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“Discussion File 2004 Part 1 - January to June”

Includes Retired Editorials for 2004


Discussion June 2005 - Updates
Discussion April 2005 - Slavery by Deceit
Discussion March 2005 - The Battle for our Right to Life
Discussion February 2005 - Mind Manipulation
Discussion January 2005 - Challenges to Enliven the New Year
Discussion December - The Genocide called Globalism
Discussion November - Can We Think for Ourselves
Discussion October - Is Democracy Possible
Discussion September 24 - The science content of Christian Scripture
Discussion September 3 - Your Life - Your World
Discussion August 20 - Total Police State Takeover
Discussion August 6 - Codex Alimentarius and What It Means To You
Discussion July 15th - Advertising Damages Mental Health
Discussion June 24th - How long will Armageddon last?
Discussion June 1st - Wake-Up Urgent
Discussion May 1st - Will Hegelian Dialectic turn Capitalism,
                                Through Socialism into Communism?
Discussion January 1st - A reader challenges Biblical comment in "Think!"

We then include 2004 Editorials in reverse order so that readers can continue this subject without complication.

Editorial February 1st - Ancient Writings Relating
                                    Revelations 10: 1-11 to The Book of Enoch
Editorial March 1st - Ancient Writings (continued):
                                The Egyptian Book of the Dead & Gilgamesh Epic
Editorial April 2nd - Ancient Writings – Conclusions
Editorial April 26th - Where to now?

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Discussion June 24th

How long will Armageddon last?

An interesting question but how can there be an answer when we do not even know when it began – or if it has yet begun.

Among those who actually think, many will pick 9/11 as the start but I think we could as easily pick the first World War, for certainly, at that time, it is very doubtful if any English Speaking country was governed in honesty according to its national constitution. All were to significant degree under control of the great whore of international Globalism.

Where, today, is the true USA, the true Australia or Great Britain, Canada or New Zealand? All are governed by the Beast! The gradualism of communism has been used as a takeover tool with humanism as its religious substitute for human. Our countries are as truly communist as China today, or was the USSR, the only difference is that our people pretend that we live in democracies, and republics and we are under (more sophisticated) control.

However, we have been through that (May Comment). I do agree that the War of Armageddon has begun and I am willing to forecast that the misery and torments foretold are just beginning. These will become much worse as worship of the beast causes us to resist the birth of true humanity.

But this child is to be born and how long the travail will depend on how stubbornly we resist. Be it ten years or a thousand our Creator does not count time as we do, it will last as long as we defend the mark of the beast.

If this war has started it is early days; torments will get much worse. Many Christians think that Jesus will come quickly and it will be over but the history of human creation suggests otherwise. Those who use their given intelligence to honestly understand the human reality can save themselves a whole lot of torment.

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Our entire site as you see, is now under review.
For example, we plan to provide our books in two forms
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Our first book for this treatment is the new 2004 revision of “Of Truth”, not yet our most read book but, in time, it will certainly become our most important.

This review also aims at making files in general more reader friendly and hopefully will add other facilities. Readers can help with comment on this project or the literature itself.

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Discussion June 1st. '04

Wake-up: URGENT

An article has come in that I think all should read, but it is not an isolated warning. TheMindWeb has explained our world situation, others, seeing the world from different viewpoints see the danger signals but, deceived by universal dialectic are unable to explain the hidden cause and reveal effective response. This war is planned but we are not defenseless.

I only give you the beginning of that article, you can read the rest on the internet if you need to. Readers of TheMindWeb have been warned of the coming crash and this is an opportunity to let you see just how serious it can be. It will not be just another stock-market crash or great depression. The stakes are the highest the world has to offer: its own ownership.

The USA is beyond bankrupt and diving deeper every day but the fiat economy might still be held together for some years. On the other hand it only needs a nation of people to face reality to stop the procession before it is too late. Like a boat being driven towards a deadly waterfall it can be turned, or individuals can save themselves if action is taken before the point of no return.

Large numbers of people are not only of no use to the New World Order, but are a deadly danger to it. The USA is the critical target, the most powerful nation must be neutralized, but the industrial economy is world-wide and its crash and its consequences are not to be confined to the USA.

The person writing the attached news-sheet appears to think the economy plug is already being pulled and we will see the walls coming down by year's end. He may well be right, the war has begun, but it is not about what most think it's about.

Globalists don't want to give warning, maximum shock and trauma is essential to their success. They cannot hide signs of the coming crash from those looking honestly at the economy; it will be a huge event, but there are ways to disguise.

We probably all learned this trick in primary school. In my time it was the story of “The boy who cried wolf”. Many do not want to see so, after a false warning or two, will ignore warnings. We must remain alert for signs we can see for ourselves and, those who want to save themselves must be ready to act quickly; much better to act now to help inform people and perhaps avoid the tragedy.

How bad will it be? Generations have been indoctrinated into humanist philosophy and the idea that their government is there to look after them. These people will not react as did people in the last great depression: at that time people accepted that they were responsible for themselves.

So how will this generation react? Well think of PolPot in Cambodia; but the next killing fields will be the streets of towns and cities. This human destruction has happened in ancient times and Globalists have shown they can make it happen today. It will happen when people are forced to accept their betrayal; accept that their gods are of clay and families are starving. There is no limit to the cruelty of mob violence.

To know the truth is our most valuable ability and best defense! Read the quote or the complete article on the URL below but don't waste time.

The article, spread anonymously, originated from Senator Tim Ferguson and his own www site as URL below. Quote:

Work At Home
Elite Bankers Now Pulling Plug On US Economy & Currency!
Mon May 24, 2004 11:50
Elite Bankers Now Pulling Plug On US Economy & Currency!

I have warned for a long time that the Federal Reserve is planning to destroy the U.S. economy by: printing the U.S. dollar in exponentially riskier quantities until it blows off the charts and crashes, and by easing credit and rates until the average individual and corporate debt loads are so enormous that the resulting massive distortions in the economy suddenly bring on an economic heart attack, leaving no possibility of a short or even medium-term recovery. That day is here!

There is nothing more important in your life right now than the exceedingly dire economic crisis unfolding as I write, and the state of your soul.

In other words, if your spiritual house is not in order, the building financial collapse will be so horrible that you will not be able to emotionally or mentally endure it, and I am addressing the healthy and strong here.

This collapse will knock you out cold, flat on your back, with violence, and most of mankind will never get back up. While the elite are sending signals to their friends that the switch has been thrown, that final preparations for safety are now in order, they are not saying how bad it will be. That is why I began this site, because I could not find anyone, even doomsayers, who spelled out clearly what is at stake here. I believe that even the elite, such as Sir Templeton (more below) do not fully understand the implications of this crash - that this is the end of America as we know it.

That great criminal enterprise - the Federal Reserve - has accomplished step #1, trashing and ending the dollar system, culminating a multi-year, massive, insane inflation of money supply and credit. End quote .

To better understand our world see: “New files for 2004” and other items on TheMindWeb.com When the crash comes our most valuable asset will be to understand our situation so that our decisions can be rational.

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Discussion May 1st

Will Hegelian Dialectic turn Capitalism,
through socialism, into Communism?

A reader questions the use of the word Socialism in our important “Last Editorial” (May) claiming, correctly, that it means, in short: “community owned production for community benefit”, what's wrong with that? We soon agree that socialism, given trials by Communist takeover, had left surviving productive classes ‘equal only as slaves' to the ruling elitists.

