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“Discussion File 2005 Part 1 - January to June”

Includes Retired Editorials for 2004


Discussion June 2005 - Updates
Discussion April 2005 - Slavery by Deceit
Discussion March 2005 - The Battle for our Right to Life
Discussion February 2005 - Mind Manipulation
Discussion January 2005 - Challenges to Enliven the New Year
Discussion December - The Genocide called Globalism
Discussion November - Can We Think for Ourselves
Discussion October - Is Democracy Possible
Discussion September 24 - The science content of Christian Scripture
Discussion September 3 - Your Life - Your World
Discussion August 20 - Total Police State Takeover
Discussion August 6 - Codex Alimentarius and What It Means To You
Discussion July 15th - Advertising Damages Mental Health
Discussion June 24th - How long will Armageddon last?
Discussion June 1st - Wake-Up Urgent
Discussion May 1st - Will Hegelian Dialectic turn Capitalism,
                                Through Socialism into Communism?
Discussion January 1st - A reader challenges Biblical comment in "Think!"

We then include 2004 Editorials in reverse order so that readers can continue this subject without complication.

Editorial February 1st - Ancient Writings Relating
                                    Revelations 10: 1-11 to The Book of Enoch
Editorial March 1st - Ancient Writings (continued):
                                The Egyptian Book of the Dead & Gilgamesh Epic
Editorial April 2nd - Ancient Writings – Conclusions
Editorial April 26th - Where to now?

* * *

  Discussion June '05

During May our book “Of Truth” advanced to its 2005 (and probably final) edition. Now included is a completely new chapter never on TheMindWeb – historic record of Jesus in Roman times. It seems that few people were aware of these official reports.

There are also many improvements to clarify points and improve order and presentation (in total adding about 20 pages). All who are interested in the latest developments in understanding scriptures (even those who have read earlier editions) will, I think, find it exciting. It is now on-line in both “read” and “bookmaking” formats.

Progress has also been made with the new series of “Discussion leaflets”. These focus on issues of mind manipulation to make manipulation more apparent to victims. Progress with the “leaflet” includes that back and front of each leaflet is now in combined download and the problem with getting leaflets to print out to size and centered on paper has been partially solved.

By setting the originals to make allowance for misguided software programming, printers of better quality can now be set to print centrally on A4 paper and so register the backs with the fronts. Cheap printers may still print off-center on the paper but (so far as I know) not in such bad register as to have the folds intrude on the printing.

The leaflet count is now ten and form an important set. 9 & 10 are of particular importance as they explain how we can demonstrate our mind manipulation to ourselves. These leaflets should be read in their order from one to ten.

Mind manipulation is a morally criminal assault and has to be a secretive, gradual-progression otherwise it cannot work. MindWeb literature covers a wide spectrum but these ten leaflets are set to reveal manipulation and how it is designed to defeat our logical response.

Readers will soon find that the importance of leaflets is more than just convenience and versatility. Other subjects may be addressed later if readers ask. All e-mail using mindweb site coupons (if return address included) are acknowledged, if you get no reply you know our e-mail line is being sabotaged by those scared witless by democracy.


Alan Gourley

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Discussion April ‘05

Slavery by Deceit

How can we know – do we dare look?
Mind manipulation is something those afflicted cannot see in relation to themselves; if visible it would not be possible. Mind manipulation (meaning control by deceit) is the most common form of slavery achieved by man. Mentioned by Jesus two thousand years ago but, even He, his hearers could not believe. J'n 8:31-35
“If you dwell within the revelation I have brought, you are indeed my disciples; you shall know the truth and the truth will set you free. “They replied, we are Abraham's descendents; we have never been in slavery to any man. What do you mean by saying, “You will become free men'? “In very truth I tell you, said Jesus, that everyone who commits sin is a slave”.
Sin is a social crime and no true human would commit it were it understood as that would be the equal of cutting off your nose to spite your face. But if Jesus was not believed then how can I expect you to believe me now?

We live in different times; His listeners were uneducated in so far as we know education today. Even today our best education does not enlighten us to the potentials and dangers of enslavement by deceit. Why: because our culture today is arranged so as to maintain that enslavement. In fact, we today are even more dominated by immoral values and criminal leaders.

