An essay on the manipulation of the public mind
for private power and profit.

Globalism Brainwash was first published as
“BRAIN-WASH” in January 1992
Enlarged and republished June 1992 Copyright @ Alan Gourley.
Internet edition: Revised and renamed “Globalism Brainwash”, June 2001

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Introduction and Dedication
Ch: 3. BERNAYS: Public Relations Expert Extraordinary
Ch: 8. SUMMARY +




Last verse of " Dover Beach " by Matthew Arnold, 1867.
Ah, love, let us be true
To one another! for the world which seems
To lie before us like a land of dreams,
So various, so beautiful, so new,
Hath really neither joy, nor love, nor light,
Nor certitude, nor peace, nor help for pain;
And we are here as on a darkling plain
Swept with confused alarms of struggle and flight,
Where ignorant armies clash by night

Those despairing words of Arnold 's " Dover Beach "
How well they speak of our own plight today;
But fear not for the darkling ignorance brings.
The failure of a world! The tyrant flays!
Tomorrow yet will open doors to light
And light of truth reveal the promise stays.
[Comment by A. Gourley, 1991]

A common excuse given for not being willing to study the evidence of what is going on around us is: "I don't have time!" This is an unconscious self-insult. If we have time to live then we have time to look at the dangers that threaten our living. People are today committing suicide just because they didn't take time to see what was going on around them. Who do you think you are? Don’t try to answer! It is likely that less than one in a million of us know our true selves. Why? Well that, in essence, is what we want to find out!

If life is worth living it is worth protecting. But then perhaps you do not think life is worth living. Let’s not be too hasty! If you finish this book and face the evidence you may find that you thought wrong.

Because reading from a computer screen makes understanding of new problems difficult, may I suggest that you download and printout the whole book. You see, what has to be exposed is not so much hidden from view as camouflaged, and the camouflage is very effective. The challenge is to see the true nature of things that we are, quite deliberately, trained to ignore. The real world so easily slips out of sight just as those who manipulate us intend.

An example: Most have seen the puzzle drawings where a cat or some other object is hidden among pigeons or some other object. We look and we see what is obviously presented but, even after we are told it is there, it may take us quite some time to see the outline of the ‘cat’ among the ‘pigeons’. However, once we have seen the previously hidden object it is then quite easy to see. Those who manipulate public opinion (called ‘social engineers’) do not make the mistake of trying to hide what cannot safely be hidden, what they do is place it among things we want to see and expect to see. I assure you, once we see and accept the real world we are never again so easily fooled.

What we expect to see is mainly the product of past experience; what we want to see is largely a justification of our previously formed beliefs – pride and prejudice defend our beliefs. We do not like to be wrong but making the most of life requires a continual self-sacrifice of beliefs that are based on wrong or incomplete evidence. To find this new evidence we must first understand that advancing in truth is greatly to our benefit.

Among the most powerful weapons used against us in the ‘mind war’ are our pride and prejudice; the survivors of this war will almost certainly be those who control these emotions.

How has this social degeneration come about?
That is the subject of this book. Globalism-Brainwash: what is it about: how does it operate: how does it effect us: where is it going? Public Relations is presented to us as legitimate persuasion and the generation of goodwill between people: is it so?

Civilisation now means a pretended concern for 'Human Rights', 'Rights of Children', 'Rights of Women', 'Rights of Race', 'Rights of Anti-Discrimination'. How low can we go? Are these rights not a natural part of human nature? When did we lose them? Certainly they are ours at birth! Were we crippled by the ‘humanism’ mind virus and now need laws to try to force some pretence of human behaviour? Today the young know nothing of the world we had and think change means advancing.

Today we live lives of puppets desperate to obey the strings lest we have even that artificial humanity removed from us. We fear to know that when the 'spoiled child mind' of despotism tires of the game, millions of puppets are surplus to need.

We have seen leaders of social change such as Darwin, Germaine Greer, Dr Spock, Dr Mead, renounce popular positions without change to public education or mass media attitude even though the superseded ideas of these people are constantly used to support the deceits humanism promotes.

Can we imagine that the eventual enlightenment of such people was ignored because it did not suit the deception promoted by the establishment? We see political, business, family and religious corruption. We see bank fraud protected by government, – TV encouraged robbery and violence – politically correct war. Is it not time we took a look at ourselves before both conscience and human soul die of shame?

Yes, we do need a new world order but an order of natural social conscience where ‘order' is not a dictator's choice and ‘peace' does not mean the death of those who do not accept the tyrant's decree.

After many years of literary research and general observation it became my considered opinion that almost all social immorality is directed from the top levels of society. Now, after many more years, I see that political manipulation (promoted under a cloak of humanist ideology) is the real force behind the academic study called Public Relations.

PR is a study, tightly attached to studies of human behaviour and psychiatry, whose ultimate purpose is political manipulation of the mass community for private power. PR, instead of being ‘harmless commercial persuasion' is, in fact, a political enterprise with commercial PR merely a disguise to allow the academic study of community behaviour and control without the rebellion that would surely result were its real purpose open to public understanding. It is one of the ‘cats’ that is hidden in the peaceful picture of ‘pigeons’.

As will become apparent in later literature, all manipulation of community mind results in confusion, ineptitude and misapplication of effort. Commercial manipulation masks, and aids, the political intrusion. Brainwashing, at today's level, gives our community the appearance of mental incompetence and generates feelings of futility. As a result of this, political manipulation (hidden by commercial disguise and the distraction of beer and circuses) is now made easy. Mind manipulation IS a more obnoxious crime than common child abuse; it is the main cause of child abuse – and much more!

Deceit has been with us for a long time but this "1984" 'big brother' program has rapidly increased over the last hundred years and massively over the last fifty or so years.

Can humanity be regained?
Brainwashing is a serious subject but I do not want to frighten people into thinking that all is lost; the “what can I do” cringe is far too widespread already. So before we begin the evidence I would just like to remind readers that housewives, farmers and office workers have, on occasion, taken on the establishment forces, money institutions and governments with some small successes when they have refused to accept the idea of their own insignificance.

That there are so many more failures is only because too few people are prepared to study problems and stand behind their own intelligence. Jacques Cousteau, who most of us know because of his well-publicised oceanographic adventures, once said that the only chance the world has is an educated people. He proposed there should be a world "Supreme Court of Science and Technology" but saw that only an informed people could safely be given the position of judge in this court. When he said informed I think we may assume he did not mean “misinformed”.

People today march in the streets to protest globalisation, but they march to the Hegelian Dialectic band; they protest the effect – not the cause. Can the deceived be safely left to make decisions about the matters that affect them? Not while totally deceived!

While totally deceived we will always demand ‘big brother’ does the right thing rather than accept our responsibility as adult humans! However, let us understand the nature of our deception and our first impulse will be to expose and eliminate the cause of deceit – ah then, our disabilities would quickly heal! To make good decisions we have to have the truth of our situation and the first step to that end is to expose the facts of manipulative propaganda and false government. Only after the cause of the problem is exposed can recovery begin.

Propaganda against common democracy is now pandemic. There is a public relations campaign to discredit the power and authority of the people even to the extent of discrediting the common law and jury system of justice, big government is taking over. Even as I write (2001) there are towns where kids are running riot, police look away for fear of charge of harassment. They are discouraged and feel futile because courts give punishment so light that children are encouraged to believe they are beyond the law. If parents punish they themselves are liable to more serious punishment.

If we, the people, are to regain control of our lives, we need to accept our duty to Constitutional Democratic Government. True democracy is an ideal only possible if people know the scientific and political truths. To be sure that we are honestly informed we, the people, must take control of our parliaments – we cannot rely on what we are told. We have to learn what true democracy is and not just accept that we have democracy because we are told we have it, or because democracy is provided for by our Constitution.

True democracy means people-chosen representatives in control of parliaments. It does not mean voting for people chosen by political parties, by those who own those parties or by self-chosen independents. Voting, by itself, does not mean democracy.

Without truly people-chosen, representative government to ensure honesty in education, law and mass media, our best efforts: our petitions; our green and environmental movements; our citizens referendums; our street protests, will always be directed by misinformation and manipulation.

So let's stop feeling sorry for ourselves and realise that it is we, the people, who have both the NEED and the ABILITY to solve our problems. To do this we need to make a 'quantum leap' in goodwill to the service of future generations.

Let us think not just "what I can do for me" but "what I can do for humanity". Let us take on a true human generosity. It may well be too late for those of us (who make decisions today) to be wise in many things, but we can be wise in one thing: we can be wise in having the generosity to provide following generations with a platform for true enlightenment and justice.

Corruption spreads down from the top. To return to a more just – more human – society, we have to reverse the process. A true regeneration of conscience must come from the grassroots level of society to spread out and permeate upwards.

We are a multitude – they are few! We have the power, they the illusion! Yes, you may read this book as fiction. If that is what you want: read on – while you can! But perhaps, when you have read it and understand a little better how illusions are created and maintained, you will feel a stirring of human conscience, an awareness of your human privilege and a concern for the human future on this earth.

One more thing before we go on – severe criticism of certain groups does not mean that all people in such groups are criminal. There are good and bad in all walks of life and both good and bad can be misled. People like Bernays and fanatical ideologues seldom knowingly support despotism; they behave as they do because of beliefs and attitudes they absorb, on trust, from their environment.



Chapter 1.

WELCOME to your chance of survival! That may seem an arrogant statement but, as the kind of reader likely to be interested in this subject, you will no doubt, for your own benefit, put prejudice aside.

People who can profit from this book will want to read it again, few have a memory so good that they can retain and relate well enough to make the many connections immediately. Minimum length is to encourage readers, not because of lack of material for reference. Should our culture survive, references will become encyclopaedic.

Manipulation of public opinion is not new in the world. There is no reason to doubt that conspiracy to manipulate goes back to the beginning of civilisation. Manipulation extends from the smallest family to the largest community and we tend to take it for granted. Be warned: to understand Globalism and what Globalism has already done to you will mean a major review of how you see your world – but finding your true self depends on it.

There is an old saying in our community, "A fool and his money are soon parted". Actually the way of it should be, "A fool and his wealth are soon parted". Our true wealth is something we are born with – our birthright – it is our ability to know life and profit from it rather than be, as dumb animals, the playthings of fate – or manipulation. The brainwasher is no more to blame for robbing you of your life than you are for allowing it, fortunately our chances do not always end with our first mistake.

The means of manipulation have greatly advanced in recent decades. This, along with the scientific study of human behaviour, has created a system of power, exploitation and injustice that is truly new and dangerous; not just to the human community but to civilisation and the future of life on earth. Beware! Those who conspire to rob us of our birthright go to great lengths to convince us that conspiracy at a national level does not exist. The ‘cat’ does not want the ‘pigeons’ to notice.

The 1914-18 war demonstrated a new potential for scientific public manipulation. This potential was promoted by a man called Bernays who became the recognised expert and advocate for development of a form of mass persuasion called Public Relations: PR for short.

‘Public Relations’ is the friendly public face of what Bernays himself liked to call “propaganda”, now often called “social engineering”. However, to the general public (when aware of it) this is just the common abuse of humanity called “brainwashing”.

Brainwashing, in military terms, is a physically forced program of indoctrination and the crime is not so much brainwashing as assault. That is not the kind of brainwashing we are concerned with here. What we here call brainwashing is something that causes us to act in ways beneficial to others and detrimental to our own interests without our being aware we are manipulated.

The word brainwashing is a deceit in itself. It does not mean washing to make clean. Rather it means washing to make dirty – to change the purity of brain logic by adding contamination. This brainwashing could be called confidence trickery, but that is understatement. In the computer age it may be best explained as adding a ‘virus’.

Our bodies suffer at times from virus attack but it is only in the computer age that we have come to see virus as a destroyer of logic. This may make it easier for us to see false information as an active agent in the mind to sabotage its logical workings.

So brainwashing comes in many guises but none will disguise its essentially obnoxious nature. The brainwashed find that their decisions – personal, family, business – do not work out and they lose confidence in themselves. They find they have to trust 'authorities' – financial consultants, the news media, politicians, educators. But they know that these people lie to them or unwittingly pass on deception. Though some live happily with, or find gaps in, this abuse, a growing number secretly despise themselves for incompetence but see it as a personal problem leaving no choice.

Community brainwashing has to be achieved in ways subtle because to be noticed is to fail. In fact, community brainwashing is so pervasive that those brainwashed will often claim brainwashing is not brainwashing at all. They will say it is merely a misunderstanding of legitimate persuasion.

In reply to that claim I expect it will become apparent that any opinion-forming that is pursued by deliberate deceit for the profit of the manipulator is not just highly immoral but should be legally criminal. It is an activity designed to damage the ability of innocent minds to make rational decisions, it is more poisonous than ‘confidence trickery’.

Does manipulation really affect our lives? Let us have an example: If you want to swap items with another person there is no reason you should pay an onlooker for that privilege. If you choose to use money to make your swapping more convenient then there is still no reason why you should pay any outsider.

If we are told we are to be taxed on every transaction we make (a goods and services tax) we are annoyed, but this is exactly what has been happening for years. No, not as a government tax but for the benefit a private group of people! This hidden tax, the one covered up by brainwashing, is called usury; meaning unjust INTEREST on money loaned. Our money (in its origin) is created and loaned by international moneylenders. As our trade and commerce has now been organised around the borrowing of money every use of money carries a hidden charge. Usury legitimately means taking advantage of another person for personal gain.

The cost of providing money for convenience use is so small it can be a function of government with no significant cost to government. To borrow money from a community-owned bank (as the Commonwealth Bank of Australia once was) can be estimated to cost no more than 1% or 2% if we had a 'free of globalist-manipulation economy'. The difference between that and what you are paying today on your Bankcard or other loan (or the addition to cost of goods and services because of high loans cost to business) is a cost of brainwashing. We are deceived because our brains are loaded with deceit. It is, in fact, the perfect "Goods and Services" tax and is imposed on the world by the international bankers. We pay Globalists every time we use THEIR money system?

Unfortunately that is only a small part of the price! The full price of institutionalised mind corruption is irrational behaviour and includes the greater part of all ill-health, road accidents, crimes, massacres and bad government generally. These things are all largely the result of community confusion, muddled thinking, misunderstandings, induced desires, and frustrations caused by the implanting of virus persuasions in the community mind.

Another example: When George Orwell wanted to tell the world what was planned for it, he cloaked his message in fiction because he was afraid to openly tell the truth. Professor Quigley, an establishment man, wrote openly his 1,300 page Tragedy & Hope about the New World Order and the people who planned it; he was no more believed than Orwell. Brainwashing allows the brainwasher to tell you what to believe.

When people, over more recent years, have tried to explain about the New World Order they have been laughed at, sneered at and abused as foolish 'conspiracy theorists'. Brainwashing encourages us to believe our leaders are not bandits even though the great majority of us are well aware that we are constantly deceived, used and abused. Deception creates insecurity so we are desperate to believe that "Big Brother" is OUR 'family' not MAFIA 'family' – that our leaders sacrifice themselves to our welfare. Yes, it is laughable, but we try to believe what we want to believe and what we want to believe is what brainwashing tells us to believe.

Then came the so-called "Gulf War" and Big Brother felt sufficiently secure to make the New World Order official. We then had to admit that warnings of world government were, to that extent, true, so we adjusted to the idea that world government, born by sword and deceit, was 'a good thing' – it was for our benefit.

Reliable estimates are that over 100,000 'enemy' soldiers died of this one-sided Globalist mission. In addition it was estimated that 100,000 children and babies (more as the blockade continues) died of disease and malnutrition. Certainly a lot of 'peace' has entered innocent households.

We do not excuse Iraq but there are many countries with leadership and policies as bad or worse. Can we say our own is better? Surely we must ask if it is a worse crime for Hussain to kill 10,000 rebels, few of whom were guilty of any crime, than for the United Nations to kill 100,000 rebels AND cause the death of over 100,000 children, few of whom were guilty of any crime?

Well, if we have no care for truth, justice, humanity, or social environment, so be it. If our social conscience is no more than that of the puppet obeying the strings as they are pulled; if we have no concern for family, race or humankind, then let us feel good about the slow erosion of our humanity, it is, so they tell us, our choice. No doubt our time will come, we will get what we deserve but first, before we finally submit, let us look for the cat among the pigeons.

There are numerous cats, they collectively, constitute Globalism.

To know who cheats us is interesting. To know why is important. To know how is vital.
To know ourselves – well, that’s our life!


Chapter 2

Modern manipulation differs as much from the old crude advertising as manhandling blocks of stone is different from a machine pouring concrete. The modern promoter NEVER dirties his hands with the end result. Your attitudes, whether to pop music, sex discrimination or political ideology, may begin with a seeming harmless promotion on TV and/or at Kindergarten where you adopt a comfortable peer-group reinforced fashion or fad – you became ‘hooked’ on a “slave to a group-security comfort and empowerment fashion” – you felt good.

So long as you agreed with the group you felt the power of the group, you could make demands of your parents because what all your little friends wanted or had you must have a right to have. They could not allow you the deprivation of being ‘left out’. So the mob was you and you were a mob – no need to think for yourself – you had the first link of the slave chain embedded in your mind, you felt you had become SOMEONE.

Modern government would never say, “The jury system of justice is no good, we are going to change to a system of direct judgements by our appointed judges.” Oh NO! Ideologically correct control forbids any such honesty. What liberal governments now do is “bow to public pressure” from people who make up their own minds on the basis of evidence that shows the jury system failing to give justice.

The job of public relations is to create or identify situations that will create news that the news media can publicise so as to create the required emotion, public perception and demand. The jury system is manipulated – such as by laws introduced to restrict evidence in crime’s favour – so that justice may sometimes be seen as not done. This situation is then publicised to arouse public anger. The mass media shouts, “the mob has spoken”. Government, like parents, must bow.

The anger, of course, will be directed against the jury system not the hidden persuaders or the corrupt law. These manipulations only happen where change is required by the manipulators; irrelevant issues are allowed to be resolved free of PR, the media does not report and government does not bow. By only using subtle persuasions in satisfaction of important issues the chance of exposure is reduced, credibility maintained, and end results attained. If we think that, at times, the media reports our unaided protests, then remember the Hegelian principle of manipulating conflict.

That is how the system works!
Educated people are taught to scorn any idea of “conspiracy”. However honest thought shows conspiracy an historic and ever-present fact of life. Having gone that far, more honest thought brings us face to face with the fact of human greed for power. We only need look at the clear evidence to see the real world as very different from what we are taught to believe. Or, as Disraeli suggested: "The world isgoverned by very different persons from what those believe who arenot behind the scenes." Disraeli was in a position to know but ‘behind scenes government was not Globalisation then.

But the human greed for power is a sickness that, in true human nature, only affects a few egocentrics. The normal human tends to avoid responsibility, this allows fanatics the power they crave! That is why mob allegiance is so popular, we don’t need to expose ourselves. We have still to learn our lessons: that power corrupts that liberty requires eternal vigilance and that responsibility is personal.