The socialist ideal, not born out in reality, needed capitalist support until capitalism itself was able to attain (through education, politics and mass media) its own makeover of working and middle class minds. We agreed that, in addition to what is exposed in “Shame of Nations”, there was need to explain socialism more clearly and more honestly; here is the result:

When “social” is deformed by addition of an ‘ism' or an ‘ist' it becomes a religion: it promotes an egotistical, faith-based ideal to replace respect for the true nature of social order. Socialists promote an idealized social belief and give religious zeal to achieving that ideal; there is an assumed godly ability to mould life in disregard of human nature, practical reality and evident truth. Communism is the active expression of socialism as a ‘commune of socialists'.

As philosophy, ‘humanism' promotes a substitute for human and a base for Communist and Fascist religions; as shown in “Shame of Nations” these are all parts of a secretly promoted ‘power-lusting' plan for control of culture. Capitalism also assumes a god-like ability to create a new human nature by selective use of capital and deception: (a fiat ‘socialist' world economy; see “Your World” ) it is also part of a plan to gain elitist power on earth with a ‘beliefs controlled' slave class in service.

That dream is of ancient origin, it became a semi-culture during early stages of human development when understanding of human nature made this desire more excusable and less concrete. Note this quote from “Indian Philosophy” by Radhakrishnan: “ One of the leading principles of the mystics was the sacredness and secrecy of self knowledge and the true knowledge of the gods. This wisdom was, they thought, unfit for, perhaps even dangerous to, the ordinary human mind; or in any case, liable to perversion and misuse, and loss of virtue if revealed to the vulgar and unpurified spirits. Hence they favored the existence of an outer worship, effective but imperfect, for the profane.”

Socialism is the change agent for plutocracy! As we see, the ideal of total elitist control, with government by indoctrinated beliefs for the slave class, is, quite precisely, the idea being set up by capitalist/communist-elitists today. The difference today is that they have modern knowledge to help achieve their aims; but also, if they cared, they have access to human science to show them that they have no such godly rights or abilities.

That nations so easily fall by simple progressive takeover is even more surprising when we see how openly plans are revealed. Collins Dictionary gives the following in its explanation of socialism:

“ 2. Any of various social or political theories or movements in which the common welfare is to be achieved through the establishment of a socialist economic system .

“3. (in Marxist theory) a transitional stage after the proletarian revolution in the development of a society from capitalism to communism characterized by the distribution of income according to work rather than need.” Note: no charity in this ‘PolPot' type change agent. Emphasis added.

Ideologies fight each other to achieve the same aim. Leaders wallow in the promised ideal and ignore the evident fact of its futility and treachery; they see their plans as ‘on target' but pride denies them ability to see themselves as ‘part' of the target. They are set up to do the dirty work but those in power after the “killing fields” will be neither Capitalists nor Communists. Globalists party as they watch the Hegelian Dialectic work this thesis and antithesis to achieve their dream.

For back-up information download 2004 and other articles on www.themindweb.com

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Discussion January 2004

A Reader Challenges Biblical Statements in "Think!"

Readers: you are here faced with two radically different biblical viewpoints and we would be pleased to hear your comments. My personal email address is looknow@themindweb.com Owing to a perceived unreliability with E-mail I undertake to acknowledge all replies over the following six weeks should I not have time to reply in some detail.

The AGS email address is AGS@biblebelievers.org.au and their site is http://www.biblebelievers.org.au/

AGS of Australia, challenges biblical references in "Think!" :
"Page 15:5, ?? "Humanism is the message of the little scroll (Revelations 10: 8-10) that tastes sweet but sickens humanity. Humanism is today's deformity of truth and the major cause of needless hurt by everything from bush fires to terrorism, plague, sickness and war! If it was not for wrong-thinking people trying to save trees, fewer trees and human lives would be lost to forest fires. If it were not for false religious teachings by people wanting to believe their petty preferences, then people would not go to war or kill to support the empty beliefs and useless ambitions of leaders."

AGS : How on earth can you make such a statement! The little scroll is the Book of Life! The Angel is Jesus Christ (Revelation 10:1-4). If you turn back to Revelation 5 you will note that the Book was sealed from the foundation of the world until Christ opened the Book and revealed its contents through the "angel" or messenger to the seventh or Laodicean Church Age (Malachi 4:5-6; Matthew 17:11; Acts 3:19-23; Revelation 10:7). The Message on the little scroll is "The Revelation of the Seven Seals." It is the Message of THIS hour, the Message the saints of ALL Ages have anticipated!

This Message was revealed by Christ at His second or "parousia" Coming in 1963 through His prophet William Branham, and Christ is present NOW confirming It. The revelation of the Seven Seals brought Christ back to Earth in WORD form "as a thief in the night" (I Corinthians 13:10).

God reveals Himself or interprets His Word either by bringing It to pass or by sending a prophet - and vindicating that man. God is not known by guesswork. Faith is not a haphazard guess. Faith is the mind of Christ is [in] YOU. It is a clear understanding of His unchanging Word. Faith is THUS SAITH THE LORD.

It is a terrible transgression to imply that the Word of God is "Humanism". This is leading people astray instead of leading them to the Absolute.

Read Revelation 10:11 if you want to see the folly of your interpretation: "And He said unto me, You must prophesy again before many peoples, and nations, and tongues, and kings". Surely you don't imagine Christ has commanded His end-time Bride to preach "humanism".

[Reply: Dear AGS. I doubt many readers would make the assumption that my statement suggests in any way that Christ is commanding His end-time Bride to teach humanism. I would expect ALL readers who seriously read my words to see the incident of the "little scroll" as being a warning against the teaching of humanism. Also, if they are Biblical inclined, that readers would see that humanism is the Satanist challenge to Christianity that it so clearly is.

We are warned against false prophets and the frail wisdom of man. You see that so many others in religious guise interpret things wrongly but do not see it may be possible that your interpretations, or those you follow, may also be wrong.

How can this be resolved?
Jesus said: "If you dwell within the revelation I have brought, you are indeed my disciples; you shall know the truth and the truth will set you free." But those who had believed Him replied; "We are Abraham's descendants; we have never been in slavery to any man."

It is difficult for man to see beyond his cage. We do not want to imagine or see the truth of our enslavement to lies, human error and desires; our denial of this, remains today. Jesus also said: "I am the way; I am truth and I am life; no one comes to the Father except by me." Then again in "Romans" we see: "For all that may be known of God by man lies plain before their eyes; … ever since the world began, to the eye of reason, in the things he has made." This is beyond something thought up in the mind of Paul and should be read in relation to the quotes from Jesus.

The three quotes above are statements of scientific and Biblical truth, the "truth of the reality of the creation of which we are part". Everything in this creation was created by the One Creator and serves our chastisement and enlightenment.]

AGS : God has not accepted evil into his creation. He has allowed it and He placed man on the basis of free moral agency with clear guidelines and warning before judgment. Evil is a perversion and will one day be annihilated - even in its memory.

[Dear AGS; Sorry to have to disagree but I can't accept that can be true either by science; by the logic of a creator God or the Biblical quotes above. The act of creation creates its own boundaries. There can be no light without darkness; no inside without outside. Without pain we could know no pleasure; without evil we could never experience good. Is it not demeaning to intelligence to imply that the Creator did not know His own creative Word -- understand the principles of creation. To be beyond evil we have to leave the physical creation and become spiritual beings but that is a different realm.
With respect: Editor. ]

2nd response and reply.
AGS : It was not for no purpose that God set forth the infallible test for a prophet (Numbers 12:6; Deuteronomy 13:1-5; 18:15-22). Neither were Jesus and the prophets speaking idly when they foretold the Work of the last prophet to we Gentiles before the close of the Gentile dispensation (Malachi 4:5-6; Matthew 17;11; Acts 3:19-23; Revelation 1:1; 3:14; 10:7, etc.).

