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Editorial #2 - August 23, 2003

The Earth is Round
A Saga of King Harold.

Dear Readers,
As said at the close of our last editorial, we have lessons to learn. Yes you know the earth is round but the fact is that at one time almost everyone believed it was flat and even today there are still some 'flat-earthers' about.

Today almost everyone believes that life was created by chance; they prove this by their behavior though their words may deny it! These also believe that elected governments are democratic and, strange as it may seem, they also believe that elections make the elected govern for the elector's benefit.

Given belief as above then it naturally follows that industries would not produce alcohol and tobacco if these substances were detrimental to community welfare. No sensible person believes pharmaceutical companies would knowingly produce and market substances that cause sickness and death; nor would industries create and promote as "healthy nutrition" foods that did not meet our basic nutritional needs. Also, for that matter, we now cannot believe that our government would allow education to promote theories as fact or introduce to education ideas with no demonstrated benefit.

People would be confident about this because, of course, 'their' governments would not allow such deceits. Nor would governments send us to war in order to seize assets rightly belonging to other people unless of course it was to benefit their own nation's people. We are the fittest and deserve what we take. We accept history showing family members killing each other for power or pride of position but such atrocities could not take place in our nation. That even worse atrocities may happen in our own countries and lifetimes is unthinkable; we are a loving humanist culture.

Given such beliefs people will die of heart attacks and cancer with little complaint; they will watch their children destroy themselves with drugs and believe these, like wars, are just ailments beyond government control. They will allow governments to suppress freedoms and rob them of their birthright; protesting only in traditional ways because it is their government and democracy is dedicated to our overall benefit. Government must defend us against doubts, protestors, fools and fanatics.

Our good government provides us with bread and circuses so that we can forget how poor we are in spirit and to give us things other than enlightenment to occupy our minds. Today's problems may have been rare in the past or not in such numbers, but its all part of unstoppable progress. So we, like those who still believe the earth is flat, fear to face the evidence because we may have to stand against our fanatical peer group; but may the peer group hide similar doubts and feelings of betrayal?

It took nearly 300 years for doctors to accept that scurvy was a nutritional disease and to accept that a cure/preventative was commonly available. We now have a nutritional disease called cancer for which cures/preventatives are known. Note: *

But yes, today things really are different! Today we have huge industry largely owned or controlled by the families who rule governments and, through them, our world. This industry makes $billions out of treatments for cancers. Cancers and other health problems that are created by nutritional deprivation and Public Relations promotion of dubious food products. Meantime we ignore the logical fact that huge population reduction will greatly benefit those calling themselves Globalists.

Globalists recognize no loyalty to nation, state, culture or race. They look beyond such pettiness because they are the master race. They own the world financial system and direct the policies of all governments in exchange for debt.

So we may ask ourselves this: If we think that we know everything that matters, and are therefore not prepared to use the intelligence we were given - if we don't think that our lives or the future of life on earth is worth a little thought or effort or sacrifice of pride - if we are afraid to challenge our comfortable peer group attitudes then are we ourselves not supporting a culture intent on mass murder: a war of genocide against ourselves?

As a teenager I read a book called "HAROLD", interesting but nothing special except for a significant insight near the end of the book.

Harold was a King of England and the incident is suggested to have happened at the time of the Norman Invasion. Harold has a good friend, a witch, and as he gets his army together to battle the Norman invasion the witch sets to work to create a victory banner for him. As there is not much time she gets the village maidens to help and they work day and night to get it finished just in time to give Harold as he rides off.

So the witch goes back to her cabin and sleep. On awakening she inspects her pond and the frogs and feels very satisfied with herself; but then, as she gazes into the pond a horrifying reality dawns on her! She really loves Harold! As an intelligent witch she knows that, without allowing for this, she would have been biased in her planning! Every sign and design for victory would be biased, good would turn to bad and it was now too late to warn Harold.

Well, as history tells, Harold had all the bad luck; an arrow in the eye killed him and the war was lost.

For the record I, years later, was able to get a copy of that book, but on reading found that piece of basic intelligence missing (A later edition?). But I had learned the lesson and that's the important thing. How many millions of children have suffered bad advice (misdirected upbringing) by loving parents unaware that their bias was unwittingly leading their children into harms way?