Let us look at the essential basics of social reality.
Manipulation of human intelligence for the purpose of mass enslavement is perhaps the most despicable and inhuman abuse of power that any one group of humans can practise on another.

Although drugs and force can help control people there is no need for physical force or to create a zombie-like population. Carefully designed misinformation is safer and gives the tyrant elite a more useful result because it allows the victim a determined pursuit of ‘apparent’ self-interest and produces willing service. Remember: those great Egyptian pyramids were not built by slaves.

Manipulation is a common subject of my writings and I beg the patience of my regular readers for the repeat of some quotations.

Here the repeat of a quote from The Impact of Scienceon Society by Bertrand Russell; quote: “… it may be hoped that in time anybody will be able to persuadeanybody [children] of anything, if he can catch the patient youngand is provided by the State with money and equipment. Thissubject will make great strides when it is taken up by scientistsunder a scientific dictatorship.

“Although this science will be diligently studied, it will be rightlyconfined to the governing class and the populace will not be allowed to know how its convictions were generated … education shouldaim at destroying free will, so that, after pupils have left school, they will be incapable … of thinking or acting otherwise than theirschoolmasters would have wished.” End Quote (EQ).

We ‘think’ we are not controlled because “misinformation” does not alter our ability to think, it only alters what we think and what we think about – it alters our perception of reality.

The Impact of Science on Society was published in 1976 and that those remarks could be said in a book that would be read within higher education shows the program described was already effective.

By the time students enter into higher education many are ‘already seeing themselves as elite and enter easily into the spirit of elitism’, (clearly shown by experiments in human behaviour) they want to be part of the elite mob. Pride is in our nature; encouragement to excess is part of the trickery. Instead of the educated being allowed to see that position and education give them greater human responsibility and feelings of self satisfaction in that they can help advance the human cause, they are ego-boosted with ideas of importance and authority to become willing (if unwitting) servants of the globalist mafia.

The Humanist, Jan/Feb 1983; quote: “The battle for humankind's future must be waged and won inthe public school classroom by teachers who correctly perceivetheir role as the proselytisers of a new faith ... These teachers mustembody the same selfless dedication as the most rabid fundamen­talist preachers, for they will be ministers of another sort, utilisingthe classroom instead of the pulpit to convey humanist values inwhatever subjects they teach….pre-school or large state university.” E.Q.

The continued working of these ‘public relations religions’ is very evident and we see that academic ‘disciplines’ and public money are used to advance this ‘socialist religion’ of human slavery. This huge program of deception is only possible with the aid of huge amounts of money.

In Saving the Future (p44-5) I quoted from a top level Multi-Function Polis meeting where the following comment was made: "… it is necessary to control the consciousness of publicand [public] related organisations very carefully." EQ. This was said to people who were not insiders but the speaker was confident the audience was educated to accept the humanist view that included a deceived servant class population.

As Russell mentions, early training is important. Over recent years parents have been encouraged (and economically pressured) to deliver their children to the system at younger and younger ages.

Here is a fine example quoted by Caldwell & Zanfagna in their book Fluoridation and Truth Decay p8, from writings of Edward L Bernays; quote: “The conscious and intelligent manipulation of the organisedhabits and opinions of the masses must be done by experts, thepublic relations counsels (Bernays invented the term); they are theinvisible rulers who control the destinies of millions ... the mostdirect way to reach the herd is through the leaders.... all this mustbe planned ... indoctrination must be subtle. It should be workedinto the everyday life of the people – 24 hours a day in hundreds of ways ... A redefinition of ethics is necessary ... the subject matterof propaganda need not necessarily be true.” EQ.

Bernays could be said to have been the father of modern PR and it is interesting that he advocates control “through the leaders” this reinforces the earlier quotation from Disraeli. We, the people, think that those we elect, argue about and beg of, are the government. Not so, they are ‘people leaders’, sheep dogs to round-up public opinion. We know it, it is obvious, but pride prevents honesty. Will we die – will we consign our children to slavery – rather than bury false pride?

We will be looking more closely (let’s hope for enlightenment not excuses) at Bernays' work.

The following quotation is from an address given by Sir Herbert Gepp to the Constitutional Association ( 30/5/1938 ) Sydney , Australia .
Emphasising the duties and responsibilities of youth in a democracy he said; quote: “The so-called mysteries of banking, finance and economicsare mysteries only to those who will not take the trouble to try tounderstand.

“I do not suggest it is possible to obtain a complete appreciationof all factors operating in our complex civilisation, but I domaintain that the colossal ignorance today of economic fundamentals is the gravest danger to the continuance of democracies.” EQ.

The Sydney Sun , next day, devoted its leading article to this warning: snippets are from a booklet called MONEY, by Chartered Accountant Stanley Allen F.C.A.; quote: “To the average citizen, economics still remains 'the dismalscience'. but the speaker was correct in his suggestion that it goesto the root of most of the world's trouble today. It may at least besuspected that a condition of affairs in which men are able andwilling to work are unable to find secure jobs, and in which urgentworks are delayed because a prosperous community declares thatit can raise no money for them, is no advertisement for theknowledge of economics possessed by the community.” E.Q.

At that time civilisation had not degenerated to the point that hidden government could openly flaunt Globalism. Years of suppression of the facts of basic economics means that today even fewer people know just how fitting that comment is in the world of 2001.

Search for the forces behind the brainwash of democratic society lead directly and surely to international banking. I have covered this subject quite well in past writing and there is a vast amount of information available on the money trick so let us keep to essentials.

The simple fact is that international finance is ‘owned’ by the most powerful mafia-type ‘family’ in existence. The power of this group is legalised through the anti-democratic system of politics known as the ‘party system’, a system foreign to Great Britain ’s common law, and the constitutions of the USA and Australia .

Some indication of the power of this mafia is shown by the following comment from Lloyd George, famous English statesman and Prime Minister, when speaking of peace negotiations following World War 1(1914-18); quote: They (international bankers) swept statesman, politicians, jurists, and journalists all on one side, and issued their orders withthe imperiousness of absolute monarchs, who knew that there was no appeal from their ruthless decrees. EQ.

The great power of the globalist mafia is maintained through political control and made secure by modern PR. To break this chain we must learn to understand a little of mind-manipulating methods and face the consequences of allowing the power of life or death to reside in a despotic New World Order often now called Globalism or World Government.

You may have the opinion that public manipulation is to give everyone the same values and opinions? Hopefully you are now seeing that modern manipulation is not so simple. The simpleton viewpoint comes after the confused viewpoint.

To understand how present levels of control could be achieved we have to realise that mind manipulation is not a new development. Machiavelli (1469-1527) referred to it when he said; quote: “One of the great secrets of the day is to know how to takepossession of popular prejudices and passions in such a way as tointroduce a confusion of principles which makes impossible allunderstanding between those who speak the same language andhave the same interests.” EQ

That is even more true of our situation today.
Example 1: No one, at street level, knows if the 'greenhouse effect' is a very serious problem, a possible problem or a confidence trick, but a lot of people (including 'authorities') have very strong opinions covering each possibility.

Example 2: In our society there are political factions pulling in all directions but who understands, wants to know about, or is prepared to expose the illegitimacy of political party government? It should be easy to see that so long as political parties are allowed to control government we can never have democracy.

Example 3: We rush to adopt new technology but what is safe? There is evidence against mobile phones but are they dangerous to our physical or mental health? Authorities pull us both ways but who cares? Let’s leave real evidence for a time when, perhaps, millions may be affected.

All through history, at some level, there has been deliberate public enslavement by lies. Jesus referred to it when He told His listeners they were slaves (John 8:34 ); then, as today, they denied it. The history of public manipulation by deliberate deceit is ancient.

Apart from the above broad outline, how is our consciousness of human reality being restricted?

There are three common ways of restricting human consciousness: one is to restrict access to knowledge, another is to create confusion with false ideas (religious ideology); both these are greatly aided by forcing children to cram and regurgitate. The third is to create conflict. All are achieved by education and lies.

A quick look at: The Hegelian Dialectic Process.
The Hegelian Dialectic Process
is a system in which designed social conflict is used to create a desired social change.

To appreciate this we go first to the principle revealed by George Orwell, who controls the past controls the future. As social attitudes are based on past experience it is therefore possible, by manipulation of belief about past events, to influence future behaviour.

This leads directly to the complementary idea, ConflictCreates History, which is the short explanation of the method and purpose of the Hegelian Dialectic Process.

From the axiom, Conflict Creates History, we get the idea of using controlled conflict to create any desired 'history' for control of future generations. The Hegelian expression of this concept is thesis, antithesis, and synthesis. Thesis is manipulation to generate conflict, antithesis is the generated counter-force of conflict, and synthesis is the desired result; example:

A politician is enticed to challenge for leadership (thesis); other leading figures will resist the challenge (antithesis); the conflict brings the party into disrepute and the opposition is elected (synthesis). Of course, the division of the nation into two balanced political factions represents a very real example whose synthesis is control of the national future. The Party system, two main parties (thesis and antithesis) are the two reins to manipulate a nation’s people (synthesis}.

Change is achieved, you understand, by instilling false hopes, beliefs and fears so as to create conflict that leads to wrong, unnatural or deformed social responses. When we have an unnatural situation there really is no right or wrong response. All response to an unnatural situation is, by nature, wrong; the way out is to return to a natural situation.

A further development is to "institutionalise" gains made so that they become permanent. The best way to do this is to restrict reading ability and vocabulary (addressed in a later chapter).

A problem with a book of this kind, where we need to keep it as short and simple as will cover the subject, is that whenever we want to deal with the problem of cultural manipulation we are led directly to the party political system. Then we cannot say a lot that is meaningful about the political party system without reference to those who control that system – the money manipulators. The whole system now comes under the name: Globalism.

To see how all this social manipulation can be possible we must now look even more closely at the forces behind social corruption. To admit deliberate corruption means to acknowledge deliberate manipulation of the public mind – it means to admit that humanity is living in slavery to false beliefs. Globalists now believe they have been so successful in mind manipulation that exposure is no longer possible because we, the people, no longer understand our own human nature – that our enhanced pride and mob convictions, defended by mass media, gives them total immunity.

They may well be right, they do have ‘force’ on their side. Let’s put it to the test: can any significant percent of our population accept the human challenge to see the cat among the pigeons.

Note: See: “Why Johnny can’t Think” “TV or not TV” and other later literature


Chapter 3
BERNAYS: Public Relations Expert Extraordinary

So we see a new public relations propaganda becoming respectable as a wartime need and turning to commercial manipulation. Its political use slotted in almost imperceptibly. Expertise was in a steep learning curve over the first half of this century and even faster over the second half.

To look into the business of PR in more depth who better to be our guide than Bernays himself.

Bernays was a leader in his field and was given an eminence that few modern authorities attain. A book, Public Relations,Edward L. Bernayses and the American Scene, by Keith A. Larson, over 300 pages was written to catalogue his works and teachings. First published in 1951 this book was enlarged and republished 1971.

This, for someone barely known outside of academia, must be rare. It is interesting that Bernays was born in Vienna and was a nephew of the infamous Sigmund Freud (author of a rather discredited system of psychoanalysis). This propaganda expert aided (or guided) introduction of the dubious, forced medication, fluoridation (beginning in the USA in 1951 and spread worldwide).

This is a family that would be high in the favour of any manipulative establishment. Let us take a closer look at his writings on scientific public relations; the following quotes, unless otherwise specified, are from his book called (very appropriately) PROPAGANDA; quote:

The conscious and intelligent manipulation of the organizedhabits and opinions of the masses is an important element indemocratic society. Those who manipulate this unseen mechanismof society constitute an invisible government which is the true rulingpower of our government.

We are governed, our minds are molded, our tastes formed,our ideas suggested, largely by men we have never heard of. Thisis the logical result of the way in which our democratic society isorganized. .. EQ.

That comment, from the founder of the modern manipulative science called Public Relations, is something you are unlikely to know of unless you have studied PR or some related subject. It is important to understand that he was not exposing hidden government – he was not exposing conspiracy or Globalisation. He was writing a frank technical essay for the use of an elitist-educated class of people who would be making a living from public manipulation.

The book Propaganda was first published in 1928 and one chapter is given over to explaining that the word PROPA­GANDA has been sadly misunderstood by the ignorant public. We who use words may have some sympathy with him that a word that started out honourably, as meaning the propagation of truth, has fallen into disrepute.

Nevertheless, for a person who makes a living out of understanding human nature, we must also wonder if he is really so naive as to believe that any system designed to set beliefs in the human mind (no matter how honest the intent) will not be eagerly seized on by those greedy for self-interest promotions.

Certainly his advocacy of the word did not change the public perception of it. As time passed the word has come into more and more public disrepute. But then, there was never any public relations exercise to change the public image of the word. May we be excused for thinking that his comment on the changing meaning of the word propaganda was just his own little public relations exercise to soothe the conscience of students?

Students who read Bernays are also taught that there is no conspiracy. Certainly a good belief if public manipulation is your business; few want to think of creating delusions within the trusting herd as service in conspiracy. The PR way of persuasion is, according to Bernays, a way of life that is essential to organised society.

f scientific means were not used to convince people of the ‘desired truth’ then there would, in Bernays' opinion, be social chaos. It seems young and unworldly students are either content to accept this or are too intent on success in their studies to challenge it.

There, I think, is the answer to a question that puzzles many people. How can it be that so many people can be involved and yet the dangers of public manipulation are not common knowledge? The educated manipulate us for our own good, if it turns out that they themselves are the ones to benefit, well ... they did their best.

When students accept an authority, then their first dedication is to put into effect what they have learned. They are very conscious of this and very involved. By the time they have established themselves they have a psychological commitment and may never see a need (or desire) to challenge the means of their success. Few will ever see that they are being used or that, after use, have no future value to the conspiracy.

So far as Bernays himself is concerned I think the weakness of his argument for PR, and the weakness of the whole academic argument against true constitutional democracy, is very apparent in Propaganda.

Let us now continue the quote where we left off earlier:
Vast numbers of human beings must co-operate in thismanner if they are to live together as a smoothly functioning society. Our invisible governors are, in many cases, unaware of theidentity of their fellow members in the inner cabinet.

[Ed. I wonder, if Bernays, looking at the world today, would think it a smoothly functioning society?]

They govern us by their qualities of natural leadership, their ability to supply needed ideas and by their key position in the social structure. Whatever attitude one chooses to take toward this condition, it remains a fact that in almost every act of our daily lives, whether in the sphere of politics or business, in our social conduct or our ethical thinking, we are dominated by the relatively small number of persons – a trifling fraction of our hundred and twenty million [USA 1920s] – who understand the mental processes and mental patterns of the masses. It is they who pull the wires which control the public mind, who harness old social forces and contrive new ways to bind and guide the world.

[Ed. That, surely, is clear enough. But there’s more.]

It is not usually realized how necessary these invisible governors are to the orderly functioning of our life group. In theory, every citizen may vote for whom he pleases. Our constitution does not envisage political parties as part of the mechanism of government, and its framers seem not to have pictured to themselves the existence in our national politics of anything like the modern political machine. But American voters soon found that without organization and direction their individual votes, cast, perhaps, for dozens or hundreds of candidates, would produce nothing but confusion. Invisible government, in the shape of rudimentary political parties, arose almost overnight. Ever since then we have agreed, for the sake of simplicity and practicality, that party machines should narrow down the field of choice to two candidates, or at most three or four.

In theory, every citizen makes up his mind on public questions and matters of private conduct. In practice, if all men had to study for themselves the abstruse economic, political, and ethical data involved in every question, they would find it impossible to come to a conclusion about anything. We have voluntarily agreed to let an invisible government sift the data and high-spot the outstanding issues so that our field of choice shall be narrowed to practicalproportions. EQ.
Well, that is the essence of his argument; are you convinced?

1) He says "voters soon found that without organization … WOULD produce nothing but confusion"; "did produce” or “produced" are avoided. In fact the political parties took over almost as soon as the USA Constitution came into effect. In the USA non party government had even less time for trial than in Australia . Australians had about fifteen years over which time non-party government worked well. States governments enjoyed much longer periods of party-free government and in England non-party government lasted for over 300 years before elitism worked out that democracy could be by-passed by the introduction of parties, ‘for the convenience of the people’ of course.

Political parties are not new, they have a long and obnoxious history. Can we believe that those idealists who framed the constitutions of the USA and Australia did not ignore party government because they were well aware of the danger it represents?
*2) Who "voluntarily agreed"? Have you heard of there having been a referendum in the USA or anywhere else where the people have agreed to let an invisible government rule their lives, beliefs and attitudes? If the people would actually agree to this cruel system then why would they bother with elections at all? A façade of government voted to office does not change the decisions of the real government, were it not there for the purpose of misleading the public then it would be just a total waste of time and money. No, we did not agree, this cat was hidden among us pigeons.

Would any mature-minded and worldly person be not immediately appalled by the huge power grabbed so easily by so few hands and hidden from public sight or question? Would it not be quickly obvious that powerful and egocentric people would (if they had not in fact set the party system up) soon gain control of it? Who are these people of natural leadership abilities who are such great leaders that they need be protected from both the sight and the knowledge of those they lead?

We easily agree that every individual cannot be expert on every subject, it is not necessary. Are our elected politicians experts about everything – or anything? Are even those natural leaders expert in anything other than manipulation? Every person does not need be doctor, lawyer, singer and dancer, but we are entitled to the right to INFORMED choice when needs arise. One does not need to deny the need to have specialists to advise government. This does not mean that responsible people, intelligent or caring people, can accept that secret self-interest organisations should plan our lives, tell us what to like, create our enemies, arrange our wars and laws, and, in general have life/death power over us, our lives, minds, needs and future.

The needs of social behaviour are not different today than they were 2000 or even 5000 years ago. The nature of life and creation remain the same. Mind manipulation – same principles apply. What changes is the complexity of organisation as population and technology advance. We need rules of the road; but laws will never substitute for that rule of the heart called moral responsibility. Mind enslavement is no substitute for human freedom. We need to better understand our humanity so as to advance as humans.

We need to be more responsible as society becomes more complex so that we can eliminate non-productive effort and reduce waste. Can you imagine a supermarket without checkouts, money or bankcards; where people could be relied on to take what they needed and not waste? Probably not. Can you imagine reasons why it could never happen? If you can imagine the latter and not the former then obviously you cannot imagine the harm humanity has suffered by leaving life to the tender mercies of the mind manipulators.

Globalism may lead us to believe we are not human but technology does not make us different humans! A true civilisation is one where we become more and more aware of our human nature and more responsible in our care of it. Neither civilisation nor technology, honestly employed, will change our human needs, for that to happen we would need to become a different species.

Having looked at Bernays' social attitude it is now necessary to see how this translates into everyday public relations and social engineering practice.

Bernays has written openly and with obvious confidence in the natural security of a system of higher education. We are indeed fortunate that this window on the real world of social manipulation has remained open; obviously the danger of leakage, even today, is (or has been) considered small.

We now go to p27 where he says; quote:
Formerly the rulers were the leaders. They laid out the courseof history by the simple process of doing what they wanted. And ifnowadays the successors of the rulers, those whose position orability gives them power, can no longer do what they want withoutthe approval of the masses, they find in propaganda a tool whichis increasingly powerful in gaining that approval. Therefore, propaganda is here to stay.