[Dear AGS; I have looked up a number of your reference in so far as they relate to the Christian Testament and have found no substance to validate your claims. This leads me to believe that your ideas are based on interpretations of the Old Testament. This Old Testament was given to guide people far more primitive than we in understanding and language.

Information and experiences were passed on by word of memory and written and re-written and translated from translation. The result: there are many versions and possible interpretations. Jesus came to give us a new testament for our times and even in the interval between then and today we can only be sure of his message by test of its scientific accuracy. This is made clear by His own reported statements or teaching in the Christian Testament.

If we are to be true Christians we cannot translate the old into the new for as Jesus remarked you do not put new wine into old wine-skins. Yes He was referring to worldly wine but it is a matter of principle. So let me now answer more of your objections resulting from our earlier exchange.

The revelation of Jesus was scientific: I am the way, I am truth and I am life. This is the very base of His teaching and is beyond logical denial. The only way to complete life is through truth of life!

AGS : Right, and the Truth has been sealed up from the foundation of the world. * That is what Daniel and Jesus taught (Daniel 12:4,9; Revelation 10:1-4). So long as the Book was sealed, Christ was a Mediator. But since Revelation 4:5 and 10:1-7 are revealed He is no longer in the Office of Son of God and Mediator but Son of Man and Judge as all four Gospels teach. So, in this day, without the revelation of the Message of the prophet Jesus promised to us, it is the tribulation. Malcahi 4:6; Acts 3:23; Revelation 22:18-19 all say so.

[No Anthony; all that may be known of God by man is visible from the beginning, to the eye of reason in the things he has made.]

The Revelation of John concentrated on warning of troubles to come. The little scroll that tastes sweet but sickens when swallowed, you say is the book of life. Why does God want to make us sick? How can you believe anyone who teaches that?

AGS : You are the only person I have encountered who teaches this. Jesus said that the revelation of the Book, when we receive it, is sweet to the lips and wonderful to share because it divides asunder anything contrary, but when it is digested and we become one with the revelation it is a bitter pill because we are then responsible to live the Life of that Word, and that is not easy and brings persecution.

[Does my writing not support that? People find facing their errors very difficult and the greater their error the greater the torment.]

Even to suggest that Jesus is just a Great Angel seems very dubious to me.

AGS : It was not dubious to Moses or to Paul. Malachi was quit comfortable in calling Messiah an angel (Malachi 3:1). He was the Angel of the Covenant Who led the children of Israel. Jesus was quite comfortable with this term when He revealed the Book of Revelation to John. What is it that causes you to feel "very dubious" about what the prophets of Old and New Testament were quite comfortable with? The word "angel" means a messenger. God sent us seven during the Church Ages - Paul, Irenaeus, Martin, Columba, Luther, Wesley and Branham, and the eighth was the Archangel or Chief Angel, Christ Himself. (I Thessalonians 4:16; Revealtion 10:1-4).

[It may be that an angel is a messenger and in the limited language and understanding of the ancients all messengers may have been classed as angels. More modern researchers may well have been misled but Revelations is official, a book of images and would have strict protocols. I would not presume that Jesus be presented as an angel because that would have reduced Him to the status of a dispatch rider if, as you say, an angel is a messenger. Nor, AGS, would the Book of Life be depicted as a 'little scroll' or awarded the indignity of being carried opened. This little scroll is a false teaching of no true human or spiritual value.]

In fact the whole schemozle of sectarian dispute [the confusion of ages] is such a confused mess that I do not care to waste my time by becoming involved with it, its like entering a quagmire when there is clear ground to travel. This, I expect, was at least part of the reason I devote my life to help the world see plain Christian common sense.

AGS : That is why God sent the Prophet Jesus promised to RESTORE the apostolic faith, FINISH the mystery of God, and call His people OUT from that mess. Surely the simple Word of God is clear on these points. Since you have not recognized whom the prophet was (past tense) what is it that prevents you from spending ALL of your time seeking for him? It is now too late for that man, whoever he was, to come. Whoever he was he has been and has fulfilled ALL Scripture spoke concerning him.

[More interpretations built on others; but I do not deny that the Prophet, promised by Jesus, may be with us today.]

AGS : Unfortunately your "plain common sense" is contrary to the Word of God. You have neglected to recognize YOUR day and ITS Message and are "guessing" (incorrectly) the meaning of God's Word and that is impersonation of a prophet.

[Unfortunately AGS you carry your assumptions forward. We, in this age, need to eliminate false teaching to see that we need know no more than can be understood from the teaching of Jesus. He confirms that there is no creation by magic. Belief in supernatural creation and unlimited powers is the work of the anti-Christ. When the creation came to be then came also its laws and even God cannot change it without committing the creation to total destruction. By use of observation and intelligence man is able to understand the creation and will do so when he accepts and lives within the truth of life.

My load is light says the Lord" His way is not complicated or difficult to understand.

The subject of this discussion will continue, with reference to ancient writings, in February Editorial. With respect:

For more comfortable reading of this matter Editorials for 2004 are now presented in reverse order to enable reading without distraction.

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Editorial February 1st 2004

Ancient Writings
Relating Revelations 10: 1-11 to The Book of Enoch

Debate between myself and AGS (“Readers Comment and Discussion”) opened a matter of serious interest but without settlement because it was more “off the cuff” than prepared discussion. As it is much easier to do prepared statements when the issues have been exposed I take advantage of this with two editorials on the subject to which, of course AGS and readers, are welcome to respond. Response, if any, will link, mid-month, above the monthly editorial; readers can thereby follow any debate.

I use the “ New English Bible ” authorized by a combination of eleven denominations and Christian organizations. Even this, as we will see by Old Testament example, can take on itself to bow to cultural ideology; but our concern is with understanding the New. As they say in their introduction, “We have conceived our task to be that of understanding the original as precisely as we could (using all available aids), and then saying again in our own native idiom what we believe the author was trying to say in his .” This translation takes advantage of ‘modern' as opposed to ‘antique' scholarship in the years before Humanist corruption made research dubious, it is offered as our best available translation.

Jesus said that, to help with conviction we should relate to the old and the new. For witness we relate “old to new” and I re-open the original Old Testament and offer quotes from some of the hidden documents to reveal greater witness and authority to our Christian Testament:

Revelations 10:1-11. Quotes are from The New English Bible – New Testament.
Then I saw another mighty angel coming down from heaven. He was wrapped in a cloud, with the rainbow around his head; his face shone like the sun and his legs were like pillars of fire. In his hand he held a little scroll unrolled .

This is the ‘anti-Christ' Archangel. This powerful personage, shown in ancient writings as, in many ways, similar to Jesus in power, is, in the Book of Enoch, called Semihazah. He is the leader of the “Watchers”: angels sent to earth to watch over the human development. Semihazah saw this as an opportunity to rebel against God and set up his own kingdom. This rebel leader is in Egyptian called Set and in Christian, Satan.

