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Note from Editor of themindweb.com

The below, like most experiences of those who seek a more reliable and less distressing treatment for cancer, is a lay person experience, there are many such. By their nature these tend to try anything in indiscriminate mixture and in the end really do not know what works and what doesn't; what helps and what hinders, that they so often succeed is more a result of the benign nature of natural alternatives than good luck. Readers should realise that there are, and always have been, people, apart from pharmaceutical companies, who make money from fake cures and dietary fads are a dime a dozen.

I have been interested in alternative cancer treatment for quite some time and I recommend that those interested obtain a copy of the book "World without Cancer" as going into this matter more thoroughly and I think, more reliably than others; it explains why and how. Also the book called "Supermarket Cures" mentioned in an earlier editorial, appears more reliably up to date in regard to general cancer resisting diet. These are the only books I recommend on this subject.

Both my Mother and Father died of cancer. My mother quite young my father in his seventies, I have passed his age by some years with no problems. I have taken apricot kernels when they were easier to get and not banned. I am not a health fanatic but have long taken an interest in a healthy diet and have become convinced that our greatest dangers are from additives put in pre-packaged foods; especially preservatives, this, plus excessive refining of food products apparently designed to increase the cost and improve sales appeal but which also serve to reduce or destroy nutritional value. We now add to this genetic engineering and hybridisation.

When I eat apples I also eat the seeds but make sure you are eating old varieties of apple not hybrids. These seeds also have the same cancer fighting properties as apricot seed though in smaller amount. With an otherwise healthy diet a few apples each week will help your immune system keep you free of cancers. The same applies to Apricot kernels, do not trust hybrids, genetically engineered varieties or untested alternatives.

There does not appear to be any logical reason for banning apricot kernels or laetrile as all information I have strongly indicates that this appears more reliable and is a far safer and kinder treatment than those used by the pharmaceutical dominated medical services. We are all different and there are now quite a variety of cancers and non-pharmaceutical 'cures' some are dubious. I feel very confident that we could have a world without cancer if those in power wanted it that way. That they don't even want us to have a choice surely condemns them and exposes duplicity.


My Story

My name is Angel Rodriguez. I am of Spanish descent, yet born in Australia. I am commonly called Angelo rather than Angel by my friends, but either one does not bother me. This is my story regarding my experience with Laetrile/Vitamin B17 here in Australia. I am 29 years old, married and have a beautiful baby daughter. I am a computer technical specialist by trade, but have a passion for all things to do with nature, especially natural herbs and remedies which I picked up from my mother, who has used them all her life for treating all types of diseases.

My Story
Around late 1997, my father was diagnosed with bowel cancer. He had the cancer removed by surgery in an operation that was deemed successful by his doctors. Later in 1999 on a regular routine check up, he was advised that cancer cells still present in his blood had caused the spread of cancer to his liver in the form of a large tumour and two smaller ones. He was also advised that there was no known medical treatment that was effective for this, only an attempt of radiation therapy, or if willing he could subject himself to chemical and radiation experimental treatments with unknown side effects, and with no guarantee that he will benefit. When we asked his doctors of a percentage chance of benefit from these treatments they said 0 - 30%, but realistically would be probably be 0% (At least they were honest). They had also informed my family that Liver cancer was considered one of the fastest growing cancers, and that my dad would probably have maybe 12 - 18 months at best to live.

My first reaction was to think that God must have some kind of natural treatment and remedy for cancer, somewhere, somehow. It was around this time I received a random email from a friend of mine, pointing out that he was surfing the web and had come across the site http://www.laetrile.com.au/vale.htm . I studied this site carefully and what it had to say and began researching this claim myself. From here onwards I increased my knowledge of vitamin B17 from other web sites and bought all the books and reading material I could find on the subject. Although still rather slightly sceptical at first it was finding about the Contreras Oasis Hospital in Mexico and what they had achieved as laetrile pioneers that totally convinced me that "THIS WORKS" Especially after reading about cases like Cosmetic Giant Max Factors son Donald Factor and his cancer story. (click here to read)

THE SEARCH..... Where do you find Apricot seeds in Australia? and more importantly how do you go about treatment?
(date: early 2000)
At this point armed with diagrams and videos and books on laetrile I thought, "this is great" I want to get my dad on this treatment straight away. Surely this will not be a problem in Australia. Boy was I Wrong!!!!