It was, of course, the astounding success of propaganda duringthe war that opened the eyes of the intelligent few in all departmentsof life to the possibilities of regimenting the public mind. TheAmerican government and numerous patriotic agencies developeda technique which, to most persons accustomed to bidding forpublic acceptance, was new.They not only appealed to theindividual by means of every approach – visual, graphic, andauditory – to support the national endeavour, but they also securedthe co-operation of the key men in every group – persons whosemere word carried authority to hundreds of thousands of followers.They thus automatically gained the support of fraternal, religious,commercial, patriotic, social and local groups whose members tooktheir opinions from their accustomed leaders and spokesmen, or from the periodical Publications which they were accustomed toread and believe. At the same time, the manipulators of patrioticopinion made use of the mental cliches and the emotional habitsof the public to produce mass reactions against the alleged atrocities, the terror and tyranny of the enemy. It was only natural, afterthe war ended, that intelligent persons should ask themselveswhether it was not possible to apply a similar, technique to theproblems of peace.

As a matter of fact, the practice of propaganda since the warhas assumed very different forms from those prevalent twenty yearsago. This new technique may fairly be called the new propaganda.

It takes account not merely of the individual, nor even of themass mind alone, but also and especially of the anatomy of society,with its interlocking group formations and loyalties. It sees theindividual not only as a cell in the social organism but as a cellorganised into the social unit. Touch a nerve at a sensitive spotand you get an automatic response from certain specific membersof the organism. EQ.

That last sentence is a very visible part of social manipulation in Australia . Groups react with monotonous predictability. I am sorry to have to take such long quotations from the PROPAGANDA book but a large quote was needed to make clear Bernays' very important point about the extent and penetration, even then, of the new propaganda techniques. There is now no mystery about how humanity is manipulated or why!

We may well take issue with Bernays about the superior intelligence of those greedy for power. Having achieved wealth by immoral means they then use this wealth to HIRE the brains and expertise to maintain and expand their empires. They are not intellectually or morally superior. We can also doubt the newness of the need of these leaders to have the public on side. Was there ever a time when a leader could ignore the feelings of his subjects for long? In fact Bernays himself accepts this in a later book, Public Relations, in which he gives a history of the profession.

Past evidence shows very well that the desire to manipulate and deceive rarely, if ever, produces deserving leadership. It is also apparent that the 20th century introduced a new ball game in both the technology of deceit and the numbers to be deceived. There was a need to recruit an expanded generation of elitist supporters and structure the propaganda more carefully. There was need to adapt a more detailed understanding of behaviour to a more educated and organised populace.

Modern psychology played a big part in providing the “behavioural studies” to support this new technique but the person who wants to know humanity will find much of this ‘behavioural studies’ work flawed. Many experiments used the very available university student but the response of this group may well be quite different from that of a more senior and worldly sample or even from a group of similar age from a different setting.

It can also be expected that a percentage of the experiments are flawed by the wrong perceptions of the experimenter. It should be visible that an experiment to test human responses may seem to give different results when carried out on people subject to different levels of brainwash – or by people with different perceptions of what is human and natural. It is not so rare to find ‘scientific’ experiments where the conclusions of the experimenter contradict the evidence uncovered.

However, for the purposes of elitist manipulation, the testing of University students is very important as such tests may measure the efficiency of brainwashing techniques and indicate where new work may be best applied. Don’t think any of that great effort is for your enlightenment!

Because of the conflicting interests involved it is naive to take the public or educational presentation of psychiatry and human behaviour research at full face value. To be able to sort the grain from the chaff requires independent study, understanding and aptitude.

Let us look at some Bernays examples of commercial use of this sophisticated persuasion so that we may be better able to appreciate its socio/political use.

'Bernays tells of how markets were regained for a group of textile manufacturers. Velvet had gone out of fashion and its manufacturers in the USA were facing ruin. Study showed that the market could not be revived by action taken within America so where was the vital spot? Quote: It was determined to substitute purpose for chance and toutilize the regular sources for fashion distribution ... An intelligent Parisian was enlisted in the work- He visitedLanvin and Worth, Agnes and Patou, and others and induced themto use velvet in their gowns and hats. It was he who arranged forthe distinguished Countess This or Duchess That to wear the hator the gown. And as for the presentation of the idea to the public,the American buyer or the American woman of fashion was simplyshown the velvet creations in the atelier of the dressmaker or themilliner.

The editors of the American magazines and fashion reportersof the American newspapers, likewise were subjected to the actual(although created) circumstance ... A demand was slowly, butdeliberately, created in Paris and America .

The created circumstances had their effect. "Fickle fashionhas veered to velvet, " was one newspaper comment. EQ.

So it is that fashions, trends, movements, political imperatives, pop-singers and popular beliefs are manipulated and imprinted on the mass mind.

You will note that with this technique the target group is not approached directly. There will always be one or more “innocent” carriers between the corrupting influence and the victim.

We may be getting the feeling that those Bernays quotations were from 1998 rather than 1928 so let us now go to another of his books Public Relations written in 1952 where we see he is still giving examples of propaganda from the time of World War I. This shows that techniques developed in that era, though now improved, are still relevant; what improves is organisation: p72-3 quote:

April 6 1917 , the Committee on Public Information was setup, under the direction of George Creel, former editor of the Rocky Mountain News. Other members were the secretaries of War,Navy, and State. …

I worked with the Committee on PublicInformation in the United States and in Paris . I saw it grow from an idea to anorganization of enthusiastic men and women in key centers throughout the world.

This experience in broad public relations was a turning pointin the lives of those who worked with the Committee. My own casewas typical ... In 1913, when I was editor of the Dietetic and Hygienic Gazette and associated with The Medical Review of Reviews, Richard Bennett, the actor, was trying to produce Brieux’splay, Damaged Goods, but was unable to find sponsorship for itbecause the theme of the play offended the people in pre-war America . Believing that Brieux’s drama taught an important sociallesson, I wrote Bennett that our magazine, The Medical Review of Reviews, would give him its moral support in his efforts toproduce the play. ... The result of our talk was that we undertook,under the auspices of the Review, to mobilize public opinion for the production of the play ...

The technique employed became widespread in later years.We set up a Sociological Fund which appealed to public opinion to support production of the play on the grounds of public andsocial interest. Membership of the Fund cost four dollars [probably equal to $100 (2002)] and entitled the member toa ticket for a performance of Damaged Goods, when and ifproduced.

The results were described by John T. Flynn in an article entitled "Edward L. Bernays: The Science of Ballyhoo published in the Atlantic Monthly for May, 1932; quote: "Bernays ... sent invitations to our New York nobility. Everyperson of social prominence was invited to subscribe four dollarsto endorse a movement for dealing with sex via Damaged Goods ... these notables responded nobly. When they did, the rank andfile of humbler folk proceeded, as always, to grow curious, andthen toddle along behind their betters, sending in their four dollarsby the hundreds and the thousands. …
[Ed. Moral corruption, I think, is easier to sell than velvet. Public perceptions of morality have now been so changed by P.R. programs that ‘Damaged Goods’ would be considered irrelevant.]

How words won the war ; p74-5:
It bombarded the public unceasingly with enthusiastic reports of the nation's colossal war effort ... Dissenting voices were stilled, either by agreement with the press or by the persuasive action of the agents of the Department of Justice.

Intellectual and emotional bombardment aroused Americans to a pitch of enthusiasm. The bombardment came at people from all sides – advertisements, news, volunteer speakers, posters, schools, theatres; millions of homes displayed service flags. The war aims and ideals were continually projected to the eyes and ears of the populace. These high-pressure methods were new at the time, but have become usual since then. …

[Ed. In Australia just such a campaign sold us the wonders of the Olympic Games. And, yes, the results were much the same.]

The most fantastic atrocity stories were believed. ... Later, the slogan – equally true – that "Words Won the War but Lost the Peace" came to remind us never to place too great a reliance on words. ... In public relations, as in all other pursuits, actions speak louder than words.

Public relations activities in World War 1 never attained theirfull potentialities. EQ. EA.

So we see a new public relations propaganda becoming respectable as a wartime need and turning to commercial manipulation. Its political use slotted in almost imperceptibly. Expertise was in a steep learning curve over the first half of this century and even faster over the second half but most people today, if they think of it at all, think of public persuasion more in terms of the rather crude propaganda of pre-World War I. Actions do speak loud, but they can be hidden behind lies.

Bernays goes on to tell us how, in the 1930s, most large American companies and industries including the National Association of Manufacturers, Rockefeller Center, General Motors, Standard Oil Co., J.P. Morgan and Co. etc., all became involved with use of the new public relations industry.

Bernays himself was appointed a member of the President'sEmergency Committee for Employment (President Hoover), and goes on to say that there was even a significant change in public attitude by bankers. In growing numbers they sought professional advice and in 1939 Bernays' own firm was working with the Bank of America on the West Coast and in Washington, p106-8, quote:
That America was becoming more aware of the nature andimportance of public relations was further evidenced by the activeinterest now shown in the field by newspapers, magazines, universities, social scientists, research organizations, and political parties. ... But the new era was emphasized when Mr. Flynn spoke of themodern Public relations expert as "a social psychologist engagedin carrying out in actual practice and according to newer theoriesthat branch of psychology which August Comte and later HerbertSpencer recognized as having a definite relation to sociology.

In connection with these activities, we initiated a practicewhich became widespread toward the end of the decade – thecreation of institutes and foundations as public interest bodies of private profit organizations ...

These bureau’s, service institutes, and foundations functioned as non-profit institutions in the public interest, but were always tied up with a profit organization. ...

By this time the colleges and universities of the United Stateswere keenly aware of the dependence of government, industry, andall other social groups on public opinion. EQ.

But we may also note that the effort was not to improve the morals and activities of government, industry and social groups but to change the public attitude to them. Bernays tells how his firm made a survey of American colleges and universities in 1937 to find that they now offered a wide range of courses devoted to propaganda and public opinion. The changed moral attitude of industrial and political leaders became very clear in 2002.

Bernays tells us that interest in propaganda at that time even extended so far as to expose propaganda; however, exposure did not prosper – are we surprised? Techniques of mass persuasion are used in relation to business, music, sex, politics and human relationships. Anything in fact that presents an avenue for making money or gaining power and influence.

Two things become notable from any study of modern mass persuasion technique:

No matter if the activity is to find answers to what opinion is popular with the public; or what people think of a business or service; or whether it is to manipulate the public to form a favourable opinion of a business or service, one thing remains constant – it is to take advantage of the public. Public interest or welfare is not a consideration.

No matter whether the activity of public relations is presented as being for the public benefit or for private advantage, there is never any acknowledgement that human beings are involved – humans are treated as animals without rights, without humanity and without respect. To the mind manipulator, humanity is a mere collection of biological machinery to be used for the benefit of those who have stolen power under protection of humanist ideology.

Nowhere will you find in Public Relations acknowledgement that we are human or entitled to know the truth. Questions of human future or human destiny, in so far as they may appear, treat the human mass as common animal. The manipulator, another mindless cog in the system, plays out the game, unknowing and uncaring of the consequences; a dog rounding up sheep to the master’s whistle.

When Bernays wants to know future trends he asks group leaders, not members of the general public. This is because he knows that what the group leaders think today will be what the common herd thinks tomorrow. Editors, labour leaders, educators, top executives, heads of organisations, these hold the opinions of today that will be the public opinion in a few months. But who decides the thinking of opinion leaders? The gods who decide what opinions people should have are, of course, the hidden hand of government.

Bernays knew, and we need to keep in mind, that behind the group leaders – who influence the thinking of perhaps hundreds of thousands – are the real (but secretive) private groups who plan the future for the benefit of the few. They know not, nor care about, you.

These hidden princes and princesses see themselves as gods. For the power they now have they are worshipped by the generals of planning. The mere public relations man is happy to work without thought of why some members of the same race and with similar abilities, are gods while all others are slaves.

Now perhaps, just perhaps, if these 'gods' were infallible, or even wise in the human destiny, we might be safe in accepting their decrees. But the fact is, and so easily observed, the more their power grows the more the human misery grows and the future of humanity increasingly looms as catastrophic.

Why should this be so? Because power corrupts, gaining power inspires a lust for power. Arrogance hides the fact that if all were given equal rights to knowledge, then the human situation would be very different. As with the party system: had we the whole parliament working for the nation rather than a few leaders working for an international crime syndicate, the benefit would be huge.

After generations of power a man may think that he and his family and friends can divorce themselves from the stupid inept mass they created; that they cannot be held responsible for the stupidity of slaves. But they can be and they will be.

So we see, p256, that by the mid 1940s future opinion would favour “free trade, an international bank, an international police force, and a world court.” At that time the opinion leaders had set in train a public opinion to favour the formation of the United Nations which took place in 1945. This event would naturally lead to opinions in favour of multiculturalism, world government and a New World Order without any one person in a million knowing what it was all about.

Bernays' whole attitude to manipulation is well summed up in the chapter heading on p335: How American Business CanSell the American Way of Life to the American People, apparently the American people did not know what their way of life was.

Well, they sold the American way of business not only to the American people but to humanity; no one bothered to sell the way of humanity to business.

Some people will still argue that manipulative business enterprise creates work – it certainly does, but to what purpose? People made to want things they don't need and which may, in the long term, be detrimental to their interests. Can we be honest and see that unneeded work is waste work, it is work that could be used for real social benefit. Can we also see that unneeded manufacture creates pollution and wasted resources. Can we see that in an honest world we could do so much more for ourselves than waste our time and create pollution.

Our society has reached a stage in its development where we MUST take a new look at ourselves. The present system has seriously outgrown its usefulness. At least HALF of present work only creates waste. Without muddled thinking we could today, live in a world that is, today, beyond our imagination.

Bernays may believe the chains of manipulation serve mankind; what does he know? He is an expert on manipulation but what does he know of humanity? We go back to the book Propaganda, p30, for closing quotes:
A desire for a specific reform, however widespread, cannot betranslated into action until it is made articulate ... Millions ofhousewives may feel that manufactured foods deleterious to healthshould be prohibited. But there is little chance that their individualdesires will be translated into effective legal form unless theirhalf-expressed demand can be organized, made vocal, and concentrated upon the state legislature or upon the Federal Congress insome mode which will produce the results they desire. EQ.

Very well! How nice to think that PR might work for the public good – if those with the power organised us for us. Yes, it’s OK to laugh. If those with the power cared then millions of housewives would not need to complain. Does his statement not clearly demonstrate the futility of the common herd when enslaved by government manipulation? Should a protest happen to be against something, some business or activity detrimental to elitist plans, then the establishment will support it. If the protest is against the establishment interest, then it will be scorned.

Bernays ends this chapter of his book with these words; quote:
Small groups of persons can, and do, make the rest of us think what they please about a given subject. But there are usuallyproponents and opponents of every propaganda, both of whom areequally eager to convince the majority. EQ.

The first half of that statement is true but makes the rest irrelevant. When an entrenched elite have control of the propaganda machine there are no effective opponents. Only if globalisation is playing the Hegelian game (to balance the strength of puppet opponents) may opponents be heard. Only when globalists see a need to reinforce the community illusions do they create dissidents.

If elitism needs to support one or other side in a Hegelian game it may be impossible to guess their game plan in relation to a skirmish. However the plan is made transparent by the overall picture if only we care enough to examine it.

To sum up: the argument for Globalisation provides all needed evidence against it.


Chapter 4

“The present order of our lives is governed and controlled bythe governors and controllers of money ... If an economist from Mars or a little child of ordinary intellectwere told of the present position they would rock with laughter atthe blind stupidity of mankind.”

Do we care who governs us? We should! Be it in Australia , Canada , the UK , the USA or wherever you are in the world, it is certainly not the blindfolded people. Also it is certainly not government as Constitutional agreements or “Bills of Rights” may require. No doubt many readers already know that, but we need to know more. It is of little help to know individual problems, or people involved with political manipulation internationally, we have no direct power over them. Only knowing the plans and methods of Globalism will allow us to protect ourselves and also give us power to reclaim our heritage.

In Australia political babble urging people to be free of British colonial ties is 'hogwash', Australia ’s only colonial ties are with the United Nations. As a colony of the Globalist empire old ties with Great Britain are now overruled by quisling signatures. These agreements are treasonable and unconstitutional but the Party system effectively controls both Army and Law. Citizens of other so-called, ‘democracies’ are in a similar situation.

We allow our freedoms to be given away because we place our trust in a form of government controlled by unknown agents!

Why? Because we are too lazy to be interested in what is going on.
Do we want to lose our freedoms? No. Those who want to give our freedoms away are “quislings” who think to profit from servitude to international finance.

Who or what does the Banking system represent?
Although the ‘Commonwealth Bank’ appears Australian it has long been only another private bank and joined them to stand over the Federal Government in the 1920s. By doing so it thereby accepted that the banking system was at the top of the 'pecking order' of power. For example:

Ref. Facts and Theories of Finance by Frank Anstey; quote:

The war governments gave the Associated Banks the 'Right toDraw' Commonwealth notes without any gold payment or anydeposited security.

The mechanism of this scheme, and the way it operated, wereset forth in detail on June 13, 1924 , by the then treasurer EarlePage.For all notes drawn under the scheme the banks had to payinterest at rates varying between 3% and 4%. ...

For instance six millions of the War Gratuities had to be paid in cash. The Government arranged with the banks to pay out and charge to the Government on a 5 1/2% loan basis. For this thebanks had 'Right to Draw' Commonwealth notes to an accountpaid to ex-soldiers. Thus the banks were out nothing and scoopedthe difference between the 4% notes and the 5 1/2% 'loan'.

But the banks did not draw notes – they traded on their 'Rightto Draw' as if the notes were actually in their own vaults. Therebythey avoided interest payments to the Government, but upon these'Rights' they issued credits and drew interest from the Governmentand from the general public.

On June 23, 1923 , these Rights to Draw totalled £8,000,000.The Board made a demand that the banks should exercise their'Rights' – draw the notes, and pay interest thereon. The Banksrefused.

Early in 1924 the banks made a demand that these rightsshould be extended by another £3,000,000. The Chairman of theBoard, Mr John Garvan, stated that these 'Rights' were equivalentto an issue of notes to the banks without interest. He describedthe proposition as 'madness'. The Treasurer upheld the view but the banks' demand was conceded. EQ.

Anstey goes on to report that the banks subsequently demanded and forced the issue of further "free" drawing rights to a total of £31,000,000.

Who really governs? Had Australians elected their own chosen representatives to parliament and kept the Commonwealth Bank as an arm of government to be used as intended (as, in its early years it was) Australia need never have known any depression. The newly formed Commonwealth Bank financed World War 1 and other of our economic needs without need of foreign debt and interest robbery.

Now some quotes from TheStory of the Commonwealth Bank by D J Amos, F.C.I.S. in which he provides information on the early bank and events leading to its betrayal by political parties. The parties, by their actions, proved that they were in foreign service.