Satan and his angels are known in today's Bible but not their history. Identity is revealed when this powerful angel is shown as “ wrapped in a cloud ”. “ wrapped ” camouflaged or ‘shady', and clearly a flashy, arrogant, ‘standover' personality.

His right foot he planted on the sea, and his left on the land .”
(He has underfoot the ‘firm land' of human soul and the ‘oceans' of peoples).
Then he gave a great shout, like the roar of a lion; and when he shouted the seven thunders spoke. I was about to write down what the seven thunders had said; but I heard a voice from heaven saying, ‘Seal up what the seven thunders have said; do not write it down .' "

The “ thunders ”, an accumulation of voices in authority during pre-flood times, link with this cloud wrapped Angel because when he shouted they responded; the order not to record what is said means what they reveal is, for a time, to be suppressed. This relates to an Old Testament revision, here various parts of the original Hebrew Old Testament, including much of the “Book of Enoch” are deleted. Old Testament fragments, as might be found in the “Egyptian Book of the Dead” and the “Gilgamesh Epic”, are also ignored.

Old Testament revision was needed so as to allow time to “weed out” the consequences of the evil introduced by the rebellious Watchers. Jesus describes it in the parable of the ‘darnel' sown among the grain in which the darnel was allowed to grow until the harvest when it could, with safety to the good grain, be destroyed. This revision gave Western Europe and much of the world its present Old Testament. It drew a veil over the true nature of the corruption of the “earth-human project” in order to effect repair.

Then the angel that I saw standing on the sea and the land raised his right hand to heaven and swore by him who lives for ever and ever, who created heaven and earth and the sea and everything in them: ‘There shall be no more delay; but when the time comes for the seventh angel to sound his trumpet, the hidden purpose of God shall have been fulfilled, as he promised to his servants the prophets .

Jesus tells us we should not ‘swear by' anything “our word” is all that is needed of honest people. Satan is made to announce his own limited time. As these things can now be revealed we may assume it is near time for the “Seventh Angel” to sound his trumpet.

"Then the voice which I heard from heaven was speaking to me again, and it said, ‘Go and take the open scroll in the hand of the angel that stands on the sea and the land.' So I went to the angel and asked him to give me the little scroll. He said to me, 'Take it, and eat it. It will turn your stomach sour, though in your mouth it will taste sweet as honey.' So I took the little scroll from the angel's hand and ate it, and in my mouth it did taste sweet as honey; but when I swallowed it my stomach turned sour.

That this little scroll is ‘carried open and without respect' is repeated. This scroll represents “humanism” and cannot be confused with that important scroll, “The Book of Life”, that was secured with seven seals and written on both sides: this is a scroll of length and held in reverence because of the importance of the message it carries.

Genuine vision cannot confuse these two scrolls as being one and the same. Nor can the mighty cloud wrapped angel who stands over the sea (of mankind) and the land (soul of earth life) be other than the angel in charge of the “Watchers”. Jesus is, in this revelation, called the “Lamb”. Can we be so confused as to see Him as this arrogant personality?

Quotes from Ancient Writings:
Archeology shows ancient Hebrew scribes to be more reliable than might be expected and the original Book of Enoch is the most revealing book of antediluvian times now existing.

Fortunately we have at least part of these writings translated from the re-discovered "Dead Sea Scrolls" as a help to authenticity. The following three translations will be referred to: The books of Enoch (Dead Sea Scrolls: a translation of surviving fragments) by J. T. Milik. "Enoch (Ethiopic M/S)" by R. Laurence. "The Book of Enoch (Ethiopic)" by R. H. Charles. Author's initials at beginning of each quote indicate translators.

The situation shown is one of raw exploitation and opportunistic selfishness such, we are told, as will not be seen again until end times. If left exposed this Watcher corruption would have deformed the program of human development so, for a time, it had to be hidden (premature knowledge is a dangerous thing). The pre-flood battle is further reported in “Ancient writings” next month. It is significant that after being hidden for the best part of two thousand years this episode is now available to a more advanced human “earth”.

JTM page 142: “not for this generation but for a far off generation shall I speak”. We are now in that “far off generation”.

Page 12: “Enoch spent … 300 years walking with God, … and then he came back on to the earth amongst the sons of men and he witnessed against all of them … and also against the Watchers"

Watcher identity is important. We get a clue when the Watchers ask Enoch to intercede with God on their behalf. Enoch returns to them with the following response:

R. L. page 20: “You ought to pray for men not men for you … You being spiritual, holy and possessing a life that is eternal, have polluted yourselves … have begotten in carnal blood; have lusted in the blood of men and have done as those who are flesh and blood do. These however die and perish.” P 22: “Say, (to the watchers) In heaven have you been; secret things, however, have not been manifest to you; yet have you known a reprobated mystery, and this you have related to women … by that mystery have women and mankind multiplied evil upon earth … Never therefore shall you obtain peace .

The Watchers overseeing the developing earth/man soul were not possessed of complete knowledge. They committed the unpardonable crime of mating with earth people and establishing themselves as lords of this earth. The leader is Semihazah (Satan) they abuse their moral trust and also reveal inappropriate information to early humanity.

Superior to the earth Watchers were four not on earth named Michael, Sariel, Raphael and Gabriel. Six are given in the Ethiopic version but four seems more reliable. Unfortunately only part of the Book of Enoch is translated from the Dead Sea Scrolls and, as with all ancient writings, there are additions relating to matters irrelevant and/or misleading. It is logical that the destruction of Watchers works by fire, earthquake and the “flood” left various groups of people with part memories of pre-flood histories, these now provide us with alternative witness.

Here is an interesting passage related to the accusation by Enoch against the watchers:
JTM: “ .. and (women) are begetting children, who are not like the spiritual beings but creatures of flesh. And there shall be great wrath of God against the earth and flood … and thereafter shall come stronger wickedness than that which will be consumed in the days of Noah and his sons. For I know the mysteries … the holy ones have told me and showed me … I read … and saw written in them that generation after generation would do evil in this wise, and evil would be more and more until there arose generations of righteousness, and evil and wickedness should come to an end, and violence should cease from off the earth."

The evil is allowed to grow with the good so that we have undeniable experience; then, at harvest, the evil seed can be destroyed. Another interesting item: JTM: “ .. Hence those who suffer affliction there, being punished less in regard to their spirits, they will not be afflicted with greater damage, in the day of judgement … ” So those who suffer an affliction such as of biased teaching, by their actions, do their spirits less harm in this life and may expect, true justice, at the judgement?

RL page 8: “The earth deprived of her children has cried even to the gates of heaven.
JTM page 167: “Then the earth made the accusation against the wicked concerning everything that was done on it.
RL pages 10-11: “Thou knowest all things before they exist … restore the earth, which the angels have corrupted; and announce life to it, that I may revive it … All the sons of man shall not perish … ” We see here that the “soul” or “spirit” of human development may, in Revelation, be referred to as "the earth”; meaning the solid and everlasting in life.

Page 56 reveals the coming of Jesus: “Others shall be made to see, that they must repent, and forsake the work of their hands (*; and that glory awaits them not in the presence of the lord of spirits (**; yet that by his name they may be saved … And in those days shall the Elect One sit upon his throne.
(* A reference to materialism.
(** Elect One, otherwise the “Lamb”; Son of Man or Jesus, not an arrogant angel.

We cannot help notice a parallel between the Adam, Eve and serpent story of the revised Old Testament and the behind scenes reality of the original report of ‘Watchers' who seduced earth-women, told damaging secrets and " Multiplied evil upon the earth .” In keeping with Christian revelation Enoch also adds witness to “two days of judgment”.

