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2003 - April Add-on

Blind Freddie in the 20th Century

Blind Freddie in the 20th Century

Updated Essay presented by A Gourley.

Because of advancing science, technology and population, it is now a matter of urgency that we, in the 21st century, take seriously the need to remove our governments from the control of the international banking fraternity. The future of life on earth is far too important to be left in the hands of partisan politicians who allowed, into our schools, such disasters of indoctrination as a system to reduce the reading comprehension of students and the enforcement of ideological religion.

How could such drastic changes have been honestly made to our education without extensive public discussion, proof of benefit and national consent? It could not happen except by force of a dictatorial control of national governments. See " The Crimson Crime" Introduction and Chapter 1, and chapters 3&4 of "Globalism Brainwash".

The bullying, arrogance and injustice of the United Nations, our controlled party systems and 'world government' masters is creating anger and injustice world-wide! As we see in current events, this alone is likely to have disastrous consequences. However these are just the tip of the iceberg of dangers accumulating around the ending of the 20th century.

On this site many looming dangers are mentioned. As there is so much evidence there is no need to repeat it here though it is necessary to state clearly the reason for concern. No doubt many readers will see that if an arrogant "master race" (masters of deceit) achieve world government, then we, the "kept-in-ignorance sheep", will be in great danger.

Survival requires we control our government
Try to imagine yourself in the position of the self-serving governing class and see the world from their point of view. What we see is that these 'god-egos' will have no use for the great majority of world population or concern for its welfare. We cannot, in common sense, close our eyes to this and must resist the heavy emotional pressures to submit.

The Blind Freddies of the 20th century cannot imagine that there is a world government force behind their party government. They cannot imagine that globalism has set a 'politically correct' agenda for thoughts and attitudes that are unrealistic, unjust and hate producing; they certainly cannot imagine that this is part of a deliberate undermining of human culture in the interests of plans to take-over the earth. Least of all can they imagine looking critically at the evidence and thinking a little for themselves.

When the military/scientific world is in the hands of a group of self-interest families then they are in the same position as a family living on an island and needing to produce for only their own needs. If their island became over-run with sheep that the family has to constantly herd and control, you can imagine that pretty soon junior would be saying, "Daddy, why do we keep all these sheep? We only need the wool, meat and milk of a few! The rest are damaging our island, creating work and are just a nuisance!"

Do you not think that controlling families would soon find a way to get rid of the 90% who behave foolishly and create a nuisance because they have to be motivated by lies?

We have discussed war by use of "bacteria, viruses and toxins" that are comparatively easy/cheap to produce. Many small nations have potential to produce diseases and toxins of perhaps even greater life-destroying power than nuclear bombs although they would be unlikely to achieve this because they do not have the financial or technological power for weapons refinement and delivery.

Globalists do not fear the efforts of dissident they create because these have limited finance and industrial capacity. They encourage terrorism as a way to create fears, confusion and self destruction within a world population it sees as enemy - an enemy having the numbers and intellectual capacity to end the Globalist domination based on finance and deceit.

Confident of being able to evade or control limited outbreaks of diseases (artificial or natural) Globalists find it convenient to have us kill each other off?

Ways and means of getting rid of those made ignorant are established, and "creating conflict" (entice your enemies to kill each other) "divide and conquer" have always been smart ways to success. Old saying "Those whom the gods would destroy they first make mad." The behaviour of misinformed people is, to the truthfully informed, mad. However, let's look at an issue that Blind Freddie would never imagine relevant.

A TV program discussing ethical problems of "cloning", not surprisingly, missed the point.
Discussion was centred around the (inferred) emotional effect on cloned children as though this should be decided by popular opinion without evidence of fact: (ideological attitude is that any effect can be made, by public manipulation, to order). There was also discussion about the (inferred) dangers of creating a "master race" as though, in our world today, this is a matter for regulation that could be enforced by public demand. No suggestion of considering family need of cloning as against political abuse of cloning, or of our community taking up responsibility for its own government as a way of gaining public access to information and moral decision making.

Outlaw of human cloning, as a political or commercial tool, is essential, but how can control be enforced if we, the people, do not control government? How can we ever know what is going on in other parts of the world or behind the scenes when mass media is owned by the governing power?

On the other hand, to ban cloning at a family level seems frivolous. For this distinction not to be brought into the discussion hid the true relations of the issue. Artificial Insemination (AI) and cloning are different moral issues. When parents other than "natural" family parents are involved then AI is immoral because it introduces unknown parentage.

If some may have a parent they can never know then that is the result of an immoral act. AI becomes immoral when it produces an immoral result. What is immoral does not become moral because it becomes legal, scientifically possible or socially acceptable.