Amos shows that in 1912 Australia was a nation free from want and debt. In 1921 Commonwealth Bank Governor, Sir Denison Miller, (as reported in the press) said: p5-6, quote:

"The whole of the resources of Australia are at the back ofthis bank ... whatever the Australian people can intelligently conceive in their minds and loyally support, that can be done.' [As, for a time, it had been.] … p. 11. By utilising Australian notes in this manner the Commonwealth Government avoided debt, interest charges and taxation ...it made enough money out of that account to pay the greaterportion of the construction cost of the East-West Railway, theremainder coming out of revenue. (Hansard Vol. 129, p. 1930). EQ

By 1916 the party system of government had begun its infiltration. By 1921 Miller must already have been aware that the parties were betraying the nation and the bank. If this was an attempted warning to the public it fell on deaf ears.

1931 found Australia faced with a complete breakdown of her monetary system and proposals by the Theodore-led government to ease the financial situation were refused by the Bank; p34-5; quote:

[The Commonwealth Bank] now proposed, without any consultation or prior discussion, to cut off money supplies to thegovernment beyond a point that would be reached in a day or two.That could only be regarded as an attempt on the part of the bankto arrogate to itself a supremacy over the government in thedetermination of the financial policy of the Commonwealth, asupremacy which had never been contemplated by the framers ofthe Australian Constitution, nor sanctioned by the Australianpeople.

In financial, as in all other matters of public policy, theGovernment was responsible to the electorate, and not to the banks, and it could not change this responsibility without exposing to grave danger the democratic principles of the nation. The Government would not be a party to any attempt of the Bank Board, or any other authority, to take from the people's representatives in parliament what had hitherto been regarded as an essential prerogative of the people – the control of the public purse. He [Theodore] went on to point out that the present financial difficulties .. had been largely caused by the action of the Commonwealth Bank and the private banks themselves; for they had blindly followed the overseas banks in pursuing a deflationary policy which had forced down prices the world over, and brought in its train a collapse of trade, loss of commercial profits, thousands of business bankruptcies, and the creation of unemployment on a scale wholly unprecedented in the history of the country. That it was in the power of the banks to remedy this state of things could not seriously be denied. EQ.

Scullin's surrender to Sir Robert Gibson (bankers representative) in the Senate settled the matter and the sell-out of Australia to the International Money-Lenders (IML) was virtually complete. It seems that, on occasion, some party people may get too big for their boots and must be shown, quite firmly, the masters they must bow to. If we are going to have a party we should know that the man who pays the piper calls the tune.

Speaking of the depression of the 1930s Amos assures us that had the Commonwealth Bank been allowed to function as intended; quote (p9):

"Many prosperous business firms would have been saved from ruin, and some-where about one-third of our people would not have had to eat the bitter bread of charity. Neither would the people have had to submit to the ruinous debt and taxation imposed upon them in the second war period (1939-1945). EQ.

National blackmail in Australia is not our only example. Another showdown, equally blatant blackmail, had taken place in 1907 making clear, in the USA , who was master.

From the New Book of Knowledge, undated but no doubt printed in the early half of the 20 th century when information and 'documentary evidence' was more accessible. Quote:
Rockefeller, John Davison (1839-1937).
This great capitalist, for long the richest man in the world was bornat Richford , New York . . . his real life-career began in 1862, when he andhis brother William entered the oil business.

In 1870 the various interests of the brothers were incorporated as theStandard Oil Co of Ohio , with John as president. In the 1970s the railwayswere competing desperately for business by giving rebates and drawbacks.The Standard Oil Co not only secured from the railways a rebate from thepublished rates . . . but also forced them to pay an agreed sum for everybarrel of oil which the railway carried for its competitors.

. . the Standard Oil Co quickly put its rivals out of business; byforcing them to sell out on terms laid down by Rockefeller. Owners of oilwells were also equally dependent on the one great oil refining co., and soan enormous business, controlling 95% of the oil refining. . . was built upin ten years.

Rockefeller Senior founded, amongst other organisations, the UniversityOf Chicago, the Rockefeller Institute for Medical Research and theRockefeller Foundation ‘to promote the well-being of mankind throughoutthe world.’ His benefactions probably totalled over 150,000,000 Pounds Sterling.
No doubt we now, or soon, will see that these people are never really benefactors – they do not give anything away. They want their pound of flesh and all the blood that goes with it.

We now go to the book MoneyPower by Frank Anstey ; quote:
'The men controlling the great trusts and the principal banks of America organised a scheme of complete dominance over the industrialand financial life of the American nation. They waged a war of extermination against every competitor.

Against this policy President Roosevelt set his teeth. He prosecuted andsecured against Standard Oil verdicts that loaded the trust with penalties tothe extent of 29,000,000 dollars.

At once the Standard Oil banks (under Rockefeller), the Steel Trustbanks (under Morgan), and the Beef Trust banks (under Armour) enteredinto an offensive Alliance . This triple alliance dominated the financial world of America . It had a majority on the Clearing House Association ofall the big cities.

The New York Clearing House Association commenced proceedings.It commanded every independent bank to come to heel and take orders.Those who refused were expelled from the Clearing House (October 20,1907), on the ground that such banks were no longer worthy of publicconfidence.

Such action destroyed confidence in the blackballed banks and causeda run Charles Barney, of the Knickerbocker Bank; and Howard Marwell,of the Brooklyn , committed suicide. All other banks capitulated.

Within three days (from October 20 to 23, 1907) every bank in the United States had been brought to heel taught obedience, and mobilisedfor action. The representatives of banks expelled on the 20 th, having dulymade submission, were re-admitted to membership. Every bank receivedits orders, its ammunition and the hour of action.

Next day ( October 24 th, 1907 ) the strike of the Bank Trust againstthe nation commenced. Every bank, from the Atlantic to the Pacific, refusedto pay out gold; refused to pay anything but paper currency of its owncreation – a currency with which every bank throughout the United Stateshad previously been stocked – an incontestable of proof of preparedness.

On October 25th, 1907 , Pierpoint Morgan declared, on behalf of theBanking Association of America : We will continue to trade in a papercurrency and pay no more gold until we get from President Roosevelt thenecessary guarantee against adverse legislation. The people can take papermoney or leave it; they will get nothing else. The mills, mines, and otherindustries controlled by ourselves and allied interests will slacken down or close until we get effective guarantees against anti-trust prosecutions.

This was the ultimatum of the Money Trust to the subject nation.Speaking in the United States Senate, Senator James Mill said: thisrecklessness and remorseless brutality comes from men who speak ourlanguage, who were born under the same skies and nurtured in the principlesof a common faith.

It comes from the cold, phlegmatic heart of avarice – avarice that seeksto paralyse labour and increase the burden of the nation's debt – avaricethat refused to be satisfied without the suffocation and strangulation of allthe labour in the land.

The banks held the country by the throat. If any depositor moved legal process, the great magnates could carry him from court to court for years.If the Government enforced the law of cash redemption the Banking Trust threatened to close its doors. Only a revolutionary seizure, that Congress was not prepared to enforce or the press to endorse, could defeat the conspiracy of the financial thuggery. …

The London "Daily News" (December 6) said: The Trust magnates hardly seem to have moved a finger, yet they made their power felt throughout the civilised world. They have made no sacrifices, but, on the contrary, will emerge wealthier men than before. . EQ.

Not only wealthier but with unchallenged power. Question: Did President Roosevelt really 'set his teeth' or was there all along an agreement to make it seem that the government was powerless to act against a few dozen gangsters? As seen above, there was action that could be taken if the government and the press were willing to take it.

Both the government and the news media could have exposed the scam and enforced public accountability. That the banks were already prepared (by having paper money printed and distributed) is sufficient evidence that the ‘showdown’ was planned. For the international moneylenders to gain that amount of power by legislation would have been a long and risky process – by going through the charade of force it was accomplished quickly and decisively.

Had the government been, as it is supposed to be, the servant of the people, then the conspiracy would have been charged with an act of war. Leaders would be arrested and their assets confiscated. This uprising could have been quelled within twenty-four hours. Obviously, had the trust magnates not been sure of the servility of ‘their’ Party System and ‘their’ Mass media then that risk would never have been taken. These people are not risk-takers.

To be honest we have to face the fact that these people have no concern for nations or people. ‘Charitable’ tax-free donations to institutes of learning “to promote the well-being of mankind throughout the world” may be seen as bribes or inducements. $Millions, by careful graft, gains selective recruitment and resulted in effective bias of education to promote chance evolution and serve Humanist ideology “throughout the world”.

The grip of the international bankers on the nations was tightened further in 1944; p45, quote:

On July Ist, 1944, delegates from 44 nations met at BrettonWoods, in the USA .There they found an Agreement alreadyprepared for their signatures, and they were asked to sign upon thedotted lines.It took three weeks to induce them to sign, buteventually they all did so.

... p46 Australia was given until December 31st, 1946 to ratify thetreaty. Some cabinet ministers were in favour of doing so, butmany members of parliament and trade union executives sawclearly that to do so was to prove false to their promise to bringthe Commonwealth Bank back to its original position of financierfor the people of Australia . EQ.

Australia signed in August 1947, the 45th victim of this plunder to ratify. Undoubtedly there are some MPs who do enter politics with rose-coloured spectacles and some principles, their battles are vital to keeping the people believing that the parliament is genuine.

Do not think that money manipulation started in the USA ! The money lending elitists are the money-changers Jesus drove from the Temple . Trade in usury began in early Middle East civilisations; flourished in Europe from the Middle Ages and became highlighted with Mayer Amschel Rothschild 1743-1812 and five sons who financed wars, nations, and railways in Europe and America .

As Amos suggests certain carrots consistently dangled before the donkey's nose are of great use in sending the donkey down the road desired by international finance. He also sees that a great deal more is now known about these forces and how they operate. The problem is that people have not used this knowledge.

The reason knowledge is not taken up by the people is that it is, by subtle deceit, hidden from the people. Almost every Australian behaves as if we live in a democracy even though, when asked, most readily admit that what we have is not democracy. We pretend that governments must be doing their best for us because we can vote them out of power when we are unhappy with what is happening. There are two problems with that idea:

We do not know enough about government behaviour to make intelligent decisions and:

We cannot vote party government out of office because both parties are the servants of Globalism – Globalism is the government.

If Party government was serving the people and not the money manipulators then it would take the public into its confidence and have the public support needed. Criminals would be arrested and assets confiscated. That governments do not do this clearly shows that they are not working for the people. We will look more closely at party deceits in

Chapter 5.
Globalist Politics

p49; quote: Theright of the people of this Commonwealth to expand orcontract financial credit in accordance with their needs, by meansof the Commonwealth Bank, was something that the people ofAustralia should have safeguardedwith the same jealousy as theysafeguardtheir right to vote. They did not do this, so when theartificial depression of the 'thirties' burst upon them, they wereexposed without defence to the mercy of domestic and foreignfinanciers who knew no mercy.they are just as powerless tohelp themselves against future depressions which those same financiers may be preparing for them. EQ.

Deceit is made easy by party managed, candidate selection. People are misled to believe Party government is democratic but the right to vote does not create democracy. Democracy, given ‘Party system’ government, is not possible.

Had the Australian Commonwealth Bank continued as originally planned – had the system of government operated as originally planned – Australia would be a very different nation. As the party system became established, the Commonwealth Bank became, in effect, a stooge of the private banks and international banking. This transfer of power to the international moneylenders became official in 1924 – as soon as the party system felt secure.

he sabotage of the Commonwealth Bank and the thirties depression previews Australia today. To gain power and to exercise it, parties need money and advice. They can only be sure of enough money if they take also the advice – this they happily accept.

Until we, the people, are prepared to admit our slavery to a system of mass international deceit there is no way we can escape this tyranny. The ‘party system’ must be eliminated before we, as a nation, can make any headway to human enterprise, prosperity, and social justice.

arty system government is the weak link in the chain that binds us. Our Constitution retains powerful influence; if we understand the authority it gives us we can elect our own representatives. Government would be brave indeed to try to prevent the people choosing their own competent representative from among the known good people in each electorate. Electing “people chosen” candidates by aware electorates would be a national sigh of relief. People chosen representatives would create the parliament democracy requires.

An American, Dr. E. Vieira, talks about unlawful money. The situation in the USA is no better than here. What Vieira, as a lawyer, explains is that it would take the power of a foreign nation to take the International Money Lenders (IML) to court and expose that they are operating outside, and contrary to, the Constitution of the USA .

In the 1980s this idea may have seemed possible but today it is, I fear, just a dream. Where is there a nation of authority that is not already under the thumb of the IML? Should a substantial nation come forward to take the IML in the USA to law the USA Government would explain the trade consequences; the legal system would not accept that there was a case to hear; the mass media would not report the matter. That would be the end of it. So far as known no nation has ever attempted this and, it is very doubtful any ever will.

In Australia , as in the USA , to expose unconstitutional government in the courts is now impossible for ordinary citizens. But then, why do we not make our “crime-serving” quisling leaders an offer they can't refuse – don’t elect them or their ego motivated kind! Ask people known to be trustworthy and who are of demonstrated organising ability to represent our electorates; elect these to our parliament! Don’t expect them to push for the job. Do not elect power seeking ‘do-gooders’ and ideological egotists! We can educate ourselves and each other! Stop running around in circles. Start a chain of freedom?

Years ago Lord Rothschild is reported to have said: "Permit me to issue the money of a nation and I care not who makes its laws." As you might expect, he was devious. His emphasis would lead people to believe he was above the law.

To be truly honest he would have said, "So long as the law-makers permit me to issue the money I care not who makes the laws." This way of expressing it would have shown that it is the lawmakers who have the power to control the issue of money. Those who elect the law-makers have the power to elect honest people – we, the people, have ultimate control if we do our democratic duty.

Note: the USAFederal Reserve Bank, which effectively controls world finance, is privately owned, it is not, as many believe, a government instrument.

Another truth to remember: well expressed by C H Douglas in, In Whose Service is Perfect Freedom; quote: It is not too much to say that an International Organisation having almost unlimited control of money and, in consequence, of the Press, can produce almost any "trend" which may serve itspurpose.What it cannot do, however, is to avoid the naturalconsequences of the policies which it pursues. EQ.

Mass contempt for human rights is world-wide! Deprivation and enslavement are imposed in waves as of a rising tide! The people work for years to build up assets and the political parties, working as sheep-dogs, round up the sheep and (by economic deceit) they are shorn.

After the 1990s depression people are told that the economic conditions are improving, people work hard to pay off their debts and establish new assets. Then, in a few years, will be time for the next shearing. How do they get away with blatant thievery? No, not a simple matter of natural cringe and servility. Cultural cowardice goes a long way to explaining party servitude but to explain public servility we have to look at clever Public Relations deception.

If a good man stands up in parliament and resists the pressures of economic blackmail we might think the people would flock in support. But when the people do not understand the issues or what is at stake, then they look to the media and to ‘authorities’ for leadership and that is where the PR experts spin their web. We get a confusion of information or one-sided misrepresentation of fact and throw up our hands in resignation.

At this stage you may feel that this is all too incredible, or hopeless, but think about what is at stake! What the evidence and the social situation is saying is that everything we have to live for, the integrity of our human potential, our right to understanding and choice, has either been taken from us or is under grave threat. What we have to decide is whether we will use available information that will allow us to be free, even if the cost is a few years of hard times. Or, do we prefer to accept growing misery as we sell our soul and watch our human potential drain away.

There is a lot written about the money trick, the history of usury and its disastrous results go back thousands of years. To go more fully into it here might distract from the main issue of the manipulations of globalisation. When this book is online a chapter or two of specific interest may be added.

If we cannot now see that the international money-lenders (IML) are the power behind globalisation and the New World Order then perhaps we should admit that we no longer have humanity or human intelligence and give up. Still, this is only the fourth chapter and surely our alert readers are now seeing that there are cats among the pigeons.

Remember this, quote:
The present order of our lives is governed and controlled bythe governors and controllers of money ... If an economist from Mars or a little child of ordinary intellectwere told of the present position they would rock with laughter atthe blind stupidity of mankind. EQ. That was said by V C Vickers, one-time Deputy Lieutenant of the City of London , a director of Vickers Limited and, from 1910 to 1919 governor of the Bank of England. He knew what he was talking about.
But did he know what he was talking about?
Do I know what I am talking about?

Perhaps the little children he knew were all elite! Perhaps we common people are a sub-human species and cannot understand the simple basics of finance or social order – perhaps it is only right that Globalists should treat us like cattle!

Perhaps! But if that is so will you please explain to me why it is then necessary that we brainless ones have to be lied to, indoctrinated, deceived and brain-washed? Why is it that a whole industry has to be set in place to keep us in the dark? Tell me why science delivers no evidence that two distinctly different human races inhabit our earth?

If you can explain these things to me then I will apologise to myself for wasting my life – and to you for wasting your time. If you do not see it now then by the end of this book I hope you will see that our position is only without hope if we ourselves are hopeless.

Chapter comment: Be in no doubt whatever, the wealth of the world has been purchased with fake money! Paper money, and ‘book-entry’ money are not of themselves criminal, they become criminal when created by criminals.

Not only has the wealth of the world been purchased with fake money but the very “humanity” of mankind is being sold into the hands of these same criminals.

Make no mistake! This is not just a life or death struggle for some, it is a struggle for the humanity of man.


Chapter 5

Now a sample of just how treacherous the ‘Party’ system is and what that means to our future.

“The people of the USA, Australia and world-wide have been robbed of so much more than democratic government and massive amounts of money – we have been and continue to be robbed of our birthright to know ourselves and the right to understand and develop our true human nature.”

In 1991 it became very public knowledge that Australian political leaders not only lie to the public but also break solemn promises to each other in their self-interested competition to serve Globalism.

Even with that known, most people still feel that if they ask a politician a straight question about Constitution or law, they will get a straight answer. Here is a revealing answer given by a sitting Federal MP dated 20th November 1991 ; quote:

Thank you for your letter, directed to me by my State colleague. Your argument seems to rest on the constitutional question ofwhether the 1688 Bill of Rights confers any legal 'right' to beararms on the Australian citizen.

I have sought advice in this matter from the office of theAttorney General who advises that the 1688 Bill of Rights has never been applicable to Australia and is not part of our Constitution. Nor can it be made binding under any Westminster System ofGovernment. Gary Johns MP, Federal Member for Petrie. EQ.

It is difficult to imagine how any nation can become so divorced from all understanding of its roots that a Federal MP, backed by the Attorney General's office, can give and get away with such blatantly misleading advice. Although the general public seems prepared to live with lies and deceit it is still hard to believe that we accept such contempt.

Years of neglect of the truth and misrepresentations of fact have made us ignorant and uncaring of where our rights and freedoms originate, or of how vital is knowledge of past victories to our future life and human freedom. As now misled, is our future beyond our ability to understand or influence? Do we now not care who we are? Have we no human vision for life?

As can be seen our legal rights, in Australia and elsewhere, are no longer enforceable. By election we hand parliament the reigns of power. Parliaments may have acted illegally in signing our rights away but government (illegal or not) holds the reins of power. Or, as Chairman Mao is reported to have said. “The hand that holds the gun ….”

