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Editorial #1 - June 7, 2003

Clarifications #2
Cultural Hegemony - Help Available - Efficient Site use - Health War (continued)

Quote: The Italian Marxist thinker Antonio Gramsci, while under Fascist imprisonment, developed the concept of cultural hegemony: 'control people's minds, and their hearts and hands will follow'. Gramsci explained how one dominant class can establish its control over others through ideological dominance. Whereas orthodox Marxism explains social structure as shaped by economic forces, Gramsci adds the crucial cultural dimension. He showed how, once ideological authority ("or cultural hegemony") is established, the use of covert violence to impose control can become superfluous.

Today, the world lives under the virtually undisputed rule of market dominated, ultra competitive (yet not fairly competitive), globalzsed society with its cortege of manifold inequities and legalized violence. Many public and private institutions in all nations that genuinely believe they are working for a more equitable world have unwittingly contributed to the violent triumph of neoliberalism. Comment by Henry C K Liu a writer for the Asian Times http://www.atimes.com/atimes/China.html
An excerpt from a larger article in the Economic Reform (Australia) newsletter for May-June 2003.

Surprise; surprise! I have been explaining the "Ideological Dominance" concept for years unaware that it had been formulated as a Marxist doctrine for improved population control by Gramsci; (Most recent comment Ed. May 10th). As no one has mentioned Gramsci to me I think we can assume his insight is not widely known outside Globalism. Certainly it is difficult to convince people that we have been enslaved by an ideological religion. Additional Liu comment above also "on the ball".

Is indelible evidence enough? Will readers now believe that Capitalism and Communism are basically the same - just two wings of the same bird? Both represent elitist rule by deceit, theft and trickery; both directed by the same head. Our enemies explain what they do to us, and how, but we, cocooned in our comfortable arrogant sloth, ignore them.

Can we now see that our slavery is simply at a more advanced stage when an "Ideological Religion" is the principle directive of behaviour and social attitudes? Or will we hold tight, without thought, to our ideological enslavement? Will we continue to believe we live in 'freedom' and 'democracy' and happily ignore all visible contradictions? Can a Globalist directed government now - unilaterally - scrap a Nuclear Non-Proliferation treaty and build new 'weapons of mass destruction' without mass public reaction?

Can leaders have us destroy lesser nations simply by saying they threaten our security? Will we continue to support Globalist atrocities and fund 'aid' organisations despite that involved people such as Dr. Fiona Terry reveal how such aid may become used to benefit the aggressors? Are so many still slaves to "The Stockholm Syndrome"?

If we now give Globalism such power tell me: Why will they keep us alive when all other resistance is destroyed? Read the links attached to the end of our last editorial to see confirming evidence of years of deliberate sabotage of our health, and coincidentally, our wealth, intellect and welfare! When they no longer need our help to destroy weaker nations and when we are the only threat left to their free and comfortable use of earth, why will they spare us?

Neither Gramsci nor myself were first to see the historic fact that citizens are controlled by beliefs formulated into ideology and imposed by governing authorities; it has been clear for centuries for all who want to see. In "The Crimson Crime of arrogance" is a quote by Solzhenitsyn, a fearless fighter for human rights and searcher for truth. Quote: "To do evil a human must first of all believe that what he's doing is good -Ideology - that is what gives evildoing its long-sought justification and gives the evildoer the necessary steadfastness and determination. That is the social theory which helps to make his acts seem good instead of bad in his own and others' eyes." EQ.

The insight of Solzhenitsyn revealed to him that the power of lies was greatly advanced by combining a set of lies into an ideology - a god in mind. It does not indicate he was aware that this had been formulated as a Marxist doctrine. It could well be that Gramsci, having observed the fact that ideology was the power behind the success of socialism, then realised it would be a useful doctrine for socialist advance. That is not our concern; the doctrine is part of long standing esoteric knowledge. Our concern is that it is now working perfectly to our enslavement.

Help is offered: Enemies warn us: Guidance is available!
We have enemy given clues and God given guidance. Why do we fall for arrogant deceits and pretend we are not despised? Is it that we have no faith in our own intelligence or is it that we are just too lazy to use our intellectual gift?

I repeat what, for our time, is possibly the most important statement of the Christian Bible; Romans 1: 18-23: "For we see divine retribution revealed from heaven and falling upon all the godless wickedness of men. For all that may be known of God by men lies plain before their eyes; indeed God himself has disclosed it to them. His invisible attributes, that is to say his everlasting power and deity, has been visible, ever since the world began, to the eye of reason, in the things he has made. There is therefore no possible defence for their conduct; knowing God, they have refused to honour him as God, or to render him thanks. Hence all their thinking has ended in futility, and their misguided minds are plunged in darkness. They boast of their wisdom, but they have made fools of themselves, exchanging the splendour of immortal God for an image shaped like mortal man, even for images shaped like birds, beasts and creeping things."

