternative medication and health information is now available. Natural hormones and vitamins suffer regulation to discourage, restrict or ban. We are under constantly increasing attack by physical and mental virus while being distracted with sport; entertainment and animal passions! Our right to use, and our ability to obtain, alternative medication is under open attack. Knowledge is power: to learn is to live.

Health notices: This subject is too big for an editorial. Useful information will be added in notices at the end of editorials. To improve insight on how serious this nutritional war is: see, "TGA skeletons" and http://ahha.org/codexbuchanan.htm TheMindWeb does not take responsibility for other sites or opinions given in references but most references are just straight reporting.

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