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This site is for those who want to know what is happening to their world, and why,
and what they can do about it. This information is already on site, just start reading.

“Discussion Leaflets” - Downloads

NOTE: It was found that the first leaflets failed to print-out to size but this problem is now overcome and also each leaflet is now revised and complete on its own file.

These “Discussion leaflets” are formatted to focus on issues of mind manipulation so that manipulation may become obvcious to its victims.

Mind manipulation (MM) is a morally criminal assault and has to be a secretive, gradual-progression otherwise it cannot work. MindWeb literature covers a wide spectrum and is not arranged according to subjects, these leaflets are written to highlight mind manipulation so the reader will be less distracted by other social matters.

Readers will soon find that the importance of leaflets is more than just convenience and versatility, hard copy also concentrates attention for improved perception. Other subjects may be addressed later.

Leaflets maintain format and down-loaded ready for two-side print-out or photocopy on A4 paper.


Best done by “photo-copy” as ink may show through excessively. If doing 2-sides on printer set printer to “landscape”; print the front then turn the paper “ end for end ” and print the back. If printing a number of copies you may have to wait a few seconds for print-dry before shuffling into alignment to print the back. Be careful to keep the “end-for-end” position when re-inserting the paper for printing the back.

When photocopying use an original print as a master copy so as to maintain quality. If copying any quantity get your master copy printed on a good printer on better quality paper. Cheap home printers do poor quality printing.


Place your two-sided leaflet face down with the top of columns to your right; turn the near edge back until the edge is about two thirds over the second-column space; hold in position and flatten to form fold crease. Turn leaflet so top is now facing to your left: lift first fold and insert edge of second fold into first fold hinge and hold in place by squeezing first fold on to it as you smooth fold down. Your folded leaflet should show the front nicely centered with column 6 on the back. If doing larger numbers for distribution your photocopy or printing service will machine fold your leaflets for you. Show them sample.

Leaflets for download in PDF format:

If you need the software to read, view and print these files you can get it from the following link for FREE - Adobe Acrobat Reader v7 - or get an earlier version here

  1. Police State Democracies
  2. Mind Manipulation
  3. The Battle for our Right to Life
  4. Our World
  5. TV or not TV
  6. Will Hegelian Dialectic turn Capitalism, through Socialism, Into Communism?
  7. Advertising Damages Mental Health
  8. Faking Democracy
  9. Slavery by Deception (part 1)
  10. Slavery by Deception (part 2)

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