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Editorial #1 - August 9, 2003

Human Intelligence
I Read A Letter

Dear Readers,
In our August 23rd editorial I would like to begin talk about development of human intelligence as this is so vital to our future. We know that we use only a small part of our brain-power, in fact, as a general rule we tend to use only the minimum of intelligence and instinct as is needed to maintain our animal bodies and lifestyle.

Research appears to be directed to artificial intelligence rather than development of human potential (or at least what is brought to public attention). Also I expect that development of intelligence is not the whole story but is combined with a need of human caring and perhaps even adventure. In our last editorial I gave a few very basic hints about things we could do to awaken young potential.

We know that some people are born unusually gifted and intellectual development begins before birth but basically we have a huge untapped potential. Regular readers of this site will be a little more advanced and a little more interested in our subjects so I am hoping some of you may have read, experienced or heard of something that may help us make some headway in relation to our most exciting and urgent need. How many today understand that Christianity is about TRUTH and that truth means what is true/correct/honest/accurate rather than incorrect/lies/dishonest/faulty etc, and that we need to expand our intellectual ability to know truth better?

Your help is welcome and needed.

I Read a letter!
Yes just another boring repetition of so many public letters, statements, complaints, protests. Just how many such have we seen in the last fifty years: hundreds, thousands, hundreds of thousands. How many protest groups; how many action groups; how much complaint in newspapers, on radio and on-line. How little concern directed to personal responsibility.

Unfortunately not a lot of people are old enough to recall that there was a time when protest street marches, groups organized for complaint against government, were a novelty. Drug addicted teenagers, to most citizens, were unknown. Divorce was a novelty. Murder by gun was mostly a gangster activity. Ram Raids were unknown. Child sex attacks very rare. Bars on house windows and public facilities unknown: more general, homes unlocked or keys left under doormats when owners were out. Stupidity based mass movements were strange.

Over the last fifty years the number and variety of protests have grown in line with a growth of uncaring government and deceit leading to injustice, crime and immoral behavior. Group protest activities are continually claimed to be unique by leaders who are so badly informed about previous protest activities that protest has followed a convention and not stopped, or slowed down, the growth of matters needing to be protested about.

Why? Because protesters who have not researched the problem of political corruption and all assume that the government is their government, "We elected it didn't we?" and are as scared as rabbits of facing a reality that might cause them to start thinking for themselves. Facing responsibility for genuine choice of our government representatives is frightening. If only half the protest groups and complaining citizens were to start facing the true situation and then start explaining it to others, then we, as a community or electorate, could do something positive and effective about our problems.

Honest information from politicians is very, very rare! This is because very few politicians care about anything other than their own ego and are blind to social consequences that they should expose. In fact intelligent politicians who try to understand what is really going on are so rare that when they do make revealing statements these are usually recorded and enshrined as pearls of wisdom. Unfortunately they are too few and too seldom given public exposure to reveal the common ego trap. You will find the most significant of such statements as quotations in the literature on this site.

Here is one not commonly known, in fact I doubt if it was recorded and I have forgotten the politician who made it. But I don't forget the statement, it went like this: "Protest is good, it allows them to let off steam". You can see why people did not care to remember that little pearl. It hits too close to home. It reveals that politicians are happy to see protesters "let off steam" because this tells 'authorities' that the protesters do not understand the situation and do not see that the protest actually benefits (makes legitimate) those protested against - it reinforces trust in false government and reinforces common deceptions.

If you explain this to protesters they will say: "but they have to take notice of us because we might kick them out at the next election" and these mushrooms really believe this and cannot see that they just elect new puppet representatives in place of those dismissed. Individual M.Ps., puppet or not, have no real say; the advisers in the president's (or Prime Ministers) office write the speeches and run the government just as famous people have told us in quotes repeated on this site. The person or party elected is irrelevant to the Government.

The other well known "protest mushroom" response is: "They do take notice of us, we have our victories you know!" Yes we do know, and we also know the principle that encourages poker machine gambling: it is that the mushrooms must be allowed some wins otherwise they will not keep giving their money away. That principle is universal: we have to let some cabbages go to seed if we want cabbages to eat next year.