But no! It was not the parents who were at fault it was the fault of the culture they lived in. They were not warned against the deadly dangers of biased thinking and thought that love was all a child needed. Or perhaps just did not love truth as much as they loved their children. Or is it that we do not love our children enough to, for their sake, put truth first? Sad isn't it? In any case unthinking desires bias our behavior and influence. Parents see this most clearly when looking at other parents!

It is no-one's fault but it is everyone's fault. Certainly every Christian's fault for our Scripture clearly tells us (even if our common sense doesn't) that truth must be our first and guiding love. If we show favor to our preferences ahead of truth then we make biased judgments. If we do not know are we then excused?

Scripture also tells us: Seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened. So we also have responsibility! We can be excused where we did not know but when we say we know the truth of something and can't be bothered to look unbiased at the evidence then we become guilty.

Yes it is sad but even more so today because people now have more opportunity to know better. But we, both as individuals and as communities, ignore intelligence and established evidence. Jesus of Nazareth told us that Truth was our God but why should we believe him? Why should Christian churches and people who claim Christianity not be rewarded equally for just claiming to be followers while ignoring His teachings?

Most of us, as individuals or as communities, never even try to understand statements of Jesus that were so far ahead of their time that most of us, even today, do not see their truth without effort. Christians do not separate the miraculous scripture of superior knowledge from the mundane scripture based on, misunderstanding, bias or misquotes. We really only have to accept that our Creator was intelligent and question-mark statements accredited to Jesus that do not make rational or scientific sense. The true faith of Christians must be with truth not with religion.

You see, and as demonstrated in our booklet "Of Truth", there are too many of his recorded statements that are scientifically and logically sound. That cannot be ignored. If we cannot see this reality today how could He, if he was just a primitive carpenter (or, as some persist, did not exist at all) have possibly revealed these truths 2000 years ago?

Yes God is truth! Truth is the way (the only logical and natural way) to life's fulfillment; fulfillment of life cannot be achieved by following any other path! Promiscuity does weaken and destroy the marriage bond and those who do not take their union seriously do destroy the security of their children when children most need it! There is no other God that can be put before truth if we are to survive; Humanism is a cancerous philosophy of life designed to destroy cultures and nations!

Humanism is the message of the little scroll that tastes sweet but sickens humanity. Humanism is the major cause of unnecessary hurt by everything from bush fires to terrorism, plague sickness and war! If it was not for wrong-thinking people trying to save trees, fewer trees and human lives would be lost to forest fires. If it were not for false religious teachings by people wanting to believe their petty preferences then people would not continue to kill to support false beliefs and useless ambitions.

Perhaps the most glaring example of humanist crimes is the AIDS epidemic now raging among the world's poorest people. AIDS has killed millions and millions more will die, and some of these millions of deaths may yet appear in our own countries - it only needs an accidental (or deliberate) change to increase virus infection. Almost all AIDS deaths can be accredited to humanist philosophy.

Christian philosophy did not set the conditions for AIDS spread and Christian caring would have isolated early cases as with the recent SARS 'scare'. But because AIDS was promoted as a homosexual disease segregation was shown as discrimination and every 'cure' just kept victims alive a little longer to help spread this "Ideology protected" disease. If you think that AIDS could not have been planned and deliberately created look up "AIDS" in the "Discovering Humanity" files.

As we close our eyes more tightly our self-inflicted torments grow. As we attack our torments with anger and bitterness we hurt ourselves more. There will be new man-made diseases: new man-made wars: new man-made nutritional disasters. BUT ONLY SO LONG AS WE KEEP OUR EYES CLOSED TO LET THESE THINGS HAPPEN! We helped create the world we live in and we can change it! Doing nothing is suicide by sloth?

WAKE UP WORLD! There's a war on and you had better start thinking about it because intelligence is the only weapon you have with which to defend yourself. (To be continued.)

Note: * See file "Laetrile" in "Health Files". [back to passage]

Regards Editor.

P.S. Information about intellectual development is still needed. There are many www sites but those I have looked at only concern themselves with artificial intelligence, artificial intelligence is more about programming than intelligence.

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