But we are also more enlightened in that we not only have access to enlightenment but have a greater development of services that allow us access to information if we choose to use our intellectual gift. We also have language that is very far from the primitive language of uneducated people 2000 years ago.

Today, if we choose, we have access to information not imagined in those times. So, while now more efficiently deceived we also, if we have the courage for free living, have a far greater ability to escape our enslavement.

Because we can access information about the process of modern mind control“ on site” from “Discussion” I won't repeat it. Readers now know about the effectiveness of Hegelian Dialectic for induced self-indoctrination and also of the efficiency of the peer-group socialization program aimed at family destruction and the isolation of each new generation from accumulated cultural wisdom.

Add to this the efficiency of T.V., and mass-media in general, to impress degenerate social values as being enlightened values including the brutal murder of morality by pop-music perversion.
At the same time see how the natural development of intellectual logic is undermined so as to increase our gullibility and enhance our reliance on leaders! Then include the efficiency of advertising to mislead and to undermine our confidence in decision-making.

All the above are reported on and show clearly why we have lost moral sense and also vision (an attribute of the logical decision-making achieved by improved understanding). These are all elements of our ability to either gain individual initiative or suffer subversion of our abilities. Our enemies plan our incompetence and in this way force us to trust in leaders for guidance and life support. They do this gradually so parents can easily excuse any incompetence they observe in their children as just being in the nature of childhood.

So how can we possibly know that we are manipulated by misleading information in order to force acceptance of false caring values and immoral life values? Mind control causes emotional resistance to seeing what should, logically be obvious.

Try this example: Was it easy to pick holes in the parenting style of others while feeling confident of your own efforts? Then, if loving family security and unity did not reward your efforts, did you ever admit to yourself that you may have got it wrong – that you may have trusted media rather than nature?

Did you ever accept that in the times of your grandparents the common family was a united family, with comfortable drug free life values; there was no “peer-group” revolution to cultural degeneracy? Did you ever doubt or see fault in your own understanding of family needs? Did you ever seriously challenge common attitudes and look for the cause?

Honest answers to those questions should give many readers hope that they may be able to salvage something of their moral integrity. Once willing to face that acceptance of modern conventions is no substitute for personal responsibility we are free to dig deeper and help salvage the future of the entire human family.

Individuals may not be at fault for not acting differently but it is the individuals fault if, knowing of ability to admit error there is still no willingness to sacrifice the selfish error for enlightenment; no will to make use of the given ability for redemption.

So, having come so far, how can you now better confirm that you have been acting as a consequence of being a victim of control by deceit: of accepting peer-group values as true values rather than accepting responsibility for your actions by seriously putting your reasoning ability to use?

Do you now see that if you accept mass media promoted public opinion rather than think things through or do research to find logical answers for yourself, then you offer yourself as a slave to alien authorities.

For Example
‘Everyone' knows we (of European culture) live in democracies. Have you ever thought about what “democracy” or democratic “republic”, means? Put simply it means government that represents the people; e.g., Government of the people, by the people and for the people.

It also means freedom! Have you thought that freedom means having the ability to find and develop your true self rather than be just an animal living in slavery to a nature over which you have no control?

Do people of any nation in the world today have the democratic freedom of personal self-development by virtue of achieving self-government? The answer must be NO, because there is no nation where any electorate organizes itself to choose its own government representative.

It is not as if installing democracy requires any great effort. It does not require the dedication (implied) in the raising of family and now vital to the future of family.

All that is required is for each electorate to set up a simple form of “electoral commission” to organize the selection of one or more people of suitable ability, integrity and willingness to serve; to represent their electorate. In the world of today our need to achieve freedom is both straightforward and easy to understand.

But today, in all so-called democracies, the electorate only chooses between parties interspersed with so-called independents. The electorate these pretend to represent has no first choice of them! None of these even ask the electorate what it wants done and all offer to do what they think will get them the most votes irrespective of their ability to fulfill any promise.

If you are honest with yourself, you now cannot believe that your government is either democratic or republican; nor honestly believe you are not enslaved by lies. In whatever ‘western' nation you live your government is by people chosen by other than the community governed, so these feel obligation to represent only those with the first power of choice in service to their personal ambitions. When willing to admit this truth we can escape our enslavement.

The consequences
TheMindWeb has exposed that the danger of ‘Party System' government has, for thousands of years, been known. It is a system of government that can never become democratic and will always become corrupt.

