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Editorial #1 - July 12, 2003

The self-sacrifice humanity now needs.

We cannot become fully human
or escape our enslavement to Humanist Ideology
unless we face the need to sacrifice error for truth. Our culture cannot be changed until
we understand and expose that the 'chance creation' theory is a deliberate lie
designed as a base for an enslaving Ideology.

If we are not prepared to sacrifice belief in this false god then earth life, as scriptures say, will end. All other protest is futile! Our only effective power is to expose the emotion based humanist philosophy and the evolution myth on which it rests. Here is new evidence exposing the evolution myth.

In June 2003 was announced a new African find: Three, 160,000 year-old human skulls of modern design. This find proved, again, that teachings about 160,000 years of human evolution are myth. How often do the childish explanations of evolutions have to be proven wrong before we ask ourselves why we are so persistently taught that we must believe the primitive and anti-scientific chance-evolution theory?

A South African Internet site offers a superior theory to explain that upright stance of mankind that is said to have begun the evolution of man. Here are selective quotes from: allafrica.com/stories/199901080127.html

Posted to the web January 8, 1999, Johannesburg. "Characteristics that distinguish us from apes may have been forced on our ancestors by the presence of water, writes Ruben.

If the proponents of a revolutionary theory of human origins are correct, our ancestors abandoned the trees not for the savannah, but for the water - and humans share more physical traits with dolphins than with apes.

This means that the story of how our ancestors developed the characteristics that distinguish us from the apes will have to change.

At the recent Dual 98 Congress on Palaeontology and Human Biology … Elaine Morgan. … For the past 27 years she has been promoting an alternative hypothesis on human origins which was put forward by scientist Alistair Hardy in 1960. Hardy noticed that humans share certain physiological attributes with aquatic mammals

Hardy was advised by his academic mentors not to pursue the subject for fear of damaging his career. In the savannah hypothesis palaeontology already had a "good enough" story to explain bipedalism.

So again we see why some theories or new research get no publicity and how Globalism protects its lies; the savanna was not formed until long after ape-man is supposed to have stood up to start the evolution of man! What will they do about the new discovery of 'modern' skulls 160,000 years old? Will they suppress discussion and ignore it or will they try to discredit it? It could be a hoax but will we be told the truth, a month has already passed without challenge or debate of the most important find of a century. Only those making the find and doing the tests to date will know the answer to their accuracy, going public is a good start but the follow-up looks like a cover up.

Let's not pursue that now and also I'll not go into details here of a more realistic evolutionist alternative now being offered. You may find that worth looking up on the Internet. We know chance evolution did not happen so why is this new theory of interest here?

It is of interest because the evidence on which the new theory is based helps explain how the design for humanity was carried through the ages to a time when the earth was ready to support mankind and the human development. We see now that the intellectual brain was a special design kept apart from the program creating the biological mechanisms of basic animal designs.

More logical theories of evolution are not publicized for very real reasons: if they were publicized then doubts might enter the enslaved mind. Some might say, "Hey, if what we have been taught for years is baseless then perhaps this new story is also a fiction. Is there a conspiracy to deceive us?"

If evolution answered the creation problems then, as most animals would be advantaged by a better brain, all would progress. So the intellectual brain (the most complex design challenge for creation) would be common rather than very special. But, since the first fish swam or the first worm turned each creature has had only the functional needs of its kind.

That is, excepting two; ourselves and those strange friends of mankind: the only wild animals to befriend humans by their own choice despite what we do to them. Why do the only two super-brains appear friendly rather than competitive although a world apart in every other way? Why do humans feel so comfortable with water? Do Dolphins have a memory of our birth - a memory of babies who grew arms and legs instead of fins and left the oceans to challenge the dominance of land animals with only a superior brain to defend their vulnerable bodies?

Comparative average brain-weight: Chimps 0.75 lbs.: Dolphin 3.5 lbs.: Human 3.00 lbs. Though the brain weight of dolphins is higher than that of humans this is accounted for by the commonly observed fact that the part of brain that operates bodies, weighs accordingly.

