Of Truth
as Related to Self and Society
About improved understanding of the human creation
and how to escape our entrapment by social engineers.

Internet publication by Alan Gourley
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“The Crimson Crime of Arrogance”

“Of Truth” was first published in print in 1980. The matter of the evolution myth was so well researched that the facts presented have never been challenged by evolutionists either as the printed or later on-line editions; nor has the information been used by Christian churches to expose the work of the anti-Christ. Such is the strength of Globalist brainwashing and the strength of the chains in mind set by modern Humanist use of Hegelian Dialectic. However the corruption of the Word, as we shall see, goes back much further.

DEDICATION: To Truth: The Bride



Part 1. The WORD was ORDER and order created LAW.

Chapter 1 The Word of the Bible V the Word of the Creation
Chapter 2 Preparation for truth
Chapter 3 In testimony of Jesus
Chapter 4 Let's identify truth
Chapter 5 Authority – truth gets social
Chapter 6 Social and Political authority
Chapter 7 Meeting Jesus

Part 2. The WORD lives in the Order of life.

Chapter 8 The development of Human Culture
Chapter 9 The Question of Sacrifice
Chapter 10 Creation force Revealed
Chapter 11 New Developments
Chapter 12 Ancient Writings re-visited
Chapter 13 The Egyptian Book of the Dead & Gilgamesh Epic

Part 3. The Battle for Law and Order.

Chapter 14 In Our Times
Chapter 15 The war against Humanity
Postscript: A gift of chastisement

Given all that has been said about Jesus of Nazareth and all the claims made about the authenticity of the Testaments there remains much that our Christian religion leaves unanswered. An independent search for truth leaves one not at all surprised by the low level of credibility given Christian affairs by the general public, nor can any honest research be surprised that so many now give faith to the anti-Christian religion we call “Humanism”.

Honest search leaves no doubts that there is an intelligent creative force and that only by giving allegiance to truth can humanity develop to maturity and its designed place in the universe. This book will help justify the faith of all who love truth.

Of Truth
Part 1. The Word was Order and order created Law
Chapter 1:

The Word that is the Bible V the Word that is the Creation

Given the deceits of today we should not be shocked to find that many Christians fear to take a step closer to God; but in taking this step the oppressed will rejoice. This must be expected as we approach the end days of this generation and face stepping forward to a generation of new enlightenment.

Who can dispute that our Creator is intelligent? I put it to you that intelligence is not only an important attribute of our Creator but that, in fact, our Creator is the sole source of intelligence. If you can accept this then we are well on our way because it is intelligence that underlies our ability to know truth and justifies the Christian faith.

I also put it to you that the creation was not created as a plaything; our Creator is not a child – nor petty, nor spiteful. I see the human creation as a serious project: do you? Animals, plants and other forms of life are just behavior programmed and response stimulated rather like your computer. Most, if not all, of this programming is conveyed through the genetic system; but mankind was given capacity for intellectual development. I believe the Creator has a logical plan for us. Do you?

It appears that our intellectual ability (intelligence) required a development program because development is what we have, and are, experiencing. A mindless program does not drive us! Accepting this appears to be a great problem for many as most tend to take for granted that we, like common animals, are complete as we are; but there should be no rational doubt that intellectual development is exceptional and ongoing.

Note also: The Creator did not personally write the Christian Bible; it was inspired. This means we have to appreciate that it was inspired to a mankind in process of developing intellect. Each inspiration was discussed and retold; it was translated, interpreted and finally written down in various languages as accessed by the biased and limited intellect of a mentally developing mankind.

Scripture warned that the developing intellect of man is unreliable; the wisdom of this world would be refuted! See this now being demonstrated, there are many translations and religions, but people fight and die for beliefs of their emotional choice while giving little thought to logic and reason.

So when we look for the true word of God we have first (if we look with honest intent) to admit the rational intelligence of the Creator. To be true Christians we must look for the scientific truth because Jesus said “I am truth” and appreciate that the scientific truth will reveal the original revelation free of human bias and also reveal that Christian morals have a real and physical essence.

The creation, in all its majesty, was created for a purpose: a logical and intelligent purpose and is structured from universal truths.

How many Christians now see we have two Bibles – the corruptible Word written by mankind and the incorruptible Word represented by the Creation itself? Our Christian Bible reminds us of this but Christianity now leads with blind eyes.

We were not left to rely on the polluted stream running through the biased mind of mankind; back-up was provided! Both the true “Word” and the Creator are truly reflected in “the things He has made”. We have the true Word of God in the creation and we are told to view the creation through the eye of reason (rational intellect) to know all that may be known of God by man.

We are warned against our enemies but we ignore these warnings. Our Creator warns and offers guidance but we are too proud to take notice. Why do we fall for arrogant deceits and pretend we are not despised by those who deceive us? Is it that we have no faith in our own intelligence or is it that we are just too lazy to use our intellectual gift?

The following, in our time, is possibly among the most important statements of the Christian Bible: Romans 1: 18-23: “For we see divine retribution revealed from heaven and falling upon all the godless wickedness of men. For all that may be known of God by men lies plain before their eyes; indeed God himself has disclosed it to them. His invisible attributes, that is to say his everlasting power and deity, has been visible, ever since the world began, to the eye of reason, in the things he has made. There is therefore no possible defense for their conduct; knowing God, they have refused to honour him as God, or to render him thanks. Hence all their thinking has ended in futility, and their misguided minds are plunged in darkness. They boast of their wisdom, but they have made fools of themselves, exchanging the splendour of immortal God for an image shaped like mortal man, even for images shaped like birds, beasts and creeping things.”

Paul could not have made that up; he would have had to know the future and human understanding of scientific truth was still far ahead. Even today, given all the evidence, we find it difficult to see the natural consequences of scientific reality or the natural consequences of our pride and prejudice. But Jesus himself told us, John 14:6 “I am the way; I am the truth and I am life; no one comes to the Father except by me.”

Christian churches still ignore the challenge of Galileo – of science. Leaders have no faith in truth! But the way to life is through truth and that is basic!

Pride in their own importance welds leaders to their mistakes! So, when challenged by the false science of chance evolution, Christian leaders, in denial of truth, could not expose it. So they now promote humanist, rather than human, social attitudes. They refuse to face truth and refuse to learn! To maintain their pride they remain ignorant of truth; they turn their flocks from “the splendour of immortal God for an image shaped like mortal man, even for images shaped like birds, beasts and creeping things.” This is now well revealed by our worship of man created idols and morals based on humanist caricatures and seduction to bestiality.

Christianity is not a demanding religion! Truth is Knowledge based on Reason, Compassion and Courage! The real needs of our times are:

  1. Reasoning to see that truth is the only base for life advance.
  2. Compassion to care enough to make sacrifice; human advance gains far greater rewards from honest discipline than from passing pleasures.
  3. Courage to use the gift of our intelligence so as to separate the confusions of deceit from the simple truth.

So, where man-inspired aspects of the Bible depart from the rational logic of the creation, we should push humanist interpretations aside to reveal our improved human development and find greater unity with our Creator?

Do you realize that, had Christianity had faith in the incorruptible Word of Creation and looked to science for understanding of the creation of life, then the false science of chance evolution (still seeking desperately for hard evidence to support it) never could have been imposed on man?

Chance evolution was never more than a theory that became useful as a foundation for humanist philosophy; it has never been supported by confirmed scientific research. Truth is the reality of the creation! Truth is our God for the 21st century and the Creation itself is our Bible for advanced study. When the rational intellect of true science is given freedom then all we need know of our Creator will be firmly established. Think about that!

Why did Christianity turn its back on the Word of the Creation? Do we love, too well, our man made image of God? Over the years we have created a god in our own image and it has proved, in light of the intelligence we are given, to be, to growing numbers, an empty image.

Yes: Scriptures do contain the Word of God but these have been expressed, interpreted and shaped by man to man's desire; we can now, with improved intellect and experience, find and accept the true miracle of its teachings?

This treatise on TRUTH is not based on religion but on the truth of Jesus of Nazareth as revealed in the Christian Testament. Jesus said “The Truth will set you free”. Was there no truth then that would be a lie! But the reality of truth can become self-evident to humans who are prepared to use the intelligence they were given.

The brain is there for gain! It is not there to act as a drain for intellectual garbage! Many readers will already know that truth can set them free and will also understand why liars and criminals are so desperate to deny truth.

Can we see ourselves as we are and repent?
What a different world it would be had we not been misled by the pretence and deceits of humanism (the mock human and the fake chance creation ideology) but lessons have to be learned. The Testaments still serve immediate needs. A dose of faith in Truth will help us see what is important and help us put doubtful areas aside. For contrast observe the order of the universe in relation with the way we live today.

Our creation is based on truth and order, honest needs are met. We should not allow our desires to shape our scriptures; if we do not love truth our search for meaning will lead us far astray. The way we are told to live is true though it is obvious that most professed Christians ignore the advice given and many, by promiscuity, destroy and misdirect the formation of the marriage bond to the detriment of their children.

Many make great display of their concern for their children but really do not care enough to exercise a little self-discipline either in their own lives or in the instruction of their children. The result: family break up; children driven beyond reason for want of loving discipline and the security of good role models. In this way generations of culture become corrupted. Yes, we claim to care but do not care enough to understand democracy and use our right to both choose and elect honest representatives. We therefore deny ourselves the right to be told the truth.

I hope, in this treatise, to show that the meaning of the word “truth”, when Jesus says “I am truth” is not different from that truth we mean when we say to someone, “That is the true”. Another thing that I expect to show is that the theory of ‘creation by chance and natural selection' is quite visibly false to any honest assessment; but you will have to read through to the end to see the whole picture.

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Of Truth
Part 1. The Word was Order and order created Law:
Chapter 2.

Preparation for truth

Children today are taught that there is no truth because it is easier to fool the innocent. Those experienced may ask;
“If there is no truth then how can what you say be true?”

Anyone who can, in all seriousness, say that truth does not exist must have deceit in mind, or be brainwashed beyond intelligence, or be mad! Who knows any such advocate ever demonstrating an ability to walk through brick walls or retrieve money from an empty pocket? How could we communicate intelligently without truth?

How will they answer our challenge? Will they have the courage to try; in over twenty years no one has? Will they say that they are not talking about that kind of truth? How many kinds of truth are there? Why do they not explain the kind of truth that they are talking about? Do they say it is mystical? That is not what is taught, the teaching is that we can make up our own values – live life as we like. Values, morals – these are not mystical; what is more true to living than life and death?

Points I would like to take into this treatise are that humanity is by nature logical and that life is bound by logical boundaries.

The way that we now behave is a result of our most basic beliefs: beliefs that tie us to our past. We will be able to live in harmony with nature, creation, and each other, only when we accept beliefs that are in true understanding of our creation and true to the nature of our human potential. Many will be surprised to find that, when we advance in truth, freedom is incredibly increased.

In order that civilizations reach higher and higher levels we have to make periodic ‘break-throughs' to advance levels of understanding. It may be of fire or the wheel; it may be bronze or iron; it may be the internal combustion engine or radio. What we now need is a better understanding of why truth is a real and essential necessity of life. Truth may not always be material but it is always based on one set of principles and without this base no universe could exist.

Truth is important because it is truth in order that allowed us life! Denial of truth destroys physical and cultural order and turns us toward death. When a person begins to search seriously for truth what is sought is not one thing but two – self and truth – the personal and the general.

An important mistake of many is to seek truth without first preparing the mind for the task. Discovering the nature of truth is essentially concerned with disciplining the mind so that it can recognize truth.

Preparing for truth:
There are many reasons why people try to avoid seeing what is there. Reasons for our blindness to truth includes a culture that pressures us to accept conventions. We learn conventions of thought patterns, not just conventions of grammar but conventions of fashionable modes of thought. For such reasons, fast readers, inattentive readers, readers bound to educated persuasions or strong fixations, are liable to create or accept self-indulgent interpretations.

For serious study: “print out” hard copy. Be warned: communication is no simple matter. It takes the efforts of two to communicate; logical attitudes are open to development.

As beings we try, continually, to put incoming information into little – predigested – mental filing cabinets. If we cannot do this then we may have to think, and re-think, and keep rearranging items of incoming information, and that, most of us think, is an unthinkable chore.

For those looking for social reality the importance of eliminating mental habits of carelessness and sloth cannot be over-emphasized. In unknowing innocence we err habitually. We tend to see what we want to see, and when we cannot see what we want to see then we interpret what we see to mean what we want (or expect) it to mean. In this way we corrupted the gospels.

No matter where truth is sought our project becomes impossible if we do not first admit the treachery of desire. We need willing sacrifice of our false self for our true self. We can help ourselves out of our self-imprisonment by understanding that it is truth (not emotional sop or animal desire) that is the essential need of successful decision making: add to this a determination not to jump, too soon, to conclusions.

A true desire for truth – wanting to see clearly what is there – is essential for those seeking truth. By seeking to defend our desires, we are lost.

Where does your faith rest?
Whether you believe in chance evolution, humanism or in a theist religion, your faith is your religion – that is where you place your trust – that is the base for your thinking and life attitude. When someone challenges your faith, or suggests that you should challenge it, you become defensive. You must be true to – you must be loyal to – you must be defensive of – your god. As you read you may be led to the greatest challenge of your life but, it may be also your greatest opportunity.

Consider the following: When one is being loyal to a belief just who, or what, is one being loyal to? In your mind your beliefs represent you. Would you appreciate loyalty to a thief masquerading in your name?

People feel compelled to be loyal to ‘their' sports team or political party. Suppose, the teams decided to swap jerseys and after the game you found you had been barracking for the wrong team, would you feel betrayed?

If you think so, then ask yourself: who are you really being faithful to if you cannot give justice to anything that does not support your faith? Are you being true to your true self or to beliefs created by an enemy? The only faith you can rely on is faith in truth.

Those not faithful to truth worship ego, or ideas which, by chance or design, were in the past accepted! Will reality give you credit for that? You cannot develop your life by following beliefs that are not true to reality. The true God is truth. If you desire to live in truth then you cannot turn away from wanting to know truth better.

Do not expect this to be a flattering treatise.
The first law of truth: be truthful. As our subject relates to self and society it may come as no surprise that present attitudes are poor. But the world owes no one a living and our one inalienable right is the right to honestly try, or, if we let it come to that, to struggle.

We cannot find truth through effort to please friends! Influencing people should be incidental. Knowledge is free of obligation and gives justice to those who honestly seek it; the work of true humanity is to advance truth!

If you want to live in the true life – find your true self. If you want to live in human community – find your true self and help others to do the same.

How can you find your true self'? To start – be truthful.
You cannot find your true self unless you are true to yourself. If you are honest with yourself you will be honest with others because it becomes difficult, if you are genuinely truthful with yourself, to be untruthful with others. The true “self “ is part of the universal self.

Self and Society.
A disaster of our times is the fragmentation, emotionally, culturally and intellectually, of the human world. Our worst delusions come from the teachings of humanist ideology. Dramatic advance of crime, cruelty and corruption at all levels of culture can be seen and directly related to teachings that originate in greed and the ego of mankind. Corruption of social order has resulted in education manipulated by use of “Hegelian Dialectic”. This is expanded on at TheMindWeb site. Promotion of ego adds to the blindfolding of intelligence.

The most degenerate and destructive teachings of humanist dogma are:

a) The denial of the existence of TRUTH and:
b) The teaching that the Creation was a chance event.

NOTE: Of the teaching that there is no “truth”, Leonie Kramer, then Chancellor of the University of Sydney , said, “This way madness lies” !

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Of Truth
Part 1. The Word was Order and order created Law
Chapter 3:

In testimony of Jesus:

Those who seek life's reality must be prepared to leave self behind – must become as a child, innocent of all ideas except
the necessity of knowing that the only reality is truth.
The truth seeker will learn
that a substantial personality can only result when an intelligence accepts reality – accepts that the self of false belief is only a virtual reality.
The true self can only be free to act in its true nature
when it accepts the reality of truth.