So those who have believed that this system is the democracy our constitution offers; or accepted it because of feelings of trust in a government that acts outside national law; have been mind manipulated. Those who did not think our constitutional rights and safeguards worth defending were deceived to the point that they had no true idea of what they were losing.

All must have been mind manipulated because in no common sense would you support a dictatorship that is beyond community control and beyond all powers agreed on by your constitution – powers that many, in more enlightened (less deceived) times, fought and died for. Even more so when you bow to forces unknown to you and which you could, so beneficially and so easily, avoid. Knowing this you know you are only so submissive because of mind-manipulation.

Had Jesus chosen to force knowledge into the minds of His listeners then they would have understood this simple logic! I leave you to think of other examples of deformed thinking, if you need them, but I press on because those who don't want to think for themselves will not be swayed by any amount of evidence.

What is the consequence of this? Look about you! We are gaining knowledge and we are gaining ability to use knowledge yet, when concerned people are asked why they do not explain true democracy and the ease with which it can be attained, they make silly excuses.

Yes, silly excuses despite that simple reasoning would show that, until the community is in control of its government, then it is unable to know the truth of anything it is told or encouraged to believe.

One of the most popular of those excuses is that if we elected independents they would soon form parties. This, of course, is just plain stupid.

  1. Democracy is NOT government by independents. An Electorate chosen candidate can no more be an independent than can one party chosen be an independent! In a democracy the electorate itself makes policy and the representative informs the electorate of what is needed.
  2. That a group of responsible people coming together to make a decision must come to a majority opinion does not, quite obviously, make of these a party. They are not controlled by a party organization and they have no obligation to agree on any following decision.
  3. It is surely not intelligent to prefer government by a criminal organization over government by members who are both chosen and elected in our service.

Silly opinions given for rejection of community controlled government can only be the result of unwillingness, or inability, to perform simple acts of reasoning. This usually revolves around belittlement of any new idea to avoid the niggardly thought of acting on it. This or other excuse is a consequence of slavery to mind manipulation.

So where are we now?
We are in process of becoming more civilized but is our world becoming more peaceful and honest or more filled with violence and lies? Is the love that leads to self-sacrifice growing or is the love of self that leads to injustice, greed and hate growing?

Are we becoming increasingly united by our ability to work out simple problems or are we becoming more enslaved by divisions and fixations created by deceit?
Why are there no public protests about nutrients being taken out of our foods?
Why is there an internationally organized push to ban the cheap nutrients we need to replace those removed from, or becoming deficient in, natural foods?
Why is understanding and use of natural nutrients discouraged by modern doctor training and why also are these safer nutrients being put beyond common reach by laws and political pressure from international business?

Why are so many pharmaceuticals found, after a few years, to have serious health side effects though declared tested and safe? Why are best medical services already out of general community reach because of cost and labor shortage in a community saturated with labor saving devices?
Why are all the trends, mentioned in these leaflets, worldwide if there is no well organized long-term worldwide campaign?

Many people, without research effort or use of reasoning based on knowledge, reject as impossible any idea either of dictatorial World Government or, if there is, that behavior of nations can be changed by installing a false philosophy. However, those reading TheMindWeb reports with a desire for truth now know that social redirection for evil purposes is not only possible but, given time, relatively simple.

So long as the program of gradualism is kept to, the knowledge now available need only be used in moderation; social engineers (mind manipulators) need take no risks.

Apart from previously mentioned means of mind control consider this: All effective teaching relies to some extent on a level of hypnosis. It means getting the maximum attention of the student directed to the teacher (or TV). As much of the attention of the pupil as possible fixed on the educator.

A famous inventor is reported to have said: This problem is too difficult for us professionals, we will have to wait for some gifted amateur to solve it.
The fact that so many technical problems have been solved by the self-trained is not because amateurs are more intelligent but because they, as individuals, learn by their passion for understanding the truth of their subject.

They are not satisfied to parrot words like the lazy who use memory for passing exams or by the ‘mesmerized watching of the antics of TV presenters. The self-taught learn to satisfy their passion by their own search for true understanding of their chosen subject.

This leaflet could be filled with questions whose logical answer insists:
Those who rule the world want us dead!
Their logical need of this is based on the fact that criminal egotists want to own the earth and do not want to waste resources on slave minded people who may endanger their scheming. Countless thousands have already died on this road to Armageddon. Look & see.

