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Retired Editorials

Editorial #1 - September 6, 2003

Coming to the second anniversary to September 11 is a time we should realize
there's a war on and we had better start thinking about it because
intelligence is the only weapon we have with which to defend ourselves.

Dear Readers,
Yes it is time for the world to awaken; time for another metamorphosis. We can see, in our own times, caterpillars turn to butterflies; science tells us that dinosaurs became birds and science and our simple intelligence together reveal that Dolphins were likewise the surrogate parents to mankind. (See Chapter 9; New "Of Truth") I know this sounds strange to those who see us as biological descendents of apes because of some vague resemblance but we will address this again in a later editorial.

We left the water to challenge the land animals with only our bigger brain to defend our vulnerable bodies. We have made of animals our servants, our foods and our playthings, but we now have to face that we have to tame our own animal instincts and turn our thinking to more beneficial needs. We can do that by making better use of the great unused mental capacity we were given.

Drugs use/abuse was mentioned in our last editorial and many will argue that this was a progressive thing. But there have been drugs available for centuries. Some will argue that they are brought in by profit seekers and governments try very hard to stop this trade. But do governments really try to stop the illegal drug trade?

Or do they try just hard enough to keep up appearances! Why is it that young people have only wanted drugs since humanist belief became promoted? How is it that massive profits became available only when massive publicity was given to the drug problem? Can we face that old saying "Any publicity is good publicity (from the seller's point of view)? Yes, so far as stimulating interest in drugs among the young is concerned, all publicity is great advertising.

But it needed more than just publicity! It needed that the intelligent young feel disorientated - it needed the intelligent young to feel that life had no purpose or meaning or future, that life was just a plaything of fate; so false creation belief was also imposed.

Children with Christian beliefs, even with faulty Christian beliefs, did not need drugs to make life interesting and purposeful. As with AIDS a Christian culture gives no support for a drug culture - lays no foundation for either AIDS or drugs. It is only the futility of a life based on a foundation of meaningless chance that turns intelligent young people to sleaze, promiscuity, meaningless fun, selfishness and drugs.

Then the drugs market is caused to flourish by government encouragement of mass media publicity to stimulate and give direction to this blind rebellion against the meaningless chance fates we are being taught to believe created us. Law that uses humanist philosophy to promote false values destroys justice, helps promote lawlessness and helps the growth of the humanist deception. These combinations do not happen by chance!

How can we escape? A good start would be to enlighten parents to return to well proven child-raising attitudes and from there we can make further improvement. Humanist child-raising is destroying large numbers of the most intelligent young by seducing parents to believe that love and their own self-gratification is the good parenting ideal, and that punishment for bad behavior and the teaching of self-discipline are crimes.

But it is in the nature of children that they are designed to begin life with a great hunger for knowledge. It is in the early years that we soak up knowledge like ever-dry sponges. In these early years children learn a language and other basics equal to adult years at university. They look to parents and educators for behavioral guidance: our parents are our natural role models.

When a parent reprimands a child for a mischief and the child tests the reaction of the parent by repeating the mischief and the parent then turns a blind eye, then the child learns that the parent is ineffectual.

If later, after repeated offences, the parent persists to a more severe scolding of the child and promises punishment if the behavior continues, then the child wants to find out what will really happen because it already knows that the parent is ineffectual. If punishment of a hurtful kind is avoided then it learns that the parent is a lying ineffectual and cannot be relied on for intelligent guidance.

When it goes to kindergarten it finds this belief confirmed: that its life and behavior are sacred to its own being and it has a right to be entertained and to make its own laws - that its parents are old fashioned, and out-of-date. By teenage the child has learned it should create its own values based on situation ethics.

So there you have it. It is in this way that, over a generation or two, millions of children are returned to the primitive and thousands of years of human experience are thrown out like dirty dishwater. Right now millions of people are suffering and dying because they trust humanist deceits. How can we be dismayed or surprised by constantly increasingly vicious crime; increasing drugs abuse; increasing uncaring adolescent behavior among adults. How can we NOT see that what is happening has a deliberately imposed cause and how can we NOT be desperate to end this atrocity?

