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Editorial #2 - July 26, 2003

A NEW "Of Truth"
and development of Human potentials

Dear Readers,
I am pleased to present the new "Of Truth" now on Fast Downloads and with a 30% increase in size there have been many changes. These greatly improve the overall authority of the treatise. Very little has been deleted and that only to make way for clarification. One change that may not please everyone at first is that the "Parts" have been renamed "Chapters" and numbers advanced to include a revised introduction as "Chapter 1", so old URLs related to "Parts of "Of TRUTH" are now obsolete. These, for the time being, will be re-directed to the New "Of Truth" "Fast Downloads".

Apart from small revisions and re-arrangements most of the new additions ("woven in" selective material from Editorials) are concentrated in enlargements of Chapters in the second half of the book. The book is now divided into 12 Chapters rather than 12 Parts and what was previously Part 12 is now called "Postscript" followed by a short 'wrap-up' called "End Piece". Although this exposure of evolution theory was first published in 1980 neither the printed nor the on-line versions have ever been challenged.

Readers will now find this popular treatise better presented, easier to read and conveying the essentials more conclusively. It is now much more a finished product. Although all four books in the series play an important role in this compact literature on the human situation "Of Truth" is, of course, the heart of this body and life's work.

Chance evolution is dead but do not expect its advocates to lie down.
A summary of "Chance Creation" theory as exposed by science shows chance creation to be mathematically impossible and creation by natural selection is also impossible because nature has no vision of future. This is conclusively demonstrated by the 98% of life forms said to be extinct. The well established reason for their becoming extinct is because the earth changes so slowly that forms have time to specialise by chance and selection and this leads to destruction of unneeded genes. Later, when these genes are lost, the life form must become extinct because further environmental change leaves it without further options to adapt. Neither chance nor selection can replace lost genes.
NOTE: "allafrica" has moved the quote referred to in Editorial July 12th. See * at end.

Intelligence and Humanity
As you saw from our July 12 Editorial the human brain weighs about four times more than that of a Chimp. However science, for years, has been saying that we use only a small part of our human mental ability. This, apparently with some amazement because evolution without immediate advantage is totally opposed to the theory of creation by chance and natural selection.

It would seem to me that after years of massive promotion of entertainment, sports, animal passions, encouragement to instinctive behaviour, life-style fashions and anti-intellectual interests, most of us would be now using very little of our human mental potential. In fact most of us appear to live at a mental level little above that used by common animals. The rest of our brainpower is largely unused at present but is there to provide for a human future foreseen and planned for by an intelligent creative force.

This is interesting in relation to our present human situation and the so-called 'coalition of the willing' who took us into the Iraq 'war'. The "willing" have now retreated from claims of Iraq having hidden weapons of mass destruction to claims of "intent to produce such weapons". All and sundry are being blamed for this 'mistake' and Tony Blair has said that the war is justified if 'terrorists' are prevented from obtaining these weapons.

Well I, for one, would be surprised if it was not a bit late to talk of denying terrorists weapons capable of extensive killing, especially given the wide ranging selection of weapons coming under the emotional definition of "weapons of mass destruction". To me the whole post-war discussion is a total charade by those "willing" us to be deceived about the true world situation. I don't need repeat the news of the week.

I have to be very careful about claims I make because of the importance of maintaining credibility. Nevertheless I was prepared to say that it was unlikely that Iraq had any such weapons or even had the industrial capacity to design and produce other than the more basic biological weapons. Even the ability to produce advanced biological weapons of a quality already perfected by leading industrial nations would need help of materials and knowledge gained from superpower technologies.

The leader of Iraq was a primitive self-glorifying and inhuman leader but no more of a world threat than any well funded dissident group whose ability to create threat depends on the availability of materials produced in the factories and by the science of the super-powers. Putting the disinherited under greater pressure would, in all reason, seem to be designed to increase the common despair and the common terrorist threat.

So how would I know the situation better than leaders of the world's most powerful nations equipped with huge spy services? I have no secret service, no friends or connections with Iraq, nothing to guide me other than an intelligence available to those reading this - a bit of useable common sense and a reputation I value. So do not try to tell me the 'war' was not a deliberate set-up in order to increase world tensions so as to clear the way for greater and greater public restrictions, bureaucratic controls and public misinformation.

Terrorist cells now need time to rethink, re-organise and re-plan, but as they do this they take the risk of discovery. So real terrorism (with a little help from the superpowers) will no doubt be active again (at a guess) within two years. If you think the world is a safer place now that the Iraq 'war' is 'over' then you are closing your eyes and just not using your available human brainpower.