The Flood is shown to be in attendance with earthquake:
RL page 78: “ In those days Noah saw that the earth became inclined, and that destruction approached. Then he lifted up his feet, and went to the ends of the earth, to the dwelling of his great-grandfather Enoch. And Noah cried out in a bitter voice, ‘Hear me; hear me; hear me; three times. And he said, tell me what is transacting upon earth; for the earth labors, and is violently shaken. Surely I shall perish with it …

What happened to the Watchers?
The angels overseeing earth's development knew good and evil. It is reported: Semihazah said to his angels that they must all agree and not put all blame on him if there was trouble.

When trouble arrived and the kingdoms and peoples of the Watchers were destroyed, they were all devastated and extremely bitter; but they, being eternal, were not destroyed, they were confined to earth. The caretakers had set themselves up as Gods and their children were giants. These children too were destroyed in the flesh, but their spirits remain.

A relevant passage from the RHC trans. Pages 36-37:
And the spirits of the giants afflict, oppress, destroy, attack, do battle, and wreck destruction on the earth, and cause trouble; they take no food, but nevertheless hunger and thirst, and cause offences. And these spirits shall rise up against the children of men and against women, because they have proceeded from them …until the day of consummation, the great judgment." We now learn of the true origin of evil in our world culture.

Conditions during the last days R.L. page 162:
In those days they who become pregnant shall go forth, carry off their children, and forsake them. Their offspring shall slip from them, and while suckling them shall they forsake them; they shall never return to them, and never instruct their beloved.

Today more and more young women become pregnant from casual sex and go forth from, or never know, the father. Parents send their children to nurseries and schools; thus they forsake their care to others and allow others to instruct their beloved in behavior and values. This foretells the social disintegration we see today; it is not meant as an itemized statement, it is a general statement of the corruption to result from humanism.

Here is the last great effort of Satan to avenge his own guilt. He offers the little scroll that sickens humanity and creates millions of children without respect; these turn to selfishness, immorality, drugs, betrayal and crime. This is the consequence of false cultural attitudes directed by Satan through false philosophy and powered by Government institutions.

Parents, worldwide, suffer the same social pressures and, because so many suffer the same biased beliefs, they are unable to see that afflictions are consequences of the ‘artificial loves' and beliefs of humanism. Increasing corruption is the purpose of the seductive substitute for “human” offered by the anti-Christ. This corruption of values and behavior supports Global power today but will end the separation of the intermixed “good and evil”.

The destruction by flood, fire and earthquake destroyed much of the product and limited the power of those in rebellion. But total cleansing required extended development for a separation process; the first judgment/harvest in this process is now close.

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Editorial March 1st 2004.

Ancient Writings (continued):
The Egyptian Book of the Dead & Gilgamesh Epic

As we have seen, all ancient writings suffer deformity and 'unauthorized' additions on account of translations to different languages that seldom have words of exact same meaning. Or to later versions of the same language where meanings of words may have changed; by additions to record other events deemed important by the scribes or to express the biases or the ego of translators and attempts to rationalize earlier irrationalities.

A good example is seen in the New English Bible (Old Testament) where we find an original statement to the effect that God created both good and evil being modified. In many 'modern' Bibles this is being downplayed on the lines of God created joy and strife. A small change but all bias helps us evade reality.

Why do scribes make such changes? They do so because of combinations of prejudice, pride, ego and ignorance. Changes to revelation often reflect the worldly concept of 'God' at the time of translation. Translators want to believe that what is being translated is not perfectly expressed if it contradicts accepted human desires. For this reason we must follow basic principles and always try to understand in light to the universal reality.

We again see that ancient writings are composed from memory fragments or writings intermingled with other writing and comment reflecting the bias of scribes. The New Testament replaces the Old. The Old, corrupted by age, human desire and outdated by human advance, is no longer best for instruction but provides eternal elements of the Creators revelations to add weight and witness to the eternal truth.

Jesus tells us that the Creator is truth. The same when the Creator is presented as "Re" in Egyptian. The New Testament also tells us that we can know all that is to be known of God by seeing, in honesty, the things He has made; (Romans 1:19-20). Honest scientific research of the creation will reveal all that we may know of God. (You may say our Christian Bible tells of things hidden or not to be revealed but will find these are related to our human development and not to the physical creation.)

I put it to you that the act of creation creates its own laws! When the Creator decides on a creation the Creator must then accept the laws that bind what has been created. Matthew 5:18 " I tell you this: so long as heaven and earth endure, not a letter, not a stroke, will disappear from the Law until all that must happen has happened. "

As example: to create an "inside" you must also create an "outside"; you cannot have "light" without "dark" because without contrast you cannot see anything; perfect light and perfect dark will alike appear blank and without image. Likewise "comfort" is meaningless without "discomfort" and we cannot know "good" without the contrast of "evil": if "good" is to be revealed so also its twin - evil.

Some things must be hidden from the intellectually developing human for similar reasons that children should not be exposed to knowledge of sex before they have the maturity to deal with it as part of their natural physical and intellectual growth. As reported in Think! when children are invaded by images of sex, immorality and seduction, this communicates to their developing physical bodies and mental attitudes; bodies and attitudes then mature in deformed ways to meet the perceived reality - physical feelings and needs are produced that children do not have the maturity and balance to deal with in their own best interests.

Children believe 'fairy' stories and all manner of intellectual dishonesty. In its place this is good but when they naturally begin to understand realities they should not be encouraged to evade them. Intellectual maturity gives an ability to see enough reality to need logical explanations; we should not want to escape into drugs or entertainments. The Jig-Saw pieces of life have to fit the reality of truth and assemble correctly. Jesus says we should not "swear by … " this tells us that we should not dramatize or embroider the truth. Natural intellectual maturity does not need drama, fiction, drugs or "miracles".

The Egyptian Book of the Dead
Last month we saw how well the Book of Enoch fitted to, and added understanding to the revised Old Testament; also how it gave support to the Christian Testament and meaning to end times relevant to our present era. The quotes this month will, I think, give further witness to the authenticity of these Testaments.

While angels may have been known as messengers to earth people it should become clear that angels can be far more than mere messengers and often far less than Gods: that the heavenly host includes beings at various levels. It should also now be clear that all angels are not perfect or sexless but have independent will and ego that enables them to do evil. This shows angels to be related more closely to the creation than to the Creator and, as Jesus tells us: only God is truly good.

The Egyptian Book of the Dead has fewer statements that are authoritative than does The Book of Enoch and has much more added by years of irrelevant inclusions such as tomb inscriptions and praise of deities of human imagination. However, apart from the obvious, writers have their style and individual modes of expression, these are important aids to linking fragments that belong together. Our Creator uses this to help us gain insight when we add logic/perception to intelligence.

Egyptian Book of the Dead is quoted from translations by T.G Allen, and E.A. Budge. EAB page 104: " As concerning the night of the battle … the inroad of the children of impotent revolt into the eastern part of heaven, whereupon there arose a battle in heaven and in all the earth. As concerning the night of reckoning, it was the night of the burning of the dammed. " In this way is expressed the destruction by earthquake, fire and flood of the works and earth-born of the 'Watchers'.