If we are too mindless to accept electoral responsibility, then what right have we to complain if our children are also made mindless?

If you need confirmation that the political advice above was a blatant misrepresentation then you might consider comment from IssuesPaper No. 1 as put out by the recent, government-organised Constitutional Commission. In this report of its findings, p6, it has this to say; quote:

Democratic rights are the rights a person has when he or sheis faced with the political process of his society. These include theright to vote, the guarantee of suffrage to all adult men and women,and the principle of one vote one value.

Laws dealing with individual and democratic rights, whichare also called 'fundamental freedoms " and "guarantees", have avery long and cherished history, beginning with Magna Carta,continuing with the British Bill of Rights of 1688, which is still lawin Australia. EQ.

The deceit of the public in important matters is worldwide.
For an even more important example of just how submissive we are to political rape here ( Australia ; 1990) is the then Prime Minister Hawke addressing the National Press Club; quote: I now come to an area of reform which we must acknowledgehas proved most difficult to achieve – the Constitution itself. It is true that there have been very significant changes in theway we govern ourselves, within the existing Constitution. ...

High Court decisions have done more to alter the Constitutionthan all the referendums. And there has been, without change tothe text of the Constitution, quiet and constructive adjustment in the roles of the Federal and State Governments in such areas asfamily law.

Thus, without actual change to the written Constitution, therehas been considerable change in the role and responsibilities of thethree levels of government. EQ.

So we see here a Prime Minister speaking directly to the National Press and boasting about how the political parties have conspired with the High Court to make significant changes to the way the Australian Constitution is interpreted at law – all without referendum, publicity or public knowledge.

The Australian Constitution requires that changes must be put to referendum and passed, not only by a majority of people but also by a majority of States. Do you wonder how it is possible that those statements, by a Prime Minister, did not make headlines? It is no excuse to say that words were not changed: change to the legal meaning is change to the Constitution. Even the pigs in Animal Farm had the courage to change the words on the back of the barn. What kind of creatures run our affairs?

As an example of the significance of what the PM said, let us consider a comment by High Court Judge Wilson in regard to one such change; quote:

The effect of investing the Parliament with power throughSection 51 in all these areas would be transfer to the Commonwealth of virtually unlimited power in almost every conceivableaspect of life in Australia . EQ.

Now consider that our Crimes Act, under TREASON, says this, "24 AA. (1) A person shall not – (a) do any act or thingwithintent – (i) to overthrow the Constitution of the Commonwealth by revolution or sabotage." EA.

Was not the then PM boasting to the National Press of national sabotage? Are news and media people criminally insane? Can they all have been silenced for life with bribe money or threats? No! No! No! Nothing so excusable! They keep quiet as co-conspirators! As we see, the privileged and educated like to imagine themselves as part of the elite; manipulation is for the public good. From lofty heights of ideology they look down on the common people; “What right have ignorant people to be Common Law equal with educated people – what right have those lowly creatures to the truth?” It seems that news reporters and petty officials have regressed to primitive times and believe that truth is contaminated by contact with the 'profane'! Well, perhaps it is – but who now are the profane?

That is how it now stands – as we let it stand! Can we care so little for our future – the future of humanity? How can we now believe that National Constitutions protect us – that we can appeal to law if we need to? As we see so clearly demonstrated, freedoms are removed without change to Constitutions. It is useless to appeal to law after the event because the law will judge according to the new meaning and dismiss your case. In Australia (as in other parts of the world), formerly well off people have bankrupted themselves in foolish attempts to have the law find against what the law now upholds as law.

Knowing why and how we are deceived can we still call conspiracy, conspiracy? Many of the ‘educated’ accept it. Can they now say we are guilty of treason if we oppose treason? Can we wonder why they now want (as far as possible) all those given authority (for instance, rank and file police) to have university ‘training’?

Treason never prospers; what’s the reason?
For when it prospers, none dare call it treason.
Sir John Fortescue.

It can be shown, from comment recorded in Hansard (the official government record), that the political parties and their politicians, knowingly and without shame, exceed their Constitutional authority – that they unite across party lines to cover their deceptions while petty officials and media look away. (Evidence already published in Saving the Future and other writings.)

The long-term effect of mass deceit is that when someone with knowledge tries to show people that they are being betrayed, the first action of those who may become concerned is to ask their local MP. Having asked, they will believe his answer rather than their own intelligence because they fear to face the fact that, what they believe to be ‘their government’ wilfully betrays them.

The confused – the blind in knowledge like the blind in sight – feel they have to trust their leaders even though they know well that these leaders will lie to suit themselves. We need to open our eyes!

The fact of the matter is that what is called the Australian Constitution is little more than a limited authority, given by the Australian States and people, to allow a Federal Parliament to operate. In Australia the States were originally independent colonies. Our National Constitution was NOT itself the authority for the Australian Common Law system!

So while the 1688 Bill of Rights was not part of what is called The Australian Constitution it is part of the base for our Common Law system – the system which empowered the States to create The Australian Constitution i.e. the British Common Law system of which the 1688 Bill of Rights is an integral part. This authority was not passed to the Federal government in the Constitution. It was never intended the Federal Government be in control of, or above, the law.

For that MP to be correct then Australian States could never have been British colonies and there would be no legal base for our legal system. Although ‘our’ government has officially ‘divorced’ us from the British Crown it might be argued that this, even if legal, does not cover the individual States; but do not waste your time and money trying to get a charge of government illegality upheld in a court of law. You have been divorced, now get out and stay out.

This situation of deceit and treachery could not possibly arise as a result of local conspiracy – were that the extent of the deceit it would be exposed by true democracies. This level of manipulation can only come about because Australian political parties (State and Federal) operate under cover of a world system of party government. That the corruption is world wide is further reinforced by the following:

In 1976, following Jimmy Carter's election to be President of the USA , ABC ( Australia ): Radio 2, Investigations program featured the power elite behind the USA presidential system. The panel, consisting of host John Merson, Dr Ernie Chaples ( University of Sydney ), Dennis Altman ( University of Sydney ) and Ralph Summy ( University of Queensland ) listened to and supported a talk given by an American, Professor William Dunhoff, who exposed the system quite well.

Here is a transcript of a section of the Dunhoff talk. Dunhoff is talking with Ben Smith, a political scientist from California State University; quote: Dunhoff: One of the things that we find that's very important is that thebig-business people who are the ruling class have a series of policyplanning organisations which try to stay bipartisan and non-partisan in their representation, and these organisations consist ofbig-businessmen, corporation lawyers and academic experts, whomeet together in small discussion groups and try to plan out policyin areas such as foreign policy, economic policy, welfare policy,population policy – name it, and what we find is when we look atthose organisations, they have leaders who are both democrats andrepublicans, and what we find further is that whomever is electedas president, a democrat or republican, we find that his appointments to government tend to be from these non-partisan, bipartisan(whatever euphemism we're giving for them) policy organisations.

Now the next question is, 'Why is that possible?'Americans are very deferential towards expertise. Somehow these people have been certified as experts on complex questions.And always the idea is, "questions today are very complex – ittakes an expert". Well, these organisations have a monopoly onexpertise.

In this country, in the two party system, for historical reasons,what we see is that politicians will say and do anything to getelected, but they often don't mean it; and they often don't for sureknow what they're talking about; and so, when they are elected,they turn to these experts for their policies.

[Ben Smith] .. The government itself sends representatives, theexecutive branch sends representatives to these Councils, and theywork out policies there quite outside of the public agencies. EQ.

Private policy making agencies mentioned include The Committee for Economic Development, The Council on Foreign Relations, The Rockefeller Foundation, The Trilateral Commission (organised by David Rockefeller and including leaders from Japan and Europe ). These are among the leading agencies funded by, and private to, international banking, international business, leading academics, etc., and, among these, no doubt, the PR experts.

How subtle this web of deceit? Mentioned in course of this discussion is that Jimmy Carter had been invited onto the Trilateral Commission because he was "internationalist orientated". Carter was not necessarily set-up as president; he wanted to be president. Because he had a public profile and the right attitudes and beliefs, he was supported. People do not have to be part of a conspiracy to be used. It is easier to make people believe you are sincere in what you say if you are sincere. Public profile, ignorance, passion for power and ‘acceptance of indoctrinated beliefs’ is what creates a Globalist-preferred candidate.

t time of the election Carter had, as his most prominent foreign policy adviser Zbgniew Bryznsky, Russian Studies Centreof Columbia University and member of the Council on ForeignRelations. (We think there are nations of people who are enemies; Globalists live in a different world – an elitist world where power is god and ‘peoples’ or nations, are pawns.)

You not only need support to get elected, when elected you need a team of expert advisers and it just so happens that all the (approved) ‘experts advisers’ are members of these private foundations.

Dean Rusk was President of, The Rockefeller Foundation; Henry Kissinger was associated with the Council on ForeignRelations. Similar associations may be made for literally thousands of government members, officials and advisers. I dare say that, over the length of the 20th century, it is likely that all governments in the USA drew their policies and policy experts, from people empowered by the IML (International Money Lenders) and loyal to elitist banking, academia and international business. Our ABC ( Australia ) team agreed that it matters little to the ruling class who wins a US presidential election. Or any other election for that matter.

You realise that comment here is not relying on that broadcast alone. That broadcast just happens to be a useful example of information revealing or ‘testing the efficiency of’ the brainwashing program. There are numerous books written to comment on, praise, or try to expose the hidden government.

Insiders and their puppets can openly discuss these things in public but, take note, discussion of this nature is NOT publicised as it would be (and as we have come to expect it would be) when they want us to take notice. That is one of the side effects of ‘ballyhoo’, when indoctrinated to it we expect it. Without it we accept that the establishment considers the matter of no importance, we therefore happily ignore plain truth.

Here again we see demonstrated that a “communications gap” has been created. To many of the ‘educated’, World Government is a known conspiracy – World Government is set up by private individuals to govern through private institutions! Who is elected does not concern the educated because whoever is elected will draw staff from their institutions for managerial and policy directives. These educated easily ignore that those positions may not be open to ‘just any’ graduate.

If you think that your vote has any value then you are very mistaken. It is important to know this because your life is at stake. No one private individual has the capacity for mass manipulation. Long-term social manipulation has to be organised by a ‘mafia’ type group of families acting internationally and over generations.

The people of the USA, Australia and world-wide have been robbed of so much more than democratic government and massive amounts of money – we have been and continue to be robbed of our birthright to know ourselves and the right to understand and develop our true human nature.

Let’s follow this up a little further.

"Poll setback will push Bush to the Right" says the headline in The Australian ( 20/12/1992 ); quote:

The astonishingly strong vote for Patrick Buchanan in New Hampshire is a disaster for Australia .The former speech writer for Ronald Reagan is doing hisformidable best to energise every destructive force in United Statespolitics, every force that could transform the US from the leadingProgenitor of free trade and liberal internationalism into a small-minded, mean-spirited nation turning increasingly inward uponitself.

Buchanan is trying to tap into deep forces in the US politicalpsyche. His targets in the New Hampshire campaign were morethan just President Bush.They were also Japan , immigrants,internationalism, and indeed the very concept of US foreign policy. EQ.

That highly emotional diatribe supports the globalist line of New World Order policies. That writer's complaint is that Buchanan was appealing to basic American feelings that oppose Globalism. Everyone who puts up sound argument, or speaks out against globalist policy, is accused of anything from treachery to Ku Klux Klan. On the other hand no President or World Government supporter is ever abused as being a small minded supporter of Marx or National Socialism although both extremes are the wingtip feathers of the same capitalist/communist bird.

It should be revealing that capitalist governments everywhere teach and encourage socialism in their universities and support a common humanist world policy. And, although the World Government establishment has pulled the props out from under the USSR (an expense no longer justified) they still need the old communist/capitalist slanging match playing out its fantasies.

Does it seem strange to you that a socialist-leaning ‘Globalist’ national broadcasting service is exposing "Capitalist Conspiracy" and hidden government while other ‘capitalist’ media blacken the character of people who appeal to community feelings that oppose Globalism?

This is only understood when we know that keeping secret government secret involves a need to distract people and maintain division. Can they be accused of not telling us if few listen? Buchanan was most likely put up as a whipping boy to test grass-roots strength. Would it have made any difference had Buchanan won the Presidency? Not a Bit! After all he was President Reagan’s speechwriter. It’s all about keeping the dream alive: I mean the Hegelian Dialectic dream – the divide and conquer dream. The only effect it could have would be to warn the PR team that more work might be needed in some area.

The academic position is to scorn any suggestion of conspiracy. However no serious attempt is made to answer evidence of secretive manipulation of community or government. It is difficult to disprove what is true, especially when so many of the educated know it.

Where does the United Nations get its policy direction? Normally committees representing various interests will argue, splinter, create more problems than solved and disintegrate. Example the previous League of Nations . The only way the United Nations could work as the ‘social engineering’ force it is depends on a guiding force of discipline and goal-setting. Who arranged the consensus of United Nations' members to secretly betray the independent nationality of each and every country taking part?

Who authorised the colonial attachment of Australia to the UN and servitude to an unknown authority? When was this matter argued out in parliament? Where were the mass media headlines? When was it explained to the people of nations that they had surrendering their national independence to a secret world government? You won’t find those questions or answers in news headlines! The UN is no more than an executive tool for ‘world government’ or, as President Bush and other world leaders have proclaimed it, The New World Order.

There is only one source of expert directive for world planning! The UN is just another disguised cat among peace seeking pigeons.

Chapter comment: our next chapter is Globalist education.

There is a difference between education and indoctrination but they merge easily. The great danger of government directed education is that it can become or include indoctrination without apparent difference. This is because it is in the nature of things that educators tend to measure success by their ability to fix their teachings in the minds of students.

Indoctrination is about fixations! Fixations can occur naturally, we all dislike challenge to our beliefs! Most accept the value of progressive enlightenment but some, for various reasons, become so insecure about themselves that once they accept a conviction they evade the challenge of further learning in that matter.

Beliefs about religion, ideology and creation concept are social fixations basic to culture; these are fixations governments want first to control and to then concrete into the community mind. General confusions help create insecurity, evasion of logic, bias = discriminatory learning.

Our education chapter barely mentions indoctrination but we need to see that ‘party politics’, ‘world government’ and ‘education’ are connected and made possible by the glue of indoctrination. This glue is formulated by ‘public relations’, injected by education and hardened by the radiation of mass media.


Chapter 6.

To be realistic we have to face that Globalists have no concern for nations or people. “Charitable’ tax-free donations to institutes of learning “to promote the well-being of mankind throughoutthe world” can be seen as bribes or inducements. Or $millions, for selective recruitment to promote bias and education to humanism throughout the world.

The Humanist, Jan/Feb 1983: The battle for humankind's future must be waged and won inthe public school classroom by teachers who correctly perceivetheir role as the proselytisers of a new faith ... These teachers mustembody the same selfless dedication as the most rabid fundamentalist preachers, for they will be ministers of another sort, utilisingthe classroom instead of the pulpit to convey humanist values inwhatever subjects they teach …. pre-school or large state university. EQ.

Humanism is a religion but humanists would rather die than admit it in public.

The High Tech Fix by Dr. J.W. Smith, Flinders University: The control of society – any society – needs to be takenoutof the hands of technicians, experts and panoply of bureaucrats and placed firmly in the hands of the community, which hasincreasingly been manipulated, managed and controlled as if it were a programmable machine. EQ. Yes we do have educated people who see through the frail veil.

The evidence of deliberate corruption, deceit and manipulation goes far beyond what is presented here, it surrounds us as a shroud of fog. What we have to appreciate is that ‘humanism’ as a word is not an honest substitute for “human” or “humane”. The addition of ‘ism’ is a corrupting addition. Just as ‘capitalism’ is a corrupt “capital”; ‘socialism’ is a corrupt “social” and ‘communism’ is a corrupt “commune”.

The Australian ( 2/10/1991 ) : Losing all sense in plain English; quote:

The title of the recent national conference of English teachersheld in Brisbane was "New Voices, New Directions: the Politics ofLiteracy". One might assume that a variety of voices would havebeen heard and that there was room for disagreement and debatebut this was not the case.

In the jargon of the new orthodoxy the teacher's role is to give students the power to offer “a resistant reading that challenges the ideology of the text”.

Of course, theintention is not to understand or appreciatewhat is actually written but rather to subvert and undermine the text and to give free play to one's subjective and idiosyncraticresponse. EQ.

Knowing what we now know we can see in the title of this conference that it is really about political manipulation through literacy education. Ideologues pretend every text is ideology-directed and should be redirected to their own ideology – they teach, and treat, education as an ideological competition.

The writer of the article, a teacher of English, saw that the ideological fanatics were intent on denying their students a mastery of written and spoken English. The ideas being promoted were not to ensure that students would understand the text but that they would use their ideologically imprinted desires to read into any text whatever they wanted to see. Such teaching is defended by promotion of a belief that there is no truth.

One can imagine the difficulty of sensibly correcting such an exercise in English appreciation. The difficulties posed for the student in any future attempts to know the real world must become insurmountable if this attitude is indoctrinated.

The power of mind-bias over time is crippling. Here a few lines from The Forgotten Language, an article by Professor David Myers (The Australian 4/1/1992); quote:

This decline in literacy at our universities is so grave thatmany universities insist that all students enrolled in the naturalsciences or engineering or business must also pass a subject inwritten communication skills. This need was highlighted by theWilliams report on engineering graduates in Australia , which com plained about the illiterate and socially unaware graduates whowere nothing but highly specialised technicians.

Conservatives believe that a decline in academic literacy canbe ascribed to the decision taken a few decades ago by educatorsin our primary and secondary schools to stop teaching the boringold rules and practice of grammar and to encourage creativeself-expression.almost half of the incoming students at the new universitiesare not functionally literate. .…

We must acknowledge that the quality of life in our societystems from the quality of our communication. Although you wouldn't know it from watching TV, the quality of our civilisation is more dependent on our literature and on our joy in writing and reading than it is on sex without AIDS, mindlessconsumerism, cordless telephoning, video-conferencing and gee-whiz technological progress. EQ.

Observant people, of an age to have witnessed the changes taking place, will be well aware of the truth of above quotes. Was there ever a more important human issue? Has there been one protest march?

Our fears are confirmed in many ways including 'new-speak' indoctrination to 'political correctness'. The following is from an article by Dame Leonie Kramer, Chancellor of the University of Sydney ; quote:
Much has been written about political correctness. It is acomprehensive idea which includes your attitude to just abouteverything from politics itself to children's literature ... and language. The new Random House dictionary must surely be the bibleof the language of political correctness ... this dictionary "lendsauthority to scores of questionable usages".

Here are some examples.. "heightism " and "weightism " recognisediscrimination against short and fat people but not, you willnotice, against tall and thin ones,. "herstory ... distinguishes thestudy of women's affairs from the generic, all-inclusive history".This absurdity is allowed in spite of the fact that the word "history"has nothing to do with gender but comes from the Greek word for"knowing" EQ.

