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Retired Editorials

Editorial #1 - March 2004.

Ancient Writings (continued):
The Egyptian Book of the Dead & Gilgamesh Epic

Dear Readers,
As we have seen, all ancient writings suffer deformity and 'unauthorized' additions on account of translations to different languages that seldom have words of exact same meaning. Or to later versions of the same language where meanings of words may have changed; by additions to record other events deemed important by the scribes or to express the biases or the ego of translators and attempts to rationalize earlier irrationalities.

A good example is seen in the New English Bible (Old Testament) where we find an original statement to the effect that God created both good and evil being modified. In many 'modern' Bibles this is being downplayed on the lines of God created joy and strife. A small change but all bias helps us evade reality.

Why do scribes make such changes? They do so because of combinations of prejudice, pride, ego and ignorance. Changes to revelation often reflect the worldly concept of 'God' at the time of translation. Translators want to believe that what is being translated is not perfectly expressed if it contradicts accepted human desires. For this reason we must follow basic principles and always try to understand in light to the universal reality.

We again see that ancient writings are composed from memory fragments or writings intermingled with other writing and comment reflecting the bias of scribes. The New Testament replaces the Old. The Old, corrupted by age, human desire and outdated by human advance, is no longer best for instruction but provides eternal elements of the Creators revelations to add weight and witness to the eternal truth.

Jesus tells us that the Creator is truth. The same when the Creator is presented as "Re" in Egyptian. The New Testament also tells us that we can know all that is to be known of God by seeing, in honesty, the things He has made; (Romans 1:19-20). Honest scientific research of the creation will reveal all that we may know of God. (You may say our Christian Bible tells of things hidden or not to be revealed but will find these are related to our human development and not to the physical creation.)

I put it to you that the act of creation creates its own laws! When the Creator decides on a creation the Creator must then accept the laws that bind what has been created. Matthew 5:18 "I tell you this: so long as heaven and earth endure, not a letter, not a stroke, will disappear from the Law until all that must happen has happened."

As example: to create an "inside" you must also create an "outside"; you cannot have "light" without "dark" because without contrast you cannot see anything; perfect light and perfect dark will alike appear blank and without image. Likewise "comfort" is meaningless without "discomfort" and we cannot know "good" without the contrast of "evil": if "good" is to be revealed so also its twin - evil.

Some things must be hidden from the intellectually developing human for similar reasons that children should not be exposed to knowledge of sex before they have the maturity to deal with it as part of their natural physical and intellectual growth. As reported in Think! when children are invaded by images of sex, immorality and seduction, this communicates to their developing physical bodies and mental attitudes; bodies and attitudes then mature in deformed ways to meet the perceived reality - physical feelings and needs are produced that children do not have the maturity and balance to deal with in their own best interests.

Children believe 'fairy' stories and all manner of intellectual dishonesty. In its place this is good but when they naturally begin to understand realities they should not be encouraged to evade them. Intellectual maturity gives an ability to see enough reality to need logical explanations; we should not want to escape into drugs or entertainments. The Jig-Saw pieces of life have to fit the reality of truth and assemble correctly. Jesus says we should not "swear by … " this tells us that we should not dramatize or embroider the truth. Natural intellectual maturity does not need drama, fiction, drugs or "miracles".

The Egyptian Book of the Dead
Last month we saw how well the Book of Enoch fitted to, and added understanding to the revised Old Testament; also how it gave support to the Christian Testament and meaning to end times relevant to our present era. The quotes this month will, I think, give further witness to the authenticity of these Testaments.

While angels may have been known as messengers to earth people it should become clear that angels can be far more than mere messengers and often far less than Gods: that the heavenly host includes beings at various levels. It should also now be clear that all angels are not perfect or sexless but have independent will and ego that enables them to do evil. This shows angels to be related more closely to the creation than to the Creator and, as Jesus tells us: only God is truly good.

The Egyptian Book of the Dead has fewer statements that are authoritative than does The Book of Enoch and has much more added by years of irrelevant inclusions such as tomb inscriptions and praise of deities of human imagination. However, apart from the obvious, writers have their style and individual modes of expression, these are important aids to linking fragments that belong together. Our Creator uses this to help us gain insight when we add logic/perception to intelligence.

Egyptian Book of the Dead is quoted from translations by T.G Allen, and E.A. Budge. EAB page 104: "As concerning the night of the battle … the inroad of the children of impotent revolt into the eastern part of heaven, whereupon there arose a battle in heaven and in all the earth. As concerning the night of reckoning, it was the night of the burning of the dammed." In this way is expressed the destruction by earthquake, fire and flood of the works and earth-born of the 'Watchers'.

We see that the early Egyptians knew of the universal God who created all things:
TGA page 154: "I am Atum, who made the sky, who created what exists, who begat the gods; great God who came into being of himself."

Page 89: "They are the drops of blood that dropped from the phallus of Re when he set about cutting himself. Then they became gods …They are Authority and Perception, who are in the train of their Father Atum daily." So we here see here that the Creator had to perform an act of self-mutilation to achieve the creation of the physical and the creation of life. Life and creation, by their own authority, create truth (laws or principles) and perception (vision to see logical relationships). These allow understanding of what exists. No scientist, no mystic, so far, has been able to give a better explanation of origins. The big bang is supported by no scientific logic, or by the nature of what actually exists.

