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Discovering Humanity
A New Birth

A very special welcome to those who have already discovered this site; also to those who will join us later.

What we are celebrating is the birth of The Mind Web. A birth that could mark the beginning of a new era -- the birth of a free humanity - the birth of a co-operative 'World Wide Mind Web' that has only become possible with modern technology. It is so new that many are suspicious of its potential - and rightly so, for every new human potential has equal potential for use for good or evil.

A World Wide Mind Web offers us a human vision quite different from the New World Order proclaimed by the (despotic) 'Old World Order' that has ruled for so many generations. The Old World Order has recognised that a new era is dawning and sees itself as having completed its dominance of humanity. To this end it has proclaimed for itself its own NWO of total dominance - the crushing of the human spirit as a sacrifice to the animal greed of its own base nature.

But that success is wishful thinking. The human spirit that discovered the idea of political freedom in Athens so many years and tears ago -- cannot let liberty die.

What I have already put on this site is the result of the working of the human 'old mind web' in shackles to political slavery. The 'old mind web' where we worked individually and, standing on the shoulders of those before us, we slowly struggled with the concept and the understanding of our humanity. Now we have a mind web potential where we can work in unity, world wide, and, perhaps in time, almost as one.

But a new birth may be both dramatic and traumatic, and it does occupy a period of time. As I write this a storm is raging that has already lasted three days. Some may see this as a fitting portend: the wind for rugged potential and the rain for renewal.

In a dangerous world a new baby needs to hit the ground running and this new baby has powerful enemies. It cannot be allowed to fail or be delayed. The spirit will not fail - if knocked down it will surely rise again because that is the nature of the true human spirit.

However, in this period of transition, the first offerings must come from the old mind web but, I hope and expect, that this will soon merge into the WW Mind Web of the electronic age and a restless stirring of a humanity breaking its shackles.