This is not the story of my search for truth but let's mention a few things for perspective. Memories of my fascination with life, creation and desire for truth are among my earliest memories. I observed behavior and wondered about it. My mother was the intellectual of our family but I quickly learned two very important lessons:
1/ Others often did not have answers for my questions and,
2/ Others often give opinions and opinions not based on
sound evidence have no value.

To start young is important because you have not developed fixed ideas; you see no urgency; you can look for clues but you can also wait. But your everyday life needs freedom of time to allow your mind to ruminate.

By age seventeen I had already left my country home to make my own way in the city and to gain access to a first-class Library. As a teenager I needed to make lifetime decisions: I needed urgently to know if life was created by chance or by intelligence? If the answer was “by chance” then I could live as I liked – if the answer was “by intelligence” then life had meaning and it was essential I find out more about it.

My study of evolution soon showed this theory, contrary to the claims of its supporters, to be disproved by science; it is a religion based on faith and desire. A fine example of the lesson of the Emperor without clothes. Would other religions have answers?

Religions in general were strong on wisdom but only in the New Testament did I find true revelations of a superior understanding. These, as we shall see, also attach to ancient writings. There was much to discover.

An Indian philosopher, on some subject, said: “If you say that it is – you are wrong; if you say that it's not – you are mistaken.” Truth is, in many ways, like that. Searchers have preconceptions of total revelation – of uncovering an all-empowering mystery.

Well it is and it's not. Do we fail because we do not start from the beginning or because we start with beliefs that lead to misunderstandings?

Yes, truth is of vital importance and yet it is, in a way, mundane. How can I put it? You are a child. You awaken in a dark room. You hear a faint noise. You think you felt something move. Is someone creeping up to grab you? Is there a snake in your room? What if ... ? You pull the blankets over your head and shout “MUMMY”.

The light comes on. You uncover your head and look around. The cat has decided to sleep on the end of your bed. You know the TRUTH; there is nothing to fear.

You are older. You are married and have children. Someone you love is killed. What happened? What were they doing? Why were they there? Was it an accident? Was it …? What if …? Losing someone you love is bad enough, not knowing the why, when or how of it is killing. You desperately want the TRUTH.

Can you now conceive of anyone being crazy enough to claim that there is no truth? Can you imagine you can now make up any belief you like and it will do? Can it be that the importance of truth is to just know it?

Well it is and it's not! Life can have difficult lessons but life itself should be easy. What makes life a disaster for many is that false teachings or unthinking desires or false prides, help liars mislead us.

Understanding of life and creation is not difficult. In fact we know the basics, we just have to put everyday knowledge into words and think seriously through the implications .

Truth is the most important need and revelation of life.
It comes before food, clothing, and shelter. It comes before life and existence; this, as we shall see, is because, without truth in the order of creation, no thing exists. Once having existence and life, no progress is possible without the accumulation of life's truth and, having civilization, advance and decline will accord with the advance and decline of truth just as the passing of many ‘civilizations' have confirmed.

In times of stress we DEMAND the truth; indicating that NOW, in this time of crisis, the TRUTH is essential; we cannot make rational decisions without it – we HAVE to KNOW the TRUTH. Suddenly it seems we are faced with the undeniable reality that without truth no rational decision is made, no rational act performed.

Without truth, living is futile, intelligence helpless. Lives are wasted in frustration, or petty, useless endeavor – wasted in trying to achieve what may be impossible, horrific, or self-destructive if attained.

In time of crisis we see most clearly the need and urgency for truth. But is a time of crisis different from other times? If we used intelligence wisely then we may understand that truth is always urgent, always necessary. Had we truth always, then decisions would be rational and crises rare.

If not misled, people instinctively see that truth is essential to rational decision-making; it is only by deliberate deceit that truth, in twentieth-century society, became something of a dirty word: a fear in our darkness.

Why are we afraid of truth?
We are afraid of truth because we are afraid for our 'self'. The SELF – the I of I AM – the REAL ME. Who am I and why am I afraid?

I am afraid because I see my beliefs as being myself. My lifetime decisions have been made in accordance with what I believe. If my beliefs are wrong then my life is wrong.

It has been said: "Who kicks my dog, kicks me." The dogs that are closest to each of us are our dogmas of belief. Each life is a model of a person's beliefs.

Our hopes and efforts are molded out of our beliefs: out of our ingrained assumptions, unrecognized aversions, and secret desires – out of ideas forced on us as children, agreed to because they were the entrance fee to a desired peer group, or taken up because they seemed to suit some purpose of our past life.

As beliefs were accepted life's decisions were made on their behalf; they create the self-image that each person accepts as the real ‘self'. Our lives are the product of our structure of beliefs – beliefs that have been accepted in a pattern that has seemed to suit our hopes and be acceptable to our friends. Academic position or respectability may be on the line if we challenge, or depart from, conventional beliefs.

So HOW CAN we look into the face of the real truth? Our beliefs may have misled and made futile the lives of many others – often loved ones. It is easy to see why important new discoveries and upsets to well-established beliefs and scientific theories – are so strenuously resisted. The most educated and the most passionate in reform may have most to lose – but, do they also realize that they have most to gain!

This is why mankind so strongly resists ‘outside' ideas when these challenge religiously held ideas and ideals. Everyone (admitted or not) has a religion! Any ideal not based on fact is based on faith and that is a religion whether ideologues admit it, or like it, or not.

Ideological dogma, religious dogma, cultural dogma: our divisions give ample opportunity for the observation of just how strongly we resist ideas which pose – or even seem to pose – a threat to our attitudes. We willingly risk death to defend our beliefs.

The common attitude.
No! No! If there is a reality called truth I really don't want to know about it. It could destroy my life! My past life could become meaningless, or worse. I may have to begin all over again. The self I have struggled and lived for all these years may have to die; I would be left, naked as a baby, in a new world. These restraints would be unbearable now that I have become used to being free.

Stop! If that is your reaction you are still not thinking. The life built on false concepts is without substance, a mere virtual reality. You really have nothing to lose! You have everything – your true life, your true self – to gain. Yes! We willingly risk death out of a misguided loyalty to our beliefs – but is that rational? Would it not be better to sacrifice our false beliefs to become a part of the real-life adventure?

Yes, we are led to believe that we are free but are we? Read companion books to learn why we are not free but enslaved by false beliefs slyly and deliberately imposed by the culture we live in. The restraints on truth are crushing us into an ever more confined slavery and this is revealed in the pain of social, personal and administrative, corruption.

Corruption, as we shall see, is a deformity of the true order of life and creation. Corruption creates depravity, cruelty and injustice. We feel compelled to defend our ever-narrowing cage because we desperately need to defend the small space we have. Can we really call that freedom?

Our perceptions of reality are deformed by seductively introduced deceits. When we open our minds and begin to see life in the context of the freedom of truth then the imagined freedoms being worshipped today will be gladly discarded for the true, more rewarding, freedoms of reality.

Authorities now work hard to convince us that there is no truth. To be misled into believing that there is no truth deforms our life attitude and it becomes easy to not reason too much about our beliefs -- truths of everyday living exist alongside religiously held convictions.

This is more complex than it may seem. Christian religion today tends to believe that when Jesus said “I am truth” he meant something different from ‘everyday truth', given this evasion the Christian can still tell lies without compromise of his faith.

By adopting vague notions of truth as our religion we can choose ideas to suit ourselves; we can hold them firmly or lightly, or bend them or break them when it suits. All very convenient but, unfortunately, in the end, we are left with an empty shell of life and a culture of distress and suffering.

The way of “No truth” seems easy but is a blindfold and a wonderful help to those who want to rob and destroy us. Do not be misled into thinking that life is not a real “life and death struggle” or that we can rely on the natural goodness of strangers.

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Of Truth
Part 1. The Word was Order and order created Law
Chapter 4:

Let's identify truth

Who knows what is truth? Who wants to know?
Who cares? There is no truth!
These may be among the thoughts of many, for,
though truth troubles the minds of all people on occasion, it has been thought about deeply by few and few now understand.

What is Truth?
Truth is a word and, like all words, is used, and misused, and confused. The truth, as we now discuss it, is to do with a logical and practical appreciation of life; it is not an imagined, selfish truth of airy-fairy ideology. No, our truth is just “the truth”.

Life is a process from which we can learn. We can learn about ourselves and we can learn about life. We can learn from our own experience and also from the experience of others. Mankind has the ability, both morally and technically, to start each generation a little higher up the ladder. That civilizations fail is not because mankind lacks ability to learn and to teach, but because pride in achievement makes mankind a little more afraid of truth than of greed. Is that not strange?

Greed imposes restraints, clouds vision – but truth offers everything we can possibly achieve. Greed for truth is the only greed that passes the test of intelligence.

Understanding of living truth, then, is something the world has never had enough of. It is something that has never been given the attention it now so urgently needs. To advance a people must be sufficiently aware of basic truth to make mostly right decisions.

When a culture becomes alienated from fundamental reality, then it begins to make mostly the wrong decisions and, as we are not aware of the reason, these compound until social order disintegrates. It happens: tribes, cultures, nations: there have been human extinctions along with birds and animals; decay progresses along with time.

So let us get to know truth!
We do not have to be clever; we do not have to be mathematicians or atomic scientists, we just have to be rational reasoning humans who care enough about the future of humanity to sacrifice mistakes.

First: begin at the beginning. What is truth? Truth is 1+1=2. If you can accept that then you know a truth. It follows then that truth extends into all the complications of mathematics. The entire structure relies on the one basic truth: 1+1=2.

We may look in a book about engineering and see an algebraic expression; we don't need to know what it means but if we wanted to prove it true we could work it out and check that it agreed with the proposition that 1+1=2.

If it did not do this then it would not be a true formula; and if algebra were not a true method of mathematical problem solving only the most foolhardy would ever trust themselves to an aeroplane, motor car, bridge, or any construction based on algebraic method.

An evidence of truth is its ability to forecast. That engineers are able to forecast as confidently and accurately as they do is evidence that present engineering beliefs are predominantly true, and also that mathematics is an expression of truth. (For contrast, consider economic forecasting.)

The equation 1+1=2 is among the oldest and most universally provable, of scientific facts. Any cave man or woman could place one stone alongside another and observe that the result would always be two stones. All logic, science, rational description – all communication of intelligence, depends on this. No rational communication would be possible were this not so.

You think this is simplistic; I know you know the obvious. But the reason we consistently fail to understand truth is because we start with wrong ideas and look for an imagined complexity rather than simplicity. In fact we often do not know what we know until we put it into words. Were we taught truth from childhood there would never be a problem. Religions must take some responsibility for this because, to emphasize their majesty, they tend to create mysteries where there are none.

If we are to understand truth, then we MUST lay the foundation for our reasoning on the firmest possible base. So far as is scientifically known, everything directly related to life is bound by the one system of logic – the logic that tells us that 1+1=2.

Though there may, in science, be theories that appear illogical, one may assume that such theories are incorrect or based on wrong assumptions. The speed of light is one that appears to contradict logic so do not be surprised when it is found to follow conventional laws. Although there are many things that are not at present completely understood we may reasonably assume that, when and if they are understood, they will exist within the area of life's common logic. We may make these assumptions because every understood order obeys the same logic.

Some will say we do not properly understand anything. In perfection this is so; however life is not lived in perfection; truth is fixed but life is flexible. What we need is to advance in our relation to truth. Order is at the base of creation and we are given the intelligence to understand it.

Notwithstanding previous statements I accept it may not be that ALL things, in the universe, are confined to a common logic, but it seems all things relevant to our living do so. This means that any rational reasoning being, given clear under-standing of any particular matter, will come to a similar answer as another rational reasoning being in possession of clear understanding. There is a common logic integrating all individual truths.

So truth (in our area of existence) is the reality of a creation based on mathematical laws and within reach of logical processes. Human truth is not different from any other truth – it is not an alien logic. Life, as lived in the environment of this universe, must obey its laws, or pay a price.

Although the human has a personal freedom (as allowed by the ability to reason and choose) and a spiritual substance not yet scientifically isolated, life's freedom is both allowed by and confined by the order of our creation. The truth of human life is based on 1+1=2.

So “Of Truth” is about the truth of cause and effect: the natural mechanics of life. We already know that this is relevant to bridges and TV sets but how many see that it also relates to such things as life and death; justice and injustice; joy and sorrow; love and hate. A culture of corrupted order creates all the negatives so rapidly escalating in our human world today?

To advance we have to see that the universe is based on a standard logic – a standard intelligence. Our Creator has pure intelligence and pure truth, we have polluted intelligence and polluted truth but intelligence and truth are the same everywhere. We have been created to achieve a high level of purity of intelligence but the process takes time.

Our Creator does not see time as we do, the time taken to achieve our present level appears incomprehensible to us but to our Creator, it is of little concern.


We may only reach truth if we approach it with an innocence free of demand or preconception; it will not be found through searching to support personal preferences. It is not a matter of magic or mysticism, life relies on cause and effect.

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Of Truth
Part 1. The Word was Order and order created Law
Chapter 5:

AUTHORITY (truth gets social)

Truth is
“The statement of the Reality of the Order in which we exist”.
However understanding needs a little more.
We need to know what “order” and by what “authority”.

Do we need authority for truth? Would not truth be its own authority? Well it is and it's not. It is true of the truth discussed in chapter four: let us call that the “Universal Truth”. Universal Truth is true in the abstract: that is, even if no thing at all existed, the logic of numbers would still be valid. We now need talk of another aspect of truth; the truth that relates to the reality of things that exist – the created things.

When we talk about “created truth” then we need also talk about “authority”, and with authority comes order/discipline/structure/and so on. That is because we cannot have created truth (the truth of things that exist) without involving their order/discipline/or whatever.

Let's not confuse the issue by using many words for similar meanings. Example: To construct a chair we place various materials into an ordered relationship; or, discipline materials into a relationship; or structure, or organize; and if the order/structure/discipline/or what-ever we call it, breaks down, then our chair breaks down. For simplicity, in this text, I will try to confine those to the word “order”. “Created Truth” creates an “authority”; it is “order” that creates this authority. If order creates authority then what creates “order"?

As we can only have a substantial truth when we have a substance, the “order” of the created substance needs the authority of Universal Truth.

Universal Truth is in the order of mathematics and what we really have before “created order” is a “plan”, or “concept” whose order is authorized by Universal Truth; i.e. the truth of mathematics.

Order – authority – truth, all pre-exist but in non-physical form. The seed of a plant could be used for illustration: The truth of the plant does not exist, but the plan for its creation is there in the seed. There is a concept of a preexistent order. Eventual order and authority are predetermined.


God revealed the Word that preceded the creation. The Word = the Order of the Creation and was translated into the creation. Mankind is given intellectual spirit to become humanity, and humanity creates its social order. For humans the “WORD” is the ORDER and the LAW is to maintain the TRUTH of the creation.


We can know the creator through the truth of the creation. True science reveals the creator.

Q: “For all that may be known of God by man lies plain before their eyes: indeed God himself has disclosed it to them. His invisible attributes, which is to say His everlasting power and deity, have been visible, ever since the world began, to the eye of reason, in the things He has made”.

Interesting is it not? Simply interesting: Simply obvious: Simply logical: Simply beyond challenge. God became THE WORD. The word is ORDER and order is the LAW pre-existing the universe. Truth is the name we use to express the reality of order in the created universe. Truth is the name of God in the created universe. Order is structuring of chaos.

We now see that the truth of things that exist depends on the authority of their order. In the physical world the three co-exist and come into being simultaneously. The “Word” is the pre-existing order and authority for all created order.

Universal Truth is the truth of all original order but, when we humans are left to construct things we may depart from the best order. For success, the orders of things created need to comply with the authority of Universal Order. If the thing we create does not comply with Universal Order, then we have a corrupt and unreliable creation to the extent of its non-compliance.

