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Editorial #1 - October 18, 2003

The Health War
We live in a system too corrupted to maintain intelligent life.

Dear Readers,
This five-part series has progressed to six and I return to matters of health because this is an area where, along with their theory of chance evolution, Globalists appear most vulnerable. We should not be surprised that their policies of health deception follow so closely those used to promote the evolution deception, i.e. funds to Universities; funds for research of Globalist choice; world-wide media promotions of soft issues. They undermine serious research and promote that which is misdirected.

Clearly it is very difficult to break free of indoctrinated beliefs after generations of indoctrination. Our beliefs become part of us so we strive to justify and maintain them, but small bias leads to large error and a need to sacrifice error to regain truth.

Few motorists admit to ignoring road signs, even those that appear to be authorized by failed drivers. So how is it that so many ignore reliable health and social disaster warning signs? These are not less important so why the discrepancy? Let us again try to expose this problem and the desperate efforts of an establishment determined to maintain its deceits.

Case 1:
Following comment is based on the book "Alive and Well" by Dr. Philip E. Binzel, M.D. First a court trial taking place in Oklahoma City, December 1977. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) had filed a suit in Federal Court to prohibit import of Laetrile into the USA because of toxicity. Testifying against the FDA was eminent toxicologist Dr. Bruce Halstead, and Dr. Binzel. Their Attorney was Mr. Ken Coe.

A further witness was to have been the mother of a young girl who had taken some Laetrile pills belonging to her father. She was taken to hospital and blood tests were done over the next two days. Noting unusual appeared but the doctors decided to give her the antidote to cyanide, the girl died the next day.

Apparently the FDA contacted the girl's mother and wanted her to testify to the toxicity of Laetrile. But she didn't fall for that. She refused and instead wanted to testify against the FDA. Coincidentally (?) her plane was delayed and she couldn't make the hearing. The judge on the case was Judge Bohanon.

Dr. Binzel testified first to say that he had used Laetrile both by mouth and by injection on several hundred patients without any toxic reaction. Next Dr. Halstead testified as to how ALL known substances could be toxic even those most essential to life such as oxygen. He then showed that aspirin, sugar and salt were, milligram-for-milligram, more toxic than Laetrile. He further pointed out that the chemotherapeutic agents which are commonly used in the treatment of cancer are, milligram-for-milligram, hundreds of times more toxic than Laetrile.

In testimony Dr. Halstead quoted from his book "Textbook of Toxicology" which was commissioned by the FDA itself. Our testimonials are not from back street fanatics.

When the Judge asked for the FDA evidence and witnesses the FDA attorney replied that they did not have any; the reported conversation went as follows: quote:

Judge: "You are telling me that you have filed suit in this court that Laetrile is toxic and you don't have a single witness or shred of evidence to support such a suit?"
Attorney: "That is correct your Honor."
Judge: "Then why have you filed such a suit."
Attorney: "Because, Your Honor, Laetrile may be dangerous."
Judge: "Dangerous to whom?"
Attorney: "Dangerous to the Federal Government, Your Honor."
Judge: "How could Laetrile possibly be dangerous to the Federal Government?"
Attorney: "Because, Your Honor, The Government may lose control."
With this the Judge dismissed the case".
End quote.

Meanwhile, on the wall of the lobby of the courthouse was a six by four foot poster declaring: BEWARE OF LAETRILE! IT IS TOXIC. At the bottom in small print: "Must be posted in all Government buildings by order of the FDA."

You also may ask: "How could Laetrile be dangerous to the Government?" Presumably the Government might lose control of the nation or health system if people found that they could avoid cancer and many other sickness by eating healthy foods and a balanced diet. The government, and those behind it, could be in even more danger if people saw how governments encourage promotion of unhealthy foods and confuse the truth about nutritional foods and dietary information.

Case 2:
Also from "Alive and Well". In 1977 a Mr. Glen Rutherford from Oklahoma City developed cancer. He went to Mexico for treatment because they were using a Laetrile based treatment. On return to the USA his Laetrile was confiscated at the border. Mr. Rutherford then filed suit in Federal Court against Joseph A. Califano, Secretary for Health, Education and welfare and against Donald Kennedy, Commissioner of the Food and Drug Administration, for the right to have his Laetrile.

The trial went on for several weeks with Federal Judge Luther Bohanon presiding. Each day the FDA attorneys would tell the Court that the FDA had hundreds and hundreds of studies that proved Laetrile would not work.

Finally the Judge asked the FDA attorneys to bring the evidence into court and the following morning asked for it. The FDA attorneys said they did not bring the studies in because 'they were so scientific that we don't think you can understand them'.

The Judge insisted. Next morning still no evidence. The excuse this time being that there was too much to fit in the courtroom. The Judge insisted until finally the attorneys admitted there were no studies.

Do you wonder how a department such as the Food and Drug Administration can get away with such blatant public deceit? Would they go to such lengths if they were not desperate? Why are they not exposed nation-wide by the combined power of the mass media and government? Are they not open to charge of Contempt of Court?

Do we wonder why our health system (world wide) presides over the miss-education of thousands of caring doctors to the consequential death of millions of people?