The Egyptian version contains fine distinctions that are both relevant and revealing. We see that in Egyptian our God is called Re and is the head or personification of Atum. Atum, we call God the Father and, as our Christian Bible tells us: "When all things began, the Word already was. The word dwelt with God and what God was the Word was."

Page 157: "My head is Re, and the total (of me) is Atum."
Page 160: I am Re, who came forth from the deep. (The God) is my Soul. I came into being of myself together with the deep and sky and earth in this my name … I am Atum, who came forth from the deep. His Soul goes forth in this sky … to this earth .. 'Dying is my abomination; I enter not into the execution place of the Nether World."

Other points of interest: Set = Semihazah = Satan. Each culture has its own language. In Egyptian, Horus fought with Set and defeated him. In the battle Horus receives a damaged eye while Horus, snatches off the testicles of Set. The damage to the eye of Horus represents damage done by the mischief of the Watchers to the vision for earth's human development. While the damage to Set more obviously represents deletion of his liberty to procreate greater harm. This battle is presented as physical so as to be meaningful to its then audience but, as the contestants are immortal, the battle must be intellectual.

Set (Semihazah/Satan) was not killed which is also witness with the "Book of Enoch" and Christian revelations that the evil angels were confined to earth. Egyptian and Sumerian writings illustrate events up to the destruction but no continuing revelations, they also show clearly how quickly human desires reconstruct gods to their own liking.

Knowledge of today supports that a number of groups escaped the destruction by fire, earthquake and flood; described by our "revised" Old Testament as flood only. The hidden Testament pieces reveal a larger picture but only the Hebrew Testament continues after the flood to confirm this as the nation chosen to carry the Revelations of the Creator

The Gilgamesh Epic and Ancient Writings from India
These writings also bear witness that the revised testament "flood" was not the whole story; that other earth people escaped the destruction of the Watchers Empire.

There are many cultural memories; I give only two more quotes to show the connection between ancient events and our situation today. However there is convincing evidence to support that there was civilization pre-history to ours; civilization where knowledge was far more advanced than we, in our times, have been led to believe.

The Sumerians are said to have been a dark-haired, non-Semitic people, but have folk memory of ark and flood, in many ways, not unlike that of the Hebrew. The Gilgamesh Epic seems no more than a novel though the leading character has serious connections and some descriptions relate too closely to Testament fragments to be ignored. Our reference is "The Gilgamesh Epic and Old Testament Parallels" by Alexander Heidel.

Gilgamesh himself was offspring of the Watchers (the word Watchers is not used in Sumerian translation). His personality fits the description of a strong, brash, giant living a wild earthy life. His delight was to take each maiden of the city on her wedding night.

There is no point in going deeply into the story: it is mainly about his search for the elixir of life because he, being earth-born, was mortal. Our interest is in surviving memories. Their relevance: they give further witness to events that, to all rational logic, are inclusive.

We are told of a man warned by God to build an ark and in this instance the advice included the saving of crafts people as well as animals. This is reflected in crafts abilities of early Sumerians who built a city while early Hebrews were wandering herdsmen.

Page 85 tells us of the last days of the Sumerian homeland:
"The Anunnaki (the judges of the underworld) raised torches;
Lighting up the land with their brightness;
The raging of Adad reached into heaven
Turned into darkness all that was light.
The land he broke like a pot
The gods were terror stricken at the deluge.
They fled (and) ascended to the heaven of Anu;
The gods cowered like dogs (and) crouched in distress
Ishtar cried out like a woman in travail;
The lovely voiced lady of the gods lamented:
In truth, the olden times has turned to clay,
Because I commanded evil in the assembly of the gods!
How could I command (such) evil in the assembly of the gods!
(How) could I command war to destroy my people,
it is I who bring forth (these) my people!
Like the spawn of fish they (now) fill the sea!
The Anunnaki-gods wept with her;
The gods sat bowed (and) weeping.
The wind blew, the downpour, the tempest, the flood overwhelmed the land

The raising of torches from the underworld reveals volcanic action. The turning of light into darkness indicates smoke, volcanic dust and cloud cover. The land broken like a pot shows earthquake activity.

These ancient writings give witness to the same overall event; an event described by different people from different places and languages. There are many cultures around the world with folk memories showing they were once, in some way, attached.

From A History of Indian Philosophy, pages 14-15, a time of re-settlement again confronts us. We are told parts of the Rig Veda may have been composed "before Aryan people entered the plains of India …they therefore reflect the civilization … before and after they came to India." We are told of chariots and wagons, of cattle husbandry, agriculture, water canals, wood workers and delicate carvings. Of metal workers: smiths and potters continuing their trade; there is also plating, weaving and sewing. …

Science now proves the accuracy of other very ancient knowledge. Were it not for politically motivated deceits then this evidence would be scientifically evaluated and recognized, and we would not now be living in cultural decay.

Best wishes,
Note: April editorial will be a short wind up of this discussion of ancient writings unless comment arrives to open new doors. Also sorry if inconvenienced by failure of access to themindweb site for a few days in late Febuary. This was not the fault of themindweb or its service provider.

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