Worldly authority:
The word authority will bring to mind different things on different occasions. At one time it may mean the authority of the police and the law; at another, that of a scholarly person; at another, that of your boss at your place of work and so on. Here, we are considering authority in the sense of the authority created by a physical order.

Worldly authority is created by the order of the things created; these do not have to be perfect. All things existing have an order in their construction including computer, human, and government. An atom is ordered energy.

Every-thing exists in an order. Everything we construct is an ordering of materials which are themselves created of order-disciplined substances.

Each known element has its own fixed order.
Worldly order creates AUTHORITY; or, in every order is its own authority. Living or non-living; single unit or compound! An army; a government; a tree or a nail! Moving or still; growing or dying! At all levels, from existence to life, there is order – in the order there exists the authority. Authority expresses the truth of what has been created.

So what exactly is authority?
Authority is a concept, a concept of a force. Authority is the force generated by, or attendant on, order. The fact of an order coming into existence means that a displacement (or warp) of chaos has occurred. Chaos is displaced by order. A force has been constructed and this force exerts influence. This force is the authority of the order.

Suppose we order some materials so as to create a machine gun and a motor car. The raw materials used may be similar but it is immediately obvious that the two are of different order.

As they are ordered differently they therefore have differing authorities. One provides authority for the firing of missiles at someone we dislike, who is 'over there', but is quite useless for transporting us over there. The car has a very efficient authority for transporting us to places such as ‘over there', but only so long as we obey the rules, (authority of the order).

The order of the car's mechanism must be maintained or its authority to transport you will be impaired, and you may, in truth, not reach your destination without calling on some other authority for assistance.

The roadway itself is also an order; its order gives it authority to help traffic flow. In truth you may use the order of the roadway and you may also drive your car off the roadway. BUT, if you try to drive where there is no authority for your car to go, you are liable to have to pay a penalty – a penalty such as damage, fine, or restraint. In addition you have also to take note of the order of road transport rules and regulations. Again you have free will to obey or to disobey; if you do not obey then again there is likely to be a penalty.

Each order is authority for its own truth and some orders overlap and intermingle: as with car, road and human law. It is seen that the authority does not necessarily force us to obey, but that when we depart from acting in the truth of an order, we are liable to penalty. It should also be noted that different orders might demand different kinds of penalty; a penalty may be ill health, damage to property, legal fine, or whatever. Even that most insubstantial of things - chance - has its order/law and its authority.

Should you be out driving and decide to pass on a blind corner, it will probably be the law of averages which will decide your penalty for not obeying the order of the roadway or the authority of intelligence.

Chance itself is not a 'thing' but is the name given to a kind of adjudicator, which probably results from the need for flexibility in combinations of order. Chance is the tax collector of order and ensues that infringements of order are paid for.

Every person is not made to pay instantly, or at all, for every anti-social act; but every infringement of social order will be paid for by someone, sometime – that is the law of the order of nature. Our culture is an order and good cultural laws are devised to bring to justice those who break the law and who, by nature of chance may transfer penalty to those innocent.

The cost of disorderly behavior, (‘wrong-doing' or stupidity) that escapes penalty by chance and causes injustice to another, has to be paid. In order to maintain natural balance, cultural disorder should be socially resolved by cultural laws. But whether or not this is achieved, the universal balance is maintained.

Changing worldly order?
When we come up against a force generated by an authority we come up against truth. We may find this truth beneficial and reliable if it is a truthful order, or not so if it be a corrupt order. We may find authority comforting if we understand the truth, irritating if our understanding is corrupt. If we cannot recognize or isolate the authority then any attempt at change is likely to result in frustration and hurt.

In the event that we face the truth of an order created by human authority or for human use, then we may be able to dismantle or change an offending order. However the most important order, the universe itself, is beyond our ability to change.

Consider a bucket of milk. The bucket and the milk are ordered very differently. The bucket has authority suitable to restraint of milk and of conferring on it a degree of portability; but milk has no authority for transporting the bucket – except – except that the milk may be devoured by some other order and be converted into energy. However, when this has been done the devoured milk, as such, no longer exists; the order and the authority of the milk has been dismantled and converted into a new order and a new authority.

This is the way it always is: if we want to change the authority, then we have to change the order. The order creates the authority.

As with other things, so, also, with ourselves (whether we count the human body as a thing complete in itself or as just a vehicle for the spiritual self) the principle still applies. To take care of our bodies we have to obey the authority of the body's order; we can do little to change the order and we cannot, beneficially, make our own emotional decisions as to what is good for it and what is not.

If we take care of our bodies in ways that are in agreement with the truth of their order, then they give good service; if we treat them in ways less compatible they give less satisfaction, perhaps, none at all. The satisfaction a body gives will be in direct relation to how well we support the authority of its order. Today we have to allow for abuse suffered as a result of the ignorance of past generations as well as of our own.

The highest order created by humans is the human culture and for that to advance we need to conform to the order of our creation. If we believe that there is no truth then we become blind to the need of order and law.

When we create a culture that is opposed to the truth of our order the result is a corrupt and increasingly disorderly culture. Law begins to enforce law rather than justice. Citizens become increasingly frustrated. Violence expands as restrictions become more and more obnoxious, and so order in the culture disintegrates. The rate of change becomes increasingly rapid and obvious to the honest eye, but the eye that knows not truth sees no evil.

When we see that the human body is an orderly creation that will benefit or be damaged by the way it is used, or maintained, and we see that life itself is also an orderly creation that will give satisfaction depending on the way we live, then surely we can see that our social order is open to the same benefits and restraints! We have the intelligence to learn, observe and create. We can open the door to an incredible future or throw life away. That is the challenge of the creation of which we are part.

NOTES: What we have found is that the order of construction (from the atom to the human) allows of use that may be beneficial or harmful. Once seen, it becomes obvious this must be so. Will we now accept that behavior, morality, corruption and justice all react with equal certainty in our social activities? Will we also accept that every created thing can be used for either good or evil? To be human means using logic to understand our need for truth, justice and advance of life.

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Of Truth
Part 1. The Word was Order and order created Law
Chapter 6:

Social & Political Authority

If we do not know the nature of authority we can have
little chance of understanding our choices or
of agreeing about them.
With education as it is it is not surprising that
each individual feels entitled to an opinion
or that each opinion has no more value
than the force available to its owner.

We live under corrupt authority. Had we greater willingness to seek out true authority and make understanding of truth common knowledge, then room for conflict would wither as also would misunderstanding and hatred. The order of humanity gives authority to create order but unless these creations are based on Universal Order the creations will be corrupt.

The order creates its own authority. If the order is corrupt then its truth will be personal to itself and in conflict with universal truth; this truth will, at best, be unreliable. Suffering, in a world of manipulation and deceit, is no more than a matter of cause and effect.

Authority of leaders.
Is there need for particular people to have powers over others if authority is preordained by the nature of the order we inhabit?

We have human authorities based on force because we do not, in general, have to obey universal order.

Given freedom to disobey we seek to avoid and ignore. The result is confusion and a power gap that human law-making seeks to fill. Every area of existence is dependent on order; be it a brain or thinking process, a rock or a child's toy. The order, authority, and truth, are inseparable. We can never be successful at life, sport, business or any intellectual pursuit without, embracing the self-discipline of orderliness.

hy are we allowing our thought processes to be seduced to avoid discipline? Why do we allow our thoughts to be controlled and used for ignorant, selfish and destructive purposes? The great triumph of humanism was to persuade people that loving physical punishment of children, the efficient way to discipline, was a crime against humanity.

hy do we allow ourselves to be seduced to give priority to our animal instincts without accepting the restraints of animals? A hundred years ago we knew this was not human. Most tried and succeeded in one man, one woman, relationships to the lasting benefit of our human families.

e now deliberately destroy the loving family bond of our children by inciting them to promiscuity often before they are teen-age and never warn them of the consequences because we, as adults, are already corrupt. The consequences are a growing irresponsibility that leads to self-destructive human behavior.

If we have a political system and want to do things against the order of that system, then these things can only be done at the expense of weakening the system. This means, partial destruction; suffering reaction from the system in some form of punishment or penalty; or by destroying the system and replacing it with another of different authority. BUT AGAIN: if what we do is based on a corrupted understanding the new political system will also be corrupt.

Neither you, nor I, nor government nor mankind as a whole can arbitrarily decree that life is best lived in one way or another. It is the order of life itself that decrees what is good, or not good for it.

Humanity has choice within limits. Greater corruption = greater penalty. At some point, social order disintegrates. The laws came into force with the creation of the universe and, as our Christian Bible tells us, even God cannot change this without destruction of the creation.



Do these Gospels not witness something to you? Can we not see now that if the atomic order (the base of the universe) were to be changed the existing system would disintegrate to primordial chaos? Total destruction is the alternative to maintaining the order of this creation.

Two thousand years ago someone knew things that we have still failed to learn. Not only have we failed to learn but we are losing our ability to learn. What a price for sloth, pride and prejudice!

Basic guidelines for living are not only fundamental, but well within human ability to understand. However, despite their simple, logical nature, they are facts of life that have been misunderstood throughout history. It appears the only, generally available and reliable, teacher of social order (at our stage of development) has been the Christian Bible, but religions now give this emotional bias and corrupt interpretations.

The meanings of Gospels' quotations above should hardly have needed explanation. Their meanings are not expanded on in the gospels or, in so far as I know, in modern religious teaching. Today, social science works with eyes closed to social consequences.

Will Christian religions complain that equating the creation to math's and geometry is belittling? If, in their eyes it is, then they know nothing of God. God is neither egotist, simpleton nor magician! Life was meant to be easy but only by living within the truth of our creation can we enjoy its full benefit.

Now you may say: “If life is based on mathematics/geometry how can we possibly work out such compound complexity as our best social order?”

Remember LOGIC? Logic is the perception of principles so as to see true relationships between the truths of reality. Logic can then become “short-cut” math's or “instinct”. When you see a champion tennis player do you think that player works out in a split second the combined relative speed and trajectory of the ball, the angle and trajectory of the racquet and the court position of both himself and opponent so as to hit a winning shot?

No! Be it tennis or culture, the logical perception takes account of experience, skill and practice – of our own experience and the experience of others (we have had time and coaching to back up our experience). Whatever our chosen role in life we advance our understanding by first accepting the existence of truth and then building on its principles. If we do not accept the reality of truth then we just wander off into confusion and self-destruct.

Why are we left to develop our humanity and our culture? Well your guess may be as good as mine but can we agree with the evidence that human life is a planned development and logically must have some purpose beyond mere existence?

The New Testament is very impressive. It is like an archaeologist on a dig uncovering a beautiful mosaic damaged by the scars of intellectual battle and the accumulated grime from countless feet, but there, still visible, were parts of the pattern of a fantastic revelation. “How could people, for so long, have been so blind”? It was truly said that the blind would lead the blind. Was it just chance that I had so recently read some wisdom of old religions such as:

"If you wouldst know the secret of the True,

Let pass the word, the thought, the thought, pursue."
Sufi writings.

"Study the linked words, no doubt, but look
Behind them for the thought they indicate,
And having found it, throw the words away.
As chaff when you have sifted out the grain."

"Let not grammarians scrutinise

Too close the language of the wise;
The seers think more of the thought
Than of the words in which 'tis caught
." Sufi writings.

How young the child learns to remove the wrapping from the sweet! But how many years does it take for educators to learn and to teach, that, though we need learn to use and spell words correctly, they are only the wrappings of understanding. Quotations above are from: “The Essential Unity of All Religions” , by Bhagavan Das.

The New Testament told me that to find truth I should be as a child. I had been saved the full trauma of this because I had begun my search as a child, but still the message was relevant; I must remain as open to truth as a child: there will always be a long way to go.

Other religions also reminded me of lessons to be remembered but, there was also more truth to be found in “The Revelation of John” and mysteries hidden in its language. The same message seemed to be repeated in different forms, possibly for some security against the inevitable mistranslation. I do not pretend that all is revealed to me.

The GLORY of LIFE: What life can create is wonderfully complex while life itself is so beautifully simple; animals live without understanding and yet – the source of it may be forever beyond our comprehension. Certainly our science today does not approach any answer as to origins.

We see that we do not need be afraid of truth. Truth is the source of our existence. Yet the Christian Bible says we should fear God. It is not that we should fear that Truth, or God, may harm us but fear the consequence of moving away from Truth. The description of God and heaven given in Revelations may seem unreal until we understand that God is truth and that our welfare depends on a continuous worship of truth (the simple truth) if we want to discover the adventure and beauty life offers.

We should understand that we are not created perfect except in the meaning that we are created perfect for our journey to full humanity and to experience all that the wonders and mysteries of creation allow. The Creator did not create humanity to be merely ornamental, a toy or, like common animals, biological robots.

NOTE: Could we believe that God wanted to create a sterile meaningless humanity with nowhere to go – nothing to achieve? Could it be that we are being offered a part in a creation process? We, I am confident, will be not only able to recreate the things that have been created but also some of the infinite possibilities unknown in our world. Why would anyone ever want to sacrifice the life adventure we are offered for the nothingness of chaos?

And on the Seventh day He rested.

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Of Truth
Part 1. The Word was Order and order created Law
Chapter 7

Meeting Jesus!

Many years ago I met Jesus in a dream,
no ordinary dream and not, Biblically speaking, unusual.
But, had you been there at the time
and asked me immediately after what He looked like,
I could not have told you.

Many say that there is no description of Jesus. I accepted that, as he represented every-man, then every-man may fail to see anything to excite memory. Or was it perhaps a necessary disguise to stop people drawing cultural or racial conclusions? Or did this mystery only apply to those open to conviction: would a passing stranger stopping to look at this man addressing a crowd see differently and would what he saw be the true image, for we must realize that Jesus, being immortal, may have an image meaningless to us?

I cannot give you an answer. After all, those who are afraid to face truth will prefer to believe that the Jesus of the New Testament did not exist. Or, to save their pride, might claim that He was just an ordinary person married to one of his followers. However, people who are capable of honestly observing the evidence and of then reaching logical conclusions, will ignore the foolish escapists while still accepting that mysteries remain.

Jesus of Nazareth was a genuine historical being, also a person far above human understanding of the human condition. Was he the best-documented person of his time? I cannot say because I know not how to collect or weigh the evidence. But here is evidence that most Christians and non-Christians are not aware of and it is time it became better known.

Jesus lived in the time of one of the greatest empires of history, an Empire of far conquests and governors overseeing law and order therein. This was no barbarian empire and Governors had to send written reports back to Rome . Religious leaders also wrote reports of events to their Priests and congregations.

As Jesus was a well known person of that time and seen by Rome as a possible troublemaker, He was, as we would expect, mentioned in dispatches. We can thank Mr. D. J. Pinwill and his book “Knowledge Without Wisdom” for the following research and quotations.

“ :…the President of Judea about 33AD, one Publius Lentulus, to the Roman Senate. This letter was part of the civic records of the Romans who were the rulers of the Holy Land at the time. Some prints of the King James Bible have this physical description of Jesus included in their Biblical notes.

"There lives at this time in Judea , Jesus Christ, whom the barbarians esteem as a prophet, but His followers love and adore Him as the offspring of the immortal God. He calls the dead from their graves, and heals all sorts of disease with a word or a touch. He is a tall man and well shaped, of an amiable and reverend aspect. His hair of a color that can hardly be matched, falling into graceful curls, waving about and very agreeably crouching upon His shoulders, parted on the crown of his head, running as a stream to the front after the manner of the Nazarites. His forehead high, large and imposing; His cheeks a lovely red; nose and mouth formed with exquisite symmetry; His beard thick and of a color suitable to the hair and parting in the middle like a fork; His eyes bright blue, clear and serene; look innocent, dignified, manly and mature. His hands and arms most delectable to behold.