To survive we have to change but we have little chance of encouraging use of our intellectual abilities so long as we are not prepared to govern our own affairs. So far we have shown precious little interest in sacrificing our indoctrinated beliefs and comfortable biases to more humane, more self-responsible, attitudes.

On the other hand it seems to me that almost all of us have a desire for truth, justice and mercy so, with some encouragement, I think most (or at least the conscious majority) will, before it is too late, make the effort. Certainly those who make use of more intelligence than is available to Chimps will do so.

No doubt many will find it beyond belief that we humans use very little more intelligence than do Chimps. We create television and space junk; we change the genetic structure of plants. Chimps cannot do these things. But how many of us actually understand such everyday things as the forces that enable aeroplanes to fly or the forces that decide the ballistics of a missile? How electricity is turned into power to drive a train? How what we eat is converted to become part of us? Not most of us! Most of us just behave as monkeys climbing about among the trees in a forest of technology that has been created by a few inquisitive people using a little of their brain power to investigate special areas of understanding.

As we age it becomes more difficult to learn to use our intellectual gifts. It is said that we gain our abilities of discrimination at about the age of three years so it would seem that by age of four years children should be introduced to games that aid the development of skills such as reasoning and forward planning. These include card games such as "Bridge" and "500" and board games such as checkers/drafts.

There are also simple mental exercises. Do you recall "counting sheep", usually counting by 3s, 5s,or 7s, i.e. 3,6,9,12,15,18,21,24,27 … Doing it backward. Doing the alphabet backward. Rubbing your tummy while patting your head and vice-versa. Did your mum ever say: repeat the 'x' times table as you come to the table so the spoon will know where your mouth is; or, to wake-up your brain on your way to school. We all have the mental "hardware" but we develop our personal "software" program connections.

Useful little fun things to give young brains exercise can be quite beneficial. Mental acrobatic exercise is even more important than physical exercise especially over the years from four to twelve; brains thrive on challenge within their comfort range.

Children should not be pushed to make a career of such games and mental exercises. Just as sports are physical exercises to be encouraged as play so are mental exercises. Life should be a very satisfying experience: a life is not a game and a game is not a life. Children should soon learn to beat parents at such games because most of us have not been encouraged to develop our intellectual reasoning abilities beyond needs most basic.

In relation to Editorials May 12th and June 7th and attached health articles. In particular that attached to June 7th. A report by a Professor John Dwyer reminds us that these matters are seldom plain black and white. Quote:
"A few organisms are equipped with a toxin that makes us develop a high temperature and while the temperature produced may not help the organism, some of the other strategies associated with the toxin might.

"Far more common, however, is a situation in which chemicals released by the immune system as they fight organisms raise our temperature to help them eliminate the invader.

"All of this has to be carefully balanced, as you can definitely have too much of a good thing here; too high a fever, particularly in Children, can cause lethal convulsions, damaging our brain or, perhaps, even killing us." E.Q.

This may not add much to the original article but is a reminder that we always need to take care, particularly where children are involved. If we are dealing with a virus infection a good thermometer is essential because the difference between a temperature that kills the virus and the temperature which kills us is only so few degrees.

To live a healthy life we need to adopt a healthy diet and exercise for body and mind. We need (to our practical ability) to use of unprocessed and organic foods; include natural (preferably) unprocessed honey, apple cider vinegar, millet grain. Chew and eat kernels of natural (not hybrid) apricots, seed of apples, bitter almonds (with their brown skins) to reduce cancer risk. Our bodies are constantly fighting to keep us healthy but they cannot do much if we deny them the right foods.

Healthy unprocessed foods are important but we also need to eat foods that give us a range of the nutrients needed for heart and brain health, and to help the body fight cancers. We have to realise that not only have we been encouraged and provided with foods to systematically eliminate valuable nutrients from the common diet but, apart from that, we have been encouraged to eat foods that encourage our most deadly ailments. If you think that is coincidental or just the result of the profit motivation well, that is your choice. Unfortunately, coincidental or profit motivated or not, the world is full of such choices and unintelligent choices can be very unhealthy. See below quote:

"Civil disobedience. . . is not our problem. Our problem is civil obedience. Our problem is that numbers of people all over the world have obeyed the dictates of the leaders of their government and have gone to war, and millions have been killed because of this obedience. . Our problem is that people are obedient all over the world in the face of poverty and starvation and stupidity and war and cruelty. Our problem is that people are obedient while the jails are full of petty thieves, and all the while the grand thieves are running the country. That's our problem." Howard Zinn, "Failure to Quit".

Well surely we must see the truth in that and isn't it about time we took responsibility for what we do and gave some thought of governing ourselves for our own benefit!
Regards, Editor.

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