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This site is for those who want to know what is happening to their world, and why,
and what they can do about it. This information is already on site, just start reading.

TheMindWeb.com is happy to have links with like-minded activists. We cannot, however take any responsibility for the reliability of material on linked sites and readers will appreciate that there is a lot of material produced by World Government agents to masquerade, discredit and mislead.

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"General Links"
  • http://www.democracydefined.org - The Home Page of The Democracy Defined Campaign for RESTORATION and UNIVERSAL ADOPTION of CONSTITUTIONAL COMMON LAW TRIAL BY JURY. The Democracy Defined Campaign Philosophy is endorsed by academics, attorneys, doctors (of jurisprudence, medicine, homeopathy, philosophy, etc.) and judges (U.S. & U.K.).
  • http://www.gniebxbeing.org.uk - This site is about aligning our present level of development and intelligence with a logical explanation of life and creation. 
  • http://www.lifetruth.org.au - This is an enhanced digest of The Mind Web.
  • http:// www.womensgroup.org - This site has many articles or files giving longer explanations of matters dealt with on TheMindWeb. It may help you save family or friends or your intellectual independence.
  • http://www.biblebelievers.org.au - NOTE: this site covers a very large range of material.
  • Discovering Humanity - NOTE: This site shares some material with TheMindWeb
  • Alternative Energy and Lifestyles - educational site that hopes to encourage debate about important topics
"Health Links"
  • TGA Skeletons - article by Eve Hilary discussing how serious this nutritional war is
  • AHHA.org - article by Buchanan discussing how serious this nutritional war is
  • SARS Virus - ... Worth a trial! What do you think?