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"Global Warming "

Global: WARM-ing : WARN-ing : or WAR-ing

Of Consequences, Conclusions and causes.

The mass media tells us about the rising sea level and reports on storms and hurricanes.  Al Gore explains the evidence of pollution reaching levels far beyond known history of earth.  He also confirms and explains evidence of glaciers melting at incredible speed.  So now lets look at consequences that no one is shouting from the rooftops and realize that we are engaged in a war for survival.

Note: The "Global 2000 Club", an elite Organization within the "Club of Rome", revealed its GENOCIDE plan submitted by the U.S. State Department, and Council on Environmental Quality, to President Carter.  Endorsed as official policy 1980. (USA Congressional Records).

The Globalist elite, concerned about overpopulation since Malthus pointed out problems (1766-1834), sees unneeded populations as waste of food, energy and resources. This report called for elimination of some two billion humans by the year 2000.  This is open-ended.

Did Globalists see the opportunity of using global pollution to eliminate huge unneeded population without blame focused on themselves?  All they needed do was encourage polluting waste and shussh consequences.  Global Warming seems so comfortable to live with.

Debate about Global Warming between rival politicians is pathetic.  They have no respect for each other and no informed viewer could have respect for them.  Serious TV brings El Nino research to further compound the problem and expose the futility and danger of politicians who avoid all truths that may, in any way, undermine their grab for power.

The El Nino story adds significantly to understanding of changing sea currents and effects on weather patterns of such global significance as to have destroyed the Moche civilization in Peru.

It was shown that Moche culture (comparable with the Maya and Aztecs) was weakened to destruction by a long period of violent weather, (earth science confirmed).  I add only that the extreme weather was aided by a cultural behaviour based on worship of false gods. 

Similarly, if governments today had concern or care for the people on whose behalf they govern, Global Warming would be called "Global Warning"!  All nations would already have called for urgent conference and agreed to immediately cease all production of armaments and defence spending with full inspection of such facilities by each other.  Survival now needs armies trained for rescue and repair. 

Eliminating huge arms production would make a very useful and quick reduction in waste of energy, resource materials and pollution.

For seconds: the price of energy (electricity, fuel) would be increased to a point where users would think twice about waste!  The money saved, and tax gained by these steps, would be devoted to urgent research directed to cleaning up polluting fuels and to providing solar energy and first flush water collection systems for private housing.

Such steps would impress on people that upsetting the balance of nature has very serious consequences.  All should be prepared to face unknown flow-on effects.  Planned or not, this is a war for survival far more serious than anything faced in our previous human history.

The first 20% reduction of pollutants, needs and can be, beneficially eliminated in two years.

To insist on living standards as a priority – to talk of research and constructions that will take 20 years or more to have any effect – is for the future; this threat is here now. 

The political outlook is more genocidal than suicidal. Government members, supported by and devoted to forces of commercial greed, have delivered us into a global trap? 
Why has no one warned of the effect of shifting huge weight of water from the poles to the oceans?  Upset to earth balance has consequences! 

Volcanoes; earthquakes; violent weather, these are already increasing, and melting permafrost is reported to be releasing global-warming pollutants in excess of human stupidity.

If changed earth loadings lead to one super volcanic eruption, this event could disable even the greatest nation and have recycling effects on the living areas of the entire earth.

How fast can natural forces build?  Do we remember that extinct animals were found in frozen Siberia with tropical vegetation in their mouths?  The Al Gore video "An Inconvenient Truth" points to air pollution off the historic chart and reminds us that extreme changes can occur in just a few years.  Change, world wide, is neither even nor gradual!

Are we not already seeing changes that, compounded, will devastate very large populations?  Crops failed because of drought, others destroyed by out of season weather, storms, etc., recent deaths, through starvation and unusual events must already have caused death of hundreds of thousands? 

Why do the facts not have compulsory display on all media?  Yes, TV warns of sea level rise but no mention of weight change effects on earth's fragile crust; El Nino; changing ocean currents; increasing dependence of large populations in advanced nations on public services; or violent behaviour now promoted by a taught philosophy based on false values?

If the evidence is true, and in light of latest reports it's hard to deny; the floating plates of earth on which we all live will have their stability altered by the huge weight moved from ends of earth to oceans.

The security of this theory is that it explains much in relation to the cause of past earth-changes.  As the young earth settled to relative stability unusual events, such as a super volcanic eruption or meteor strike, caused upset of global balance.  This upset to the balance begins an increase of movement of the tectonic plates such as in the past has caused ice ages; realignment of continents and even of the magnetic poles.  This becomes a progression that only ends as the earth settles into a new stability.

That was the past!  Human population now adds a new cause of upset to the picture:  "INDUSTRIAL POLLUTION”.  

Had we (as entitled) taken responsibility for our own governing, then the serious evidence of global warming could not have been hidden behind deformed display by self-interest politicians; or greens, or ignored.   An honestly informed population would have acted responsibly!  Is it now too late?  Is this fulfilment of Bible prophecy?

Did Globalist intelligence, with evidence and knowledge of tectonic forces, misjudge the obvious danger, or seek to take advantage of it?  Why did they play down serious matters and highly promote trivia of entertainment, fads and fashions?  Why did they create injustice, war and terror rather than warn of dangers and encourage healthy lifestyle changes?

Globalists, owning or controlling all important industries, have power to control the election of government members through the "party system" and to disguise dictatorship by incessant promotion of it as democracy. (Evidence is on this web site.)

Is the idea that we have 'democracy' incessantly promoted into our conscious minds because, if we stop to think of it, we can see that what we have is, very obviously, a fake democracy?

If we COULD force governments to act, then they could still, as pointed out above, act quickly.  But it is useless to go to quisling governments, which have combined to cause the problem.  As we already see, they refuse to face the enormity of what they have done.  If we will not alert ourselves political procrastination will take us past the point of no return.

If the world is overpopulated there are honest answers!  Will this Global Warning cause those concerned to act?  If we understand the problem we can do more than just help ourselves.  Will you help expose this danger?

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The Al Gore DVD “An Inconvenient Truth” is available from hire outlets.

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