Other leaflets in this series confirm and enlarge on what is presented here. This is a result of a lifetime of research and backed by many quotes from the insight, logic and research of others. The total of such evidence is overwhelming.

Scriptures reveal that we can know all that it is possible to know about how we were created; about our nature and about how we should live, all by viewing the creation through ”the eye of reason” (logic). Our reasoning ability is our key to all knowledge so it is also logical that those who want to rob us will want to first rob us of our logical ability. As you will see from other leaflets the easiest way to rob us is to have us sit our children in front of TV sets.

Your life is there for you to save if you think your life worth the effort of thinking for yourself.

Regards, A.G.

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Discussion March ‘05

The Battle for our Right to Life

Although fighting the battle for human rights and freedoms before I knew there was a battle to be fought or a world to save, and expressing green problems before green became a political distraction! I am still sorry to say it has taken so long to find the evidence to help those serious about understanding cultural manipulation.

Still, had I sought help from ‘authorities’ or not started from scratch, I would never have reached this point. Make no mistake, life may be a never-ending story but we do have the ability to know enough for our times.

For so long I have watched this battle for humanity being lost.
It has taken so much to uncover the intrigue that explains why.

So let us consider why we have been losing this battle. Why has the thieving of human rights and freedoms (under a philosophy of gradual gain and cleverly disguised politics) been so well hidden for almost a century that it now, almost unopposed, gathers pace as years pass?

First we have to face that this battle is global – and to death.

We need think seriously about:
a/ why we need be so often reminded (every news session and more) that, in European cultures, we have democracy;
b/ why there are so many religions claiming the eternal God and so many denominations claiming to be the true expression of each.

We, in European cultures, need to admit the plain evidence that we do NOT, in fact, live in democracies and ask why we are content to ignore our legal rights while, like hypnotized bunnies, we defend the system that is culturally raping us.

We also need to understand that no capable, honest scientist can find any scientific evidence for a better idea of origins than is the concept of a creator God! The infinite can not be explained! We need to ask why the evolution religion is perpetually proclaimed as scientific while having a status below scientific theory. Or why no science can offer any theory for the creation of life that, intelligently, can dispute that the creation of life is an intelligence-designed program.

We need to think seriously about why, with such great advance in technology, there is now decay rather than advance of social intellect. This includes wonder of why each increase in worldly goods seems accompanied by increase in greed and avarice.

We need ask ourselves why compulsory education adopts less efficient ways of teaching basics and finds more effective ways of teaching junk. Why peer-group formation was encouraged though it divorced us from the love, experience and wisdom of parents – with consequent increase of mindless, arrogant, behavior! Why mothers must work to send their children to kindergartens for less beneficial learning.

Why our culture fails to accept that combining logic with truth is the base for all understanding – or that truth is the reality of the order in which we exist. Why every media incessantly promotes our animal instincts while undermining human development.

All the above are parts of an integrated design to move children from the influence of parents and increase mindless behavior. It is a pattern for moral/social destruction.

When such elements of cultural change are combined
it is deliberate corruption that is exposed.

We need think more seriously to understand why it is that most of us are now willing to accept, without concern, the most deadly deceptions ever to challenge the intellect and moral resources of humanity. Why the most elementary steps are not taken to make law = justice and why childishly inefficient and unconstitutional government is praised (and presented as if by public acclaim) as the world’s best.

Writers of our national constitutions would not have been blind to this deceit nor would they have accepted it: why are we now submissive?

I have so often referred to these questions in the past so let us now skip from these life/death questions and, for a minute, direct our attention to a bigger or more urgent, question.

Why are we, with overwhelming numerical advantage and with access to all the evidence we need, still losing this battle for our health, our wealth, our wisdom and our humanity? This is certainly related to the preceding questions and is in spite the old wisdom that tells us:

United we stand, divided we fall.

Ideological divisions, religious divisions, political divisions or cultural divisions; all make us weak and we grow weaker. But it is by a myriad of little changes that we are led, gradually, to disaster.

