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Retired Editorials

Editorial #2 - June 28, 2003

A life's work.

Quote: "Knowledge will forever govern ignorance:
and a People who mean to be their own governors,
must arm themselves with the power which knowledge gives.
James Madison (Former US President) to WT Barry, August 4, 1822.

Dear Readers,
I may be nearing the end of my life's work; we have limits and I think that, to limits of my ability, the important truths relating to our world, culture, human development and the truth of our creation, have been covered. I am not here to give sight to those too egotistic to open their eyes; my work is not to bash into submission those who will never admit they are in error even where the cost is life; their own or others. Nor is my work to nursemaid those who think the world owes them a living or beg the corrupt to change their ways. The quality of life, the corruption people want to live with, that is their choice, their concern and their responsibility.

I do not know you; I cannot discriminate. It is those who turn from truth who discriminate; some may not know themselves but if longing for truth is buried within it will rise to the occasion; a Christian duty is to give everyone the opportunity to find their true selves.

Many will strive to maintain their mythical democracy and worship their mythical ideology to the end, they get no concession from me. I am not one of the little scouts who were having so much trouble helping the old lady across the street - because she did not want to go across the street. My work is to help those who have a love of truth and justice. Those who do not love truth will gain only charity benefits. Not only that but most of the pain we endure results from not honestly facing the truth. This should be obvious; if we fear to face the dangers of our situation we will very likely suffer them.

When young I sought to do independent research. However as time and experience progressed it became obvious that I must also stand on the shoulders of others and that is where a sound foundation proved essential. One needs to know enough of truth that truth becomes sufficiently recognisable that useful decisions may be made without losing sight of the need to avoid fixations.

The example of Gramsci in our last editorial is convenient. To uncover the significance of "ideological dominance" before finding it had already been uncovered required the time saving insight of others. Our pre-human culture is governed and limited by its beliefs just, also, as are individuals.

The cultural trick called socialism and progressive world dominance gained by the use of the Hegelian Dialectic Process of persuasion, needed exposure along with the "Public Relations" trickery of Bernays. Globalism used the seemingly opposing philosophies of capitalism and communism to divide and insert a non-theist philosophy of belief by "PR" deceit. Division, confusion and competition, all were essential to the success of this world take-over. Truth was disguised so we failed to see that capitalism just uses restrictions, deceit and injustice with better disguise than socialism to achieve the same ends

Gramsci and I came to our ideological understanding from very different directions and very different philosophical bases. This provides a very good example of the fact that, when truth is accessed in small pieces, it can be constructed to serve either good or evil. There is surely very little in life that cannot be used for either good or evil. "A little knowledge is a dangerous thing". Truth is the original two-edged sword of scripture.

If the human spirit is not dedicated to truth so that caring and progressive enlightenment advances to our benefit, then use of truth turns to misuse and cannot have a good result. The stagnating progress of capitalist and socialist "population regimentation" can only destroy communal resources of human energy and lead to a dead end; it is irrelevant to the outcome that those starting a backward progress might have had sincerely good intentions.

Had other than a love of truth set my early path then, possibly, "There but for the grace of God go I". I might have been misled by overwhelming 'authority' to accept dogma based on bits of truth, bits of justice and a bucket of deceit that formed a rigid structure without room for mercy and without sight of human growth. Only the findings of honest past observers saved me from despair.

Humanity is a still developing organism; fixations in both individuals and cultures lead to stagnation and disaster. We need dedication to truth and the flexibility to avoid the fixations of our arrogance if we are to see this! We need love of truth to find we must dismiss our prides and prejudices if we are to avoid stagnation and push ourselves to advance beyond sterile animal limits.

But the relationships between corrupting belief, chance evolution and culture were not the only insights to be achieved. Also useful was to see that our nearest animal relative was more likely to be the dolphin than the ape. I mention this because it leads to another serious fault in evolution theory now being exposed. This will be found in the planned July 12th Editorial and included in the coming 2003 edition of "Of TRUTH".

Humanity has intellectual potential and a self-will to advance to new heights. Higher and more exciting levels will be achieved; true humanity is only now beginning.

Language: Newspaper articles set guidelines as a common ground for communication. But we are all different! What is clear expression to most will never be clear expression to all. Difficulties do not mean that one is either inferior or superior, it only means some are more different to others! If those looking for truth read all the files on this site; not a big read - not a term in high school - and still have difficulties then problem areas can be queried or challenged. Communication lines are open.

The Experience of time. Yes we have to stand on the shoulders of past experience to gain the advantage of past experience and the wisdom of ages.