Paul could not have made that up; human understanding of scientific truth had not begun - nor could he see the distant future. Even today we find it difficult to see the natural consequences of our pride and prejudice. But Jesus himself told us, John 14:6 "I am the way; I am the truth and I am life; no one comes to the Father except by me."

Christian churches still ignore the challenge of Galileo. Leaders have no faith in truth! Pride in their own importance welds them to their mistakes! So, when challenged by the false science of chance evolution, they, in their ignorance of truth, could not expose it and now promote humanist, rather than human, social attitudes. They refuse to face truth and refuse to learn! To maintain their pride they remain ignorant of truth; they turn their flocks from "the splendour of immortal God for an image shaped like mortal man, even for images shaped like birds, beasts and creeping things." This is now well revealed by our worship of man created idols and morals that are based on humanist caricatures of base nature.

Christianity is not a demanding religion! Common sense; Compassion; Courage; these are about all we really need in this day and age. The common sense to see that truth is the only possible base for advance of life. The compassion to care that that human advance will give far greater rewards to honest discipline than it will to passing pleasures. The courage to use the gift of our intelligence to separate the confusions of deceit from the simple truth.

Christianity is for those loyal to truth. Old Testament religion is called Judaism. Today Judaism is more closely related to Islam than to true Christianity - these fight because they hate the primitive justice they see in each other. Today's religions, including Judaic Christianity are the deformed creations of the prides and prejudices of man that return us to primitive values.

Christians need to become open to the eternal truth revealed by Jesus; remember: M't. 7:21 - 23. 'Not everyone who calls me "Lord, Lord" will enter the kingdom of Heaven, but only those who do the will of my heavenly Father. When that day comes … Then I will tell them to their face, "I never knew you:" charitable acts, professions of faith dedicated to false values and loyalty to leaders who deliberately lie, these do not count as "the will of my heavenly Father". Misdirected charity has no lasting value. Let us recall the seven deadly sins:

1. Covetousness: a greed that overcomes scruples;
2. Gluttony: consumed by a consuming passion.
3. Envy: surrender to domination by jealousy;
4. Lust: a failure to control animal desires;
5. Anger: a venting of self-righteousness;
6. Pride: an arrogance binding to faults;
7. Sloth: laziness beyond self interest;

Efficient use of our www site.
Most readers "surf the net" more than I: I buy only ten hours of internet time a month and, more often than not, use less than half. Our attitudes are moulded into habits for convenience but may restrict development and insight. Do you find web sites (even those expensive) often too complicated to easily find information? We want our site to deliver information, the more easily accessed the better. Helpful suggestions appreciated.

The point to make: most people do not enter our site by the front door (Home Page). When someone enters a house by a window they see the house as a series of rooms for plunder without giving a thought for the purposeful building of the house - these do not enjoy all the benefits our house has to offer.

For example: statistics show that "Of Truth" is often accessed in "Parts". But rarely, if at all, is the "Introduction" accessed as one of these parts. Two things:
1. The short introduction sets the purpose of the booklet, if this is not thoughtfully read then the following chapters become mere bits of plunder short of meaning and yielding only part of their full value as elemental parts of a structure of information.
2. At "Fast Downloads" it takes little, if any, longer to download the whole booklet rather than just one chapter. Readers are disadvantaged by reading separately the Parts or Chapters of our booklets; for full value always start at the beginning.

Readers are advised to enter the www.themindweb.com by this entrance: the front door. This is not, and will not become, a large complicated site where it takes an hour to find an article. Our goal is to present vital information clearly expressed and easily accessed. You just read (or pass) the editorial and there are your "Files on Site". No Hassle! Also, if you do not know a title but recall a few words of text then there, at the end of our files is the "Google site search facility" to help you find the item. Note: site in development.

Health: Continued from May 24th.
In the interests of your survival I hope you read our May 24th editorial, and the attached "TGA" file in "Health Links" also the health link given. If you read both you will now be aware that the "Health War" is no video game. There is a real life and real death (secret) war being waged against us in a very serious way by very serious people who plan for very serious results. If we do not think our lives worth defending why should we be saved? Jesus said "He who is not with me is against me, and he who does not gather with me scatters" those not prepared to work with truth in human service; not prepared to defend creation of truth's order, serve those who would destroy truth's order.

The way of truth is clear. The way to frustrate those who attack truth's order is simple.

Now I have a mystery advice from a mystery source about a mystery disease. I have no way to check it out but it could be a lifesaver; click below for access:

Fever and the Mystery Disease SARS:
A Bio-terror Weapon Spreads Around the World

This is in the new "Health Links and articles" section of our "Links" file.
To defend ourselves we need to maintain our health, wealth and intellect.


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