We now see that early Egyptians knew of the universal God who created all things: TGA page 154: " I am Atum, who made the sky, who created what exists, who begat the gods; great God who came into being of himself. "

Page 89: " They are the drops of blood that dropped from the phallus of Re when he set about cutting himself. Then they became gods …They are Authority and Perception, who are in the train of their Father Atum daily. " So we here see here that the Creator had to perform an act of self-mutilation to achieve the creation of the physical and the creation of life.

Life and creation, by their own authority, create truth (laws or principles) and perception (vision to see logical relationships). These allow understanding of what exists. No scientist, no mystic, so far, has been able to give a better explanation of origins. The big bang is supported by no scientific logic, or by the nature of what actually exists.

The Egyptian version contains fine distinctions that are both relevant and revealing. We see that in Egyptian our God is called Re and is the head or personification of Atum. Atum, we call God the Father and, as our Christian Bible tells us: " When all things began, the Word already was. The word dwelt with God and what God was the Word was. "

Page 157: " My head is Re, and the total (of me) is Atum. "
Page 160: I am Re, who came forth from the deep. (The God) is my Soul. I came into being of myself together with the deep and sky and earth in this my name … I am Atum, who came forth from the deep. His Soul goes forth in this sky … to this earth .. 'Dying is my abomination; I enter not into the execution place of the Nether World. "

Other points of interest: Set = Semihazah = Satan. Each culture has its own language. In Egyptian, Horus fought with Set and defeated him. In the battle Horus receives a damaged eye while Horus, snatches off the testicles of Set. The damage to the eye of Horus represents damage done by the mischief of the Watchers to the vision for earth's human development. While the damage to Set more obviously represents deletion of his liberty to procreate greater harm. This battle is presented as physical so as to be meaningful to its then audience but, as the contestants are immortal, the battle must be intellectual.

Set (Semihazah/Satan) was not killed which is also witness with the "Book of Enoch" and Christian revelations that the evil angels were confined to earth. Egyptian and Sumerian writings illustrate events up to the destruction but no continuing revelations, they also show clearly how quickly human desires reconstruct gods to their own liking.

Knowledge of today supports that a number of groups escaped the destruction by fire, earthquake and flood; described by our "revised" Old Testament as flood only. The hidden Testament pieces reveal a larger picture but only the Hebrew Testament continues after the flood to confirm this as the nation chosen to carry the Revelations of the Creator

The Gilgamesh Epic and Ancient Writings from India
These writings also bear witness that the revised testament "flood" was not the whole story; that other earth people escaped the destruction of the Watchers Empire.

There are many cultural memories; I give only two more quotes to show the connection between ancient events and our situation today. However there is convincing evidence to support that there was civilization pre-history to ours; civilization where knowledge was far more advanced than we, in our times, have been led to believe.

The Sumerians are said to have been a dark-haired, non-Semitic people, but have folk memory of ark and flood, in many ways, not unlike that of the Hebrew. The Gilgamesh Epic seems no more than a novel though the leading character has serious connections and some descriptions relate too closely to Testament fragments to be ignored. Our reference is " The Gilgamesh Epic and Old Testament Parallels " by Alexander Heidel.

Gilgamesh himself was offspring of the Watchers (the word Watchers is not used in Sumerian translation). His personality fits the description of a strong, brash, giant living a wild earthy life. His delight was to take each maiden of the city on her wedding night.

There is no point in going deeply into the story: it is mainly about his search for the elixir of life because he, being earth-born, was mortal. Our interest is in surviving memories. Their relevance: they give further witness to events that, to all rational logic, are inclusive.

We are told of a man warned by God to build an ark and in this instance the advice included the saving of crafts people as well as animals. This is reflected in crafts abilities of early Sumerians who built a city while early Hebrews were wandering herdsmen.

Page 85 tells us of the last days of the Sumerian homeland:
" The Anunnaki (the judges of the underworld) raised torches;
Lighting up the land with their brightness;
The raging of Adad reached into heaven
Turned into darkness all that was light.
The land he broke like a pot
The gods were terror stricken at the deluge.
They fled (and) ascended to the heaven of Anu;
The gods cowered like dogs (and) crouched in distress
Ishtar cried out like a woman in travail;
The lovely voiced lady of the gods lamented:
In truth, the olden times has turned to clay,
Because I commanded evil in the assembly of the gods!
How could I command (such) evil in the assembly of the gods!
(How) could I command war to destroy my people,
it is I who bring forth (these) my people!
Like the spawn of fish they (now) fill the sea!
The Anunnaki-gods wept with her;
The gods sat bowed (and) weeping.
The wind blew, the downpour, the tempest, the flood overwhelmed the land

The raising of torches from the underworld reveals volcanic action. The turning of light into darkness indicates smoke, volcanic dust and cloud cover. The land broken like a pot shows earthquake activity.

These ancient writings give witness to the same overall event; an event described by different people from different places and languages. There are many cultures around the world with folk memories showing they were once, in some way, attached.

From A History of Indian Philosophy , pages 14-15, a time of re-settlement again confronts us. We are told parts of the Rig Veda may have been composed " before Aryan people entered the plains of India …they therefore reflect the civilization … before and after they came to India ." We are told of chariots and wagons, of cattle husbandry, agriculture, water canals, wood workers and delicate carvings. Of metal workers: smiths and potters continuing their trade; there is also plating, weaving and sewing. …

Science now proves the accuracy of other very ancient knowledge. Were it not for politically motivated deceits then this evidence would be scientifically evaluated and recognized, and we would not now be living in cultural decay.

Note: April editorial will be a short wind up of this discussion.

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Editorial April 2nd 2004

Ancient Writings – Conclusions

Some dispute was expected with this subject because some Christians believe the Angel of Revelation 10:1 is Jesus. Our Creator is truth, if we do not have enough faith in truth to see that we need a growing understanding – then that is sad.

As there appears to be increasing interference with email I will restate and expand on the evidence that the great angel of Revelation 10:1 is Satan. The first clue is the word “wrapped”. Wrapped indicates inability or subject to other authority. E.g. babies may be wrapped in a shawl or blanket; prisoners may be wrapped in chains or, non-physically, wrapped in restraints. Wrapping may disguise or cover a present or a wound but does not mean personal dress. If this were Jesus the description could be “coming on, in, or among clouds”. He might “wear” or even be “dressed” in a “wrap” but to be “wrapped” is demeaning; we look for hint of special status not of restraint.

For example: we see at Revelation 12:1 a woman “robed” with the sun, not “wrapped”, and she wears a crown, royalty is entitled to but does not need, radiant dressing. At Revelation 14:14 we see on a white cloud someone like a son of man, on his head he wears a gold crown. If I were told that this represented Jesus then I would be interested to know more as we are told an angel came from the temple to tell this crowned person that his crop was ripe to harvest. Jesus is royal and awaiting his inheritance; the imagery is legitimate. So:

A) If the “cloud wrapped” angel were Jesus, He would be senior in this scene not part of a scene manipulated by some disembodied voice that directs John on what to do.

B) Jesus would not swear an oath because he rightly instructs us otherwise.

C) Jesus would not present himself as an arrogant, flashy, standover person aggressively standing on sea and land. Later in Revelation; 12:12 we are warned: “woe to you, earth and sea, for the Devil has come down to you in great fury, knowing that his time is short. Then at 17:15 we see “The ocean you saw, where the “Great Whore” sat, is an ocean of peoples and populations, nations and languages.” The great whore, bedecked in jewels, is the great whore who became rich by finance/commerce seduction. This relates to an international empire based on slavery by usury of the ocean of peoples, nations, languages and populations.