Unfortunately most protesters are as defensive of their ego as are those politicians the agents of international government choose for us as our candidates. Yes! Most of us are still on the mushroom level. We grow best when kept in the dark and fed manure. Unfortunately we are not good for food. We are just a nuisance and a waste of time and resources to the N.W.O., or if you prefer, New World Government. Can we blame elitists that they want to reduce our numbers and eventually eliminate this plague of unthinking dependents from THEIR earth? Can we not see they want freedom from their need to feed this plague and keep it blindfold because if the mushrooms start seeing the truth they might start using their own intelligence?

I live in a temperate coastal area; insects are no novelty. As a friend cleared spider-webs I jokingly said "You should be careful, tomorrow morning your window may be covered with spiders waving little placards saying 'Humans MUST respect spiders rights! Spider HOMES are sacred. We DEMAND equality with humans,'" etc.

But spiders do not have human brains! They have no instinct for futile complaint. They didn't create their way of life and cannot change it so they just carry on as best they can! Too many humans are like that, the Creator calls these the human 'earth'; those who have progressed a little in thinking for themselves are the 'grass' that grows out of this 'earth'.

We did create and continue to create, our way of life. We created bridges and roads and high rise home units! We created cars and telephones and TV sets and computers and space junk! We created our feel good philosophies of capitalism and communism and humanism! We created (with a little help from leaders) cancers, AIDS and heart attacks in increasingly massive numbers; also poverty, drugs, crime and very sick medical services. We have helped create a world government that needs us dead!

Yes we helped create the kind of world we live in and the kind of life and ideas we live by! We helped create a protest culture that is growing in line with the crime, sickness, torments and injustices that we helped create and help grow. But, as Scripture says, this worldly wisdom must be refuted. We have brains that allow us to create these things so is it not time we started to use these remarkable brains to understand and destroy the sick use of the self-indulgent wisdom we have created?

Why do we refuse to see that the torments of life are of our own creation and that we cannot have the good life while we live by lies and feel-good philosophies that are without base in the scientific truth of life or of creation? Why do we still persist to close our eyes to the fact that we are responsible for the world we live in and that we can change it if we want to?

But Where do we Start?
A radio program tells of how insurance companies rob us! We hear of huge claims against insurance companies and we think that they are having a bad time but this investigator had found that these cases, the ones that attracted huge publicity, are rare in comparison to the total number of cases and anyway are mostly later overturned on appeal.

The insurance industry is, in fact, far more often the sinner than the sinned against. Writing to the exposing programs is futile but I wondered if there was any form of expression that might get through the accumulated preconceptions of the rare caring reformer.

Most of the problem, it seems, is that if program managers look at a site like this they may see something Christian and immediately classify it as religious and religion is deadly to your mass media program. Or they see some challenge to government and pretend it is 'party' so they cannot become involved with politics. Or they see something exposing humanism and they cannot mention that because they must, in final analysis, be politically correct.

So they read a few lines and, before they know what they are reading, they come to some challenge to their pre-set limits. At this point they tell themselves they have no time to waste on this kind of thing. So we must admit that giving sight to those who don't want to see how they damage their own culture is difficult. If only we could get them to read this far then, sometime when they are relaxed, a stab of conscience might hit them - might cause them to stop and think!

It may seem strange but most programs, especially those that debate or pretend to expose injustices, are basically religious/political propaganda and support humanist morals; what they shy away from is facing any logic that exposes this fact! To most people today their politics and philosophies are their religions; and as how we became created is at the heart of all serious religions and philosophies they do not want to face the challenge of truth.

So eyes are closed! Whatever religion is claimed is twisted to fit the self-indulgent humanist philosophy that claims chance creation is scientific and proven beyond question. These don't want to know and are not prepared to investigate actual scientific evidence. By such evasion we escape admitting to ourselves that we do not care enough to sacrifice pride in false beliefs so as to stop the advance of cruelty, corruption, social incompetence and cultural injustice.

A recent letter repeated the old claim: If there was something out there then it would not allow the cruelty, injustice etc. Had he read "Of Truth" and perhaps other material on site, then he might have seen we were given intelligence and cannot intelligently blame our Creator for our stupid behavior. We cannot throw ourselves down and expect to be saved.

We have lessons to learn! If we fail to learn then we are punished by the consequences of our self-indulgent stupidity. That seems fair enough to me. Especially as we only have the power to destroy each other in body, not in spirit.
(To be continued).

P.S. Please don't forget to report items of human development interest.

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