Those who see that something is wrong are ever eager to promote new ‘evidence’. So, eager to believe its appearance of being on their side, they do not think about where it may have come from and fail to check its logic or reliability. It has been made so hard for us to see the big picture – see that there is a worldwide program to take-over earth and that we need to be suspicious of ‘gift horses’. By distribution of ‘incredible’ revelations the whole resistance movement was discredited.

Why don’t we want to see that ownership of earth is an historic ambition – that the only valid excuse for global-elite world ownership today is to eliminate the huge population now so mindlessly wasting our natural resources; but their answer is an animal answer, it is not a human answer.

Why do we ignore the clear evidence that there is a crime syndicate in control of infinite stolen wealth – that corrupt power now rules earth? If we DO look with honest intent then we CAN understand that this power wants us morally blind, money poor and socially ignorant, and has the financial strength to gradually increase our deception, multiply our divisions, strengthen our distractions and plan our disposal.

Looking honestly we can easily understand that these global forces have agents working constantly to spread false ideas, encourage our pride, and flatter our determination to succeed wherever OUR success can be invoked to weaken our own credibility.

We can then understand why every abuse of power entered into by Globalism is secretly promoted as “about money”. Almost everyone has greed for money so that does not frighten us, it is a great decoy. Or they promote the belief that what they do is about gaining ‘cheap oil’, saving ‘freedom’ or spreading (our fake) ‘democracy’.

If we do not believe political atrocities to be ‘mother love’ activities for our good, then we may start to wonder what they are really about. We may say to ourselves; Hey! Why do they want money when they control international finance, international commerce and can print or manipulate any gain they want? We may say: “Hey, the price of oil has doubled, not halved!” Or: “We could never, in a lifetime, pay for the war from oil profits and repair the damage; the experts say that in 25 years oil will be in short supply.”

Globalism needs control – not money! They have to keep the people poor, distracted, ignorant and helpless. That is exactly what we see in Globalist planning.

We should never forget that for achievement of true democracy and the advancement of our humanity our greatest need is LOVE of truth (so they tell us there is no truth). When we have enough faith in truth to sacrifice our pride then truth will advance to tear down our divisions and unify our commitment to the human welfare.

Failing that, all our efforts are not only useless for achievement of our goals but mostly destructive of our cause.

Jesus of Nazareth told us that a little faith could move mountains but the scribe who recorded this fragment of memory did not record WHAT Jesus said we need have faith in. However a little logic added to human understanding reveals that what we need have faith in, is TRUTH. A little faith in truth does more than move mountains: it also defeats injustice and all those who promote injustice.

* * *
For support of the above read articles and books on TheMindWeb. Key words in the “Site Search” facility may help find related information but:
NOTE: “Discussion Leaflets” now formatted to bring important elements together. Some almost direct copies of Discussion Files; this file is “Leaflet 3”, others are reassembled from related material.
I think you will find these leaflets (each of three columns back to back on an A4 sheet) give a clearer overall picture. Leaflets are “Acrobat” PDF files to maintain formatting, and are down-loaded in pairs Front/Back. Enter at “Leaflets”.
When you read these 6 leaflets as a group you will understand that the advantage of printed material is more than handy reference – or to pass to others for comment or reference.

Regards; Alan.

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Discussion February ’05

Mind Manipulation

The cancer we buy and love.
Every lying persuasion, cancer-like,
deforms the logical ability of the brain

Edward L. Bernays is credited as the modern genius of public
relations propaganda (see Ch.3 of Globalism Brainwash etc).
This subversive science has quickly advanced.
The mind manipulators, in pride of their achievement,
now reveal new dimensions of their inhuman trade.

If you have clicked on the picture on themindweb home page you will know that I am now in my 83rd year. For about half of that time I have been trying to show humanity the deadly danger of its situation.

At first only exposure of simple facts seemed needed, people would understand and quickly, just by seeing, fix the problem. This was not so; should I explain more clearly? After about twenty years I began to realize that people could not believe, or could not always accept, the obvious. I had to look to a broad spectrum and avoid extremists who discredit all reform by falling for so many of the decoys the manipulators put out.

A recent TV feature called “The Cutting Edge” advertised: “Explores how the cultures of marketing and advertising have come to influence what US consumers buy”. This gave a new dimension to the depths of social confidence trickery to which some descend for power or, ‘just a few dollars more’.