Political correctness is another name for Orwell's'Newspeak': a social engineering device. "Political correctness", allows no room for "common sense correctness" and one may wonder if radical extremism is a ‘red herring’ to distract us from more important matters. As Dame Leonie says, it is not just words, it is a matter of belief and attitude.

Dame Leonie shows her deep consciousness of the essential part played by literature in the progress of civilisation in a later article in The Australian ( 25/11/1991 ) where she says; quote:

Yet the lesson from links inmemory (whether conscious ornot) between the disintegrationof the Soviet Union, mid-19thcentury English melancholy in the face of the retreat of faith,Sophocle's tragedies, and Shakespeare's reflections on mortality, is that the memory is an extraordinary flexible and agile power. Ifit is provided with a great variety of images, sensations, thoughtsand experiences, it can rearrange them so as to create new thoughtsand images.

The neglect of history in schools, and the abandonment for many students of literature which has influenced and enriched our ways of viewing the world, has deprived them of the means of making contact with their own heritage. It is very difficult, and for some impossible, to recover for themselves what has been deniedin early years.

[Anne] Wroe compares the purposeful characters of traditional narratives with the merely repetitive stereotypes of [the new novel] 'Scarlett’, whose characters "shift from adventure to adventure without growing older or wiser". She sees this as "an aptmetaphor for our morally structureless world in which event followsevent without particular meaning... " EQ.

A good description, “morally structureless" certainly images present social sciences literature and the matter of our complaint. We only have to watch TV to see how often event follows event without any logical or rational story line or dramatic event follows dramatic event without any rational meaning or dialogue.

A later article in The Australian ( 3/2/1992 ) by Bettina Arndt commenting on an argument about whether "Women's Health Centres" are a discrimination against men; quote:

Those in the know were to regard the man as a crackpot, athreat not only to women's health centres but indeed to the hard-won, government-backed ideology they represent.

The notion of 'Political correctness" is receiving a great dealof attention in the United States at present, as journalists highlightexamples of the new intolerance being shown by promoters of sexualand racial equality toward anyone who dares to question theirviews. On US campuses, harassment and intimidation are – with alarming results – enforcing the demand for conformity to PC thinking. Professors have been forced to dropcontroversial subjects and have been hounded out of teachingpositions. Books are being censored, and courses modified toconform to what has been called the "tyranny of the minority". EQ.

This radical minority is totally unquestioning of the ideology they support. These are the kind of people who murdered millions in Cambodia and the USSR . They quickly accuse opponents of ‘authoritarianism’ but seem totally blind to their own extremes of it. Radical ideology IS government-backed – meaning Globalist backed.

Members of the general community are inclined to disregard or take lightly the more extremist ranting and ravings but it is serious. These, Globalist backed people, are dangerous! They do kill without compassion if given power! They fight for peace and when all opposition is killed they expect to have it.

It may seem crazy but we must remember that in the ‘NWO’ government means "political party" and parties govern by Globalist directives.

A newspaper item on libraries. Howard Coxon, The Australian ( 4/12/1991 ); quote: … if there is a low level of use why retain the material? … Librarians must set their own priorities. It has been too easyforthem to surrender this role on the grounds that selection is adecision ultimately for users.. EQ.

There is a problem with a growing mass of printed material: uneconomical to store. But what should be deleted or destroyed? Coxon (a librarian) thinks librarians should make the choice – items of low usage should be disposed of.

However we now have a situation where knowledge is hidden for political purposes. Many do not know what a National Constitution is, even less understand its social importance. Constitutional lawyers are trained for commerce and have little use for social meanings.

Books explaining features of our political heritage may be vital to a democratic future; do we throw these out because they are now not used? We can sympathise with problems of space but imagine the vandalism – the disaster – should the head librarian have a 'politically correct' attitude. This situation is already showing its fascist/socialist face in the USA and Librarians are expected to be University trained.

What is the importance of good library services? Is there any truly original thought? Do we, as Dame Leonie says, build new complexity out of old complexity? Are 'New' ideas thought recombination’s? Is a steam engine just a recombination of simple laws of leverage, lubrication, huffing and puffing etc?

It is logical to suppose that nature’s laws only become understood as a result of our ability to create words to describe and help visualise the nature of our world – libraries are a storehouse of experience and ideas. Accumulated experience is the foundation of civilisation!

The English language is written on a base of 26 letters. The genetic code has an alphabet of only four 'letters' but from this base is written the genetic literature of all animals, including mankind. At this time great effort is being made to protect our natural genetic reserves, the genetic reserve is the gene dictionary. Each life-form may be seen as a book in the library of life.

Greater than the threat to our gene library is the threat to our thought library; without clear thinking what is safe? Communications gaps break social cohesion. If political manipulators destroy our understanding of language and literature so as to control future thought and attitude, this is the equal of destroying the communication of ideas from past to future – to destroying the creative reservoir of humanity – the chain reaction of human progress is being broken.

Destroy vital books and we lose language and communication skills. Even where we use the same word, meanings may be different! Thought, like language, is a construction of images. If culture begins to divide into groups that appreciate smaller parts of the whole, then communications barriers divide us! Our ability to think, express ourselves and live as civilised people is undermined.

From the sublime or the ridiculous there is now a persistent attack on our language and heritage. Caring people can see that this does not come about by chance! This manipulation reveals the naked Globalist and his New World Order.

Vocabulary is restricted by restricting reading ability, changing word meanings and directing our attention to trivia such as fashions, glamour, sex, sport, entertainment, economic worries, political games, promoted fears and insecurities. TV is important in this.

Human consciousness of self and the ability to think beyond the trivial depends on an agreed meaning of words. Our ability to EXPAND vocabulary was limited until the invention of a form of writing using an alphabet of letters based on sounds.

Before the phonics-based alphabet, words were represented by signs or symbols. Pictures are a way of communicating between minds at early levels of communications consciousness. However this form of writing limits the invention of words and, as a result, limits the development of vision and ideas.

Today, if we want a word to describe some new idea or concept, we can make one up that has no relation to any existing word. Although completely new words may be unusual, a phonics-based alphabet gives practically unlimited ability to develop and convey new concepts. Serious restraints imposed by early forms of writing are gone. The value of this is conclusively shown by the historic fact that civilisations based on shape based writing stagnated. Progress had serious limits. Modern civilisations only arose as a result of various nations adopting the phonics-based alphabet.

The ‘new’ education, where phonics was dropped in favour of "Look-See", was a social engineering device to force students back to the earlier level of understanding that existed when shapes represented words – its purpose is to return the ‘common herd’ to a more primitive culture. Even if it is easier for the young to gain a basic literary ability by ‘look-see’, their potential for mature understanding, visualising and invention is crippled.

Degradation of communication skills is now clearly seen in the computer industry. If you are having trouble understanding the instructions (or instructor ) you probably know the problem though perhaps not the cause. Reduction in reasoning ability leads to: cultural blindness; sports fanaticism; ideological fanaticism; and humanist fundamentalism.

Let us accept that computer people not only invented computers but also new language. Just as doctors and lawyers have a special language so do computer people; it is, in part, an elitist thing. That is not the entire problem. The problem of communicating between “advancing” and “retreating” cultures is that the people writing the software, for reasons above, did not learn to communicate in the full breadth of the common language and most have little experience of the real world or its needs.

Let’s not be misled, this is not a simple generation gap. There is a connection between what is going on in our schools, the inability of fanatics to reason and some inability of computer programmers to either understand human needs or have the communications skills to properly explain the use of the complexities they create. Communications gaps are being deliberately created.

Do you recall in the Bernays quote (Chapter 2) the use of "subtle" and "worked into the everyday life of people in hundreds of ways"? That is surely now visible!

Have you noticed that the people depicted in TV ‘soapies' are almost all so irrational in their behaviour as to appear dim-witted or crazy? I don't mean depicting stupid (except in the 'comedy' form) but behaving stupidly in what are supposed to be normal life situations.

Research has shown that TV characters become "role models” for the young or impressionable. Would mature young people behave as do most of these characters? If you find young people today are becoming ‘touchy’, opinionated, uncaring, contemptuous and aggressive, it may be futile to try to correct them. They do not properly understand what you are saying because they do not have a full grasp of language and are only trying to behave as they think is normal. They just don’t understand ‘what you are on about’.

Inability to understand a higher level of civilisation is the cause of vandalism. Vandalism originates in primitive instincts that may, at one time, have been called “fear of the dark” – today better expressed as fear of the “unknown”. The vandal impulse is to destroy what makes him feel inferior. To destroy makes him feel good because: he has destroyed the enemy: he feels superior.

Fear of progress is “fear of the unknown”! Some overcome or do not possess this fear; adventure and new discovery excite others. Survival instincts often provide alternatives so that in a dangerous situation we do not all go down the same road, at least not without question. Animal instincts, essential though they may be, are be used by manipulators to divide and confuse.

TV gives a false impression of culture at the same time as it reduces opportunity for "real-life" experience. TV is also much better at promoting a 'dead’ view than a 'living’ view. Scientific study of the effects of TV has been limited but not so limited as lack of public reporting might suggest.

We are constantly assailed by pitiful scenes of people trying desperately to substitute sex for lack of meaning in their lives. More than a whole generation, more than half our population, now ‘live and dream’ crude ideals and unnatural reactions in place of the natural beauty previously achieved.

In impersonal scenes do you see a plea for rainforest pictured in the beauty of a forest or a view of destruction? It may take a half-hour to show a little of the beauty of a living forest – ten seconds of one frame conveys destruction. Life is far more complex than death! With TV we cannot think about what we see because the images rush on in genuinely hypnotic progression, first impressions must be ‘grabbed’ into the mind without thought or question.

In 1975 F E & M Emery (two researchers at the Australian National University ) claimed that TV viewing turned people into zombies. This claim was based on experiments in which brain-wave-measuring equipment was used to measure the activity of the various areas of the brain before, during, and after watching television. They reported that the part of the brain, which makes critical assessment and sorting of information “shuts down" during viewing and for sometime after. So convenient for Globalist manipulators! If you thought they cared about us it must, by now, surely be clear that you were very wrong.

Impressions of life are formed for us by a few people who decide what kind of programs we should see. How insidious is it that TV is efficient at imprinting images of death, trauma and sorrow but cannot present real-life relationships in a way honest to human nature? How easily it promotes decay – pornography – how little it educates to healthy human ideals!

Research has shown that both children and adults (even though they know the characters are fictional) are influenced in their expectations and attitudes by role models acted out on TV. TV promotes sight impressions and discourages thought dimensions.

Children TRUST adults to give them reliable images of life! Have you noticed the number of shows that feature a constant portrayal of promiscuity, abnormal family strife, exploitation of women – father incompetence – child wisdom?

Children and young adults are encouraged to believe in a ‘generation gap’ caused by a failure of old people to keep up. They cannot see the “communication gap” that results from their deprivation of language skills and “real life” experience. They do not know that they are restricted from seeing the complexity and beauty of life.

They are told to make up their own beliefs, this helps hide that they have been denied the mind tools to understand the world of their parents. Inability to appreciate a higher development of culture creates hidden resentment – a vandal.

Sixty years ago present TV would have been seen as 'racist', 'sexist', ‘pornographic', 'exploitative', 'damaging', 'inhuman', insulting'. Viewing of crude TV by the young or impressionable is encouraged by claims of ‘adult’ for what is, in fact ‘childish’ rubbish.

Can we have good TV? If so it is too expensive for the present economy. Very little is the only good TV for children. TV is good for promoting images, sight is an image machine. TV, in its common form, is a good salesman but very poor, almost useless for in-depth education. It is destructive of reasoning ability because it cannot stop for word or sentence appreciation.

All children's TV wastes a child's essential "real-life" learning time. Early real-life experience cannot be duplicated by TV or made up for later. There is no second chance childhood. Encouragement to children’s TV is a real service to the mind manipulator. It may seem a cheap child-minder but the later cost is tragic.

How much death and destruction results from unrealistic car chase scenes and fantasy violence?

An interesting sidelight on the difficulty of intelligence to advance into areas of knowledge (where there is no library to store community experience) is indicated by the behaviour of dolphins.

Dolphins have large brains, they are our close brain relatives. They are also powerful swimmers and can easily leap out of the water. Nevertheless, they are caught by the thousand in fish nets from which they could easily escape. Why?

It seems that, despite their brainpower, they are below stone-age consciousness. They cannot record, accumulate and transfer generation by generation experience and, without background experience to create vision, understanding of artificial barriers and visualising the leap to escape is not developed.

Likewise education to belief in chance creation makes life more fatalistic and less 'meaningful'. It takes from the human mind a large area mystery, stimulation and inspiration. The suicide rate among young people is rising because belief in a meaningless creation leaves little reason for struggle to overcome difficulty. The suicide level, plus the desire for escape to drugs and reckless living will both rise as conviction to chance creation increases.

What is happening in the human world is not happening by chance or by logical progression of experience. By damaging our tools of learning and manipulating history (in addition to seriously reducing the real-life experience of children and disguising changes as ‘new’ and better) our base for wisdom is undermined and culture ‘gaps’ created. Globalism educates to incompetence before herding us back to the caves.

What has been done to us is not a brilliant achievement. Destruction is not difficult, just a matter of heartless self-interest taking advantage of our strengths and weaknesses: weaknesses such as laziness, pride, evasion of responsibility, etc., strengths such as generosity, compassion and contentment to share power. Whenever possible they also manipulate our animal instincts. What is needed for such work is not brilliance, just greed and total lack of human compassion.

To regain our humanity we need to realise the value of the written word. Wireless and TV are only technical means of distributing the 'squeaks and grunts' of primate based languages. By conditioning people to dependence on TV and to incompetence in language the globalists plan to create a destructible underclass that is separated from understanding of our creation and prospects.

Depleting literary skills deplete the value of past experience. Brain without an external storehouse of experience, or deprived of the ability or opportunity to use such a store, becomes unconscious of concepts that require a broad assembly of information and ideas. We are told that the Internet gives us access to the knowledge of the world but is it digestible? How many download on to paper for most beneficial study? How many who want this information will find it? How many have the time to search through this ‘haystack’ of information?

Every person cannot be an expert in everything, access to knowledge will not change that. What we need is to be able to conveniently find what we need, but first we have to know what we need to find. Humanity, by nature, provides guides for following generations; if our signposts are turned around humanity can be led to ‘advance’ backwards. This would not be the first civilisation to have lost knowledge of its foundations and collapsed.

How many will settle for misleading information? The Internet is still a long way from being a good library and, when/if it does so become, will it be a good library for humanity or for inhumanity? How many are being encouraged to collect trivia?

The situation may look desperate but, despite its arrogance, Globalism is not God! A program of such size is bound to have weakness. Formal education is not our only road to learning. People can improve their communications ability by wide reading and practice of the mental skill of understanding.

Chapter comment: This war is more one sided than the ‘Gulf war’, it is a passionate slaughter of innocence by a trained army. In a few years journalists interviews may be conducted using a dozen or two of set phrases such as: “How do you feel about that?” A mind dead question in a mind graveyard looking for a mindless answer! If we are going to let this happen it is good I will not be here to see it. It is not fitting that man cry in a graveyard of innocence.


Chapter 7.

“Explicit sex education courses should be taught in the firstthree years of primary school [So said] research on AIDS awareness presented to education authorities in all states and theterritories.”

We have seen how Public Relations science is used to manipulate social or commercial values and how the instigating agent is usually one or two steps removed from the innocent who actually sells the idea or fad. We have looked into the ruthless heart of the governing establishment: the lying face of party politics: the manipulative soul of Globalist education. Now let’s look more to the sexual seduction used to sell this contemptible crime.

Indications are that about 200 years ago elitists began to fear world population (Malthus, Principles of Population, 1798) and began thinking to take-over the world as their own.

Although Malthus was claimed to be wrong it is now clear that he was, apart from timing, correct. Argument still goes on but the basic and undeniable fact is that you cannot forever keep using up reserves. Not only are accumulated resources depleting but renewable resources, calculated from energy provided by the sun, are used faster than renewing. I have heard no good scientific or Christian argument as to how long we can go on overpopulating the earth and still survive the consequences.

For early stages of elitist response we move to the 19th century, fifty or sixty years before Bernays began his career. It is doubtful that most of those used were consciously working for the plan.

Four people of most interest are:
Karl Marx, 1818-83; main writings 1848-67.
Support for mechanistic socialist ideology.
Charles Darwin, 1809-82; main writings 1859-71.
Subverting Christianity and base for (humanist) religion.
Sigmund Freud, 1856-1939; main writings 1900-23.
Support for sexual irresponsibility.
Benjamin Spock, 1903- main writing 1946-. Undermining child discipline.

Although both Darwin and Spock withdrew from their most damaging theories, the belief-fads they supported were not corrected. Globalist/humanist propaganda continued without change.

Of the four only Karl Marx is known to have been paid to write his book; however Globalism is both subtle and opportunistic. People who produce work suited to Globalist ambitions are promoted and publicised. If a pawn finds he has made a mistake and if to reveal this would damage Globalism, then revision is ignored by the PR machine. This is helped by the fact that academia hates to admit error and resists challenge to established theory.

The writing of Marx became the base for a fanatical and fanciful idealism to motivate disadvantaged classes and well fed idealists. It proposed an economic equality that could only be a ‘virtual’ or ‘make-believe’ reality. As with Capitalism, it required one equality for the ‘masters’ and a different equality for the ‘profane’.

However it was Darwin ’s theory survival of the fittest that really brought the Globalist dream to life, it appealed to arrogance and was eagerly supported by those wanting freedom for their animal instincts. It encouraged the educated to see themselves as an elite free of human moral restraint and made natural the ‘cleansing’ of the world of those seen to have a "not politically correct" attitude wherever communism (political humanism) has reigned. It also allowed easy acceptance of' Freud's sex beliefs and self worship. Thus was created an easily recruited support from both upper class snobs and uneducated workers.

From there it was a natural progression to Dr. Spock's advocacy that children be released from parental discipline. Freedom from, ‘unnatural’ moral restraint became a social revolution. A sex and drug culture was supplied with drugs and promoted by ‘pop’ music.

Promotion of the unscientific theories of Marx, Darwin and Spock was essential to the Hegelian based plan to destroy existing culture and revive the ancient mind-slave culture of elite and profane. All was set into the public mind by public education and promoted as scientific. Thus a false base of history was established for nurture and nature. A 'history' was set in place for control of future generations. This satisfied the theory: 'Who controls the past controls the future'.

All outside of the true Globalist sub-culture were enticed to believe that mankind was no more than a common animal descended from apes. Those who wanted to believe it accepted it and all the forces of scientific propaganda were recruited to convince others. Any disciplinary restraint on animal nature became promoted as an injustice to the man animal.

Early in this treatise was the question: “Who do you think you are? Have we now progressed far enough to see what Globalism is really all about? Do we now see that the plan is to destroy the humanity of man?

If it was not an act of God to create struggle between good and evil so that humanity would learn by experience, then this is a power grab helped along by some lucky breaks.