D) Clearly the flashy ‘great angel' at 10:1 does not represent Jesus! Jesus does not stand over us in this way and cannot be legitimately presented in the way of that arrogant angel standing over the ocean of peoples because that is not his personality!

To appreciate how the “ocean of peoples, languages and populations has been financially used see, on site, “Your World”: in the “Discovering Humanity” files. This reveals the financial confidence trick; those who engineered it are exposed here with new clarity.

So there it is: so long as human progress continues we cannot have the whole story before it is complete but, we can have an overall view of “what is” in relation to our times and to the limit of normal human development. Revelations given by the Creator are not meant to be obvious but, also, are not beyond human perception in their time.

At this time we can put aside the teachings of cultures because they reflect the early, primitive, ambitions of mankind. We may also question the teachings of religions because the Creator's Revelations have been muddied by the biased desires of many generations of immature humans: not least of all our latest generation. But our New Testament offers an alternative: “All that may be known of God by man lies plain before their eyes;” Romans 1:19. Our Creator is revealed in the things created. It is time to admit the truth about our creation and acknowledge the Testaments with honest respect for an intelligent Creator.

That we are the products of an intelligence should be self-evident to natural perception. The alternative given by ideology-deformed science is simply nonsensical. There can be no chance events before the event of creation; chaos is empty and without form, motion is dead and without cause, chance cannot act without alternatives. Chance and natural selection only come into being after order has produced a substance and transformed it, by legitimate law, into a creation, but even then, laws that empower also confine.

Human life could not occur without control to a design for development and correction. Foreknowledge is shown by the thousands of years old revelations we have just examined which show there was knowledge of the creation and of human life before human life gained the maturity to either explain or understand itself. Today we see dimly but should not be so totally bereft of reason, logic or perception as to be unable to appreciate the bottomless enormity of the gulf between life and death?

Fore-knowledge of the nature of creation and of coming events could not have been produced by chance or explained by the primitive understanding of an early humanity whose language was too basic to express revelation of creation.

(See “Of Truth” (2003), “Fast Downloads” for a 21st century appreciation of Christianity.)

The reality is that life could not be created by other than intelligence! New human life achieves development by battle between selfishness and compassion; between justice and greed; between the achievements of triumphs and the defeats of failures; between the transient beauty of order and the empty eternity of disorder; between the good that advances life and the evil that destroys life.

We have seen sufficient evidence that the present teaching of the creation of life is a confidence trick. True scientific facts were established early in the 20 th century when it became known that many more life forms have terminated than now exist. The reason is that chance and natural selection choose the best combination of genes available to each species for a particular environment and if that environment remains constant long enough then chance and natural selection, by nature's efficiency, will delete unused alternatives.

The elimination of unused alternatives is known by science as “specialization”; as an organism becomes more specialized it becomes less adaptable. If the environment later changes to require a new or lost gene, then, as the life form cannot by chance select from what does not exist; it terminates. That is the true science of it: not only life but the universe itself is, by its physical nature, running down. New structure can only be created by intelligent creation of order.

The trick of teaching that life is a meaningless event created by chance is part of a plan designed by Globalists to gain the world for themselves; the kind of world created by the “Watchers” – two classes. In that world the ‘gods' (with power of life or death over a pheasant class) keep true knowledge from the ‘profane' because (they tell us) knowledge endangers the simple mind.

But the good will win this life battle because, although the twins “good and evil” may appear of equal strength, good has the advantage that, without love of legitimate order, life cannot survive. That is why the first corrupt order of the watchers was destroyed; had it been left to follow its line it would, eventually, have destroyed all life on earth.

Disorder can only exist while order exists; evil can only survive while sustained by good; chance can only exist within existing alternatives. In other words evil is a cancer that lives off the product of truth and chance cannot choose between non-created potentials.

There are people who claim righteousness and want to destroy all who disagree with them; there are people who claim that, had they been given the choice, they would have chosen never to be born at all. But who would truly like to live in a world without choice or challenge and who would truly choose death after knowing the delights of achievement?

We will not be admitted to the future adventures of life by merely saying, “I believe”. If we have too little caring, or too little faith, to continually improve our knowledge of our Creator and the creation of which we are part; then we prove that we lie when we say, “I believe”. We prove we lie by showing we have too little faith to trust truth to deliver us from evil – too little faith to make the needed sacrifice of false belief.

We prove we lie because we show that we do not have enough faith to want to know, in truth, what it is we claim to believe in. Only after achieving true faith do we dare aspire to knowledge of truth. Many give their faith to religious interpretations of the written word even though warned against the wisdom of man. They know the Creator is truth but have not enough faith in truth to challenge their man-made religions.

We should now be able to see why we live in a world of trial and temptation. A world where governments know no democratic restraint; where wars are created to grind under-foot the last remains of human liberty; where social education is designed to deflect intellect away from true human values; where entertainment is brainwashing to support corrupt attitudes; and where, in fact, our soul is the earth of our being.

The only man-made law that man will be able to rely on will be law made by an honestly informed humanity. But misinformed man does not know he is misinformed and, when he finds knowledge, does not know why others do not act on it. Action, other than leading others to a source of united, well-supported information, is therefore futile.

Despite all contrary appearances humanity has now reached a new maturity. Humanity has now a longing for honest values but is still remains confined inside a hard shell of deceit. Only faith in truth and a desire for justice will lead us to crack this shell.

Note: TheMindWeb was set up to explain a world situation without fear or favor, this is now seen to be substantially complete but we await opening of doorways by current events or by readers. No new editorials are planned but we are hoping for some on-going discussion and perhaps some new articles. At least one other new article is expected to be coming on-site soon. We still need improvements in clarity and organization.

Remember : For past editorials see " Retired Editorials ".

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Last Editorial April 26th 2004

Where to Now?

A person speaking of some difficulty may say:
I am told this program is very good but expensive; but you have to do what you can don't you?

No you don't! There are doings that are right and doings that are wrong.
If you don't know the difference,
‘doing what you can' may produce results opposed to those you want.

The response to this may be: “Well how can we know?”
That is the important question!
People go through life telling a little lie here and a little lie there,
its not important. John says one thing Jim says another,
we choose the one we like best rather than try to find the truth.
The Socialist philosophy we now live by teaches truth does not exist.
But there will come a time when the truth will be very important to you! Will all you are able to do then be to say:
“Well how can we know?”

That is why the world is today becoming less rational and
more violent. That is a tide coming in. Life is an integrated system!
Creation exists on a base of principles!
The entire creation is interrelated!
The more we love truth the more often we turn the right way.
Turning the right way has never been more important than it is today.

Now that basic matters are integrated on this site we don't need editorials.
Challenge will lead to correction or clarification in “Discussion”.
So, while waiting for a point of clarification, let's review.
Let's take a quick look at our culture in light of latest findings.

Just the self-evident basics.
Suppose you go to some foreign country where language is sufficiently like your own that you can communicate easily and, as it is a foreign country, you can look honestly at their way of life. There you find the taxation system is making the super-rich richer and the poor poorer. You also notice that their TV is sex driven, almost pornographic and stimulating young people to premature sexual maturity, often before they reach teenage. But their law restricts marriage before eighteen! Law also bans children from sex before sixteen, but takes notice of this only if older men seek young partners.

You wonder at this because it is long known that sex is the major bonding agent in keeping partners together to provide a secure environment for their children. If this bonding is depleted by promiscuity then the culture becomes, to various degrees socially disorientated or radical and rational order becomes increasingly difficult to maintain. You wonder why a government would legislate for cultural breakdown? You see social problems growing and wonder where lies loyalty in this government.