A Culture of Cancer
We have looked at various aspects of mind manipulation and know that Public Relations, as a commercial tool, is in disguise of its true use. The true use of PR is political/cultural manipulation. It has already proven that it can get an unknown candidate elected before one known and respected. Or can give power to justify war, create hate or promote (with use of Hegelian Dialectic) deadly humanist ideology.

It comes as no surprise that this power is directed to political deceit; that is not in question. However the refinements now achieved lead me to believe that new exposures may make it easier for many to understand what is happening. The mind of every person is not yet fully enslaved to mind manipulation; this leaves a ray of hope.

People will say some are always trying to persuade us to buy this or vote for that; it’s a natural part of life; what does it matter? Well, in cave-man days it didn’t matter. Everyone knew everything; survival needed unity and opinions were honest expressions of experience. Life is now changed, we no longer hunt wild food and avarice is more and more promoted. Your health, happiness, wealth and even your life are all ‘fair game’ for the human predator. Let these get the power of knowledge to manipulate you and they own you. Sabre-toothed tigers were play kittens by comparison.

Today most believe in the “Common Good” but did we notice that after we came to believe in the common good, many were persuaded that each, personally, IS the common good.

Yes! In recent years children have been taught to believe that each one is the most important. After indoctrination those that take pride in this promotion see themselves, individually, AS the ‘common good’. They then no longer understand the old concept of common good because that has become just another name for “my good” and each thinks that anyone who sees ‘common good’ as different from the pride-made personal choice must be stupid or at least anti-social.

We are flattered by mind manipulating lies. A good friend expresses amazement that strangers she talks to may instantly place her in a ‘box’ representing attitudes or beliefs, but major ideological groups assume and recognize ‘forms of language’. Public Relations science has now analyzed words and attitudes and refined this to an art for more precise ‘inhuman’ use.

Manipulators spend many $millions on collecting data about whole national populations; about ideas, preferences and human weaknesses; about deceptive education and the way words are understood and used. All, of course, computerized for grading and analysis. Control does not need ‘mind-blowing’ just a creeping paralysis of logic.

They have studied communities to such detail that they can direct propaganda to wider groupings. A father may hear what appeals to him and a son hear what appeals to him while each ignores the other and the words that attract the preferences of the other.

The result is that many now think they know Christianity but we don’t know Christianity – think they know health but we don’t know health – think they know freedom but we don’t know freedom – think they know politics but we don’t know politics – think they know education but we don’t know education – think they know love but we don’t know love.

False ideas about these and many other subjects have become fragments in imagination – ghosts inserted by mind manipulation and accepted because our logic is confused.

This explains why some spend lifetimes in efforts of reform while unable to see that ideas of Law, or Education, or God – of government or health or welfare or culture or compassion, are just dismembered fragments of life acting in mind like a force of hypnosis. It is escape proof because we cannot see that there is anything to escape from.

The ‘Party’ trick
Trained agents employ top PR to influence people to accept ideas or to vote for ‘party promoted’ candidates. Parties compete, unknowing that apart from ‘right’ candidates’ winning, it is irrelevant who wins and citizens cannot see that the ‘party system’ is a confidence trick.

Party systems cannot be logically defended as valid forms of democracy; they cannot be democratic. A party system can be effective only so long as under overlord (external) control to stop the naturally unstable system exposing its weakness through forces of its own idiocy.

The “Party System” allows behind scene manipulators to persuade nations to support unjust wars or cause communities to welcome laws that stifle healthy understanding. Dictatorial governments cuckoo democracy and people still believe themselves free. In the end however, it is still individual choice; we buy ‘flattering’ seductions because we love them.

Manipulators think themselves exempt; they call it legal so its O.K., but at best they are no better than thieves, confidence tricksters, or mass murderers. In friendship’s disguise they assault without concern or pity and, vampire-like, drain the human-logic of victims. They trick people into error to rob them of their humanity. THAT is atrocity and we know it! To save our pride we close our eyes.

Modern propaganda causes communities to support what, in free conscience, would be rejected. Webs of misinformation seriously disable our logic and we willingly die for the lie!

Those seeing a little of the growing inequity keep hitting their heads against brick walls until overcome by futility and exhaustion. We refuse to believe that we need to see a complete picture – we cannot incorporate the insight of others so as to broaden our campaign and reveal the wider reality – we cannot change ideas in mind for fear of weakening our fixation.