He rebukes with majesty, counsels with mildness; His whole address, whether in word or deed, being eloquent and grave. No man has seen Him laugh, yet His manners are exceedingly pleasant, but He has wept frequently in the presence of men. He is temperate, modest and wise; a man for His extraordinary beauty and divine perfections; surpassing the children of men in every sense. "

“Another well accepted source of information from the times of Jesus is Josephus. He was a priest, scholar and historian of the first century and he wrote several books that contain valuable information including "The Antiquities of the Jews." His works are often quoted by modern day scholars. Josephus was not a follower of Jesus. Here is an extract.

"Now there was about this time Jesus, a wise man, if it be lawful to call Him a man; for He was a doer of wonderful works, a teacher of such men as receive the truth with pleasure. He drew over to him many of the Jews and many of the Gentiles. He was the Christ. And when Pilate, at the suspicion of the principal men among us, had condemned Him to the cross, those that loved Him at the first did not forsake Him; for He appeared to them alive again the third day, as the divine prophets had foretold these and then 10,000 other wonderful things concerning Him. And the tribe of Christians, so named after Him, are not extinct at this day. "

“The Roman Empire was not just a mighty war machine. Along with their domination, they established their law among the conquered lands and also kept government records. Many of these manuscripts are available to this day and can be researched in places like Constantinople and the records of the Senatorial Docket taken from the Vatican in Rome . There are some remarkable documents from the times of Jesus. As you can imagine, Rome was a little nervous about all the unrest caused by Jesus and His followers so, naturally, there are government reports and letters dealing with this subject. One such letter is a report written by Pontius Pilate himself (who was the Roman Prefect of Judea at the time of Christ) and it is addressed to "Tiberius Caesar, Emperor of Rome." Here is an extract as written in "The Archko Volume," translated by Drs. Mclntosh and Twyman. Page 131.

"One day in passing by the place of Siloe, where there was a great concourse of people, I observed in the midst of the group a young man who was leaning against a tree, calmly addressing the multitude. I was told it was Jesus. This I could easily have suspected, so great was the difference between Him and those listening to Him. His golden colored hair and beard gave to His appearance a celestial aspect. He appeared to be about 30 years of age. Never have I seen a sweeter or more serene countenance. What a contrast between Him and His hearers, with their black beards and tawny complexions. Never have I read in the works of the philosophers anything that can compare to the maxims of Jesus. It was on account of the wisdom of His sayings that I granted so much liberty to the Nazarene. This unlimited freedom granted to Jesus provoked the Jews — not the poor, but the rich and powerful. "

There are various other reports of Jesus by important historians who have written of the events that happened only a few decades before they were born. Pliny the Younger, Cornelius Tacitus and Suetonius (none of whom were Christians, in fact they used to execute Christians) would have had access to recent and reliable information. The above offerings are sufficient to prove that Jesus Christ was indeed, a very real visitor to this Earth. Even the Encyclopaedia Britannica states, "Independent accounts prove that in ancient times even the opponents of Christianity never doubted the historicity of Jesus”

Birth and Resurrection
“…... (Acts5:34-39) and the apostle Paul mentions that he was taught at the feet of Gamaliel (Acts 22:3). It was Gamaliel that was sent by the Sanhedrin to interview Joseph and Mary about the circumstances surrounding the birth of Jesus. His report can be read in the holy writings in the St. Sophia Mosque at Constantinople , in the Talmuds of the Jews 27B. 32 The following is part of that report.

"She (Mary) seems to be about forty or forty-five years of age, abounds with a cheerful and happy spirit and is full of happy fancies. She is fair to see, rather fleshy, has soft and innocent eyes, and seems naturally to be a good woman. I asked her if Jesus was the son of Joseph. She said he was not. I asked her to relate the circumstances of the child's history. She said that one day when she was grinding some meal there appeared at the door a stranger in shining raiment, which showed as bright as a light. She was very much alarmed at his presence and trembled like a leaf; for he said, "Mary, thou art loved by the Lord and He has sent me to tell thee that thou shalt have a child; that this child will be great and rule all nations of the earth. " She continued; "I immediately thought of my engagement to Joseph, and supposed that was the way the child was to come; but he astonished me the more when he told me that cousin Elizabeth had conceived and would bear a son, whose name would be John; (John the Baptist) and my son was to be called Jesus. I asked the messenger if Joseph knew anything of the matter. He said that he told Joseph that I was to have a child by command of the Holy Ghost, and that he was to redeem his people from their sins, and was to reign over the whole world; that every man should confess to him and he should rule over all the kings of the earth."

I asked her how she knew it was an angel, and she said he told her so, and then she knew he was an angel from the way he went. I asked her to describe how he went away from her, and she said he seemed to melt away like the extinguishing of a light.

“I asked her if at the time of the angel, as she called him, visited her, was she 'almah' (that is, virgin). She said she was; that she had never showed to man, nor was known by any man. I asked her if she at the time maintained her fourchette'; and after making her and Joseph understand what I meant, they both said she had, and Joseph said this was the way he had of testing her virtue. I asked her if she knew when the conception took place. She said she did not.

“The next question that must be dealt with is - Did Jesus really die or was he taken down from the cross and revived secretly at a later time? All the evidence points to the fact that Jesus must have been dead. Crucifixion is a cruel and torturous death but it was a common punishment at the time. It's hard to imagine anyone lasting very long in this situation before the relief of death would come. The accounts in the Gospels are adamant that Jesus "gave up the ghost." The soldiers that came to break His legs, as was done to the thieves on either side of Him, decided not to bother because they could see He was already dead.

“Remember, soldiers of this era were very familiar with death and what it looked like, so it is hardly likely that they would be mistaken. Common sense also dictates that Pilate himself had a vested interest in being sure the main focus of the recent riots and civil unrest was gone forever. The Roman Empire did not want any self-proclaimed 'king' coming back to challenge Caesar's authority and start stirring up more trouble. Jesus would have been certified dead as was normal practice.

“Add to this the motives of the local political masters, the Sanhedrin. They were in the position of having forced the hand of Pontius Pilate to condemn the innocent Jesus to death and they were very aware that Jesus had promised to return alive after three days. The last thing they wanted was to have this person, whom they despised, pull some magical trick and fool the populace that he had returned from the dead. They were watching all proceedings very closely and had posted their own guards to prevent just such an occurrence. Obviously, they were 100% convinced that Jesus was deceased before they would have agreed to letting Him down from the cross. It's not likely that Jesus could have survived all of this.

“It is astonishing how evidence can turn up in the most unlikely places. Caiaphas was the head of the Sanhedrin and the main accuser of the innocent Jesus. This was the man that was the instigator of crucifying Jesus and yet, as it turns out, he is also one of the main witnesses (apart from the Bible) that Jesus did rise from the grave. There seems to be a certain justice in that. Once again we can go to the St. Sophia Mosque (as mentioned earlier) and there we can read the actual report that Caiaphas wrote to the Sanhedrin on this very event. This is a fairly lengthy report so only the sections that impact directly on the subject we are dealing with have been quoted. It is an amazing read.

“T o You, Masters of Israel ; I feel duty bound to communicate to you some facts that have come to my knowledge. A few days after the execution of Jesus of Nazareth the report of his resurrection from the dead became so common that I found it necessary to investigate it, because the excitement was more intense than before, and my own life as well as that of Pilate was in danger. I sent for Malkus, the captain of the royal city guard, who informed me he knew nothing personally, as he had placed Isham in command of the guard; but from what he could learn from the soldiers the scene was awe-inspiring, and the report was so generally believed that it was useless to deny it. He thought my only chance was to suppress it among the soldiers, and have John and Peter banished to Crete , or arrested and imprisoned, and if they would not be quiet, to treat them as I had treated Jesus. He said that all the soldiers that he had conversed with were convinced that Jesus was resurrected by supernatural power and was still living, and that he was no human being, for the light of the angels and the dead that came out of their graves all went to prove that something had happened that had never occurred before. He said that John and Peter were spreading it all over the country, and that if Jesus would appear at the head of the host, and declare for the king of the Jews, he believed all the Jews would fight for him.

“I sent for the lieutenant, who gave a lengthy account of the occurrence that morning, all of which I suppose you have learned, and will investigate. From this I am convinced that something transcending the laws of nature took place that morning, that cannot be accounted for upon natural laws, and I find it is useless to try to get any of the soldiers to deny it, for they are so excited that they cannot be reasoned with. I regret that I had the soldiers placed at the tomb, for the vary things they were to prevent they have helped to establish.

“After questioning the soldiers and officers to my satisfaction, my mind being so disturbed that I could neither eat nor sleep, I sent for John and Peter. They came and brought Mary and Joanna, who are the women that went to embalm Jesus' body the morning of the resurrection, as it is called. They were very interesting and they related the circumstances. Mary said that when they went day was just breaking. They met the soldiers returning from the sepulchre and saw nothing strange until they came to the tomb, and found that it was empty. The stone that covered the sepulchre was rolled to one side, and two men dressed in flowing white were sitting, one at each end of the sepulchre. Mary asked them where was her Lord; they said, 'He is risen from the dead; did he not tell you he would rise on the third day and show himself to the people, to prove that he was the Lord of life?' Go tell his disciples, they said.

“They both say that as they returned they met the Master, who told them he was the resurrection and the life; all that will accept will be resurrected from the second death. 'We fell at his feet bathed in tears and when we rose up he was gone.' Both these women wept for joy as they were relating this story, and John shouted aloud which made me tremble in every limb, for I could not help thinking that something that was the exclusive work of God had occurred, but what it all meant was a great mystery to me."

“This section of the Caiaphas report is followed by John and Peter answering questions about Jesus and giving account of some of the miracles that Jesus performed. It then continues.

"Thus argue Peter and John. If Jesus had such power over nature and nature's laws, and power over death in others, he would have such power over death that he could lay down his life and take it up again, as he said he would do. As he proposes to bring hundreds of witnesses to prove all he says, and much more — witnesses whose veracity cannot be doubted - and as I have heard many of these things before from different men, both friends and foes (and although these things are related by his friends — that is the friends of Jesus — yet these men talk like men of truth, and their testimony corroborates other evidence that I have from other sources that convinces me that this is something that should not be rashly dealt with), and seeing the humble trust and confidence of these men and women, besides, as John says, thousands of others equally strong in their belief, it throws me into great agitation.

“I feel sure that if 1 should meet Jesus that I should fall dead at his feet; and it seemed to me that if I went out I should be sure to meet him.

“In this state of conscious dread I remained investigating the scriptures to know more about the prophecies concerning this man, but found nothing to satisfy my mind. I locked my door and gave the guard orders to let no one in without first giving me notice. While thus engaged with no one in the room but my wife and Annas, her father, when I lifted up my eyes, behold Jesus of Nazareth stood before me. My breath stopped, my blood ran cold, and I was in the act of falling, when he spoke and said, 'Be not afraid, it is I. You condemned me that you might go free. This is the work of my Father. Your only wrong is you have a wicked heart; this you must repent of. This last lamb you have slain is the one that was appointed before the foundation; this sacrifice was made for all men. Your other lambs were for those who offered them; this is for all, this is the last; it is for you if you will accept it. I died that you and all mankind might be saved.

“A t this he looked at me with such melting tenderness that it seemed to me that I was nothing but tears, and my strength was all gone. I fell on my face at his feet as one that was dead. When Annas lifted me up Jesus was gone, and the door still locked. No one could tell when or where he went.

“So noble masters, I do not feel that I can officiate as priest any more. If this strange personage is from God, and should prove to be the Saviour we have looked for so long, and I have been the means of crucifying him, I have no further offerings for sin; but I will wait and see how things develop. And if he proves to be the ruler we are looking for, they will soon develop into something more grand in the future. His glory will increase; his influence will spread wider and wider, until the whole earth shall be full of his glory, and all the kingdoms of the world shall be his dominion. Such are the teachings of the prophets on this issue. Therefore you will appoint Jonathan, or some one to fill the holy place."

“ How can anyone who reads this not be convinced about the resurrection? How can you argue against this compelling evidence -evidence that comes from the most notorious enemy of Christ? Only those who steadfastly refuse to accept the obvious, those who are determined to maintain themselves in a mental state of truth denial, will continue to be uncertain or unconvinced. It is so much easier to argue 'for' the resurrection than against it. We have to believe it - Jesus lives.”

This ends the quote from “ Knowledge without Wisdom ”. I have added nothing but deleted parts not needed in this book

The most important thing we can know about Jesus is that He represents truth. Anyone can claim Jesus said this or that but, even with scriptural reference, if it is not true to human nature or to the order of creation, then it cannot be a non-corrupted teaching of Jesus.

Let's repeat: “All that may be known of God by men lies plain before their eyes … to the eye of reason in the things He has made”. Jesus made enough scientifically correct social statements that are still not accepted by today's authorities to show His knowledge and understanding was not only beyond His times but also ahead of the social understanding of today. That is all the evidence we need and I bring these witnesses before you as a matter of interest only.

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Of Truth .
Part 2. The Word Lives in the Order of Life .
Chapter 8.

The Development of Human Culture!

“Men stumble over the truth from time to time,
but most pick themselves up and hurry off as if nothing happened.”
Winston Churchill.

What has been revealed in Of Truth may seem simple, even simplistic, but that is the way of truth. Think of a pile of stone blocks, lumber and metal, then think of all the things that can be made of these. Think of a great Gothic Cathedral, how complicated and majestic it appears; but yet it is still composed of simple everyday materials. Certainly the construction may be complex but even there, once we know the rules, it is still a simple order of progress.

Yes, we know so much in our everyday lives
and yet we now do not want to think for ourselves
or use common reason see the meaning of what we know.

We do not want to work things out: we want to remain babies in a protective womb. Even when our own science tells us that the ultimate nature of all creation lies in mathematics and that mathematics is the way to prove our understanding right, we still do not want to admit that the order of mathematics is the “word” that preceded the creation. And we do not want to use our intelligence in order to reach logical and beneficial conclusions.

Strange but true, we do not want to admit the fact that once we face the reality of common knowledge all the infinite possibilities of creation can become available to us.

“My load is light;” the Lord says; and it is. “The truth will set you free;” the Lord says; and it is beyond any scientific logic to show otherwise. Are we too proud to listen – or too ashamed?

It is both foolish and futile to fight against truth. Truth is our creator! Truth gave us life and the world we live in. Truth gave us intelligence to participate in creation by allowing us the freedom to create new reality and to be individual; when we deform truth to our own passing desire we are being self-destructive.

As we have seen there is an infinity of truths and yet all are encompassed in one truth. The need for flexibility in life means that there is also an opening for an infinity of part truths and untruths. Truth does not force us to behave in accordance with the random desires of a self-indulgent god. We are not programmed, as are common animals although, of course, we could be if God had desired to create us so. The advice we are given is to encourage us to find and serve our own true nature.

Do not imagine God as like a human government! God did not create human life to be a programmed machine! The closer we get to truth the better our lives become and the more options we have for achievements of substance. The further we retreat from truth the less restrained we are by order, but lack of truth (order) results in corruption of life and our options for creation vaporize.

By evasive thinking we may see lack of restraint as freedom but our living and creations become increasingly chaotic, futile, frivolous, fragile and restricted. Community suffering increases as life descends into chaos. The two great untruths now ruling our lives are:

  1. The self-contradiction that says there is no truth.
  2. The deceit that creation occurred by chance.

These untruths were created by (and to serve) man-made ideologies which in turn serve the greed, pride and arrogance of those who desire the enslavement of the commonality by instilling the same arrogance in those they brainwash. The difference is that the commonality does not know that it is being manipulated by lies while those seeking ownership of the earth feel that their pride and arrogance reveals justice for their deceitful achievements.

In false pride and desire to avoid human responsibility, the greedy lead the way (the blind lead the blind) but all have some responsibility for their blindness and for their love of false gods.

Our World
An argument for creation by chance appeared on a TV series (2001). It was claimed that if creation by chance could not be proved then civilization would return to the dark ages. Were the dark ages ever darker than today? The Roman Empire was also built on false gods; has ours, in recent years, become less arrogant, more civilized or less murderous of any nation in the way?