The people on the streets look healthy and prosperous but often stressed or worried. As you stay longer you find there are frequent protests which range from complaining letters to news editors, to peaceful street protests that often turn violent. There are also attempted (or successful) indiscriminate mass killings.

You then see that the young are encouraged by mass media and education to believe they are no more than common animals; so increasingly they behave that way. Why should they not obey animal instincts of violence or rebel when banned from adult activities? They also face constant challenge, by media promoted examples, to try activities ranging from drugs to stealing; from unlicensed driving to violence, rape, murder, or any age or law restricted activity. Youth rebellion is a heavy social cost.

Suppose you now also notice that the electoral system is rigged. Called democracy it appears to fulfil the constitutional requirement that people choose their representatives but democracy is based on candidate choice – not vote. The people are duped to vote for those chosen by vested interests from among the arrogant and ignorant who push themselves forward. Few of these have ability or even honesty and, when elected, openly govern under direction of highly paid advisers.

Voters cannot see this; they have blindness to simple realities because most grew up with little real-life experience. Those vital early years of human development, from birth to seven; those years where are set the foundations of language, reasoning and appreciation of life's basics, are largely lost. During these years their developing minds are pressure fed on promoted sports and exciting but misleading images of life. In those early years they learn no more than basic language and that life is a game of ‘make-believe' that offers a right to be entertained.

Pre-schooling and special programs claim to help but replace parents forced to work to maintain artificial lifestyles in a manipulated economy! Children never recover ‘lost' years and grow up to become gullible parents reliant on ‘big brother' and fanatic in defense of peer-group set attitudes. You now see that ‘peer-group' loyalties create social compartments at each step of the dialectic indoctrination. Brainwashed victims isolate themselves from the wisdom of ages. A very neat manipulation!

(See “TV or not TV” and “Globalism Brainwash”)

Programs ‘supposedly' designed to help the disadvantaged fail because the real cause of social problems is not revealed. As damage caused by unnatural nurture is never explained, people clamor for expensive correction programs and mind dulling medications. They cannot see, or believe, ‘their' government is tricking them.

Being puzzled as to why these apparently intelligent people ever came to accept these strange contradictions you return to the classroom. Here you find students treated as groups rather than as individuals. Social reality is taught at all levels as a “consensus dialectic” rather than truth, reality then becomes legitimate by agreement between the inexperienced and ignorant. Technology, though well taught, is stifled by the people shaping dialectic! Set reading limits discussion of alternatives and therefore of invention as students' struggle with basic survival.

So you now see why these intelligent people accepted their children being encouraged to activities and attitudes that increase despondency, lawlessness, social abuse, drug addiction, violence, rape and contempt for parents as well as each other. Indoctrinated contradictions generate problems that cause frustrations and ‘compartmentalization' of both adults and children. Created problems ‘highlight' need for increasing ‘correction' programs, rules and regulations. The success of gradualism is revealed by the fact that people keep demanding ‘better' indoctrination when their need is honest information.

So our tourist finds that, in social matters, these people have become indoctrinated to a degrading ideology and understanding while confused by conflicting beliefs and social problems. With influence and understanding side-tracked the community lost political power and was made blind to the cancer of a fake morality undermining culture.

Parents are indoctrinated from early childhood and most, despite all signs, believe the age-old historic imperative that government works in the public interests. They did not notice the world changing from a collection of independent nations (in which leaders and people are dependent on each other) to become a ‘new-world order' where any independent nation or population poses a danger to the naked ‘Emperor'.

Parents, hooked as children on early stages of this program, began to fear truth. They did not want to see that if taught right and wrong do not exist but then told they must adopt certain morals, children would suffer mental conflicts. Or, if told they should respect rights of others but made to believe each is most important in a meaningless world, children might adopt self-serving attitudes with arrogant or violent responses. That response, innate to false beliefs, would often rule behavior more firmly than feel-good ideas of kindness and consideration that have no base in the humanist philosophy.

Would you, as a parent, now be horrified by the visible fact that your government had tricked you? Would you care that you vote to support a quisling democracy? Would you call it treason that you were not told that democracy, quite simple to attain and maintain, was your legal right won by ancestral sacrifice? Would you be surprised to find that people only need be informed in order to take advantage of these rights and defeat the secret dictatorship – so easy, safe, cheap, and a world to regain?

If that tourist were you, would you care that our world economy is a fake economy? That your money, controlled by people with no legal or moral concern for you, has no value base: both you and your nation are being robbed to ‘bankruptcy by devaluation'?

If that tourist were you, would you now look more closely at your own culture? Would you begin to wonder why your children are also being indoctrinated to a dogma with no moral base and would you care about the consequences? Indeed, would you begin to wonder why education has been able to introduce new teaching methods without public evidence of advantage?

As a reasoning person, might you now wonder how, or why, such a self-contradictory and self-destructive culture could come into being? If it were true that a chance event created humans and animals as one, how could it be more important what a human does than what any other animal does? If it were true that life had no meaning or purpose and no potential beyond death, why would leaders care what people thought?

A program to create a “new-world order” is not a simple matter. To gain control of world finance; to financially exploit national governments; bribe science; incite a system of fanatical beliefs: all this becomes an incredibly delicate and time-consuming project. It requires generations of dedication and must offer a very great prize.

Ownership of the earth is a very great prize but, if life truly was a meaningless freak of fate without human potential, then even the whole universe has no human value.

End Piece

Those who study this site with open mind will find honest answers.
The creation of life by chance is neither scientific nor logically possible
but, if you want to rob someone much bigger and stronger than yourself,
then it helps if you can convince your victim of his futility and the
depressing weight of his useless treasures.

It should be now abundantly clear that we are set-up to be robbed!
Human potential is our treasure!
All critical cultural authorities: law, mass media, government,
religion, commerce, education, entertainment, are shown to be corrupted and in process of being removed from our control.

Of the many authorities quoted on TheMindWeb one of the first was the
well known Bertrand Russell (1872-1970); Quote:
"Although this science will be diligently studied, it will be rightly confined to the governing class and the populace will not be allowed to know how its convictions were generated .. education should aim at destroying free will, ..." End quote.

We have also sampled the accuracy of Biblical Revelation!
A second flood of torments will defeat the plotters and their supporters.
We are given no fence to sit on!
Those not standing for human life sit in opposition.
But all are allowed opportunity to use human intelligence, human caring
and human spirit,
and to stand in defense of our human heritage.

The road to hell is a broad spiral paved beautifully with good intentions.
It is followed by many and downhill all the way.
But true humans have intellectual soul:
these will analyze their situation to see further ahead.
They will find a road that is straight and, honoring truth rises ever higher.
It may be later than we think; we must not think we have not been warned!
Read the evidence; if you find irregularity – ask!

Despite encouragement of response coupons and challenging articles, no reader has challenged or disputed any political evidence or comment. In fact our only dispute was with the interpretation of Revelation 10:1

This site provides evidence and logic for the most important features of life. We found the Iraq ‘war' was to create problems not to solve them. We found that creation is by intelligence.

The meaning, the method and the disaster of Globalism is revealed and can be defeated. There is still room for dispute and improvement, but this can only come after readers become involved with question and challenge. The government of today does not want us healthy, wealthy or wise!

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Regards, and may you all progress:


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