But it is not too late! When sophistication corrupts nature, faults develop: nylon will disintegrate where cotton holds.

Do we still have the courage to save ourselves
when given knowledge and evidence?
Can activists begin to see enough of truth to join forces
and thereby expose the big picture to a larger audience?
Our brain was made for gain; not for drain of human garbage.

For salvation an awakening must occur! Greed and pride, in love of the lie, enslave the mind; only by facing truth can we know reality.

For support of the above read articles and books on site, key words in the “Site Search” facility may help.

Regards; A.G.

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Discussion January '05

Challenges to Enliven the New Year

Unless there are questions that need answers, matters that need discussion or events that need comment, I do not expect to be posting regular updates in 2005. However some such, during the Christmas break, are worthy of mention. In end of year bustle we may either miss things or overlook their importance.

1/ Who wrote the 4 th Gospel?
In my country at least, there was TV mention of a dispute as to who actually wrote the “Gospel according to John”. This matter is apparently now under increased academic discussion because of a papyrus discovered a few years ago in Egypt.

That there should be dispute about such things is not unusual. What is unusual is that the challenge is now made that the original writer was Mary Magdalene.

As with the myth that apes came down from the trees to become human because forested areas of Africa died out (see Of Truth) we find myths and emotions fanatically defended. The so-called enlightenment has enforced new mythology rather than destroyed mythology.

The behavior of the apostles (as recorded in the Christian Bible) make evident that they were not free of pride or prejudice and later church officials would feel comfortable with changes to literature in the interests of defending desires. The case made by Ramon K. Jusino is reasonable. Here his opening words; see: http://www.BelovedDisciple.org for the complete article.

Mary Magdalene: Author of the Fourth Gospel?
by Ramon K. Jusino, M.A. © 1998.

This article makes a case for ascribing authorship of the Fourth Gospel (the Gospel of John) in the New Testament to Mary Magdalene. As far as I know – no previously published work has made an argument in support of this hypothesis. Most biblical scholars today assert that the Fourth Gospel was authored by an anonymous follower of Jesus referred to within the Gospel text as the Beloved Disciple. It is posited here that, in an earlier tradition of the Fourth Gospel's community, the now "anonymous" Beloved Disciple was known to be Mary Magdalene. It is further posited that Mary Magdalene is the true founder and hero of what has come to be known as the Johannine Community (i.e., Mary Magdalene was one of the original apostolic founders and leaders of the early Christian church).

I realize that this hypothesis may seem very radical and perhaps unorthodox to you. However, I believe that it is well-founded and I respectfully offer the following in support of it. The evidence supporting this thesis includes some of the Gnostic Christian writings of the Nag Hammadi Library, and internal evidence from the text of the Fourth Gospel itself. This study also relies heavily on the Johannine Community research done by Raymond E. Brown ( America 's foremost Catholic biblical scholar)." End Quote

Editor: The rationale of Brown’s proposal appeals to me because it throws light on the abnormal discrimination against women that is apparent in Christian religion. That men and women are not equal in every way is of course obvious to any rational view, it should also be obvious that both, equally, have special duties and responsibilities to family and culture.

Women should not be soldiers doing front line battle duties but do have a role in armed forces – men have a role in a hospital ward but should not be the frontline of nursing; as with women in armed services they have a support role.

It is said (and in an honest culture it is true) that the hand that rocks the cradle rules the world! Men administer this world. The church has never given women their rightful place in the intellectual life of the church and backlash (a result of Hegelian Dialectic promotion of Humanism’s biased teachings) has resulted in women now demanding a place that is not theirs while still accepting escape from their natural intellectual responsibilities.

To understand life and defend the human future is everyone’s business, but is, most specifically, WOMEN’S BUSINESS. So it would be surprising if Jesus had not chosen a woman to be his leading disciple or, at least, to be one of his leading disciples. For this reason I would like to suggest that before you, as a concerned citizen, jump to the defense of what you have been led to believe; you read, with open mind, Ramon Jusino’s essay.

2/ The Medici family
Also shown, in my country at least, a 5 part TV series about the Italian “Medici” family. This family was very prominent in banking and commerce over three to four hundred years and great patrons of the arts. Also, in this TV series at least, they were credited with being largely responsible for what is known as the “Renaissance”.