Interesting TV but all effort only proved how desperately the enslaving establishment props up its chance creation myth. Many millions of dollars and many thousands of man-years of scientific effort have been used trying to disguise that there is no evidence supporting this corrupt man-made humanist ideology. Argument avoids true issues and is focused on criticism of opponents.

The theory of chance creation is only kept alive by the invention of new theories as each old theory stumbles to its inevitable dead end. Past futility's are not exposed to public view because manipulators know an informed public would laugh at the frivolity of the whole edifice. Deceit would not hold a world in slavery were its key belief exposed as myth; but Human freedom depends on this exposure.

The latest official (2001) theory for transition from swimming to walking relies on the hopeful monster theory and a fragment of bone that, like so many previously grasped straws, will end up proving nothing more than the pitiful escapism of those promoting it. For all these years of effort a tiny scrap of bone and ‘a lie to create fear of the truth' were all they were able to provide to keep the world-mind chained to chance creation theory, but several hours of TV was devoted to maintaining the myth.

Yes that is it, the latest excuse for the whole futile edifice! But the real stupidity of it is that the bit of bone is irrelevant. The evidence for creation does not rest on evidence of change but on principles of genetic recombination! In addition evolution by chance does not explain the development, both of life and of earth, for a human creation development.

Every different breed of dog could be claimed as a missing link in the chain of dog breeds but these are no more than recombination of genes. Change alone explains nothing about creation.

Degeneration of culture can progress by chance. Development of culture is dependent on intelligence and the battle is between the generosity of self-sacrifice and the selfishness of greed. The original creation was intelligent because it was a design of order; chance is destructive of order, it cannot create order. “Good” is the name of creative advance; “Evil” is the name of destructive advance; any progressive change may be claimed as evolution but destruction alone occurs by chance.

As Jesus told us, only God (Truth) is totally good. The Old Testament says that God created both good and evil but God did not decide, arbitrarily, what would be good and what evil, that is in the nature of the order of life.

Evil is a necessity of our creation. It allows the flexibility and challenge for what we call intelligence. It is integral to the progressive development of human intellect.

Thoughts on Truth:
Truth is absolute but man is fallible and unable to comprehend the absolute. For man, what is predominately true or which leads toward truth – is sufficient.

Certainties are enemies of truth – certainties are like great logs that jam the stream of the mind; they reveal a restricted and enslaved mind.

Thoughts without knowledge are of no importance, only when thought is a result of reasoning based on fact/truth is it of value.

Spiral of Life
The way to life is through Truth
The way to Truth is through Sacrifice
The way to Sacrifice is through Courage
The way to Courage is through Character
The way to Character is through Discipline
The way to Discipline is through Authority
The way to Authority is through Life
The way to life ………

Three laws of Truth:
1/ To know truth – speak truth. Knowledge of truth requires practice of truth. The liar deceives himself.
2/ To know truth – develop love of truth. A biased mind will

never know the truth because bias insists on compromise of truth.
3/ To know truth – learn of good and evil. There is a truth of life which lives and a truth of life which dies. Without discernment we are without direction.

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Of Truth
Part 2. The Word Lives in the Order of Life
Chapter 9:

The Question of Sacrifice

The question of Christian sacrifice has not, I think,
been adequately understood.
You will have noticed mention of sacrifice
in the “Spiral of Life”.
Sacrifice is a vital Christian revelation
so vital to the development of our human nature
and of our understanding of life
that it is right up there at the threshold of truth.
It is the very doorway to knowing Truth better.

Sacrifice is a vital element of human love, so important to the spiritual ‘gene'! The nature of human sacrifice is also evidence that Christian Revelation is genuine. The true meaning of human self-sacrifice has never, and would never, be apparent to humanity without guidance from agents who knew our Creator represents truth. Unless the creation is based on truth, intellectual self-sacrifice (willingness to sacrifice false belief) has no meaning. In a mindless creation (were it possible) self-sacrifice would be meaningless. This is visible in our world today where deceivers state that there is no truth but claim their teachings are true.

Be assured, sacrifice to God is sacrifice to Truth i.e., John 14:6 “I am the way; I am the truth and I am life; no one comes to the father except by me.” Who is the great beneficiary of human sacrifice? Not God the Father; the father gets satisfaction only from the advance of the child. No! Our sacrifice is for our own spiritual and intellectual growth as humans. Parents want their children to grow spiritually strong, and intellectually competent. Why would our Creator not want this for his children?

Jesus called us “stiff-necked”. Meaning we are too proud to turn our heads to face the truth. Those who cannot grow intellectually are not God's children. We must build on our talents, for Jesus told us, “Don't bury your talents” ! “to those who have, more will be given and those who have not, from them will be taken even the little they have.”

Leave self behind! Sacrifice the old self for new! We are not gods, we can never be so proud of our knowledge that we can afford not to sacrifice false beliefs and attitudes for improved beliefs and attitudes. The better we know truth, the better (more beneficially) we live for our human family.

“We Know” – yes we do know so much but even those practiced may fail to recognize every step in the stairway they climb. We can all overlook the need to think things through to logical perception. Thoughtful exchange and self-sacrifice is important to all who want to know Truth (their parent) better. Those who encourage sloth and self-indulgence mislead us.

The invention of writing – the ability to fix our thoughts and ideas for perception of their relationships – is an essential for our understanding and correction of our selves.

Understanding of our origins is vital to human development; that is why Globalists have been so determined to fix evolution theory in our minds. They work to deform our vision to our own self-destruction; it is to their advantage that we be neither healthy, nor wealthy nor wise; that we do not become competitive with them.

Biblical limitations:
The Bible is not the extent of knowledge and is corrupted by worldliness. The Old Testament needs be read with particular caution for it is known that Israel suffered many hardships and the original “Word” under great stress. It was resurrected from scraps and memories. However we know from Jesus, and now from our own intelligence, that our Creator created in truth so we can put aside anything contradictory of the truth of the creation as not a logical component of creation.

That does not leave us with so big a book and what we are left with is not all in our modern version of the Old Testament. For many who claim Christianity this will mean considerable sacrifice but it is sacrifice to truth.

It is not only the Old Testament that is corrupted by the ideas and desires of those putting the pieces together. A recent find of an old manuscript in Egypt re-ignites the question of who actually wrote the Gospel of John. The reason for this particular corruption appears to rest squarely on the bias of men assembling the New Testament from remnants in writing and memories only a few generations after events described.

However the creation represents the Creator and is a source of understanding that cannot be corrupted, so to know the truth of events a logical relationship with human and physical nature is essential.

The Christian Bible tells us to have faith. What are we to have faith in? Is it the human law; education system; ideology or government? No! Is it the Holy Bible? No! Is it some human idea of what we call God? No! Our essential need is faith in TRUTH. So study the Bible in combination with and question where, through the eye of reason, you cannot find confirmation in the creation itself.

Why? Because it is truth that is of value, not man-made ideas! The importance of truth is such that no one can use the intelligence he/she was born with; or make best use of life; or be a true Christian, without wanting to know truth better. Example:

The Gospel of John
Let's look at the dispute about w ho wrote the 4 th Gospel?

In my country at least, there was TV mention of a dispute as to who actually wrote the “Gospel according to John” a matter now apparently under increased academic discussion because of a papyrus discovered a few years ago in Egypt .

That there should be dispute about such things is not unusual. What is unusual is that a challenge is now made that the original writer was Mary Magdalene.

Like the myth that apes came down from the trees to become human long before forested areas of Africa died out, we find here evidence and logic in challenge of myths and emotions. The so-called enlightenment creates new mythology while evidence and reason destroys mythology.

The behavior of the apostles (as recorded in the Christian Bible) make it evident that they were not free of pride or prejudice and later church authorities show they feel comfortable with changes to literature in the interests of defending desires or prejudices.

We are told to see with the “eye of reason” so we have no excuse for accepting the Testaments, in their entirety, as the Word of God; we need look to the creation itself for confirmation of God's word and consequences of human bias. Literature must be backed by reality. The case made by Ramon K. Jusino is reasonable. Here are his opening words; see: http://www.BelovedDisciple.org for the complete article.

Mary Magdalene: Author of the Fourth Gospel?
by Ramon K. Jusino, M.A. © 1998.

This article makes a case for ascribing authorship of the Fourth Gospel (the Gospel of John) in the New Testament to Mary Magdalene. As far as I know – no previously published work has made an argument in support of this hypothesis. Most biblical scholars today assert that the Fourth Gospel was authored by an anonymous follower of Jesus referred to within the Gospel text as the Beloved Disciple. It is posited here that, in an earlier tradition of the Fourth Gospel's community, the now "anonymous" Beloved Disciple was known to be Mary Magdalene. It is further posited that Mary Magdalene is the true founder and hero of what has come to be known as the Johannine Community (i.e., Mary Magdalene was one of the original apostolic founders and leaders of the early Christian church)”.*

[Note: As we saw earlier: (quotes from official documents from the times of the crucifixion) a woman called Joanna accompanied Mary Magdalene to the tomb for the purpose of embalming the body of Jesus. The Johannine Community could be the enterprise of this woman and her friend, Mary Magdalene who is the “Beloved Disciple” Ed.]

“I realize that this hypothesis may seem very radical and perhaps unorthodox to you. However, I believe that it is well-founded and I respectfully offer the following in support of it. The evidence supporting this thesis includes some of the Gnostic Christian writings of the Nag Hammadi Library, and internal evidence from the text of the Fourth Gospel itself. This study also relies heavily on the Johannine Community research done by Raymond E. Brown ( America 's foremost Catholic biblical scholar ).” End Quotes.

Editor: The rationale of Jusino's proposal appeals to me because it throws light on the common discrimination against women apparent in Christian religion, those times were male dominated. That men and women are not equal in every way is of course obvious to any rational view, but it should also be obvious that both, equally, have special duties and responsibilities to family and culture.

It is said (and in an honest culture it is true) that the hand that rocks the cradle rules the world (or at least has the ability to dominate human culture)! Men administer this world. The church has never, it seems to me, given women their rightful place in the intellectual and moral Christian life. Backlash, in consequence of Hegelian Dialectic promotion of Humanism's biased teachings, has resulted in many women now demanding responsibility that is not theirs while avoiding their natural moral community responsibilities.

Understanding of life and defense of human moral development is everyone's business, but is, most specifically, WOMEN'S BUSINESS. So it would be surprising if Jesus had not chosen a woman to be his leading disciple or, at least, to be one of his leading disciples. For this reason I would like to suggest that before you, as a concerned citizen, jump to the defense of what you have been led to believe; you read, with open mind, the full, Ramon Jusino essay.

Sacrifice for today.
Humans now live in a criminal culture: a culture that is destructive of human values and human ideals. Until we accept the true moral base for culture, our culture, based on corrupt belief, will become increasingly corrupted!

Few see the real consequences of corrupt belief but creation belief is the base for philosophy/ideology, and morality is the base for cultural health. This is anathema to those who wish us to believe that there is no truth. To expose false belief is more important than curing cancer, heart problems or wars because it plays a big part in the elimination of all of these and more. To make this a better world we have to remove the cause of today's problems and they are problems resulting from false creation beliefs and, in consequence, false moral values. Morals based on false beliefs have disastrous consequences.

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Of Truth
Part2. The Word Lives in the Order of Life
Chapter 10

Creation force Revealed

At the time life first appeared on our earth,
life as we know it today could not survive;
early life-forms helped prepare our world for human occupation.
All animal life is based on one system!
The force that created “our life” needed to also create the development that allows the product to achieve its planned purpose.

As example: To begin there was no coal, gas or oil! Life-forms created these for us! No doubt readers will know of other needs created or modified in past ages of earth, things needed for life's future development. Our needs would not have become available without the programmed activity of organic life.

To say that we are the descendents of apes is as silly as saying we are descended from monkeys; only the reverse might be possible; complex systems decay to specialized: the human is primitive/complex, apes specialized/decadent.

Life is by design; i.e. trees and apes were designed to serve human development. We, be assured, are part of a plan based on a genetic structure of such flexibility as to be able to carry the design of all life needed for the life enterprise. This enterprise provides the creative and development needs of a humanity that will itself, at a later stage, have the intellect to further its own development.

Rather like creating an egg and then ensure that the food and environment needed for survival after hatching would be present when it hatched. Yes, elegant is the word to describe this design.

That is the logical (scientific) understanding. Humanity is at ‘hatching' stage. Laws of nature do not allow it to happen by chance, so why, now that we have the science to expose it, are we too stiff necked to accept it?

Well there are development reasons; development requires that there be problems to challenge and promote growth of intellect. As a community we need time to intellectually develop ability to solve such problems. Creation is not done by magic. Creation, be it a universe or a bridge has to be in accord with the law of order, so also, the creation of intelligence.

It may, at first, seem incredible that a genetic code could be assembled to include and carry the genetic codes of all individual life forms to have lived. However we are now able to see so many amazing life programs (e.g., caterpillars transforming to butterflies) and know enough of living structures to see that intelligent creation is our only logical answer. Such precise genetic design is more than possible, we can believe it because we know enough of genetics to glimpse these potentials.

The genetic system has such possibilities for creating life forms as does our system of writing have the possibility to describe all created. The genetic system only needs an intelligence to assemble it in such intricate way as to achieve, within the laws of our creation, the planned result. Chance, so very obviously did not write the literature of any one of the last thousand years and Pre-designed patterns of life forms are ‘triggered' by environmental change to serve transient purposes.

Chance and natural selection delete surplus or unused genes so as to adapt complex life-forms to changing environments (specialization), life-forms adapt to new environments until their gene supply is depleted. Having served their purpose they then destruct by inability to adapt to further change in this progressive system. Fossils do not reveal a chance creative force they reveal the achievements of genetic engineering.

By the above process planned life-forms became activated and adapt to progressing environments as science describes. We only need turn the picture right side up to see it correctly. We cannot be descended from apes because, among other things, apes are the more specialized.

The difference, genetically, between animals is small. Science now accepts that important basic features of life-forms (such as head, tail, eyes, limbs) are inherent to original design. Chance cannot create.

So we see that the genetic material needed to create a wide range of life-forms is not so massive as might have been thought; the greater part is duplicated and variable – male/female is largely hormonal;

God did not create male for female or female for male as an afterthought. As environment changes, life-forms emerge from basic stock then specialize to serve their purpose and become extinct. A truly elegant system that could not be designed by destructive chance or blind natural selection.

It is impossible that chance and natural selection could foresee coming environments or the needs of life designed to inhabit environments not yet existing. Chance and natural selection, totally blind and destructive of order, do not exist before creation exists; they are themselves products of creation. If chance damage should ever produce a new gene it would be too rare. As chance destroys unused genes a chance created gene would be chance destroyed before it could become part of a new life-form.

The most dangerous virus in the world today is the ideas virus called “Theory of Evolution”. This theory is a “Weapon of Mass Human Destruction” designed to deform and destroy our developing intellect.

Note: The truth of what we are and what is being done to mislead us is what all concerned people really need; we all want understanding that will allow us to make best use of the life we were given. Love of life requires sacrifice of false belief to the truth.

Further human development.
Readers, by now, should see that humanity is in development. Our whole history, that we have a “New Testament” and book of “revelations” make it clear that we are in development. Even our titles: mankind = a kind of man: human = mankind the development of a kind of man, these are among clues for those who see with the eye of reason.

We should now recognize we are in a planned program. If it were developed by human intelligence it would be similar. Intelligence is the same everywhere. There are different intellectual abilities but that is no different to saying you can have different amounts of water; but water, like intelligence, is the same in all the universe.

Any intelligence setting up a human development program will first set up the conditions and situations for this development; the non-livable had to be made livable and development of intellect needed challenge.

Challenges had to provide for the intellectual development of the human kind of animal. The human kind needed provision for both survival and development of intellect when the earth had reached a level of stability for this development to occur. There is no need of mystery here.

