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This site is for those who want to know what is happening to their world, and why,
and what they can do about it. This information is already on site, just start reading.

Our Project is Called: Discovering Humanity

As this is a new site I would like to explain that I am hoping it will become, at least to some extent, an interactive site for those seriously looking for social and human answers

I have called it "Discovering Humanity" because it seems that our true human nature has been misled by a confusion of man made ideas and ideologies that have no base apart from the ego desire of some to play god.

This ego desire may be as dangerous as a simple greed for power or as arrogant as the do-gooders desire to tell others how to live.

Whether the manipulation of the lives of others is in the interests of vested-interest greed and the contemptible savagery that satisfaction of greed makes imperative; or whether manipulation serves the do-gooders dreams of organizing humanity to ideals only real in their own minds, these two (both egocentric and based on a desire to control others) work well together.

Evidence suggests that it is the combined working of these forces, that has, over the years, brought tyranny to humanity in both its political and economic behaviour. Worse (in this situation of enslavement to vested interest ideologies) we are left with a civilization set on false foundations and open to sudden and total collapse.

A lifetime spent in search for understanding of the human situation is not easy to pass on - a new world is not easy to see. One cannot, alone, convince, or even reach, sufficient people to warn humanity of its danger. To be fully interactive is, I know, a very tough call, too tough for a lone effort - there will be either too many or too few calls - too much or too little informed input: but we have to try.

There is, for me, no time for debate. Either the evidence already gathered is sufficient to awaken a desire for true freedom in enough of those people who will take up the baton, or it is lost. We who can see the danger must know we have to talk to the human world - a world that may not be eager to listen - a world governed by those who do not want the truth known. We need, not just to expand the story, but present the evidence in an interesting, understandable and enlightening way. There is not a lot of time and we are not playing games.

The first job is to promote this site. About one month will be allowed before presenting the main essay. Only after that will I be looking for input from those who are concerned.

There is no paid staff because this work is not for profit. No paid officials - no expense accounts. I devote my own time freely because I know it is as much in my interests as in the interests of all. People who want to be paid for human service are usually not, I think, serious about their work. We are not uncovering a national danger, it is a world danger - not a cultural disaster, a human disaster.

Here is the way I intend to start, there is below, an opening comment; approximately one month after this goes public I will add the basic essay. If there then appears to be sufficient serious interest I will attempt to prepare an article to satisfy the most popular or most serious, comments, questions and readers input. Information used will be credited if a name and address is given (not necessarily for publication) the information itself must have verifiable sources.

I will try to add to our site on a monthly basis until further notice. Our desperate need is to make critical information widely available.

CHALLENGE - Dismantle the Irrational Heritage

In the misty past a great confidence trick was created to serve human greed and ego. Now, with the aid of technology, it is creating a huge human disaster.

If caring people are not prepared to face this deceit and dismantle it, then they themselves are responsible for the suffering it creates.

You may not want to read this story.
As you read you may begin to feel uncomfortable - threatened;
you may like to think how silly it is and find reasons to not continue;
you may not want to think clearly and rationally about what you read;
or relate to the information for comfortable discussion. How do I know this?

Well of course I do not know exactly how you will feel because I am not you and we are all different, but I know in a general way from experience with exposing implications such as those intrinsic to the following quote from: "The Impact of Science on Society" by Bertrand Russell:

Quote: "Although this science will be diligently studied, it will be rightly confined to the governing class and the populace will not be allowed to know how its convictions were generated ... education should aim at destroying free will, so that, after pupils have left school, they will be incapable ... of acting or thinking otherwise than their schoolmasters would have wished." End Q.

Intelligence-deforming education does not need to stop people thinking - nor from having a variety of opinions - it only needs to help them resist information that would contradict the ideas they are taught and which bond them to their 'peer group'. Caring people, understanding the horrendous "mind slavery" implications of the Russell statement, would have given their lives in an effort to stop that program were they not already mentally subdued to the point of being unwilling to face this reality. You may not want to believe it but, difficult as it may be, is it not worth a little effort to uncover the truth?

From times immemorial ruthless leaders have known the simple rules for controlling public behaviour.

Give them bread and circuses the Romans said, but of course they were not being completely honest about their methods, the important part - deceit and lies - they kept to themselves.

The key ingredients of population control have always been "lies, bread and circuses".

Today this may be better expressed as: "give the people lies, drugs and entertainment and they will willingly strive, kill, or die, for causes that they do not understand".

Despotic leaders are able to achieve this by taking advantage of human weaknesses.
In particular:
1) Laziness - leave finding the truth to others;
2) Pride - protecting, without question, beliefs secured in the mind;
3) Prejudice - against information that might prove popular mind-set wrong.

This program has had many centuries for refinement!

Book: by Franz Hartmann, M.D. Publisher John W. Lovell & Co., NY, 1891.
Quote from introductory words by Professor Hilton Hotema.

"It seems that now (1891), as at the time of the great Paracelsus (1525), the three disgraces of dogmatic science - self conceit, credulity, and scepticism - still go hand-in-hand, and that their favorite places of residence are public auditorities and private visiting-rooms of the learned."