One effect of AI is that people may unknowingly marry a close relation. Inbreeding is known to be undesirable as it magnifies the seriousness of genetic defects. Behaviour that creates ruined lives should be avoided. The risk may be small but the cost of avoiding it is even smaller - a simple moral choice.

To create children of unknown parentage is socially harmful. Immoral is immoral because it is socially harmful. If we are discussing ethics/morals of reproductive methods then we can only have it both ways if we accept beliefs that have no moral base such as 'creation by chance evolution. But that also eliminates valid ethics/morals discussion.

We saw this 'both ways' morality well demonstrated in the Iraq 'war'. If ambush or hiding behind women and children is unlawful/immoral then indiscriminate killing of women, men and children while hiding behind weapons that give safety from enemy response must also be unlawful/immoral unless those who make the rules have no concept of law/morals. Those responsible are those who give the orders not the duty bound soldiers. What nation has history entitling leaders to throw the first stone?

Does it not come back to the question of whether it is socially acceptable for some people to indulge personal satisfaction/benefit at the cost of other lives? Would not many soldiers have felt shame as they killed thousands from positions of safety?

Victimless moral crime
There is no such thing as "victimless" moral crime! How often do we hear complaint against the use of asbestos, atomic energy, gambling, tobacco, pollution, drugs, street-crime, racial abuse, etc.? But do these protestors stop to consider that the twisted values and immoral choices they accept unthinkingly in their everyday lives create these problems - that most of our problems are consequences of acts excused by false beliefs?

A moral crime is a crime against humanity; life is the victim and we are all involved! We have, over recent generations, been adopting increasingly immoral life-styles based on humanist ideology. We ignore the social results of irresponsible "politically correct" obsessions. We pretend our beliefs do not matter because life is meaningless while, at the same time, complaining that alternate beliefs are ruining our lives.

Are the lives being ruined today by family breakdown, street crime, drugs, shady business, youth suicide, political deceit, deformed children, terrorism war, etc; the result of anything other than twisted and escapist social attitudes? Are our problems an acceptable price for selfish living?

When people behave in accord with a false creation belief their own lives and the lives of family and friends are corrupted, but they blame others and expect their community to pay for, or fix, the damage. Is that rational justice or, more important, will it sustain life?

Of course many people will be highly indignant at this suggestion because they do not want to face that they are responsible for the consequences of their actions or their careless acceptance of irresponsible beliefs. We hate to face responsibility but we cannot, in the end, deny that our selfishness, and the suffering we cause, is our individual responsibility. We do not have to believe what we are taught just because we like to think it frees us from our responsibilities.

Contempt for moral responsibility is increasing because of falsely ideology! Law, mass media and governments are ever ready to approve the ethically or morally dubious while pretending a high moral attitude. Why? Do you imagine that there is no beneficiary?

The case for the clone
A clone (as compared to Artificial Insemination) gives a known ancestry, a known viability and a known history. If it is wanted then we can assume that it has a social value based on the life of its earlier 'identical twin'. If, in light of future experience, we find that clones do not follow the expected pattern of identical twins, then there would seem no point to cloning. Without evidence we only guess.

Why clone?

  1. A person, late in life, having important work unfinished, might feel justified to pass this duty on to a clone who, as a genetic copy, should appreciate it.
  2. There are legitimate scientific research reasons for making a clone.

Is it strange that a culture that claims to be science based and despising emotional religion insists on making an emotional decision AGAINST moral cloning and FOR scientifically immoral Artificial Insemination?

Is my clone another me? The evidence of twins, even those raised separately, is that they have so much in common that it seems likely the hopes and ambitions of our clone would be compatible. Also its physical problems are known and, even though one may not want to eliminate these by genetic engineering (as may be possible) experience would be there to guide the clone and reduce or eliminate problems. A clone, assumed as a delayed twin, should benefit from the experiences of the original.

Precautions against cloning abuse
There are, as is usual, options for abuse. All moral questions attached to scientific advance should be left to the time when we have needed scientific evidence; but we cannot believe what we are told until we eliminate Globalist controlled governments.

The greatest danger is political misuse. A global government could create genetically engineered clones for work, play or policing and do this in secret. These would be physical and mental slaves little better than human robots. The human working community would be eliminated.

No political or private organisation should be allowed to raise or produce clones before electorates choose and elect their own representatives to their own parliament because that is our only defence against political abuse. Without control of government we can never have knowledge or control of what government plans, allows or does.

Other Clones our Greater Danger!
This brings us back to TV 'entertainment' and discussion groups. If a TV studio audience and panel of 'experts' were replaced with school children, then they could be expected to come up with very similar opinions. Because ideology now rules education: "politically correct opinions" are cloned for social engineering purposes in education establishments world wide. This is a totally obnoxious moral crime and quite disgusting abuse of political power yet every Blind (and uncaring) Freddie, at the expense of future generations, commonly and emotionally embraces it.