Those who think that this is just about making money have no understanding of the world we live in. If we want to help make this a better world then we have to start admitting the truth. We have to sacrifice false beliefs and pass information to others.

Yes we have to face that there is a Globalist Government over and above our national governments. Until we are prepared to face this simple well-evidenced fact and pass on evidence to expose it to others, all protest and reform effort is futile. Only when we are prepared to take responsibility for our own governing and take the trouble to organize selection of our own political representatives will we get honest government, good health and justice that applies equally to all.

Dr Binzel gives these figures for survival of patients caught early. He calls these "Primary Cancer" cases and shows over 80% SURVIVING five years after being treated with nutritional (including Laetrile) therapy as against conventional therapy which produces a DEATH rate of over 80% after five years. With cases involving treatment of advanced cancer (called metastatic) the comparison favors, even more, the alternative approach. Here conventional treatment saved only one of a thousand (0.1%) while Dr. Binzel showed his laetrile based treatments to save, at least, 62%.

Case 3:
Here Dr. Binzel is being asked to participate in a comparative cancer study to be conducted by the National Cancer Institute (NCI): conversation: Quote:

"Dr. B. Let me make sure I understand what you are saying. Suppose you have a patient with a given tumor. Let's suppose that this patient is treated with one of these two methods. Let's say that the tumor is greatly reduced in size in the next three months, but the patient dies. How would the NCI classify that?
Dr. NCI: "The NCI will classify that as a success."
DR. B. "Why?"
Dr. NCI. "Because the tumor got smaller."
Dr. B: "Suppose you have a similar patient treated by a different method. Suppose after two years this patient is alive and well but the tumor is no smaller. How will the NCI classify this?"
Dr. NCI: "They will classify this as a failure."
Dr. B: "Why?"
Dr. NCI: "Because the tumor did not get any smaller.
" End quote.

To understand why Dr. B. did not take part in this study we need to know that cancer is not uncommon in the human body. But the body has defenses against cancer if given its nutritional needs. Apparently it is not uncommon for dead cancers to be found during autopsy, a dead tumor does not have to be removed. This NCI study was not designed to show that one method or other would save the patient but which method would remove the tumor even though the patient died of the combined treatment and tumor. Example: if you have a brain tumor and an operation removes the tumor but kills you; that is a success.

Do you see it that way? This attitude shows a very deformed logic. If reporting of the results is confined to the claim that removal is the successful response to tumors but fails to mention that most patients also die after treatment, then the death rate progresses along with the deceit; or faster if the given cause of death is to deceive the statistics.

The Binzel figures are backed up by the fact that, in great majority, cancer sufferers opt (because of miseducation and misguided loyalty) for conventional therapy and official 'cause of death statistics' show cancer now second only to heart failures.

Conventional treatment is not a useful cure for cancer! The political establishment fearfully opposes effective alternative cures for cancer! As cancer is now so rapidly expanding as a reported cause of death that official therapy would, by its results, be seen as quackery if practiced by doctors not protected by law, we, in conscience, must look for causes deeply embedded in our cultural beliefs and political ideology.

I am not recommending the Dr Binzel book despite that his treatment and open-mindedness gives far better results than officially approved treatments. He appears to be still influenced by his medical training and, because of this, still appears to favor establishment nutritional ideas; relies on Laetrile rather than on natural Apricot kernels and insists on diet before direct attack on the cancer.

Faith in our indoctrinated beliefs is hard to break. With his experience Dr Binzel should be aware that there are influences behind and above the NCI and FDA. His own experience shows that law is soft on agencies promoting activities not in the public interest. In his defense I must say that his book was first published in 1994 and from my own reading I believe our most serious 'alternative' nutritional research has been published since that time. He might have even better results if he gave the natural product immediately he begins treatment and follows this with 'alternative' modern nutrition. This ends references related to "Alive and Well".

Why are we not insisting on a food industry that and excludes hybrid, genetically modified or chemically contaminated produce? Why are we not campaigning for promotion of proper evaluation of natural foods and health industry priority? Why is promotion of unhealthy foods and lifestyles not a criminal offence?

Unfortunately none of the above can happen as things are and all will change naturally if we become mature enough to accept responsibility for our own governing and thereby gain public access to life's truths.

What is exposed is not just common greed for wealth! Wealth is not an issue for those who own the international banking system; their power grab is aimed at total ownership of the world. Pride in power is too well demonstrated in history to be intelligently doubted as being other than a sickness embedded in the animal side of human nature. Plotting aimed at world ownership is now too close to success for hiding under the bed and saying it cannot happen today.

Health is very personal to us all and is given attention here in hope that it will become effective in awakening our communities to the urgent need for political reform. Though our sickness is a consequence of culturally embedded beliefs in false gods, viewing from the health aspect may make the deceit easier to see.

Civilizations die and disappear under epidemics of cancerous lies that overcome natural order and intelligent behavior; we close our eyes at our peril. For additional evidence read books on site.

NOTE: Expect this to be the last editorial of the year but I am working on a booklet covering, and expanding on, recent editorials. I think this booklet will be quite important as a way of introducing the world we live in to concerned citizens; expect it to be announced in early December.


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