Winston Churchill is reported to have said (1922) to the London Press: "From the days of Sparticus, Wieskhopf, Karl Marx, Trotsky, Rosa Luxembourg, and Emma Goldman, this world conspiracy has been steadily growing. This conspiracy played a definite recognizable role in the tragedy of the French revolution. It has been the mainspring of every subversive movement during the 19th century. And now at last this band of extraordinary personalities from the underworld of the great cities of Europe and America have gripped the Russian people by the hair of their head and have become the undisputed masters of that enormous empire". E.Q,

Congressman Larry P. McDonald, (1976): "The drive of the Rockefellers and their allies is to create a one-world government combining supercapitalism and Communism under the same tent, all under their control.... Do I mean conspiracy? Yes I do. I am convinced there is such a plot, international in scope, generations old in planning, and incredibly evil in intent." E.Q.

Others are quoted to show that what I am saying about the world situation is not just my opinion based on my research and experience alone. Pseudo authorities of today's establishment want us to believe that there is no truth and that every opinion represents only a thought of no more value than any other. Well, as pointed out elsewhere, if there is no truth then what they tell us cannot be true - and it's not.

If all evidence was quoted these writings would be very long indeed, but would anyone have time to read them? Churchill refers us back to Sparticus, he could have gone deeper into pre-Christian times and more distant places: From the book "Indian Philosophy" by S.Radhakrishnan; quote: "One of the leading principles of the mystics was the sacredness and secrecy of self-knowledge and the true knowledge of the gods. This wisdom was, they thought, unfit for, perhaps even dangerous to, the ordinary human mind; or in any case liable to perversion and misuse, and loss of virtue if revealed to the vulgar and unpurified spirits. Hence they favoured the existance of an outer worship effective but imperfect for the profane." E.Q.

So we see that even in our most ancient and heathen times the self-thinking 'elite' had exactly the same attitude to the 'common' people as they have returned to as you read this. In the last hundred years we have been regressed, by teachings of globalist masters, to the point where Christian understanding could be hidden from us and an outer worship (humanist ideology) "effective but imperfect for the profane" could be imprinted.

Why dispute with politicians as to whether this can be called a "conspiracy"? Why not just admit it as being the nature of the bestial side of mankind? But if we, the 'profane' do not soon break this chain of mental enslavement and accept responsibility for our own lives and governing, then humanity will be sacrificed to the bestial ego of herd leadership.

Or it would (as scripture reminds us) be so if our Creator allowed it. But that does not mean that we can claim Christianity, sit back and leave it to God. If we do not love and support truth then we aid the untruth and are rightly counted as against truth. Is there a leader in a Christian church today who will actively expose the evolution myth?

Health: Where we talk about health we find government agencies banning healthy products and promoting those unhealthy. We may not understand how this degree of inhumanity is possible but we excuse it as greed for money. That is a sedating part of the confidence trick. It is not for money it is for power! Most of us can live with greed for money; if we knew they worked to control thought, the danger would be more feared.

Weak or insecure persons who crave money and authority over others to help them feel good about themselves are chosen by Globalist agents as our representatives; the life attitude of these is selfish. When they choose people to serve a commission (as the TGA) to monitor or regulate goods or services they also choose easy to manipulate people. Be alert! Understanding and health are our best defences against Globalist war weapons.

Politics. Party political leaders, chosen for pride and fixations, can be persuaded to take a nation to war blind to the fact that the war may be murder or immoral. This they find easy if persuaded it will gain them increasing wealth and acclaim. Just as surely many follow with eyes closed to injustice because they have an animal urge to be with the strength.

As revealed in "The Stockholm Syndrome" primitive survival instincts are not appropriate to humanity! We now have a human development to think and see honestly; to understand and have feelings for justice, compassion and forgiveness.

The booklet "Of Truth" is dedicated to Truth: The Bride.
As mankind we see the bride as feminine. This is natural to our animal world but in the advanced human life we are designed to achieve, there is, as Jesus reports, no male and female. In that life the "Bride" represents all who achieve dedication to the spirit of truth. That will be the coming "harvest" of the earth. That harvest I work to increase.

My work is about helping those who have the spirit but are chained to misleading ideas. These need opportunities to achieve their desired goals and Christians need to provide alternatives so the lost sheep may find their true way. That is a reason for the Gospel "He who is not with me is against me". Those not willing to help others find truth do not know truth and truth does not know them.

Not the End. Under humanist doctrines the world is getting more animalist/instinctive. Time is running out but time is needed for reorganisation of material on our site. New material, mostly from editorials, will be added to books. "Of TRUTH" will be our first update. Later "Crimson Crime" and "Human Manipulation". This is an advantage of Internet publication, work can be serialised to a final product. Thinking of downloading "of Truth" for book production? Wait a few weeks for the later version.

Readers will find revised products achieve greater clarity. Do not be surprised if, at times, editorials become short, late or missing. I expect world tensions to ease but this is no time for rest; readers who search for truth need time to digest and spread information, peaceful times should not be wasted.

Best wishes, Editor.
P.S. Next: 'new' (160 thousand year) old skulls upset conventional evolution theory.

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