I firstly wanted to get my dad on Apricot seeds ASAP. I could not find them anywhere. I checked with places that sold nuts, health foods etc. Could not find them anywhere. So I tried buying them on the web from US laetrile web sites. I tried Jason Vales Site http://www.laetrile.com.au/vale.htm but found out the FDA had shut them down (Click here for more details). I found some at other sites but all the seeds I bought were confiscated by customs upon reaching Australia. At that time I called http://www.worldwithoutcancer.com/ - (who have since been shut down by the FDA - click here for details) and they sent me a vitamin B supplement in a plastic vitamin bottle. When I opened it up it was full of Apricot kernels. They looked very old, rancid and dark but nevertheless it was a start. I continued to search for somewhere to get apricot seeds. My mother at this point had started to buy apricots and peaches and was giving the kernels to my dad to eat. My brother in law who is a Naturopath student worked with me in finding a supplier of seeds. We searched for months and then one day he found one. Finally we had a good supply of apricot seeds grown from organic orchards.

I managed to get seeds for a few months but then would you believe it.... Due to seasonal factors our supplier ran out of seeds about mid 2000 and said would not have any more until maybe Jan 2001. ( I guess I was lucky I had bought quite a lot of seeds which actually lasted me until Nov 2000 but then I had run out as I had given most of them away to friends who wanted to try them with their loved ones with cancer).

(Around early-mid 2000) Dads tumour during this time was getting bigger and the results of his cancer cell count in his blood getting higher, as the cancer cells had increased over time. I thought at this point I would have no choice, but to try and get him on at least the laetrile tablets in concentrated form as well as the seeds.

I then found http://www.kemsa.com/ which looked like a very professional web site. I called up the Oasis hospital again to get some more advice on treatment. They suggested my father take Shark Cartilage and laetrile. So I tried ordering 1 bottle of Kemdalin which contains 50 x 500mg laetrile/amygdalin tablets from KEMSA. It arrived ok. I then bought another 3 bottles more and thats when customs picked up on it. They were concerned about what it was, and was in it, rather than what it did. I gave them all the web sites details which had all the information of its composure, and amazingly they were happy with the information and 2 weeks later I received our tablets. During this time my dad was taking shark cartilage about 4 weeks prior to the laetrile arriving and was also taking shark cartilage several months after the laetrile tablets ran out. He was taking the suggested dose of 3g ie. 6 x 500mg Laetrile tablets a day. 2 in the morning, 2 at lunch and 2 in the evening. I also had him taking for a few months ESSIAC in a syrup form and red clover herb tea. The laetrile only lasted 1 month at this dosage but combined with the shark cartilage and 30 apricot seeds a day it seemed to be helping as the hospital test results were starting to be positive and the tumour had stopped growing. His blood cancer cell count had also not increased.

During Nov 2000 - Jan 2001 I had run out of seeds, and my dad had also suffered a heart attack in Jan, so he was off the shark cartilage. He had a new heart vessel cleaning treatment called an angioplast and had his arteries unblocked and was doing really well but the cancer was still there and still a problem. At this point as we had no apricot seeds and could not give him shark cartilage because of his heart implications, so mum started giving him Fresh Aloe Vera from her Aloe plants with fresh apple Juice. By Feb 2001, apricot seeds had come back in season so I ordered lots of them as I had already begun to wonder how many people out there in Australia were going through the same thing I had gone through. I also had posted up a simple B17 web site at this point but in Feb 2001 decided to redesign it and start offering Apricot seeds to the public as I thought there would have to be many people also in a similar situation as mine. In the space of 3 months I had dozens of emails from all over the country and was meeting people from all over Australia via email with similar stories to mine, in that they cannot find apricot seeds or know how to get laetrile treatment. So I have decided to help where possible and supply apricot seeds in large 10kg quantities which I know will last a person over a year should seasonal factors affect the supply again.