A look at the history of mankind and natural aids to developing talents of mind, language, community, etc. all show “humanity” to be in creative development. We develop in the image of our creator. Would we develop language more complicated than animal need had we not a designed potential? Would the coming of, and sacrifice by Jesus, be needed? Why does love require sacrifice? Why do tribes require guidance?

The only science to be learned from the ‘evolution myth' is that man, if devoted to an idea other than truth, evades self-sacrifice and creates all manner of explanation (or deformity) to convince himself and others that what he wants to believe is true. As science proves each explanation wrong, the wrong explanations are ignored and, with new contortions, each new discovery is modified to fit desire; if that is too difficult, the evidence is ignored.

But this is our passing adolescence. We must outgrow adolescent evasion of responsibility! Outgrow fake caring. We do need to develop our ability for logical evaluation of evidence and accept adult yearning for the truth! We do NOT need more evidence that the “theory of chance creation” is fraudulent! We should no longer become trapped into arguing points rather than presenting evidence.

Handy for study: “WGBH Educational Foundation” year 2002, a TV series called “Evolution”. A quality production but no country of origin; view this propaganda as a “World Government” production.

Do not be deceived to believe the argument is about science! Creative Evolution is a manmade religion designed to support Humanist philosophy in order to create a system of “worship effective but imperfect for the profane” it is part of the old Satanist plot to take-over our earth. Don't tell me an infinite number of monkeys with typewriters and infinite time could, by chance create every book ever written. They could not create one book because the law of chance will repeat every type option equally over time.

No book is composed of anything approaching equal (capitals, numbers and punctuation): compare the ‘x's, ‘?' and ‘e's in this paragraph. A word or gene by chance created will be (by chance) destroyed long before it can become part of an intelligent statement.

Complex order can only be assembled by intelligence. There is no “infinite” time. The earth has an age and this age is divided into time unsuited to life and a variety of times suited to various forms of life.

The life created has to suit the level of earth's development and many more life-forms have, by changing environment and chance genetic destruction, been eliminated than now exist. Only intelligence could design for each period so as to prepare the way for more advanced forms.

Creation cannot happen by chance. All the king's horses and all the king's men could not put Humpty-Dumpty together again though all his parts were there on the floor; nor could all the monkeys and all the chances of eternity do better.

In this creation we are now sufficiently developed and have sufficiently developed intellect, ideals and science so that, when we use our intellectual abilities honestly, we will sacrifice the false for the truth and step from adolescence to maturity.

We have a challenge to meet. Let's stop believing those who would destroy us! Look and see that we cannot live by false beliefs and still live and act in the truth of our true nature! When we convince the intelligent young that life is a meaningless chance event; that there is no truth; do they have any other logical option than to adopt self-destructive values for living?

Given conviction of life without meaning: then robbery, rape, suicide, or murder become equally irrelevant! In a chance creation dangerous living makes sense: live for ‘kicks' – adore disorder, cause accidents, despise authority and work with neither care nor conscience!

Chance creation makes suffering a passing sideshow and justice a joke! With reason made meaningless we insult humanity; love notoriety and publicity; gain public positions; stand for parliaments; accept bribes; ignore corruption; teach in schools; operate in hospitals and have children without concern. Lives without meaning create outrageous waste, corporate collapse, physical pain, war, atrocity, destruction and death. Look and see!

False creation belief is the foundation for the false Ideology that creates artificial emotional values and deforms truth. It undermines intelligent human development. Benefits for responsible behavior are beyond imagination.

“You can't change human nature.”
How often do you hear that said? Well, we may not change our nature but, what is more important, we can understand and develop it! How much time is left for filtering out the poisons now sickening human culture? We have a choice but it is later than you think!

How often do you hear claims of “human rights”? How seldom human responsibilities or duties! So much we want – so shy to pay! We demand government, or ‘big-brother', love and care for us as ‘Peter Pan' adolescents and ignore that they will only do this to destroy us – they work for their benefit not for our benefit.

We are not born with rights we are born with responsibilities! Until we accept our responsibilities (sacrifice adolescent evasions and reject teachings not based on truth) then we remain the irrelevant playthings of fate. To earn human rights we must gain human maturity.

Globalist government lives on the adolescent gullibility it has created. See TheMindWeb for evidence. They have mobilized our own strength against us! Blaming others for our troubles belittles us. If we remove our support, their balloon deflates. For freedom and cultural advance we have to accept our human responsibilities!

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Of Truth
Part 2. The Word Lives in the Order of Life
Chapter 11

New Developments

We cannot escape our enslavement or become fully human
until we see and communally expose that
theory of chance creation
is a lie designed to support an emotion based ideology.
If enslaving ideology is not defeated then earth life,
as scriptures reveal, will end.

Again new evidence exposes evolution myth. In June ‘03 a new African find announced three modern-kind human skulls 160,000 years old. How often must evolution evidence be proved wrong before we ask ourselves why we are so persistently taught this mythology as if it is fact?

A South African Internet site now offers a new theory to explain the upright stance that, so we are taught, began the evolution of man.

Selective quotes from:

Posted to the web January 8, 1999, Johannesburg .

“Characteristics that distinguish us from apes may have been forced on our ancestors by the presence of water, writes Ruben

“If the proponents of a revolutionary theory of human origins are correct, our ancestors abandoned the trees not for the Savannah, but for the water – and humans share more physical traits with dolphins than with apes. …

“This means that the story of how our ancestors developed the characteristics that distinguish us from the apes will have to change.

…“At the recent Dual 98 Congress on Palaeontology and Human Biology … Elaine Morgan. … For the past 27 years she has been promoting an alternative hypothesis on human origins which was put forward by scientist Alistair Hardy in 1960. Hardy noticed that humans share certain physiological attributes with aquatic mammals. …

“Hardy was advised by his academic mentors not to pursue the subject for fear of damaging his career. [as] In the savannah hypothesis palaeontology already had a "good enough" story to explain bipedalism.

Complete article available at:
http://groups.yahoo.com/group/SOS_/message/443 Or:

So again we see how incentive is suppressed and why new theories or new research get no publicity. Globalism protects its “good enough ” lies; the savanna, it seems, did not appear until long after it was supposed to have caused ape-man to stand erect!

What will they do about the new discovery of ancient (modern-form) skulls? Will they just suppress publicity and ignore this important discovery or will they try to discredit or explain it away? Only those making the discovery and doing the tests may ever know the truth of it. Theories on our closer relationship with aquatic mammals also make valid points but we are not allowed, in public media debate, to question our indoctrination.

Let's not go into details of this more realistic alternative here, look that up on the Internet. We know chance evolution did not happen so why is this new theory of interest to us?

It is of interest because this evidence offers an explanation of how the design for the human brain was carried through the ages to a time when the earth was able to support the human project of intellectual development. This brain was a special design kept apart from creation of all ‘human like' creatures.

Careful reading shows why there is no practical view of evolution; it is a fake. Open publicity would reveal that we are being deliberately deceived and some of the enslaved might say, “Hey, if what has been taught for years is baseless then what is behind this?”

If evolution answered the creation problems then, as a better brain would advantage all animals, all would progress and the intellectual brain, the most complex design challenge of creation, would be common rather than exclusive. But, since the first fish swam or the first worm turned every creature has had no more than its need.

That is, all excepting two; ourselves and those strange friends: the only wild animals to befriend humans by their own choice despite what humans may do to them. Why do the only two who share this super-brain appear to like each other although apparently a world apart in every other way?

Does the dolphin have a memory of our birth? A memory of babies who grew arms and legs instead of fins? Creatures that left the oceans to challenge the dominance of land animals with no more than a big brain to defend their vulnerable bodies?

Comparative average brain-weight: Chimps 0.75 lbs.: Dolphin 3.5 lbs.: Human 3.00 lbs. The dolphin brain is heavier than the human because of the observed fact that the part of brain that operates heavier bodies is heavier, but the intellectual brain formation is similar. Apes have never had this brain! It is not in the fossil record! They can not be of our line!

http://home.snafu.de/ulisses/tursiops.htm Quote:

“Think about it. The human brain has existed in its complexity for a hundred thousand years [They now say 160 thousand. Ed.] The dolphins have had theirs for 10 million years. No, it is not the dolphins – it is WE who have finally reached Primate status! All these facts tell us that dolphins have a big brain and excellent cognitive abilities. Stories, as well as scientific experiments, give us this knowledge.”

“Why are humans so fascinated by these mysterious creatures? The earliest signs of contact between humans and dolphins are the drawings in Stone Age caves in Norway and in South Africa . Romans, Polynesians and Americans write about the mysterious rescue of victims of ship accidents.

“The ancient Greek culture was also very interested in dolphins; poets described these marine mammals as smooth and gentle creatures. Aristotle studied dolphins because he was a biologist as well as a philosopher, and he thought that dolphins were interested in getting closer to humans. “An Australian tribe included the following in their version of the creation of the earth: " ... (the dolphins) never forgot that all these “two-legged” humans on land are their cousins. And that's why nowadays the dolphins come to find their human relatives, to play with them as they did in the days of the dreamtime.” E Q.

You see the point? The stories of dolphin/mankind friendships are wide ranging and endless, they extend into mythology and we too love the water. Here we see significant evidence of a once only creation of mammal life that included the human creation. Dolphins carried our genes, including that once only designed brain, for over 10 million years until the earth was ready to support our advancement.

Why should dolphins be chosen to carry our brain through time?

A/ because the oceans are our most stable environment.
B/ because, without hands and surrounded by water dolphins could not construct a storehouse to accumulate knowledge and therefore could not exploit this brain to their own destruction.

When earth was ready for the human development this triggered our genetic transformation; we stood upright in the water and only dolphins, sharing the mental capacity of our brains, can remember. Do they love us as only ancestors can because they were our surrogate parents?

Evolutionists claim we are related to apes because they think we look like apes. How pathetic: how simplistic! Potatoes, Tomatoes and Deadly Nightshades are all of the same family yet could hardly be more different. Different or similar, physical forms are such simple genetic rearrangements that physical form is largely irrelevant to origins.

We could not get our brain from ape genes, they have never had them! If it were possible to design the human brain by evolution then it would take longer to evolve than the time required for any kind of ape or animal to evolve; but the sea mammal had it and also a land evolutionary line!

Will technology finally allow us to break the language barrier between dolphins and us? When honest research and reporting puts the same effort into knowing dolphins as that wasted on maintaining the false connection between man and apes, then one breakthrough may well uncover more of our past than has been uncovered by a hundred years of misdirected effort.

From Greek History
From Oppian, (approx. 200 BC) a Greek historian.

So Dolphins teem, whom subject, Fish revere
And show the smiling Seas their Infant-Heir
All other Kinds, whom Parent-Seas confine,
Dolphins excel, that Race is all Divine,
Dolphins were men (Tradition holds the tale)
Laborious swains bred on the Tuscan Vale;
Transformed by Bacchus, and by Neptune loved,
They all the pleasures of the deep improved.
When new made fish the God's command obeyed,
Plunged in the Waves and untried Fins displayed,
No further charge relenting Bacchus wrought,
Nor have the dolphins all the men forgot,
The conscious Soul remains her former thought.

The above is ancient and translated many times; we are fortunate that the thread of thought remains visible. We may see the top line more clearly as: ‘So dolphins multiply, a species fish revere'

Our science says Dolphins were once land based. Is Oppian saying that Dolphins were transmuted from land creatures to sea creatures and later bore and released the infant human? He could not, of himself, know the truth of either. The Dolphin is a mystery creature of ages. Mythology is so often found to have a factual base, but there could be no human mythology to explain actual events before humans existed.

Our Creator tells of the human creation but says nothing of their means of transmission to earth life; and women are not a separate creation.

Jesus advises that we take note of the old as well as the new!

We will again show that “Revelation” has meaning. We will see who it really is that is carrying the little scroll and that the story told by this scroll (that tasted so sweet) was the ‘humanist philosophy' that has now made humanity very sick indeed. In fact, if we are not already in the time known as Armageddon, then we are poised on the border of this mental and physical torment.

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Of Truth
Part 2 The Word Lives in the Order of Life
Chapter 12.

Ancient Writings Revisited:

We look at interesting information from the Old Testament
and other ancient writings that reveal evidence of vision
and knowledge beyond human understanding.

Relating Revelation 10: 1-11 to The Book of Enoch and others

I use the “New English Bible” authorized by a combination of eleven denominations and Christian organizations. Even this, as we will see, can take on itself to bow to cultural ideology. But, as they say in their introduction, “ We have conceived our task to be that of understanding the original as precisely as we could (using all available aids), and then saying again in our own native idiom what we believe the author was trying to say in his .” This translation takes advantage of ‘modern' scholarship in the years immediately before Humanist corruption made research dubious; this is probably our best available translation.

Jesus said that we should relate to the old and the new. For witness I call on the original Old Testament in association with Revelation and offer quotes from some of the hidden documents to reveal greater witness and authority to our Christian Testament:

Revelation 10:1-11.
“Then I saw another mighty angel coming down from heaven. He was wrapped in a cloud, with the rainbow around his head; his face shone like the sun and his legs were like pillars of fire. In his hand he held a little scroll unrolled.”

This is the ‘anti-Christ' Archangel . This powerful personage is shown in ancient writings as, in many ways, similar to Jesus in power. This personage is, by some, thought to be Jesus. But this is the leader of the “Watchers”: angels sent to earth to watch over the human development and, in the Book of Enoch, called Semihazah. Semihazah saw this as an opportunity to rebel against God and set up his own kingdom. Called Set in Egyptian, this is Satan to us; some of these angels of Satan are known in today's Bible but their history has been hidden.

“Then he gave a great shout, like the roar of a lion; and when he shouted the seven thunders spoke. I was about to write down what the seven thunders had said; but I heard a voice from heaven saying, ‘Seal up what the seven thunders have said; do not write it down.”

The “seven thunders”: voices in authority during pre-flood times to re-appearing in our times. They are linked to this cloud wrapped Angel because when he shouted they responded. The order not to record what is said means what they reveal is to be, for a time, hidden. This clearly foretold of the Old Testament revision in the early half of the 1 st . Christian millennium when parts of the original Hebrew Old Testament, including much of the “Book of Enoch” are deleted. Also ignored were Old Testament fragments, as might be found in the “Egyptian Book of the Dead” and the “Gilgamesh Epic”.

Old Testament revision was needed so as to allow time to “weed out” the consequences of the evil introduced by the rebellious Watchers. Jesus describes it in the parable of the ‘darnel' sown among the grain in which the darnel was allowed to grow until the harvest when it could, with safety to the good grain, be destroyed. This revision gave Western Europe and much of the world its present Old Testament. A veil was drawn over the true corruption of the “earth-human project” in order to effect repair.

“Then the angel that I saw standing on the sea and the land raised his right hand to heaven and swore by him who lives for ever and ever, who created heaven and earth and the sea and everything in them: ‘There shall be no more delay; but when the time comes for the seventh angel to sound his trumpet, the hidden purpose of God shall have been fulfilled, as he promised to his servants the prophets.”

esus tells us we should not ‘swear by' anything “our word” is all that is needed of honest people. The wrapped (bound) Satan is made to announce his own limited time. As these things can now be revealed we may assume it is near time for the “Seventh Angel” to sound his trumpet.

Then the voice which I heard from heaven was speaking to me again, and it said, ‘Go and take the open scroll in the hand of the angel that stands on the sea and the land.' So I went to the angel and asked him to give me the little scroll. He said to me, 'Take it, and eat it. It will turn your stomach sour, though in your mouth it will taste sweet as honey.' So I took the little scroll from the angel's hand and ate it, and in my mouth it did taste sweet as honey; but when I swallowed it my stomach turned sour.”

That this little scroll is ‘carried open and without respect' is repeated. This scroll represents “humanism” and cannot be confused with that important scroll, The Book of Life, that was secured with seven seals and written on both sides: a scroll of length and held in reverence because of the importance of the message it carries.

Genuine vision cannot confuse these two scrolls as being one and the same. Nor can the mighty cloud wrapped angel who stands over the sea (of mankind) and the land (soul of earth life) be Jesus. Jesus is, in this revelation, called the “Lamb”. Let us not be so confused as to see Him as this arrogant personality?

