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"Cultural Lobotomy "

3 vital clues to Saving the Future:

1/ Cultural Lobotomy (Great Britain:  Lobectomy): Exposed.
         A digest of information, especially one covering such a wide range as TOLD literature, is sure to have areas needing clarification; that is expected to be one of the important uses of the TOLD Forum.  The following response to an enquiry about how we are being enslaved should be of interest to readers in general.

Lobotomy, normally a surgical procedure, became publicized because of attempted use by authoritarian regimes to force opponents to their service.  It involves altering critical elements of the frontal lobe of the brain to limit individuality and, when used for political purposes, normal humans see it as a contemptible abuse.

Finding that humanity is a learned development basically different from the normal development of animals and insects, opened a new door for authoritarian manipulation.  Natural behaviors of common animals are programmed into their abilities without need of extended learning capacity, knowing this opened up possibility that ‘limiting or misdirecting learning’ could control public behavior and create, en-mass, a class of willing slaves similar to dogs and horses.

Control learning: control human behavior!  Indoctrination could create a slave sub-culture with human physical abilities without the danger of rebellion – a malleable class of beings with abilities suited to servants and workers that could be safely culled as needed; victims would not understand.  These could never rebel because they would never learn to understand rights or abilities, nor, without suitable language, conceive of rebellion beyond that of the basic animal ‘complaint response’.

TOLD literature shows the deceptive ease of this despicable program.  In part, this development may have been accidental for it appears to require no more than ‘deprivation of human instruction’ in association with ‘distraction by entertainment, drugs and pleasure’ during those years of growth and maturing when, in normal circumstances, human behavior and understanding is developed.  But TOLD literature also gives insight into other important tools used in this destruction of human freedom: (see examples in Book 1 of indoctrination of belief [philosophy] by use of Hegelian Dialectic procedures).  This seduction relies on the human weakness for ‘the lazy path of consensus’ in preference to the challenge of ‘intellectual discussion and reasoned debate’, as the acceptable way to the logical truth.

Hopefully this exposure will encourage those defending human freedom especially after Part 2 reveals approaching consequences. 

Part 2/ Cultural lobotomy:  The consequences.
Question: Do they really need us ‘dead’?  Isn’t “Cultural Lobectomy” enough?

Our official clue appeared when the elitist “Global 2000” genocide plan was submitted to President Carter by the U.S. State Department.  It called for the elimination of 2 billion humans by year 2000. This plan was endorsed by the Carter administration as official policy in 1980.  (See AIDS article, Book 4)
Don’t be fooled by timing: dates are set early to negate those few who find out and try to warn others.  When warnings look unreal and fail to happen on time, the public sees the warnings as ‘scare mongering’; this increases their trust in criminal governments.  Release of a highly virulent “bird flu” may well achieve the stated objective especially when aided by vulnerable “third world” populations already weakened by the AIDS virus.  Do not be fooled by their pretend efforts to protect us, inoculations only become effective after the exact strain of a virus becomes known!

But would it end there?  As we see the Globalist owners and controllers of the world financial system see the greater population as wasting resources, creating pollution and a growing threat.  As shown by TOLD literature Globalists have now set the scene for world financial collapse together with the ‘dumbing down’ of our population.  Will they not use these options to complete removal of unneeded population during the confusion of mega death?  
1: Government action, both national and international, is not conciliatory. 
2: Industrial production now concentrating away from user nations. 
3: Cultures are being mixed and distrust increased. 
4: World economy collapse added to a world-wide health crisis would result in transport failure; critical shortages; valueless money.  Rioting and killing, under pressure of starvation and disease, then become mindless and uncontrollable. 

If you think this scenario extreme then realize that ‘population dumbing down’ in ‘advanced’ countries began a century ago?  Would people, fully able to use human thought and reason, accept public announcements that future education would ignore needs of reading, writing and arithmetic?  Would they fail simple logic to see that our government is fundamentally undemocratic?  Such development is clear evidence that the needs of human behavior; reasoning ability; communication and understanding; can now be openly discarded because, in general, the public are already sufficiently “dumbed down”.  Who protests the destruction of our great gift of intellectual spirit?  Why are warnings now ignored?  When the Christian Bible warned that those who do not develop their gifts would lose them, that was fair warning.  Should we not heed it?

Can civilization be destroyed?  Others “great in their time” have collapsed without warning.  Frightening!  Don’t crawl under a bed; help expose the problem!  Combine with others to defend humanity.  When ‘THEY know WE know’ then they cannot risk triggering rebellion; there is evidence and logic throughout the TOLD literature to explain and support the human potential.
This situation is urgent.  Now to Part 3.

Part 3/ Cultural lobotomy:  UNITY IS STRENGTH

Let’s Advance Humanity:
So few see that protest and community problems increase in unison.  Fortunes are wasted on protests about such diverse issues as, genetically modified food; indoctrinating education; corrupt law, because we protest to those creating the problems rather than educate community to use of logic so as to understand cause and effect.

From small business to environment – protests; petitions; race riots; marches – all to achieve no more than despair and deepening community divisions.  Self-defeating! Because our problems are seen in isolation, protest leaders, often in desperation, refuse time and concern for investigation of wider issues.  We must question!  Why is it happening?  Why are we now failing in human caring and understanding?

Today we think our democratic nations free and prosperous!  Why are we shy to accept public fact that ‘our’ prosperity is being bought with unsustainable debt?  Why do we ignore that belief in advancing technology does not explain why children (and parents) no longer read well enough (nor are able to see any need) to understand simple implications.

Do not give way to fear but realize that, no matter how great our effort in regard to our own special interest it has, for over 50 years, been very evident that sectional interest protests, even when for public benefit, just widen divisions and frustrate community.
It’s of no use to shout ‘conspiracy theory’!  If we care about the future of nation or family do we care enough – do we have faith to dare – look to see why our technically advancing culture is becoming more irrational, more violent and more unsustainable both at home and abroad?

The above outlines a reality that can be faced and fixed.  If we will not face the truth what can we do?  Is it enough to pray for forgiveness for being too stubborn to use the intelligence we were given and the human instincts we were born with?  Is, DO – or let DIE, an even choice?

Unity is Strength! 
That saying carries real weight!  J. Edgar Hoover, for near 50 years head of the FBI (USA) said: “The individual is handicapped by coming face to face with a ‘Conspiracy so Monstrous’ he cannot believe it exists.”  Hoover was in a position to know. We now have the evidence to prove all are in danger; reveal this and create the common-interest-glue needed for the unity that will give us the power to save ourselves.

Our world is full of deceit!  As evidence of sincerity and urgency I offer 1,000 free sets of the four books that give a digest of the basic supporting information (one per individual or household).  Australians need only send $5.00 toward postage/handling cost.  (For England, the USA or Canada postage is the equivalent of $14 Australian; for payment options email: told@lifetruth.org.au   This represents an ‘independent life work’ of study and research devoted to understanding of the human situation.

The above article is from the FORUM of the www.lifetruth.org.au   digest.

For more general information read themindweb literature.

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