Its Now the end of May 2001 as I write this and my dad has recently received his results of his lasts tests. I went to see his specialist with him for the results. His specialist showed us the X-Rays which showed that the tumour had stopped growing, and then what surprised me was that the specialist who is also a senior lecturer in this field for the Uni of NSW was not sure if the tumour may actually be in fact just a mass of dead cells!

Also he could not explain the most amazing results, showing my dads cancer cell count in his blood had dropped from 257 down to 121 (CEA) - This is a huge reduction. Down by 2/3's. My dad is currently in good spirits, has no obvious symptoms of his cancer in his life, although it is still there. He is currently on 30 - 45 seeds a day still, 10-15 seeds at all 3 meals. Still drinks fresh Aloe Vera from my mothers garden with 1 teaspoon of honey in 1 cup of water blended up, every morning and is doing well.

This is Upsetting - The guinea pig TEST
In May 2000 my dad received a letter from his hospital where he was having his cancer tests etc, inviting him to basically be a guinea pig for a study of a new chemical to see if it was fit for humans!!! They assumed that because my father previously had bowel cancer and it had spread to his Liver, that he was going to die so he may as well help out with this deadly chemical they want to test.. They may have well just said "Hey, why not be a volunteer for modern medicine and help test out this new drug, after all your basically going to die now anyway". The exact wording read "........ The purpose of this study is it to determine whether Chimeric 30.6 is safe to administer to humans.....You were selected as a possible participant in this study because your bowel cancer has spread to other organs" click here to see Page 1 (page 2, page 3) Get this, they then go on to mention on Page 2, over 20 possible side effects including death. They included - nausea, damage to the pancreas, pain at the sites of the tumour, skin reactions, flushing of the face, burning of the groin, palms and soles of feet, fever, chills, vomiting headache, diarrhoea, difficulty in breathing and swelling of the face and the list goes on and on. Read it for yourself by clicking here page 2

Finally page 3 goes on to inform my father... qoute "We do not expect that you will receive any benefits from this study" , which basically means "we want you to do this not for your gain but for our gain, so we can more money from these deadly drugs".

I am appalled that in our country they will try and submit precious lives to testing such barbaric and deadly chemicals like Chemeric 30.6, yet call laetrile a systematic poison and not even give it a proper go, when there is more than overwhelming evidence that it works.

My Opinion on Laetrile
I am not a doctor. I am not a Biochemist who conducts laboratory tests that show cancer cells being destroyed by vitamin B17. I am not stupid.. My father's cancer was getting worse before laetrile. Now its much better. Something is killing the cancer cells. From my research I believe cancer is a metabolic disease than can be prevented and treated through proper diet and nutrition which is the way God planned it. My dad has adopted a combination of the following:

* Has stopped eating red meat. * Took an initial dose of laetrile tablets
* eats almost totally vegetarian diet * Has almost never stopped eating Apricot seeds since he started
* Drinks fresh Aloe Vera every morning * Eats plenty of vegetables and fruit
* Was taking Shark Cartilage but has stopped due to a heart condition
* Has a very positive attitude.

Mon 13th January 2003 - My Dad turned 71 years old today. He feels great and his quality of life has not deteriorated one single bit in the last 3 years. He still has the tumours in his liver as he goes off and on his diet and still has cancer. He has never stopped eating apricot seeds about 20 - 25 a day. His doctors cannot explain why the cancer has not spread, given Liver cancer is said to claim its victims very rapidly. He was given 12 - 18 months at best to live and its been over 3 years now. The most part I am thankful for is that he has his quality of life which was not destroyed by the toxic effects of Chemotherapy, as he chose not to undergo any chemo or radio treatment.

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