Of course the deliberate re-programming of whole cultures has happened many times in the past, usually conquered people and often for good reason. But it is only during the last century or so that this reprogramming has become a science and found use as a governing tool (see "Globalism Brainwash" and other items on site).

It seems the first large science based national reprogramming experiment was in the USSR. We used to hear about mass media propaganda and of how the poor Russians were brainwashed but, like parents scoffing at other parents, we could not see we were already becoming subject to a similar but more subtle, more refined program.

So if a world power establishment wants to own the world all it has to do is to advise parents to love their children to death. That is not difficult because it is what parents want to do by animal instinct. But humans are not just animals; we are not just biological mechanisms guided by instinct without intelligent choice.

If we encourage young children to develop their own personalities then, as they have no human experience to guide them, they naturally follow their animal instincts. Without experienced guidance they can only learn by their own limited experience and observation. If their earliest experience and most personal observation teaches them that they cannot trust their parents for guidance and that what guidance educators give them is that they please themselves and live for what pleasure they can get out of life, then they are back in the jungle - generations of humanizing experience are lost.

Yes humans learn humanity from their parents and their culture. Less than one hundred years ago most parents could see the value of this even though they did not understand that it was a matter of loving truth for their children's benefit as well as their own.

Those who plan to own the world have found that they don't need plan to fight a war or endanger their own families. Nor do they have to pay parents to sell their own children into cultural slavery. Deceived parents will do it gladly and with pathetic dedication even at cost of great personal suffering for which they find it convenient to blame others.

Parents will do their best to deliver their children back to the Stone Age and confine them to cultural enslavement and misery and short lifetime in the name of "letting them develop their own personalities" before their children have the maturity and humanizing experience to understand their choices.

This would not have been possible around a century ago in the more advanced nations because each nation at that time was more independent and government needed the people strong for its own protection. Also many parents would not have fallen for this trick because they lived by a basically Christian philosophy that included responsible values and responsibility for the values their children inherited.

So by promoting evil as love, ignorance as self-development and truth as matters of social choice, our world is delivered into sickness and darkness. We then fear to face the light of truth because it exposes what we have allowed to happen.

But if we face the truth we can repent, the fault can be repaired and the lost can be redeemed.

Who are They: Who are We?
During the time of all wars of history there has never been a more compelling need for genocidal force than that presented to those who have gained such power of wealth and position as to see themselves as Globalists. Globalists see themselves as a new race of people and as a new nation separate from the common mass of people.

Those entitled to be called Globalists have established for themselves a separate identity and unity setting them apart from those who, by their normal abilities and unreduced/un-seduced nature, are entitled to be called humanity. Globalists, of themselves, and by virtue of their pride and arrogance, have made of themselves a new and degenerate, race.

The Globalist nation sees itself as innately superior and evolved. Their actions show that they believe they are entitled to claim the world as their own. Globalists thus need to subdue and eliminate those who overpopulate the world and use or destroy so much of its natural resources. To Globalists this is a war of survival of the fittest and not different from a conflict between ape-man and human. This is our logical view of their attitude if we are not seduced to accept the humanist philosophy based on chance creation and natural selection. If we do accept the lie then we, by default, also accept our fate.

The evidence presented in this and the previous two editorials should in itself be sufficient warning but our health situation may be our most compelling evidence.

The Health War
About twelve months ago mass media gave us the information that the medical profession was the third highest cause of death after heart attacks and cancer. If we assume that the medical profession relates to conventionally trained doctors and does not include the hospital system itself, then addition of nursing mistakes and problems resulting from hospitalization procedures would quite likely make the combined medical service itself the number one cause of death.

Either way that is bad. But when we consider that heart attacks and cancer have been a growing problem and continue to be in rapid increase, then it is clear that the medical profession has no understanding of the cause or cure for these problems. They persist in cruel and ineffective treatments that have in no way stopped the rapid climb in death statistics.

To me the fake research being promoted to discredit natural cures and health aids is a very compelling part of the evidence of what the elitist/Globalists are about. I will try to look up examples for our next editorial "Fake Research to Deliver Fake Evidence" due editorial September 20th.

Regards to all,


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