The Great Angel of Revelation 10:1 is Satan.
Let's look a little deeper to confirm this. The first clue is the word “wrapped”. Wrapped indicates restraint or subject to other authority. E.g. babies may be wrapped in a shawl or blanket; prisoners may be wrapped in chains or, non-physically, wrapped in restraints. Wrapping may disguise or cover a present or a wound but does not mean self-chosen dress. If this were Jesus the description could be “coming on, in, or among clouds”. He might “wear” or even (were it written today) be “dressed” in a “wrap” but to be “wrapped” is demeaning. For Jesus we expect hint of special status not restraint.

For example: we see at Revelation 12:1 a woman “robed” with the sun, not “wrapped”, and she wears a crown. At Revelation 14:14 we see on a white cloud someone like “a son of man”, on his head he wears a gold crown. If I were told that this represented Jesus then I would be interested to know more as we are told an angel came from the temple to tell this crowned person that his crop was ripe to harvest. Jesus is royal and awaiting his inheritance; the imagery is legitimate. So:

a: If the “cloud wrapped” angel were Jesus, He would be senior in this scene not part of a scene manipulated by some disembodied voice that directs John on what to do.
b: Jesus would not swear an oath because he rightly instructs us otherwise.
c: Jesus would not present himself as an arrogant, flashy, standover person aggressively standing on sea and land.

The identities of Devil, earth, sea are confirmed at Revelation; 12:12: “woe to you, earth, and sea, for the Devil has come down to you in great fury, knowing that his time is short.”

And at 17:15 we see
“The ocean you saw, where the “Great Whore” sat, is an ocean of peoples and populations, nations and languages.”

The “Great Whore”, bedecked in jewels, is the great whore of finance and commerce and confirmed as seven leading agencies today. It is she who became rich by seduction and usury and promotion of false and immoral values. This relates to an international empire based on slavery by seduction to usury. This whore became rich by immoral values and seduction of the ocean of peoples, nations, languages and populations.

Clearly the flashy ‘great angel' at 10:1 does not represent Jesus!

Jesus does not stand over us in this way and cannot be legitimately presented in the way of that arrogant angel standing over the ocean of peoples; that is not his personality!

To appreciate how the “ocean of peoples, languages and populations is now misled and robbed see articles beginning at “Discussion”: www.TheMindWeb.com where the confidence trick is revealed with new clarity.

Quotes from Ancient Writings:
Archeology shows ancient Hebrew scribes to be more reliable than might be expected and the original Book of Enoch is the most revealing book of antediluvian times now existing.

Fortunately we have at least part of these writings translated from the re-discovered Dead Sea Scrolls as a help to authenticity. The following three translations will be referred to: The books of Enoch ( Dead Sea Scrolls: a translation of surviving fragments) by J. T. Milik. Enoch (Ethiopic M/S) by R. Laurence. The Book of Enoch (Ethiopic) by R. H. Charles. Author's initials at quote beginning indicate translator.

The situation we find is of raw exploitation and opportunistic selfishness such, we are told, as will not be seen again until the (now near) end times. If left exposed to the world this Watcher corruption would have deformed the program of human development so, for a time, it had to be hidden (premature knowledge can be a dangerous thing). It is significant that after being closed for the best part of two thousand years I am allowed to make this available to a more advanced human “earth”.

JTM page 142: “not for this generation but for a far off generation shall I speak”. We are now part of that “far off generation”.

Page 12: “Enoch spent … 300 years walking with God, … and then he came back on to the earth amongst the sons of men and he witnessed against all of them … and also against the Watchers.'

Watcher identity is important. We get a clue when the Watchers ask Enoch to intercede with God on their behalf. Enoch returns to them with the following response:

R. L. page 20: “You ought to pray for men not men for you … You being spiritual, holy and possessing a life that is eternal, have polluted yourselves … have begotten in carnal blood; have lusted in the blood of men and have done as those who are flesh and blood do. These however die and perish.”

P 22: “ Say, (to the watchers) In heaven have you been; secret things, however, have not been manifest to you; yet have you known a reprobated mystery, and this you have related to women … by that mystery have women and mankind multiplied evil upon earth … Never therefore shall you obtain peace.”

The Watchers overseeing the developing earth/soul of humanity were not possessed of all knowledge. They committed the unpardonable crime of mating with earth people and establishing themselves as lords of this earth. The leader is Semihazah (Satan) they abuse their moral trust and also reveal inappropriate information to early humanity.

Superior to the earth Watchers were four not on earth named Michael, Sariel, Raphael and Gabriel. Six are given in the Ethiopic version but four seems, to me, more likely. Enough of the Book of Enoch is translated from the Dead Sea Scrolls for present need and, as with all ancient writings, we find additions relating to matters irrelevant and/or misleading. It is clear that the destruction of the works of the Watchers by fire, earthquake and the “flood” left more than one group of people with part memories of pre-flood histories, these provide alternative witness.

Here is an interesting passage related to the accusation by Enoch against the watchers:

JTM: “.. and (women) are begetting children, who are not like the spiritual beings but creatures of flesh. And there shall be great wrath of God against the earth and flood … and thereafter shall come stronger wickedness than that which will be consumed in the days of Noah and his sons. For I know the mysteries … the holy ones have told me and showed me … I read … and saw written in them that generation after generation would do evil in this wise, and evil would be more and more until there arose generations of righteousness, and evil and wickedness should come to an end, and violence should cease from off the earth.

So evil is allowed to grow with the good, it gives us undeniable experience; then, at harvest, the evil seed is to be destroyed. Another interesting item:

JTM: “ .. Hence those who suffer affliction there, being punished less in regard to their spirits, they will not be afflicted with greater damage, in the day of judgement …”

So those who suffer an affliction such as of biased teaching, do, by their actions, less harm to their spirits and may expect equal justice at the judgement; quite so!

RL page 8 : “The earth deprived of her children has cried even to the gates of heaven.”

JTM page 167 : “Then the earth made the accusation against the wicked concerning everything that was done on it.”

RL pages 10-11: “Thou knowest all things before they exist … restore the earth, which the angels have corrupted; and announce life to it, that I may revive it … All the sons of man shall not perish …”

We see here that the “soul” or “spirit” of human development may, in Revelation, be referred to as “ earth or land” ; meaning the solid and everlasting in life.

Page 56 reveals the coming of Jesus: “Others shall be made to see, that they must repent, and forsake the work of their hands; and that glory awaits them not in the presence of the lord of spirits (*; yet that by his name they may be saved … And in those days shall the Elect One sit upon his throne.”

(** Elect One: the “Lamb”; Son of Man or Jesus, not an arrogant angel.)

We cannot help notice a parallel between the Adam, Eve and serpent mythology of the revised Old Testament and the behind scenes reality of the original report of ‘Watchers' who seduced earth-women, told damaging secrets and ”Multiplied evil upon the earth.” In keeping with Christian revelation Enoch also adds witness to “two days of judgment”.

The Flood is shown to be in attendance with earthquake:

RL page 78 : “In those days Noah saw that the earth became inclined, and that destruction approached. Then he lifted up his feet, and went to the ends of the earth, to the dwelling of his great-grandfather Enoch. And Noah cried out in a bitter voice, ‘Hear me; hear me; hear me; three times. And he said, tell me what is transacting upon earth; for the earth labors, and is violently shaken. Surely I shall perish with it … “

What happened to the Watchers?
The angels overseeing earth's development knew they served evil. It is reported: Semihazah said to his angels that they must all agree and not put all blame on him if there was trouble.

When trouble arrived and the kingdoms and peoples of the Watchers were destroyed, they were all devastated and extremely bitter; but they, being eternal, were not destroyed, they were confined to earth. The caretakers had set themselves up as Gods and their children were giants. These too were destroyed in the flesh, but their spirits remain.

A relevant passage from the RHC trans. Pages 36-37:

“And the spirits of the giants afflict, oppress, destroy, attack, do battle, and wreck destruction on the earth, and cause trouble; they take no food, but nevertheless hunger and thirst, and cause offences. And these spirits shall rise up against the children of men and against women, because they have proceeded from them …until the day of consummation, the great judgment . We here learn of the true origin of evil in our world culture today.

Conditions during the last days. R.L. page 162:
“In those days they who become pregnant shall go forth, carry off their children, and forsake them. Their offspring shall slip from them, and while suckling them shall they forsake them; they shall never return to them, and never instruct their beloved.”

Today more and more women become pregnant from casual sex and ‘go forth from' or never know, the father. Parents send their children to nurseries and schools; thus they forsake their care to others and allow others to instruct their beloved in crude behavior, negative values and rebellion. This foretells the social disintegration we see today; it is not meant as an itemized statement, it is a general statement of the corruption resulting from humanism.

We see the last great effort of Satan to extract revenge. He is allowed to offer the little scroll that sickens humanity and misguides millions; these turn to selfishness, immorality, drugs, betrayal and crime but the cause will be known at the judgment.

Parents, worldwide, suffer the same social pressures and, because of biased beliefs, are unable to see that afflictions are consequences of the ‘artificial loves', ‘ideals' and ‘beliefs' of humanism. Increasing corruption is the purpose of this seductive substitute for “human” offered by the anti-Christ; it is the corruption caused by what we call Globalism today. It will end with the sifting out of evil at harvest.

The destruction by flood, fire and earthquake destroyed much of the product and limited the power of those in rebellion. But cleansing and repair required an extended development and separation process.

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Of Truth
Part 2. The Word Lives in the Order of Life
Chapter 13.

The Egyptian “Book of the Dead” & “Gilgamesh Epic”
All ancient writings suffer deformity
additions caused by human bias and language translations.
Languages don't always have words of exact meaning
and translators have cultural biases.

For example: in the New English Bible (Old Testament) we find an original statement that God created both good and evil is modified and in ‘modern' Bibles often downplayed on lines of God created joy and strife. Small bias grows with time! For this reason we must always try to understand in light to the universal reality.

In particular we must practice logical assembly of ideas and a good place to begin is to write a book of our beliefs. These beliefs you then bring to logical order. Most people will find, if they are honest in wanting to know themselves, that they have a lot of self-contradictions to sort out. This is because most people think in circles and do not realize that, when they rely on “in mind” ideas, they create biases to keep within their comfort zone.

So we experience here that ancient writings may be composed from memory fragments or writings intermingled with other writing and comment reflecting the bias of scribes. The New Testament updates the Old. The Old, corrupted by age, human desire and outdated by human advance, needs careful use for instruction but provides eternal elements of the Creators revelations to add weight and witness to the eternal truth and challenge to premature interpretations.

As shown, the act of creation creates its own laws! When the Creator decides to create order the Creator must then accept the laws that bind that order. Matthew 5:18 “I tell you this: so long as heaven and earth endure, not a letter, not a stroke, will disappear from the Law until all that must happen has happened.”

Some things must be hidden from the intellectually developing human for similar reasons that children should not be exposed to knowledge of sex before they have the maturity to deal with it as part of their natural physical and intellectual growth. See our companion booklet “ Think!”

Children believe ‘fairy' stories and all manner of intellectual distortion. It has its place but when they naturally begin to understand realities they should not be encouraged to evade them. Confusion corrupts logical explanations and leads to escape into drugs or entertainments. The Jig-Saw pieces of life have to fit the reality of truth and assemble correctly. Intellectual maturity does not need drama, fiction, drugs or “miracles”.

More From the Distant Past.
Jesus tells us that our Creator is truth – this is also claimed when the Creator is presented as “Re” in Egyptian. The New Testament tells us that we can know all that is to be known of God by seeing, through the eye of reason (honest logic) the things He has made; (Romans 1:19-20). We may not want to believe that but it is true.

The Egyptian Book of the Dead
This also gives support to the Christian Testament and more meaning to end times relevant to us today.

While angels are often messengers to earth people it becomes clear that angels can be far more than messengers and far less than Gods. The heavenly host includes beings at many levels and it is now clear that all angels are not perfect or sexless but have independent will and ego that may tempt them to evil. As Jesus tells us: only God is truly good.

The Egyptian Book of the Dead has far fewer statements that are authoritative than does The Book of Enoch and has much more added by years of irrelevant inclusions such as tomb inscriptions and praise of deities created by human imagination. However, the touchstone of truth is that part withstands the test of evidence and logic.

The Egyptian Book of the Dead! Quotes from translations by T.G Allen, and by E.A. Budge. We find that early Egyptians also knew of the universal God who created all things:

TGA page 154: “I am Atum, who made the sky, who created what exists, who begat the gods; great God who came into being of himself.”

Page 89: “They are the drops of blood that dropped from the phallus of Re when he set about cutting himself. Then they became gods …They are Authority and Perception, who are in the train of their Father Atum daily.” Here we see that the Creator had to perform an act of self-mutilation. In honest reason this suggests that the creation of humanity meant giving part of His intellectual self.

Life and creation, by their own order, create “authority” (laws or principles) and “perception” (vision to see logical relationships). These allow understanding of what exists. Is our science today better able to express these truths or even recognize them?

In Egyptian our God is called Re and is the head or personification of Atum. Our Bible tells us: “When all things began, the Word already was. The word dwelt with God and what God was the Word was.”

Page 157: “My head is Re, and the total (of me) is Atum.”

Page 160: I am Re, who came forth from the deep. (The God) is my Soul. I came into being of myself together with the deep and sky and earth in this my name … I am Atum, who came forth from the deep. His Soul goes forth in this sky … to this earth .. ‘Dying is my abomination; I enter not into the execution place of the Nether World.”

Of interest: Set = Semihazah = Satan. Each culture has its own language. In Egyptian, Horus fought with Set and defeated him. In the battle Horus receives a damaged eye while Horus snatches off the testicles of Set. The damage to the eye of Horus represents damage done by the mischief of the Watchers to the vision for earth's human development. While the damage to Set represents deletion of his liberty to procreate greater harm. This battle, to be meaningful in its day, is described as physical but, as the contestants are immortal, it is spiritual.

As witnessed with the “Book of Enoch” and Christian revelations, the evil angels were confined to earth. Egyptian and Sumerian writings illustrate events up to the destruction but not later, they also show clearly how quickly human desires reconstruct gods to their own liking.

Today we can see that a number of groups escaped the destruction by fire, earthquake and flood; described by our “revised” Old Testament as flood only. Old Testament pieces reveal a larger picture but only the Hebrew Testament continues after the flood to confirm this as the nation of chosen people.

The Gilgamesh Epic and Ancient Writings from India
These writings also bear witness to a catastrophic event and show that more than one group escaped the destruction of the Watchers Empire.

There are many cultural memories but two more quotes should suffice to show a real connection between ancient events and our situation today. The Sumerians are said to have been a dark-haired, non-Semitic people, but have folk memory of ark and flood similar to that of the Hebrew.

The Gilgamesh Epic seems no more than a novel though the leading character has serious connections and some descriptions relate too closely to Testament fragments to be ignored. Our reference is “The Gilgamesh Epic and Old Testament Parallels” by Alexander Heidel.

Gilgamesh was offspring of the Watchers (though ‘Watchers' is not a word used in the Sumerian translation). His personality fits the description of a strong, brash, giant living a wild earthy life. His delight was to take each maiden of the city on her wedding night.

We are told of a man warned by God to build an ark and in this instance the advice included the saving of crafts people as well as animals. This is reflected in crafts abilities of early Sumerians who built a city while early Hebrews were wandering herdsmen.

Page 85 tells us of the last days of the Sumerian homeland:
“The Anunnaki (the judges of the underworld) raised
Lighting up the land with their brightness;
The raging of Adad reached into heaven
Turned into darkness all that was light.
The land he broke like a pot
The gods were terror stricken at the deluge.
They fled (and) ascended to the heaven of Anu;
The gods cowered like dogs (and) crouched in distress
Ishtar cried out like a woman in travail;
The lovely voiced lady of the gods lamented:
In truth, the olden times has turned to clay,
Because I commanded evil in the assembly of the gods!
How could I command (such) evil in the assembly of ………..the gods!
(How) could I command war to destroy my people,
it is I who bring forth (these) my people!
Like the spawn of fish they (now) fill the sea
The Anunnaki-gods wept with her
The gods sat bowed (and) weeping.
The wind blew, the downpour, the tempest,
the flood overwhelmed the land”.