This oddity of human nature, remarked on by honest intellectuals from long before 1525 and still true in 1891, is today still open for discussion. The exposure of the phenomenon of what appears to be a level of self-destructive pride/arrogance (i.e., the face saving need to defend beliefs that betray self, family and humanity, rather than face findings that would be self-evident to our unbiased rational intelligence) is part of the most desperately needed exposure of our times.

To face our convictions with a desire for truth may seem beyond our capacity once we have moulded our lives to our beliefs - subconsciously we feel it as a ruthless self-sacrifice and that the social suggestion that we do not desire to face the truth must be an insult to our intelligence. However, if, from childhood, it was impressed on us that truth is the only useful base for intelligent decision-making and we learned of the vital need to check seductive ideas, then, surely, only goodwill would be needed to power the greatest advance of human behaviour yet experienced. If you think about the time and effort wasted by needlessly incorrect decisions - the attendant arguments and violence - you will know that this must be so. (We all think our ideas are right, we try to do the right thing yet we defend our pride and prejudice to fight each other in futile cause).

You may also see that unless intelligent people, more generally, become willing to accept responsibility rather than beg of authorities - or shelter ego behind ideology and peer group opinion - then human culture will collapse in a human disaster far beyond imagination. This result is inevitable because it is simply not possible to build a great civilization on false beliefs, ignorance and lies.

creates problems - creates confusion - creates disintegration. We now see the core technology for a great human advance being corrupted by an arrogant human intransigence that refuses to admit possibility of being personally and deliberately deceived by trusted authorities. If you have an idea to help break this mind-block, please let me know.

The problem is not so simple as it looks. Overwhelming evidence is not enough; it is likely to build resistance and turn conceit into anger. If you have the authority to push people with overwhelming evidence they will try to ridicule you or even kill you as they did Paracelsus and before him Jesus of Nazareth.

What is needed is a way to get around the mind block "educated ego defence" in such a way that "desire for truth" rules ego. Only then, when "pride in truth" rules the mind, will we seek truth by our own will rather than automatically dismiss the challenge of truth in an effort to defend ego - only when we see the high cost of error and are no longer prepared to pass our mind crippling on to our children, will we willingly sacrifice indoctrinated belief structures.

As part of mind programming, there has been, in recent times, a suggestion that truth does not exist.

I believe this teaching involves three deceptions:
1) The difficulty of finding or understanding what is true in some esoteric situations. Truth does not dissolve because we cannot find it, or do not understand what is involved.
2) We are enticed by mis-education to be so attached to a set of ideological ideas to which we dedicate our mentality that we want these ideas to be true - we do not want to understand that the statement - that there is no truth - is a self-contradiction.
3) The meaning of the word truth. Truth, to have meaning, has to be related to a particular form of creation. It may well be that laws of nature are universal. If so, then its truth is universal. Only if there are different forms of creation existing can it be possible that the truth is not universal. As we do not have knowledge of or access to any alternative form of creation this possibility is irrelevant. *

*Note: "Truth is the REALITY of the ORDER in which we EXIST."

Perhaps another barrier, to accepting the fact of truth, is that people brought up to see human behaviour in a false light may find great difficulty in accepting such a high degree of immorality and cruelty by respected leaders as would seem to make them entirely inhuman. For instance: would even the most despotic leaders in our modern world really manipulate our children to be, in their life adventure, mind directed robots?

How could the well known and respected Bertrand Russell ever reveal;

Quote: "Although this science will be diligently studied, it will be rightly confined to the governing class and the populace will not be allowed to know how its convictions were generated .. education should aim at destroying free will, ..." End quote.

Were we all as naturally moral as we think, could this be revealed - and, by a community of truly free people, ignored?

We have only to read history; recent or distant; to know that many people are quite happy with immorality if they are themselves rewarded? There have always been good supplies of despots, and followers, who love authority and have no qualms about how aims for increasing power over others are achieved!

Are there enough, who care enough, to seek truth?

Just one more example of our subservience.
Do you find it difficult to believe that there is a secretive world government behind your national government?

At the time of the 'gulf war' both the president of the USA and the Prime Minister of Australia spoke of the New World Order; do you remember?

Is it likely they were kidding?
What were they talking about?
Why has this New World Order never been explained?
Why did neither mass media nor the people, demand an explanation?

It is common knowledge that trade and industry is being organised to a world system - but by whom? We are told it is to our benefit - but is it?

Why are the people most educated and in positions of influence, most likely to leave the most dangerous possibilities strangely unquestioned?

Selective forgetfulness and evasion of vital questions are signs of irrational resistance to evidence that may challenge our comfortable beliefs.

Why are we afraid to know the truth? If intelligent people care enough about the future of humanity then we can break the hold of the "Irrational Heritage".

I do not know if this attempt to expose despotism will work or if authorities will close, or sabotage, this site. Can I even be certain that humanity does have an intelligence and compassion worthy of its life?

NOTE: It is power over others, not money, that rules the greed of those who would rule the world.

"Tell the people the truth and they will save the nation". Abraham Lincoln.