First we have a few families greedy for wealth, but without the courage for public leadership. Kings and dictators alike (including their families) lived precariously – safer to stay behind the scenes. Having accumulated a surplus of wealth the passion of greed turned to the accumulation and exercise of power.

But power corrupts: they began seeing themselves as superior people – superior to kings they could buy and sell – superior to nations that they could bring to war, even destroy. Then came the industrial revolution and the population explosion. State controlled education and the scientific revolution. Suddenly the way for their dream of owning the world was opening – but how to safely subdue and reduce ever-growing population?

At this stage we have a group of families who, for generations, have lived with power, perhaps at times precariously. They have come to see themselves as invincible almost as gods. To enslave the advanced world they needed to break the Christian religion and set in place a pagan religion. A religion for the ‘profane’; a religion of belief in man’s animal nature was perfect.

Return to the ancient world of a separate religion for the ‘common people’ would give elitism the power of the ancients: it would allow safe solution of population, pollution and rebellion problems. Once reduced to literary incompetence the profane could be culled to a willing and easily controlled slave service without their ever knowing what was happening. It must surely, be obvious just how close they now are to achieving this dream.

Another unpleasant subject, but we do have to see that sex is a very powerful animal instinct: a weakness dirty fighters use. Once persuaded we were just animals, human morals became myth and promiscuity normal.

It was in service to Globalism that the British Family PlanningAssociation has recommended books like Make it Happy. A book said to contain pictures of naked children in poses that could be called obscene and which gives pornographic 'value-free' information on oral, anal and group sex, communal masturbation, sexual contact with animals. Also it informs that intercourse between brother and sister could express a loving relationship. Degenerate literature has not been unusual in the schools of Australia .

It is in the same service that the Parents & Citizens Association of NSW ( Australia ) produced a reference book in 1985 which on p47 has this to say; quote:

(f) Drug Education
(i) Drug education should become part of the present and proposed Personal Development Programs within the schools.
(ii) Teachers should never give undue emphasis to, nor in any way underline the dangers of drugs.
Drugs erode logic, moral resistance and responsibility: did parents and citizens want this in their reference book? They were not asked. Globalism is responsible for the PR promotions that encourage the depravities and misunderstandings mentioned in this treatise. Here we have only part of the evidence but enough should be enough; those who close their eyes will never see.

The stimulation of teenagers to a sex motivated attitude of degenerate and anti-social behaviour was supported by political ideology that served for both support and distraction. Mass media encouraged and helped force this trend against public resistance. Examples:

In an article, Condom Culture (The Bulletin 28/1/1992) Lucy Sullivan, an experimental psychologist with the Australian Institute of Health, argues that the campaign to stop the spread of AIDS has become propaganda for promiscuity. Her quote opens with a coincidental exposure:

Over the course of the last two decades, Germaine Greermoved from advocating sexual liberation of the male model forwomen to arguing that this version of sexual freedom has madewomen more, not less, subject to male sexual dominance. Apromiscuous mode of sexuality, which suits men better than women,has been preached and imposed and has left women alienated fromtheir real modes of sexuality, which are far more entwined withreproduction and personal, family relationships than are those ofmen. Women's bodies and health have increasingly been put atrisk in order to dissociate copulation from reproduction, as anecessary concomitant of sexual freedom. EQ

Quite so! There is little doubt that AIDS was used as a cover for promoting and encouraging social acceptance of promiscuity; e.g. this report in The Australian (13/13/1992); quote:

Explicit sex education courses should be taught in the firstthree years of primary school, [so said] to new research on AIDS awareness presented to education authorities in all states and theterritories. EQ.

Sex education for 4/7 year-olds is neither needed nor desirable. It is harmful and directs the child away from normal development.

The promotion of sex, under the banner of a 'safe sex' that is not at all safe, became epidemic. However the comment in the Sullivan article is equally important: the new attitude did not benefit females. However, the damage was done.

Whether male promiscuity was as liberal as made out by 20th-century propaganda or a figment of PR imagination, is not worth arguing here. Can one sex be promiscuous without the other? Promotion of homosexuality was a small part of the total picture. The point here is that promiscuity is a disaster for families, children and social cohesion.

It is gratifying that a leading feminist had the courage to look and speak honestly. A great confidence trick was played on women. Promiscuity is an animal impulse not a human option. To destroy human culture is a need of elitist world take-over. It is a Globalist need to create confusion between animal responses and human self-control.

In an Ally McBeal culture (do it as you like, when you like, with whoever you like) we might expect rape to be unknown and brothels out of business. However brothels are booming. As I write the radio reports kidnapped girls being sold for sex slavery – rife in Asia and Europe . A lawyer claims that, in recent years, rape has become increasingly violent: sick extents of depravities mentioned are unfit to repeat.

To undermine human culture both male and female were tricked by a massive PR exercise of seduction and lies. Just as Orwell’s exposure: “1984” foretold, word meanings are manipulated. The Ministry of Peace promotes war! The ministry of love promotes hate.

Globalist brainwash is most intensely directed at children (give me a child for the first seven years and you can do as you like after that). Children are born with human potential but it has to be developed. Destroy the human perceptions of the children and you cripple the adult; cripple an adult generation and the world is yours.

There have been children raised among/or by animals but, when captured and given the best scientific help, never become normal humans; or even near to their human potential. As human understanding is stripped away; ability to communicate degraded; reading skills diminished; “Who do you think you are” becomes an interesting question. Who and what are we when we lose our human nature?

If we want to know who we are then we have to step back: step back and face the future. We have to admit the reality of what we are becoming. We must step back into the past to find what we have lost.

Could people in high places have planned the moral disintegration of common culture? Could they be doing things right now to bring to fruition that plan? To introduce pornography to a modern culture will undermine its moral and economic fabric; reported as used in Nazi Germany and the USSR . To undermine moral structure is the easiest, most effective, way to bulldoze a culture and lay foundations for another.

An example of how deliberately hard core pornography was smuggled into Australia by political design is found in the following quotes from The Report of the Joint Select Committeeon Video Material. Vol. 1. Canberra 1988, p15-17. Quote:

. . . in order to understand more accurately the operation of thecensorship laws from 1973 to 1984 it is necessary to refer to theyear 1973 when the number of video tapes entering Australia wasinsignificant.

In that year the then Attorney-General announced a policy oncensorship . . . which in its original form read as follows:

… federal laws to conform with the general principles thatadults should be entitled to read, hear and view what theywish in private and in public and that persons – and those intheir care – be not exposed to unsolicited material offensiveto them. (Statement by the Attorney-General of Australia ,Censorship – A Question of Balancing Individual Rights 19/73, Canberra , Feb. 26, 1973). [Like saying: you are free to steal but don’t take from others.]

May 1973: Althoughthe proposed legislation is self-regulating it maybe considered desirable to set up a tribunal to establish whatpublications are to be "restricted" and what are not. Thistakes responsibility away from the trade and gives the appearance at least of community involvement.

The document also noted that for the policy to become law,amendments would be required to the Customs (ProhibitedImports) Regulations and the Customs (Cinematograph Films)Regulations and a new law drafted to cover advertising, display,distribution and sale to adults of obscene material. However thedocument warns that such legislative measures would meet resistance and could lead to the negation of the policy and commentedthat:

It is considered that almost all the States would be hostileto a policy which could lead to the circulation of so-calledhard core pornography and material dealing with hard drugs and extreme violence, anarchy and sedition.

The document raised for consideration the question of whether the policy announced by the Attorney-General should be broughtfully and immediately into effect or by stages. It stated:

You would need to have regard to repercussions in the electorate; theAustralian publicisnotoriously conservative,whatever its political affiliations. The Government's policy might best be achieved by a strategyof hastening slowly – gradually broadening the standards of imported material so that public opinion can be developed to embrace the principles embodied in the policy. EQ.

This betrayal is by people of our own race; our own culture! This deceit is what they call attitudes changing to satisfy public demand and public pressure.

Here we see an ongoing, cold and intentional subversion of public morality and public standards: anarchy and sedition is approved. We saw this inhumanity in the merciless face of banking, we now see it has spread to the even uglier face of ideology. That deceit must be used to accomplish this moral subversion is admitted. In the event it seems the policy was brought in by administrative direction. The plan aimed directly to create a situation where pornography becomes introduced to children. Although cleverly planned this could not have succeeded in Christian based cultures had Christianity not first been undermined.

The scheme is to destroy the foundation faith, create social anarchy, blame the family then bow to public clamour for more government control – law and regulation is then introduced in pretence of restraining the social consequences of social perversion.

The procedure is simple and if the public does not demand action that supports, in some way, the scheme, then mass media will say it does anyway. We, the people, go along with the mass media; how can we know how many of us are protesting other than by what we are told.

Public servants go along with orders. People, who want porn and related violence, are the loudest to complain when their children are raped, killed or crippled, but refuse blame. Those responsible congratulate each other.

Fiscal robbery, political correctness, radical feminism and porn are deliberate products of PR propaganda; those who follow suffer for blind loyalties. Why, when I think of blind loyalty why do I think of death row and a verse said to have been found on a cell wall in that sad place. Quote:
The Man in the Mirror;

You can fool the whole world down the pathway of years,
And get pats on the back as you pass:
But your final reward will be heartache and tears

if you've cheated the man in the glass. EQ.

It is not only the convicted who come to the time when they have to face conscience and question the value gained from life. Among those for whom judgement will be hard to face will be many blind fanatics. Pain and pleasure are such fleeting impressions! Pride so empty! How little they matter! Yesterday's toothache or last night's party, what are they worth today? What value do they add to our lives unless associated with some other value?

Human values are unknown to the young unless they have the discipline and guidance of a human social environment. It is revealing that since the public promotion of porn, the economy has become more artificial and erratic. Huge companies crash to rob shareholders, debtors and customers with criminally irresponsible management seldom forced to pay. Farm and other small business is mangled; massacres have begun in our cities; rape, vandalism and violence so common as rarely considered worth reporting (one-third of university girls claim to be rape victims). Authorities, blind to corruption, abuse the whistle-blower.

Why do people not see that laws cannot substitute for morals? That lies and trickery lead to self-delusion? That immorality destroys children and families disintegrate in hate and violence? In culture or business, immorality has a high cost, it is a cost that no human can meet!

Why does humanism turn into depravity? Dr. Susan George (next chapter) gives us the answer: the assumptions that underlie the whole concept [of humanist philosophy] are absolutely false.

Why is it so hard to admit that "immorality" is just a word meaning "crime against humanity"? Crimes of greed/lust undermine the human future – freedom, democ­racy and social justice.

To better understand the methodology of moral subversion we need to know a little about what is commonly called "bonding". Bonding is usually associated with mothers and babies – with animals may be called "imprinting". Human bonding is less mechanistic than animal bonding! Humans are not just animals; mankind may be ‘kind of man kind of animal’ but human adds a totally new dimension. The Russian scientist Pavlov is credited with demonstrating conditioned response.

Globalists, for centuries, have had a large workforce working to detail, test and perfect their plan! Testing opportunities included Nazi Germany, the USSR and some Asian situations. The greatest confidence trick possible was a life or death dream; they did not plan to fail. They believe that no one can untangle their web of deceit sufficiently to create dangerous opposition. They believe they have no AchillesHeel. But they are not gods and the plans of mice and men do go astray. They began inflicting these poisons on the ‘west’ about 60 years ago.

We are told that we are only intelligent animals: how unintelligent is that? A healthy calf, foal, kitten or puppy will, if fed and cared for, grow up to be a normal creature of its kind. A human baby, raised by animals may be physically healthy but without human responses.

To develop human ability a human baby needs to experience responsible social behaviour – have accesses to the best levels of human understanding its situation can offer. It needs exposure to human discipline and history. An animal is driven by fixed responses, a human by flexible. A human is born, like an animal, with animal instincts but along with these is a human potential. It has an idealism and natural desire to advance which will (if not led into blind alleys) take up most of its early life and allow intellectual growth for as long as health allows. To be human is to have individual life: the greatest gift of life. Mother/baby is not the only natural bonding. Equally important but seldom mentioned is "marriage bonding"; easy to see why this aspect is now avoided.

Let’s assume an ideal human situation where both partners are innocent at marriage and not living with commercial sex exploitation. Both now seek their ideal; experience the joy of each other and plan to raise a family. This ideal is human natural and confirmed by generations of human experience. It is the base for all advancing cultures. Destroy this base and there begins the AIDS-like process of cultural disintegration. Marriage bonding is essential to human development and decline leads family and cultural decay.

Marriage bonding, in good circumstances, is strong and lasting. That we have lived in a mixture of faith and confusion has not stopped the family ideal being the foundation of great civilisations. Were we not misled by propaganda, human ideals and relationships would, in the twentieth century, have flourished. The degeneration of the family had, as can be seen, a deliberately created cause.

The excitement of promiscuity leaves a lust imprint. The "Pavlovian imprint" of promiscuity does not kill the human desire for the ideal but twists expectation. Promiscuity imprints a passion for change but the human desire for the ideal remains! Many continue a desperate search for the ideal mate but, having misdirected the bonding attachment, that ideal is rarely, if ever, satisfied. Frustrations easily turn to deceit and family violence. There grows a bitter jealousy of those living in harmony.

Today a man's word is no longer his bond while in politics and business we expect and accept lies and corruption as a matter of course. International tyrants govern us. Crime syndicates rob us of both human heritage and future. Such is the price of pride and promiscuity.

The mass marketing of seduction began early in the 20th century. Bernays himself gave an early lead. The 'sex & violence' type of comic book appeared in the 1940s and among the first large-scale public protest against this seduction of youth was led by Dr Fredric Wertham, author of Seduction of the Innocent.

However there was always too much money and too much high level pressure for the public to ever win a legal contest; comic book porn or school classroom porn, the people were always resisted to bankruptcy or exhaustion.

A ‘girlie’ magazine provided my first insight into this matter. These, in the 1930s, were more sedate than common everyday mass media today. By the light of an “Aladdin” at the kitchen table I read a story about a rich man who hated women. Why? Irrelevant! The point was that he had decided to make miserable as many women as possible. To gain this result he installed a bevy of call girls on his estate and invited young bachelors as guests.

He knew that once the innocent men were seduced to the joys of promiscuity they would then find it very difficult to settle-down with one woman. These men would marry but the result would be extra-marital affairs, disputes, distress and most likely the break-up of the family to leave the wife with young children and no income. This was this rich man's revenge.

Fiction, but the principle behind the plot was sound and in certain circles understood (used worldwide by the ‘spin-masters’). However it was some years before I found that this principle of bonding was neither understood by, nor impressed on, the general public. Even longer before I saw that the whole world was being seduced by hidden persuaders to achieve a similar result.

Millions read that story without thought of either meaning or consequences. How many mothers (the hand that rocks the cradle rules the world) have felt a secret pride in the philandering of sons while complaining of inattentive husbands? Good people are misled, great numbers of lives are destroyed by well-meaning people who, so innocently, serve evil ideals.

Humanist/socialist ideology supports incest, paedophilia and social abuses such as promiscuity, homosexuality and adultery. To the primitive religion of Humanism – as taught in our schools it is religion and with rabid preachers – any form of mutually agreed sex is natural, normal, desirable and approved. Use of science and technology to promote these cruel appetites is beyond excuse.

Our animal nature is used whenever possible to subvert our human nature.
Public Relations, to promote crimes of lust under claim of ‘human rights’, demands they not be classed as crimes at all. The humanist/socialist “politically correct” attitude is that sex crimes are “victimless”. This can be seen as very far from the truth. People seduced by science based PR to surrender to animal instincts totally ignore the obvious consequences. Humanism is, beyond doubt, designed to reverse human development.

The Humanist dream is to own the world as a private playground; a 'Garden of Eden-like' idea with a nest of human ants to keep it tidy – a human nightmare.

The people who plan world government are criminals, not the commonest of criminals but certainly the worst. There is no scientific or rational support for the theories and ideologies they use scientific knowledge to promote. There is no reason to believe that a world government, enforced by a world army, controlling world money, enforcing pagan religion and defended by surveillance technology, would, even with the best intentions, support human satisfaction or progress. These people are not gods – are they even human?

Humane world government needs no fearsome capacity to force submission and leads with example, explanation and evidence.


Chapter 8

“So we see a new public relations propaganda becoming respected as a wartime need and turning to commercial manipulation. Political use and legal protection slotted in almost imperceptibly.”

As shown, mind manipulation is not a new development and we can see evidence showing the above to be true. We have come a long way in our search for understanding. Those who have read and seriously considered will now know why the first question in this book was: Who do you think you are?

The battle for our human right to Truth, Justice and Mercy has been going on for many generations but to the present we have seen only the back-end of the beast we fight. This end has twin small furiously wagging tails called political parties and the one that happens to be on top at any time we call the government; what these two do is spread, what, in Australia is called ‘bull’, over us.

Many are so immersed that they have a very poor view of themselves, but do not fear, to find our true selves is rewarding for all.

Those who have read all files on this site will see evidence of important differences between what is called Christian religion and what is Christian. Readers should not be misled to think a denominational line is taken. What I want to make clear is that once we become practised in understanding behaviour then we find that the principles (forget the religious decoration) the principles for success in human life are also those urged in the Christian Testament.

We should all give more attention to behaviour; behaviour is what reveals the true person or organisation. Even Globalism, though very careful in trying to disguise itself, cannot achieve its goals without revealing its intent by its behaviour. People talk about ‘evidence’ or ‘proof’ but in many situations the real or best proof we have is what is revealed by behaviour.

When we get a better view of the beast we may find that it is really the “beast” of Revelations that has baby horns like a lamb. Horns are what a beast uses to influence other beasts (horns = means of influence). The two petty horns that the beast has used to gain dominance of the earth look very like the “two-party political system” (misshapen, weak) they have no force except by the authority of the beast behind them and the placidity of those they dominate. Thus the ‘parties’ individual need to cover us with muck to blind us to the truth. How stupid that we have not removed these baby horns! Note: Revelations does not reveal the back end of the beast that is my description.

How stupid were we to allow the ‘little horns’ of party politics to give tax concessions for ‘charitable donations’? Did we think we were getting something for nothing? Donations that saved the beast millions allowed it to direct the trend of education and charitable institutions that government taxes, legitimately collected from the beast, could have fully funded. How stupid we have been to allow these ‘little horns’ to give the beast control of the monetary system. All because we were fooled into trusting leaders chosen by others.

It is said that the first king to introduce rules of the road almost had a rebellion on his hands. "Why", his subjects asked, should we be told on what part of the road we can walk, ride or drive our carts? We are FREE people, are we not?"

It would, at that time, have seemed a very reasonable argument. After all, since time began, the rule had been simple: the big man had ‘right of way’ and the small had ‘out of the way’. Now all were being asked to obey some nonsense law just to please a king's arrogance.

Today, no doubt, even the most ignorant of reasoning people can see that without rules of the road modern civilisation could never develop.