"Think about it. The human brain has existed in its complexity for a hundred thousand years [Now 160 thousand. Ed.] The dolphins have had theirs for 10 million years. No, it is not the dolphins - it is WE who have finally reached Primate status! All these facts tell us that dolphins have a big brain and excellent cognitive abilities. Stories, as well as scientific experiments, give us this knowledge." …

"Why are humans so fascinated by these mysterious creatures? The earliest signs of contact between humans and dolphins are the drawings in Stone Age caves in Norway and in South Africa. Romans, Polynesians and Americans write about the mysterious rescue of victims of ship accidents.

"The ancient Greek culture was also very interested in dolphins; poets described these marine mammals as smooth and gentle creatures. Aristotle studied dolphins because he was a biologist as well as a philosopher, and he thought that dolphins were interested in getting closer to humans.

"An Australian tribe included the following in their version of the creation of the earth: " ... (the dolphins) never forgot that all these "two-legged" humans on land are their cousins. And that's why nowadays the dolphins come to find their human relatives, to play with them as they did in the days of the dreamtime." E.Qs.

You see the point? The stories of dolphin/mankind friendships are wide ranging and endless, and extend into mythology. Again we see evidence of a creation of life that included the human creation. Dolphins carried our genetic load, that special brain, for over 10 million years until the earth was able to support our potential. We stood upright in the water and only dolphins have the mental capacity to remember. Do they remember and love us because they were our surrogate parents?

Evolutionists claim we are related to apes because they think we look more like apes than any other creature. How simplistic! Potatoes, Tomatoes and Deadly Nightshades are all of the same family yet could hardly be more different. Different or similar, physical form is a comparatively simple genetic rearrangement and physical features are largely irrelevant to family origins. We could not get our brain from ape genes! If we had got our brain genes from apes then all apes would now be species of mankind.

Will computer technology finally allow us to break the language barrier between ourselves and dolphins? When research puts the same effort into knowing dolphins that has been wasted trying to prove the non-existent evolution connection between man and apes then we may well uncover more about our past with one breakthrough than has than has been uncovered by one hundred years of wasted effort.

From Oppian (approx 200 BC), a Greek historian.
So Dolphins teem, whom subject, Fish revere
And show the smiling Seas their Infant-Heir
All other Kinds, whom parent seas confine,
Dolphins excel, that Race is all Divine,
Dolphins were men (Tradition holds the tale)
Laborious swains bred on the Tucson Vale;
Transformed by Bacchus, and by Neptune loved,
They all the pleasures of the deep improved.
When new made fish the God's command obeyed,
Plunged in the Waves and untried Fins displayed,
No further charge relenting Bacchus wrought,
Nor have the dolphins all the men forgot,
The conscious Soul remains her former thought.

The above is ancient and translated more than once so we may consider ourselves fortunate that the thread of thought remains visible. I think we may renew the top line for clarity to:
'So dolphins multiply, a species fish revere'

Science also says that Dolphins were once land based, so Oppian is correct in saying that Dolphins were transformed from land creatures to sea creatures although it happened millions of years ago. Was he also correct in that they much later bore the infant mankind?

The Dolphin is a mystery creature recognized over ages and Oppian must have learned from either mythology or our Creator. Mythology has so often been shown to have a factual base but the transformation from land creature to sea creature was long before humans were around to turn it into mythology. Our Creator tells Biblically, of our creation but says nothing of our means of transmission to earth life.

Those who have read "Revelations" (and hopefully now see that they have meaning) may recall the Great Angel that stood, one foot on sea and one on land. This angel gave John a small scroll, a warning of a writing that seemed sweet to mankind but would make us sick.

So was that angel the angel of Dolphins and Humanity, creatures of life on sea and land? Can we see that the little story that tasted so sweet to mankind was the humanist philosophy that has now made us very sick indeed; in fact, if we are not already in the time known as Armageddon, then we are poised on its border.

Also think about the "fall of man" can that now be better understood? Did Dolphin man meet up with the ape man and was there a seduction that introduced animal instincts into the human intellect? Instincts that the intellectual human has to learn to understand and must defeat?

Sir Fred Hoyle said something to this effect; 'When you are following a wrong theory every step becomes laborious but when on the true path things begin to fit easily into place.' With that thought I leave you.

Regards Editor,
P.S. The new, 2003 edition "Of Truth" should be on-line within two weeks. This fully revised edition is about 30% longer and a more finished production. More about that with the next editorial.

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