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Editorial #1 - April 2004

Ancient Writings – Conclusions

Dear Readers,

Reader comment or challenge is not reaching me, are you waiting for this conclusion? Some dispute was expected with this subject because some Christians believe the Angel of Revelation 10:1 is Jesus. Our Creator is truth, if we do not have enough faith in truth to see that we need a growing understanding – then that is sad.

As there appears to be increasing interference with email I will restate and expand on the evidence that the great angel of Revelation 10:1 is Satan. The first clue is the word “wrapped”. Wrapped indicates inability or subject to other authority. E.g. babies may be wrapped in a shawl or blanket; prisoners may be wrapped in chains or, non-physically, wrapped in restraints. Wrapping may disguise or cover a present or a wound but does not mean personal dress. If this were Jesus the description could be “coming on, in, or among clouds”. He might “wear” or even be “dressed” in a “wrap” but to be “wrapped” is demeaning; we look for hint of special status not of restraint.

For example: we see at Revelation 12:1 a woman “robed” with the sun, not “wrapped”, and she wears a crown, royalty is entitled to but does not need, radiant dressing. At Revelation 14:14 we see on a white cloud someone like a son of man, on his head he wears a gold crown. If I were told that this represented Jesus then I would be interested to know more as we are told an angel came from the temple to tell this crowned person that his crop was ripe to harvest. Jesus is royal and awaiting his inheritance; the imagery is legitimate. So:

  1. If the “cloud wrapped” angel were Jesus, He would be senior in this scene not part of a scene manipulated by some disembodied voice that directs John on what to do.
  2. Jesus would not swear an oath because he rightly instructs us otherwise.
  3. Jesus would not present himself as an arrogant, flashy, standover person aggressively standing on sea and land. Later in Revelation; 12:12 we are warned: “woe to you, earth and sea, for the Devil has come down to you in great fury, knowing that his time is short. Then at 17:15 we see “The ocean you saw, where the “Great Whore” sat, is an ocean of peoples and populations, nations and languages.” The great whore, bedecked in jewels, is the great whore of finance/commerce who became rich by seduction. This relates to an international empire based on slavery by usury. This whore has been made rich by seduction of the ocean of peoples, nations, languages and populations.
  4. Clearly the flashy ‘great angel’ at 10:1 does not represent Jesus! Jesus does not stand over us in this way and cannot be legitimately presented in the way of that arrogant angel standing over the ocean of peoples because that is not his personality!

To appreciate how the “ocean of peoples, languages and populations has been financially raped see, on site, “Your World”: in the “Discovering Humanity” files. This reveals the financial confidence trick; those who engineered it are exposed here with new clarity.

So there it is: so long as human progress continues we cannot have the whole story before it is complete but, we can have an overall view of “what is” in relation to our times and to the limit of normal human development. Revelations given by the Creator are not meant to be obvious but, also, are not beyond human perception when their time is due.

At this time we can put aside the teachings of cultures because they reflect the early, primitive, ambitions of mankind. We may also question the teachings of religions because the Creator’s Revelations have been muddied by the biased desires of many generations of immature humans: not least of all our latest generation. But our New Testament offers an alternative: “All that may be known of God by man lies plain before their eyes;” Romans 1:19. Our Creator is revealed in the things created. It is time to admit the truth about our creation and acknowledge the Testaments with honest respect for an intelligent Creator.

That we are the products of an intelligence should be self-evident to natural perception. The alternative given by ideology-deformed science is simply nonsensical. There can be no chance events before the event of creation; chaos is empty and without form, motion is dead and without cause, chance cannot act without alternatives. Chance and natural selection only come into being after order has produced a substance and transformed it, by legitimate law, into a creation, but even then, laws that empower also confine.

Human life could not occur without control to a design for development and correction. Foreknowledge is shown by the thousands of years old revelations we have just examined which show there was knowledge of the creation and of human life before human life gained the maturity to either explain or understand itself. Today we see dimly but should not be so totally bereft of reason, logic or perception as to be unable to appreciate the bottomless enormity of the gulf between life and death?

Fore-knowledge of the nature of creation and of coming events could not have been produced by chance or explained by the primitive understanding of an early humanity whose language was too basic to express revelation of creation.

(See “Of Truth” (2003), “Fast Downloads” for a 21 st century view of Christianity.)

The reality is that life could not be created by other than intelligence! New human life achieves development by battle between selfishness and compassion; between justice and greed; between the achievements of triumphs and the defeats of failures; between the transient beauty of order and the empty eternity of disorder; between the good that advances life and the evil that destroys life.

We have seen sufficient evidence that the present teaching of the creation of life is a confidence trick. True scientific facts were established early in the 20 th century when it became known that many more life forms have terminated than now exist. The reason is that chance and natural selection choose the best combination of genes available to each species for a particular environment and if that environment remains constant long enough then chance and natural selection, by nature’s efficiency, will delete unused alternatives.

The elimination of unused alternatives is known by science as “specialization”; as an organism becomes more specialized it becomes less adaptable. If the environment later changes to require a new or lost gene, then, as the life form cannot by chance select from what does not exist; it terminates. That is the true science of it: not only life but the universe itself is, by its physical nature, running down. New structure can only be created by intelligent creation of order.

The trick of teaching that life is a meaningless event created by chance is part of a plan designed by Globalists to gain the world for themselves; the kind of world created by the “Watchers” – two classes. In that world the ‘gods’ (with power of life or death over a pheasant class) keep true knowledge from the ‘profane’ because (they tell us) knowledge endangers the simple mind.

But the good will win this life battle because, although the twins “good and evil” may appear of equal strength, good has the advantage that, without love of legitimate order, life cannot survive. That is why the first corrupt order of the watchers was destroyed; had it been left to follow its line it would, eventually, have destroyed all life on earth.

Disorder can only exist while order exists; evil can only survive while sustained by good; chance can only exist within existing alternatives. In other words evil is a cancer that lives off the product of truth and chance cannot choose between non-created potentials.

There are people who claim righteousness and want to destroy all who disagree with them; there are people who claim that, had they been given the choice, they would have chosen never to be born at all. But who would truly like to live in a world without choice or challenge and who would truly choose death after knowing the delights of achievement?

We will not be admitted to the future adventures of life by merely saying, “I believe”. If we have too little caring, or too little faith, to continually improve our knowledge of our Creator and the creation of which we are part; then we prove that we lie when we say, “I believe”. We prove we lie by showing we have too little faith to trust truth to deliver us from evil – too little faith to make the needed sacrifice of false belief.

We prove we lie because we show that we do not have enough faith to want to know, in truth, what it is we claim to believe in. Only after achieving true faith do we dare aspire to knowledge of truth. Many give their faith to religious interpretations of the written word even though warned against the wisdom of man. They know the Creator is truth but have not enough faith in truth to challenge their man-made religions.

We should now be able to see why we live in a world of trial and temptation. A world where governments know no democratic restraint; where wars are created to grind under-foot the last remains of human liberty; where social education is designed to deflect intellect away from true human values; where entertainment is brainwashing to support corrupt attitudes; and where, in fact, our soul is the earth of our being.

The only man-made law that man will be able to rely on will be law made by an honestly informed humanity. But misinformed man does not know he is misinformed and, when he finds knowledge, does not know why others do not act on it. Action, other than leading others to a source of united, well-supported information, is therefore futile.

Despite all contrary appearances humanity has now reached a new maturity. Humanity has now a longing for honest values but is still remains confined inside a hard shell of deceit. Only faith in truth and a desire for justice will lead us to crack this shell.

Regards Editor

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