Therein lies a basic human lesson. In its most simple expression it may be put that: for every advance to freedom there must be a corresponding order and discipline imposed on lesser freedoms. Or, alternatively, only by bringing lesser freedoms to order can we progress to greater freedoms. If we want to live as civilised humans we have to accept our responsibilities! How far would we get if we had, consciously, to tell our leg muscles each movement to make? If we had not learned the need for rules of the road we would be still arguing which donkey has right of way.

Globalism does not want ‘social’ knowledge to expand! Understanding will interfere with globalist promotion of regressive ‘freedoms’ so it has to create needs for restraint. Sometimes law is needed but understanding that leads to personal responsibility is better. By giving us freedoms from responsibilities for our own behaviour they create reasons for legalising behaviour. Until we see that world government does not want us healthy, wealthy or wise, we are blind to the manipulations of ‘the beast’ in our world.

To achieve world ownership Globalists impose on us accumulating laws, rules and regulations to make life and business more time wasting and frustrating. Freedoms such as freedom of sex – rights for criminals – ‘feel good’ compassion, etc., create social problems, frustrate law and convince us of need for increasing restraints.

It was a service to Globalism that PR seduced the present generation of parents and educators to deny children the thing that children most need: the teaching of self-discipline which tells them that their seniors really care and do not see them as mere pets and playthings. Nothing makes a child despise his parents more quickly than lies, pretences and indifference to behaviour.

Secret surveillance:
“When they set out to number everyone with the Australia Card,the people rose up to defend their liberties.... the governmentbacked off. But the Australia Card debacle was just a setback. ... Roger Clark: They do take privacy a little more seriously thanthey once did, but they have found other ways ... and clearly oneof the ways in which they can achieve their objectives is not to gothrough legislation, not to take the risk of going into parliament. EQ.

Example: the Australian ‘Bill of Rights’, though officially abandoned because of public pressure (28/11/1986), had all its important features introduced as part of the Human Rights and Equal OpportunityBill (10/12/1986).

Personal forms: medical records; tax returns; school reports etc. can now be legally collected and filed in a computer somewhere. Do we need be told that Globalists are not in the least interested in what we are doing? We are becoming a resource! They want to know our abilities, genes, blood type etc. If they want some part of us they want to know where to find it.

Enslavement means that as humanity is returned to the primate levels we lose power to escape. We lose access to human experience – our humanity. We lose self-discipline – the ability of self-sacrifice! The young are brutalised as a result of artificial ‘sensitive new age’ values and restricted understanding.

Should automobiles be designed to protect occupants? Believe it or not, safety armour for pedestrians was recently in the news. Protection from the consequences of stupidity encourages stupidity! Can we see an increasing failure of rational response?

So many examples of communal irrationality in every walk of life. Educated people often unable to see that principles of social order are as insistent and, over time, as certain in their effect, as are principles of engineering. People now react to moral laws as they once did to rules of the road – as though these rules are a matter of some tyrant's pleasure. Moral laws (like engineering laws) are basic to the human structure, not matters of random decision or choice. *

They teach; there is no truth, “Work out what is to be your behaviour by agreement with your friends”. Or, “Do whatever seems best in your situation”. “Situation Ethics” divorces us from the benefits of human experience and understanding – advance back to the cave! Face painting – primitive art – the grotesque – the ugly – vandalism – suicide – cruelty and crime for kicks – is this the path of an advancing culture?

Many today are so impregnated with political ideology that they are unable to make rational assessment of their beliefs. Will we let them destroy humanity?

A privately owned party system and grants to leading Universities were enough to turn education to humanist religion. Science based PR propaganda re-set the direction of culture. ‘Funny money’ gave power to selectively favour people and so create public opinion, prejudice and ideals.

The evidence gathered, when taken in conjunction with day to day world events, should convince a rational mind. Those who make no effort to understand what is happening will ignore the informed reports of dozens. There is no logical doubt of the existence of a corrupting elite or their motivation. Only when we look from a Globalist viewpoint do world events become logical, no other driving force explains international manipulation.

Social engineering by trickery is openly admitted. There is a cause for each effect! The success of manipulation is not mysterious! It is the stated humanist/socialist solution to the problem of gaining and maintaining power. The corruption of humanity works because humanity is known to be a rational construct of basic principles.

More and more, intelligent people are coming to see through the frail veil. Here is Dr. Susan George; quote:

… dystopia, which is where everything is just as bad as it canpossibly be. My dystopia is a kind of worldwide apartheid in whicha very small transnational elite is served by a more or less permanently employed middle class, people who generally have jobs,generally have services, all on the backs of an increasingly marginalised and criminalised underclass. EQ.

The nightmare she sees is a world taking shape before her eyes. Dr. George has been a consultant to the United Nations University, UNESCO, the UN's Economic Commission for Europe , the International Union of Food Workers and the Government of Nicaragua, among other such. She knows the international scene; yet in answer to recent questions and reported on (Australian) ABC we find these comments; quote:

Well, I think this meaning of the word 'development' is rather obscene. Development in biology means that an organism unfolds harmoniously in its environment. It means that the flower becomes a fruit, or the embryo becomes a child. But the social sciences have taken over this concept and perverted it. When we say 'development' in the modern sense, we generally mean outside intervention and meddling. If you meddle too much with an organism, it will be damaged or will die, which is precisely, I think, what we've been doing with other people's lives.

I think development has failed largely because the assumptions that underlay the whole concept were absolutely false .

In humanist terms “development” means “developing humanist religious belief” – word meanings changed, totally invasive social meddling, any lie or deceit justified! Humanism is creating a world of cruelty and horror precisely because it (deliberately) teaches ideals that are absolutelyfalse. Intentions (good or evil) cannot alter the true nature of humanity!

In relation to economic manipulation she says: All these institutions are centralised, hierarchical, completely undemocratic and working with a lot of money contributed by their members, mostly their richer members. What do they do with that money? Well, in many ways they are helping to subjugate all the economies of the world and making them satellites of free enterprise' so to speak. ... So the World Bank is in charge of imposing this economic doctrine, the International Monetary Fund is in charge of imposing structural adjustment, in other words austerity programs in the Third World, and GATT is involved with indeed reducing not only barriers to trade, but any standards – environmental standards, health standards, high wages – that could be considered impediments to trade. I feel very much that the undemocratic nature of these institutions will mean that a whole new world order is put into place and that it is an anti-democratic, authoritarian order run by the elites of the rich world on their behalf.

… every time citizens in one country or another seem to be winning some victories, seem to have gained, for example, either higher wages or better environmental standards or whatever, these international agencies will often say, 'No, wait a minute, it's our law, international law is above national law and your national standards simply don't hold up.'

If I can give one example from the US/Canada free trade pact,a model for what GATT would like to do for the entire world:British Columbia was planting trees – the province itself – andthe Americans challenged it and said, 'This is a help to theCanadian timber industry and we don't do that for our timberindustry so what you're doing is impeding trade..'

That's just one example of the kind of thing that would happenunder universal free trade. The standards for pesticide residueswould become the standards of the FAO ... sometimes 50 timeslower than certain national standards. So if I want to export fruitladen with pesticides to Australia , Australia would have absolutelyno recourse but to accept them.. EQ. A very honest report from inside the NWO.

Australian republicans insist on freedom from British restraints: what restraints? The faceless people behind the UN now exercise controls over our lives far greater and more obnoxious than any dictator could imagine. ‘Our” one world politicians have signed hundreds of agreements to make our nations servile dominions of the UN.

Globalism needs the elimination of the great majority of existing families! They have both the means and the morals. How! 'Designer' disease perhaps! AIDS is killing millions in depressed areas but is it enough. There is talk of legally enforced immunisation. Injections can include killer virus that may take months to appear. Globalists neither need to enter danger zones nor news need report.

Humanist philosophy creates world problems because it is a corruption of human – there are human solutions! A good place to start is by making the truth public and by electing people-chosen representatives into parliament.

The rich become richer, the poor poorer. Is robbery immoral? Robbery from pockets, food from mouths, rationality from minds. Robbery is a just complaint.

We no longer understand our world, or ourselves. Parents so confuse values that they can excuse exposure of their children to sick and depraved influences as: "They have to learn to cope with REALITY". "Sickness and depravity" is a reality of death not of life. Children, at a suitable age, need to be warned about poisons, not exposed to them.

Those planning our demise lack human feeling not animal cunning: they plot gradualism. The disadvantaged are soon too poor to resist. Newly poor are first incredulous then angry! They ignored the plight of previous victims and learned nothing. Blind to experience they repeat brilliant responses – protest march – petition the P. M. – new political party. Politicians happily watch them let off steam and then crawl back in their shells.

From the beginning of civilisation we have used advancing technology to our delight. From pyramids to nuclear reactors it has been man who has decided the use, or misuse, of technology. And the misuse can be charged to the INEQUALITY (the beast) in man!

Inequalities of man were always accepted; so obvious. The EQUALITY of man! AH! That idea, consequent of advancing civilisation, is more difficult. We had to learn abstract reasoning. Equality is clearly no physical thing. Equality is about JUSTICE (equality before the law)! POLITICS (equality of knowledge: democracy)! HUMANITY (equal rights to self-development)! Equality, based on equality of responsibility, is something that could only come with human ideals and understanding generated by accumulated experience.

We approved mass education for, without equality of access to knowledge, human equality could never be realised. But we had not done our homework! We had not accepted our responsibilities to govern ourselves! We believed we had democracy because we were told it was in our vote. Soothed to complacency we were enticed to accept IN-equality, MIS-education, PR deceit. Democracy became a lie and equality of rights non-existent! We, the people, were pushed deeper into slavery!

Of what significance is the question; “Who do you think you are?” now that we know that beliefs, attitudes, thoughts, desires, likes and dislikes were decided for us? So much is said about the ‘stolen generation’. How trivial is stealing your racial identity in comparison to stealing your human identity?

It may help us know ourselves if we look further at some of the knowledge of us gathered by our oppressors. Bernays, Crystallizing Public Opinion, p122; quote: The average citizen is the world's most efficient censor. His own mind is the greatest barrier between him and the facts. His own "logic-proof compartments, " his own absolutism are the obstacles which prevent him from seeing in terms of experienceand thought rather than in terms of group reaction. EQ.

Group reaction is of course influenced by beliefs. Item, p115; quote:

The relative importance your newspaper gives to an occurrenceaffects your thought, your character, and your children's thoughtand character. For few daily habits are as firmly established as the habit of reading the newspaper. EQ.

That is a quote by Bernays from another author and, although we have now transferred much of this habit to TV watching, that has only intensified the effect. Yes, the relative importance given by media to items of daily information decides how we judge what is going on in our world – our beliefs, our attitudes. Mass media is our ‘window’ to our world!

The next item is another very relevant quote of Bernays from another author. Remember, they are talking ABOUT US. p108-9; quote:

He is more sensitive to the voice of the herd than any otherinfluence. ... It can inhibit or stimulate his thought and conduct.It is the source of his moral codes, of the sanctions of his ethicsand philosophy.It can endow him with energy, courage, andendurance, and can as easily take these away. It can make himacquiesce in his own punishment and embrace his executioner,submit to poverty, bow to tyranny, and sink without complaintunder starvation. Not merely can it make him accept hardship and suffering unresistingly but it can make him accept as truth the explanation that his perfectly preventable afflictions are sublimely just and gentle. It is this acme of the power of herd suggestion that is perhaps the most absolutely incontestable proof of the profoundly gregarious nature of man.

He is subject to the passions of the pack in his mob violenceand the passions of the herd in his panics. EQ.

Again we see research truly reporting our crippled-mind responses – minds crippled and subtly lead to futility! When raised in an environment of deceit mankind has little ability, desire, or self-confidence to distinguish fact from fiction. Generations of deceit – it is not human nature; it is the slow poison of deceit that is “most absolutely incontestable” in its ability to undermine human nature!

Is that extreme? Well think of those who have committed suicide, some even killing their families in their despair. Do they ever question the true nature of the culture that drove them? Suicide is a mark of the progress of humanism!

Think of the “inability” of betrayed groups and industries to look for the cause and see the clear evidence that their plight is entirely artificial – situations created and cor­rectable. We commit suicide rather than admit that our problems result from our failure to face our responsibilities.

On pages 129-30 Bernays gives three ways to obtain national cohesive force (the way actually being used is omitted). One he calls “patronage and pork”. The second “government by terror and obedience”. However it is the third that is interesting; quote:

The third method is "government based on such a highlydeveloped system of information, analysis and self-consciousness that the knowledge of national circumstances and reasons of state is evident to all men ". EQ.

Finally we are recognised by someone ‘up there’ as being human. Someone actually admits what could, should and can be done – if given the truth we are equally able to make decisions. And the person who admits this is the recognised master of deceit and propaganda himself.

Relating this to what happened during the 1914-18 war Bernays says “the method least relied on by any of the belligerent countries” was the third method and; quote:

This breakdown did not occur among small, inefficientlyorganised groups [nations]. It occurred among the representativesof the highest development in social organisation.

If this is the fate of the most highly organised social groups,consider then the problem which confronts the social, economic,educational or political groups in peace time, when they attemptto obtain a public hearing for new ideas. EQ.

So ‘alternative 3’ is avoided like the plague, especially by those nations most ‘organised’. Bernays then goes on to remark on the common futility of trying to fight back or awaken new understandings. He (as does other apologists for public manipulation) says that public opinion is an interaction between public and media (i.e., there is no manipulation: pornography never degrades, lies never mislead, and crime is the fault of the victim). Evidence says otherwise.

In nature filth can become fertiliser but, when vested interests deliberately poison the delicate flower of reason, it dies. Do you think such clever people don’t know that? Globalists know what they are doing and never veer from the plan; but Bernays did stumble that once.

Population cannot keep doubling as soil diminishes. Governments sell “public assets” to hide our decline to poverty and push multiculturalism to confuse our responses. Without assets what can we do? The inside story of mind-manipulation has been kept from the public. Can we face it?

When they talk of “herd mentality” they are not meaning street mobs but peer group associations that may be complex. Work, in recent years, on “Human Behaviour” and “Psychology” confirms that the ‘common herd’ is more swayed by opinion than fact. The confused mind distrusts its ability to reason.

So reformers find their evidence ignored while clever speakers sway the mob with emotion pleasing opinions or greed inspiring promises. Manipulators no longer need secret codes. So long as fact and evidence is accompanied by comforting words and bland assertions we happily ‘over look’ the evidence to accept conclusions offered! The conclusion of the authority, not the evidence, is what the student is taught to regurgitate.

Can we still reason a little? The evidence is there for all to see, ‘big brother’ is a slave-master! To escape all we need is a little confidence and courage in our own intelligence – in ourselves.

If we open our minds to it, there is an alternative. You may doubt the evidence presented here or see that it confirms your own findings. You may doubt it is as bad as I say or think it already too late. You may, at present, believe yourself helpless or think to tell your friends – it will be easy to straighten things out.

Well you may find friends strangely reluctant. You are one of a peer group. Why are you being different? Why should you know more than the rest? You are just ‘old Harry’ or ‘old Helen’; ‘young Jim’ or ‘young Judy’. If you do get their attention they will likely want the problem referred to an accepted ‘authority’. Don’t give in! If you can see it why not they – if they try? It will be sad, if, rather than act on your own intelligence your best result is that you, or someone in your immediate group, seeks advice from the enemy.

Working as a salesman for a few years I was often asked for something new. A common response to something new: “I don’t think I can sell that, no one has ever asked for it.” Strange! People don’t ask for things they don’t know exist.

Today: “We can’t tell people, they don’t understand”. How odd! Might it be that people don’t understand because they have never had the opportunity – never told enough of the truth for the truth to be understandable?

Before we can convince others we need to see clearly enough to convince ourselves. After that, you understand, the more that see the truth the more easily others see it. It is in our nature to like to be part of a movement. By knowing us they enslaved us – by knowing ourselves we can be free.

I am not trying to keep this secret! Copyright is open to anyone who presents it without change or misrepresentation. If a multitude were to put this on their own www site or create a new site for it or have books printed, then we have the strength to start breaking the chains that bind us.

This site is dedicated to exposing a deliberate public manipulation for private gain. To start a new chain the first link has to be forged. Only when a few start a chain can a chain reaction start! Who knows what magic may unfold?

Let’s not continue to behave like animals that have been long frustrated and abused! Let’s not huddle in defence minded peer groups! Let’s not make mountains out of mole-hills or fear baby horns! Let’s seek enlightenment and think for ourselves! BREAK THE CHAIN OF DECEIT – START A CHAIN OF ENLIGHTENMENT. There is no value in complaint if we do not expose and explain the problem.

In Australia and other nations, as in the USA , to expose unconstitutional government in the courts is not possible. But we can refuse to elect those pushed forward! We can organise community electorates to choose people of proven organising ability and trustworthy reputation from our electorates! Electing our own representatives is simple and economical! Educate ourselves! Stop running around in circles.

Scientific PR manipulation gained respect as wartime need before being turned into an admired profession. Political manipulation leapt forward without challenge.

In chapter four we saw the ruthless use of “crime accumulated wealth” served by a treacherous political system and mass media.

Under cover of political education and mass media, PR experts (armed with an escapist ideology and an ‘animalist’ religion) created a ‘virtual reality’ world. Distress is hidden behind sport, sex, drugs, entertainment and lies. Do you think the drug and the sex revolution came together by chance?

So Globalism sold us ‘freedom’ from our responsibilities in exchange for slavery to greed. New lamps for old! Will we never learn! Can we doubt that the beast in our nature is promoted to enslave us?

From party politics to drugs, advocates for both sides may be promoted, that is the Hegelian way. Ineffectual law opens opportunities for both crime and deceit.

Humanism undermines humanity! Common crime is now more for ‘kicks’ than despair. As humanity is lost crime becomes increasingly cruel, depraved and unpunished. Governments without morals have use for people without morals.

Humans are not just animals! The base for humanity – civilisation, our understanding of our nature and life – is MORALITY! The caring SELF-DISCIPLINE – self-sacrifice – of accepting responsibility; without this no human civilisation exists; lose it and culture disintegrates. That is the truth humanism hides! That is the secret of global manipulation – the true ‘cat hidden among the pigeons’! See how, in their plan, discipline is destroyed by their humanist ideology and by every attitude they promote.

Human potential is being destroyed! Survivors will be a resource, branded and labelled. Every physical part, ability or gene will be on file.

We cannot believe political promises or humanist propaganda! Every dollar Globalists loan includes a mortgage on human life. We have to look, listen, open our eyes and use our intelligence for out of their own mouths they condemn themselves. Why waste our lives, our heritage or prospects?

Perhaps the hardest thing to accept is that many who will oppose us are good people with good intentions (the road to hell is paved with good intentions). Human trust blinds many to the inhumanity of Globalism: that it is a beast without morals or conscience. We may say that some do not have the courage or self-discipline to face reality or have, perhaps, too much pride to admit error. But then we have to see that their indoctrination may have been just a little more effective than our own – that, there but for the grace of God, go I.

Will we continue to waste the great opportunities of life?
Exert ourselves for deceit, waste and pollution?
Live for lies, greed and depravity?
Oh man:
You have advanced wonderfully;
to iniquity.
Turn now,
while you can.