If we honestly desire improvements we have to base action on fact and evidence of fact, not mindless (one guess is as good as another, opinion). Or worse: blind acceptance of beliefs created to serve arrogant, self-serving, "social engineering" human enslavement.

Body cloning may be of low importance as compared to warfare by means of deadly viruses, toxins, bacteria, etc. These however are themselves trivial dangers compared to ideological mind cloning designed to create intellectual slavery. This is because only mind deforming beliefs can cause humans to believe that they do good when they do evil!

Biological weapons, can be more deadly than nuclear (how many people have nuclear bombs killed? How many have died of AIDS? How many will SARS kill?). Biological weapons are easier to create and to manufacture. See "AIDS and the World Government plot" on this site. Virus bombs could mark the end of humanity, but only if we allow ourselves to remain bound in intellectual slavery.

The difference in social importance between debating political events and debating social reform is similar to that of the ship's captain debating the breakfast menu as the ship steams blind, at full speed, through fog and icebergs. When we are brain-washed to see our physical food as more important than our intellectual food we are bound for disaster.

We now debate moral and ethical values created on a base of an ideologically enforced "chance creation theory". This theory, despite the claims of those promoting it, is not science based, it is just an emotional idea without established scientific backing - a virtual reality only of value in service to the 'I-am-god' authoritarians who plot to own the earth.

Fortunately there is growing resistance to selfish, ignorance! Time-tested community values tend to persist even when the brain is persuaded to accept ideas in which those values have no logical existence. All is not yet lost. Vast arrays of man-made problems confuse those who refuse to make an effort to understand what is happening! Chaos mounts! Our window of opportunity may close; it depends on the resistance we offer.

Points of cultural reality to remember
The public mind is being occupied with sport, pleasures, mindless debating or argument about matters of which we are not truthfully informed. We are not truthfully informed because we are sedated to believe in a meaningless creation and do not care enough to honestly check the evidence.

The United Nations had science-backed search teams in Iraq and spy flights over for years! Were they not concerned to monitor sales of significant substances? Globalists own the production facilities creating these materials! Was the form of the war adopted to allow substances and technology to escape to people ready to die for revenge? Are we supposed to believe that this is the level of effort needed just to ensure that one impoverished nation DOES NOT arm for biological or chemical warfare on a scale to be a world threat? Can we believe anything they say about what they find after the event when our leaders are clearly open to charges of criminal abuse of power?

Iraq probably did have materials for biological experiment but did they have technology for the weaponry that would make them dangerous? This production would take many years and use would probably be suicidal even then; use would need to be forced by threat. Where are these materials now: probably with nations better able to use them and with desperate people seeking revenge. Our safety has not been improved - was it ever intended that it should be? One thing is sure; there will be consequences for years ahead.

World fresh water is limited! Fertile soil disappears under roads and houses! New oil is being found at a slower rate than being used! Recent reports say world oil supplies, with unchanged use, will last no more than forty years. Blind Freddie thinks prices will drop and stabilise after the war: if prices drop it will be temporary. Population is growing but no known effort has been made to estimate a safe level of population. Blind Freddie believes the UN cares about our future and cannot accept that information is kept from us because plans are activated to reduce population.

Why do cities now have to install spy cameras and police patrols to try to keep the peace? Why are children and crime already out of control in many suburban and country towns? Why do so many children have poor reading ability and poor comprehension of what they read? Why are world problems multiplying when advances in knowledge and technology could be solving them? Are we so blinded by government P.R. experts that we cannot see the growing cultural disintegration? Could all these contradictions exist unplanned?

We will never know the truth unless we intelligently control our governing.

Without electricity modern cities are crippled within a week, they are then soon overcome by looting, murder and disease. Cultural subversion has destroyed social discipline but as technology advances culture relies more and more on delicate high speed co-ordination, accurate communication and a truthfully informed moral humanity!

It is historic for cultures to become increasingly corrupt as they mature. It is usual for collapse of social order to come quickly and with warning signs ignored. This is usual because early human cultures are based on primitive beliefs.

As beliefs become enlightened cultures achieve new heights. Today we have the science to understand what is happening and why. Will we leave it to a God we treat as a garbage collector there to clean up our mess? Those who do this stand a very good chance of being seen as part of the trash for our best authority warned us not to put our Creator to the test. We are expected to use the talents we are given! If we will not develop our intellectual abilities we are no better than the cattle humanist ideology wants us to believe we are.

If you have read through from the beginning, thank you. Will Blind Freddie die under the mess of his ignorant convictions or be awakened by the trauma of our times?

Your Feedback is Welcome.