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Retired Editorials

Editorial #1 - December 6, 2003

Great new book

It is with pleasure that I present, what I expect will become, one of our most useful booklets. It is especially designed to tap the essence of the material on site and make our serious problems easier to introduce to those looking for answers. By showing how problems are related to each other they become more easily understood.

Though based on 2003s last six editorials the text is increased by over 50%. I feel very confident that readers, even those having read original parts, will not be disappointed. The difference between what you have read and what is now offered is similar to the difference between a prepared bonfire and one that has had kindling, kerosene and flame added.

Here now the “Front” and “Back Cover” of:






What it could do
For You!






(Back Cover)

The Challenge of truth!

Today many talk of freedom and think they are free but have freedom of mind no more than do monkeys in a zoo have freedom of their native forest.

So some will hesitate to read this booklet because of ideas and attitudes put in their minds by people they neither know nor hear of. These scoff at truth because they are educated to believe lies; their vision is limited because of misleading ideas and ideals put in their minds by people who direct governments, own the economic system, control the mass media and seduce education.

We show that the few who control these things do so to serve their own purposes: they believe they can own the world. They are not brilliantly clever they are just fanatics born to families made arrogant by generations of power and turned into monsters because of pride, greed, devious use of power and the inhumanity of their arrogance.

Their crime is not for money or ignorant ideological fanaticism. No! Their criminal intent is just to satisfy dictatorial pride and greed. These will, if left to their devices, destroy themselves and us with them, but this fate we do not need to share. Those of us with courage to seek truth now have opportunity to see through this scheming; we can organize to govern ourselves and develop our true human potential.

Think! How many have the will to go this way.
* * *

Think! is now on “Fast Downloads” and set up for book-making. Use coupons to let me know your thoughts! Click here to download and start reading:
I wish you all a sincere and rewarding Christmas season.

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