One even achieved the position of Pope in the church but in general they were so hated that they had, on occasion, to take desperate steps for survival. It is still, today, the inequities and inequalities of international banking/commerce that is causing increasing injustice, distress and anger in our world. We also note that ‘art’ is widely used to undermine the natural morality of human culture and TheMindWeb has shown that the commercial system, in Revelations parable, represents what is called “The Great Whore”. (See Discussion files January to March 2004).

The only thing surprising is that it took about four hundred years for the Medici to learn that the public self-glorification of pride is dangerous and a less efficient way of theft than working quietly in the dark (or behind the scenes) which is, I suspect, their present “modus-operandi”.

If it took them so long to learn this simple lesson then perhaps we should not be too disappointed that humanity, as a whole, so stubbornly refuses to see the truth even when it is in clear and rational view.

So the questions are: Did needs of survival diminish their ego or desire to proclaim their glory? Who funded this TV extravaganza? Why did this series end without explanation of what happened to the Medici?

What name or names do they live under today? Did they, as I assume, go ‘underground’ and continue to build up their power in banking and commerce to now own (or with friends’ control) the international financial system along with all major business and the ‘party political system’. Are the original Medici at the core of such systems as we now call ‘Globalism’, the antithesis called Communism and the promotion of Humanism in all its cruelty, deceit and injustice?

Well, as stated previously in these writings, we do not need to know them to defeat them! Nor to defend our human rights! All we need do is educate ourselves! When enough expose false beliefs and explain the methods of our enemies we have won. We win by simple power of numbers and the exercise of our rights to life.

3/ www. womensgroup.org
Another item of importance that came to my attention is the above site; it is now on our links page. It is quite a large site and I think that those who want to understand our world will find many interesting and educational items that enlarge on TheMindWeb comment. Here I recommend the file “Understanding how the Hegelian is transforming the world ….”

Use of the Hegelian principle to promote Humanist Philosophy is the secret of the success of Humanist philosophy. Those who want to understand why growing numbers are becoming totally unable to understand truth or even want to know the truth of any social force, will find understanding easier if they make serious effort to understand how the Hegelian principle is used to undermine rational intellect.

By use of this method of intellectual ‘divide and conquer’, growing numbers are seduced to believe that consensus is the ultimate social principle and therefore that truth is, either irrelevant, subservient to consensus or non-existent. Once it is accepted that consensus is the legitimate goal of culture then the victims do not want to know the truth; for them truth becomes either irrelevant or mythical.

The victims of this trick will not accept as social truth anything they do not agree to by consensus. Nothing can be proven to them, as they know nothing of balancing evidence. Their reality is ‘emotional consensus’ and their lives are in a never-never land of make-believe subject to the wiles of clever manipulators who understand the system and act without human conscience.

Examples: Had humanity, for the last hundred years, been free to develop in human understanding of our world the consequences of the recent tsunami catastrophe would have been largely avoided. Enough people would have understood the danger and could have easily afforded to put an effective warning system in place. Other millions suffer slow death in Africa from their ignorance and lifestyle-support of diseases such as AIDS. While we in ‘advanced’ countries die by the million of ignorance encouraged heart attacks, cancers, etc.

The destruction by the tsunami was trivial compared to the destruction activated by humanist designed deception. Disasters of today are only the ‘first wave’; as mind slavery develops, worse will follow.

Those who plan to own the earth do not want people using up resources, they do not want people understanding events, they do not want people having leisure time for thinking or funds for private research. Both loss of life and public poverty aid elitists. Did you notice the $billions given by international commerce; or a day’s wage from media managers, politicians and reporters? NO! They pressure YOU. We applaud them for giving OUR money away.

So to help escape this all pervasive trap go to www.womensgroup.org scroll almost to the end of the list of contents to “UN Watch”, and its file called “Understanding how the Hegelian is transforming the world ….” This article is a quite long interview but persevere to the end as we really need to appreciate how all-embracing of our culture this system of manipulation is. It has infiltrated the social content of academic disciplines, social education, politics and religion.

www.womensgroup.org reveals that some women are aware of their intellectual responsibilities. It has many articles or files that may help you see MindWeb articles with new vision.

Only by getting this understanding widely spread in our communities can we free-ourselves of this yoke of mind enslavement and the planned destruction of humanity.

Best wishes for 2005, Editor.

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