The raising of torches from the underworld represents volcanic action. The turning of light into darkness indicates smoke, volcanic dust and cloud cover. The land broken like a pot shows earthquake activity. Ancient writings give witness to the same event as described by people of different places and languages.

From A History of Indian Philosophy, pages 14-15, a time of re-settlement again confronts us. We are told parts of the Rig Veda may have been composed “before Aryan people entered the plains of India …they therefore reflect the civilization … before and after they came to India .” We are told of chariots and wagons, of cattle husbandry, agriculture, water canals, wood workers and delicate carvings. Of metal workers: smiths and potters continuing their trade: there is also plating, weaving and sewing. …

Study now proves the relevance of ancient knowledge. Had it not been for the bias inserted by Satanism this would be now scientifically evaluated and accepted.

Can we see we are being told it is time to accept our true nature – time to acknowledge that the testaments were originally “From Almighty God” ? Can we see that we should no longer be confused to believe we are mere biological robots or playthings of chance but are designed by intelligence to achieve intelligent things? We have a future of creativity and adventure quite beyond any ability of ‘programmed' animals.

Can we now see that the story of Adam and Eve and their seduction reflects the general story of humanity – the story of our trial by temptation, our fall and of our rescue; this, all at the same time, being woven into progressive development of our human intellectual potential? This could not have been provided by chance.

We are offered a place in creation! Let us apologize to the intellect that created us; wipe the slate clean; rebuild community in accord with the truth and a humanity that we can now appreciate.

On the verge of our human future all we need is enough faith in truth to step out of past confusions and give trust to our intellectual spirit.

Our world is in a sick and dangerous state; our human cultures are full of inhumanity, fear, despair and corruption. We enter Armageddon and need to use our creative intelligence for survival and future progress. Let those who will, take up this challenge.

Note: The Great Whore: Revelation 17-18. Represents commerce; the corrupt and usurious banking system and the beastly side of mankind; the seven hills are seven ancient powers in secret alliance to create private world government – they are the seven thunders that answered Satan's shout.

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Of Truth
Part 3. The fight for Law and Order.
Chapter 14.

In Our Times

Matthew 24:22
If that time of troubles were not cut short,
no living thing could survive…”

The Testaments still give valuable guidance but it is time for humanity to become adult – for mankind's metamorphosis to true humanity and to make responsible use of our given intellectual ability. We now know a lot about ourselves and it is time to discriminate between the truth revealed by an intelligent Creator and the corrupt word of man.

If we take the Testaments on trust and without faith in truth, we have to believe the creator to be both brilliantly intelligent and extremely stupid -- brutal; gentle; generous; demanding; arrogant; understanding, etc. But that picture, of course, reflects our own erratic progress from mankind to humanity.

A hint from Revelations
The Revelation of John 11: 7-11: (but read 11: 3-12) “ And I have two witnesses … dressed in sackcloth …But when they have completed their testimony, the beast that comes up from the abyss will wage war upon them and defeat and kill them. Their corpses will lie in the streets of the great city, whose name in allegory is Sodom or Egypt , where also their Lord was crucified. For three days and a half, men from every people and tribe, every language and nation, gaze upon their corpses and refuse them burial. All men on earth gloat over them, make merry, and exchange presents; for these two prophets were a torment to the whole earth. But at the end of the three days and a half the breath of life from God came into them; and they stood up on their feet to the terror of all who saw it. Then a loud voice was heard speaking to them from heaven, which said, ‘Come up here!' …”

Let us not be petty about semantics; at heart I think you will recognize the two prophets as the Old and New Testaments. They are now dead in the eyes of authorities overcome by worship of the bestiality of our animal bodies. But none dares give them burial (they are given lip-service by law, by church and by parliaments). Though all devote themselves to celebration and the pleasures of the flesh. These two, in fact, still torment our conscience even as our faith is shamed by a belief in chance as our creator.

The two Testaments, lying dead in the streets of the bestial city of usury ( The Great Whore** ), wait on human intellect devoted to truth to reveal the intelligent Creator and thereby justify them. This will terrify many!

These two, when revealed as true prophets, will have completed their work. Humanity may then step out of the darkness to live in accord with understanding of our true nature. No longer will we rely on polluted evidence for guidance and warning we will know our true selves and act more and more in life's harmony.

Can we see that we were/are being told of a time when we accept our true nature – of a time when the world must acknowledge that the testaments were originally “From Almighty God” ? Can we see that we no longer need be confused to believe we are biological robots? Can we see that we are neither playthings of chance nor pastime for a bored Creator, but are intelligence designed to serve as intelligent beings?

We, no doubt, still have challenges to face – intellectual development to accomplish. No doubt our ultimate purpose will, for a time, remain hidden, but we (those alert to the challenge) must now see that we have a future of creativity quite beyond that of animal ‘programmed' biology.

A life's Work
Quote: "Knowledge will forever govern ignorance: and a People who mean to be their own governors, must arm themselves with the power which knowledge gives." James Madison (Former US President) to WT Barry, 1822.

Nearing the end of a life's work I think that, to the limits of my ability, the important truths relating to our world, culture, human development and creation have been covered. I am not here to give sight to those too egotistic to open their eyes; my work is not to bash into submission those who will never admit they are in error even where the cost is life; their own or others. Nor am I here to nursemaid those who think the world owes them a living, or beg the corrupt to change their ways. The quality of life, the corruption people live with, that is their choice, their concern and their responsibility.

I do not know you; I cannot discriminate against you, but if longing for truth is buried within it will surface; a Christian duty is to help those searching gain the opportunity to find their true selves.

Many will strive to maintain their mythical democracy and worship their mythical ideology to the end, but I am not one of the little scouts who were having so much trouble helping the old lady across the street – because she did not want to go across the street. My work is to help those who have a love of truth and justice.

When young I sought to do independent research. However as time and experience progressed, it became obvious that I must also stand on the shoulders of others and that is where a sound foundation proved essential. One needs to know enough of truth that truth becomes recognizable to the extent that useful decisions may be made without losing sight of the need to avoid fixations.

The example of Gramsci is convenient. Quote: “ The Italian Marxist thinker Antonio Gramsci, while under Fascist imprisonment, developed the concept of cultural hegemony: ‘control people's minds, and their hearts and hands will follow'. Gramsci explained how one dominant class can establish its control over others through ideological dominance. Whereas orthodox Marxism explains social structure as shaped by economic forces, Gramsci adds the crucial cultural dimension. He showed how, once ideological authority (“or cultural hegemony”) is established, the use of covert violence to impose control can become superfluous.” Comment by Henry C K Liu.

Essentials for social safety are not publicized in our culture; we need to find explanations for ourselves! Years passed before I became aware that Gramsci had formulated ‘ideological control' as a Marxist doctrine for improved population control but still, despite all evidence, it is almost impossible to convince people that we are enslaved by ideology and paralyzed by fear of self-responsibility.

Most cannot now see that Capitalism and Communism are just two wings of the same bird each representing elitist rule by deceit, theft and trickery; or that both are seduced by immoral reward. Given warning of what they do to us, we, in a cocoon of arrogant animal pleasures, ignore it.

We fail to see that enslavement is most easily enforced when “Ideological Religion” directs behavior and social attitudes. How long will this mindless selfishness control and destroy us? How long will faith in fake democracy blind to all its contradictions?

For me to uncover the significance of “ideological dominance” before finding Gramsci, required the time saving insight of others. Early cultures were also governed by beliefs, but beliefs less deliberately imposed and less effective than those of today. Cultural tricks and gradualism, enhanced by the use of the Hegelian Dialectic process of sly persuasion, needed exposure along with the “Public Relations” deceits of Bernays.

Globalism used the seemingly opposed philosophies of capitalism and communism to insert a non-theist philosophy of belief by public relations deceit. Division, confusion, and competition-induced loyalties were essential to the success of this new-world take-over.

If the human spirit is not dedicated to truth so that caring and progressive enlightenment advance to our benefit, then caring turns to misuse and anti-social pleasures. Progress of capitalist and socialist populations turn to self-destructive animalism and it is irrelevant to the outcome that those starting a backward progress might have had sincerely good intentions. We are still, as Jesus told us two thousand years ago, slaves.

The Experience of time.
We stand on shoulders of others to gain the wisdom of ages. Winston Churchill is reported to have said (1922) to the London Press: "From the days of Sparticus, Wieskhopf, Karl Marx, Trotsky, Rosa Luxembourg, and Emma Goldman, this world conspiracy has been steadily growing. This conspiracy played a definite recognizable role in the tragedy of the French revolution. It has been the mainspring of every subversive movement during the 19th century. And now at last this band of extraordinary personalities from the underworld of the great cities of Europe and America have gripped the Russian people by the hair of their head and have become the undisputed masters of that enormous empire”. E.Q.

But it began away back with the “Watchers” and progress was even more sly than Churchill saw. We now know more of the New World Order, more of social sciences, more of what is at stake, and more of the lengths to which Satanists will go for ownership of Earth. So we now have less reason, or excuse for closed eyes.

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Of Truth
Part 3. The fight for Law and Order.
Chapter 15.

The War against Humanity

Matthew 24:8
“With all these things the birth-pangs of a new age begin.”

With this warning in mind let us remember our history, our growing knowledge and increasing failures. We now better understand our creation and the origin of the war against humanity as salvaged from Ancient Writings. So let us again glance inwardly.

Danger increases by the day and human relationships, along with national and international problems, multiply week by week. In politics, business and family we appear to have lost all moral standards along with concern for responsible behavior. The rich grow richer and gullibility expands to accommodate bigger lies.

We know that Creation belief is the principle base for human behavior – it is our base for life's meaning, for how we see our past, our future, our morals, our justice, and ourselves.

So why are we so careless? Why no fear? Why so easily deceived? Why do we, without question, accept what pseudo ‘authorities' tell us? Do we feel that being responsible for our actions is too big a load to bear? Did the promotions and seductions of our animal passions overpower us? Was it our own entire fault?

Basically the fall of man was a result of our seduction to worship of the beast, the animal side of our being. We now have answers, but we must each accept a degree of personal responsibility for today's problems.

We are an unfinished creation in process of fulfilling the purpose of our design. We had to see hell through the fires of temptation! We had to learn from and be strengthened by our mistakes! We needed to discover and master the conflict between beast and human! We had our human potential to develop and truth was there to be found. Good and evil live in the nature of our creation and are part of our development.

Some are true seed and some are agents of Satan, some will fail and some triumph, that, is a need of our nature! Those who find their designed nature will find a world where the prey and the predator in us walk side by side. No longer will we use each other to satisfy greed, prides and prejudices – no longer will we sacrifice others to satisfy lusts.

Dictatorial authority cannot allow visibility; it would destroy the fake humanist ideology. So what excuse have Christians for their lack of faith in truth?

Given present knowledge it cannot be honestly argued that any form of life: animal, insect, reptile, bird or mankind was created by chance. The mechanism whereby species genes are organized as needed is not yet uncovered but it is logical that, in a developing creation, they are triggered by opportunities of environment. Natural forces, by mutation, destroy unneeded genes; once lost to a species chance cannot replace it, e.g., the vitamin ‘C' gene said originally to be in human makeup.

The detailed design of a structure that allows life-forms to assemble as needed and adapt to a developing world, may seem miraculous, but only intellect can foresee need and design for it. Original genetic structure is ordered so as to assemble life-forms that are flexible to stages of earth's development. Embryo development and metamorphosis may contain clues to the mechanism.

Given intellect to understand ourselves in today's world man alone among animals has both the mental gift and the physical means to advance: creative intellect in the spiritual train of our Creator! We cannot blame God that we fail to use our gifts.

The Evolution tapes say Christians listening to the evolution story ask: “Where is a place for God in this?” “God” is a pre-Christian image for the Creator! When Jesus of Nazareth revealed that God is Truth He revealed the need for scientific understanding of creation. Truth as God is a revelation for the 21st century. Christians should ask, “Where is truth in the evolution religion”? When the question is put in this way it is more pertinent. Creation by Intelligence is proven so let us look at what we have made of life.

We abuse our trust.
Church elders and educators abuse children and ignore their own moral teachings. International aid workers abuse children and those they claim to care about and save.

Authorities and mass media campaign against child abuse but are themselves responsible for promoting and defending the ideology that is not only the worst child abuse possible but is itself the root cause of almost all the activity they so hypocritically complain of.

Does any thoughtful person think that the (2003) so-called ‘war' on terror made the world a safer place?

Now that the wasps of anger and revenge, and the mosquitoes of fear and hate, and the jackals of opportunism, all these along with the tigers and lions of arrogance and pride all multiply and increasingly advance, is that an advance for humanity, truth and justice? Are these truly signs of an advancing humanity?

The eagles of scorn fly high but we can help cut the reign of iniquity short! This is only a reminder of extensive and growing problems related to corruption, law, environment, economics and politics. We are surrounded and strangled by deceit, confusion and corruption because we accept false gods, but Armageddon does not need be prolonged.

For more on modern social science and how it is used against us see articles on “TheMindWeb.

In a rapidly over-crowding world we should not be surprised that those with the power of unlimited wealth might feel apart from those they have degraded – or that they seek to protect themselves and their families by conducting a secret war against, what they see as, the “profane”. Most war and genocide plans develop around issues far less serious.

Immoral political values and powers have been long apparent; hidden world government, we now see, has operated over centuries. We do live by false ideology. Globalism does govern by “plutocracy” and plans ownership of earth. Globalists believe they are entitled, by victory, to eliminate the great mass of earth's residents as contaminants wasting resources, damaging environment and threatening the elitist future.

The identity of these families is not important! Looking for them distracts from our best action. We do not need to know them to defeat them or punish them, no human punishment fits their crimes; leave them to God! Party political systems cannot be democratic, evidence goes far into the past. Usury and party spirit are an ageless cancer undermining human development. Here are three more witnesses against this elitist system of government:

  1. Penguin: “Plato: THE Laws” . Dating back over 2,000 years; quote:
    Each side passes it's time in narrow scrutiny of the other, apprehensive lest someone with memories of past injustices should gain some offices and start a revolution. Of course, our position is that this kind of arrangement is very far from being a genuine political system; we maintain that laws which are not established for the good of the whole state are bogus laws, and when they favor particular sections of the community, their authors are not citizens but party men .” End quote.
  2. Roman historian Livy; quote: “ The struggle between parties is and will always remain, a worse misfortune for the people than war, famine, plague or other manifestation of God's wrath .” EQ.
  3. Barry Cohen, news columnist and ex Australian M.P. 4/7/1995; quote: “ Only a minuscule proportion of the population are members of political parties and, as these parties are controlled by an elite, it ensures the decision as to who represents us in parliament is in the hands of very, very few .” and: “ …all bar a handful of senior ministers learned quickly that if they wanted something special to occur then there were key people in the P.M's office who had to be convinced first,” …
    “Some will holler that they are merely advisers putting forward a range of options from which the government may choose. That's what they should be doing but many go well beyond that.” EQ.

That is the way of party politics. The parties compete in the game of “serve the power” with spite and jealousy against each other while usurious elitism disguises its own violence with claims to defend us against dangers they create.

By creating hardship and injustice they engineer violence. They manipulate the desperate to desperate acts and then claim to avenge the death of innocent people by imposing further public restraints or causing death to innocent thousands. For more detailed information on our world situation read TheMindWeb literature.

The world is mind-manipulated to believe democracy is gained by electing parties but honest thought exposes this lie. Principles of democracy are not upheld; parties cannot govern on behalf of the people. ‘Parties' are vested interests quislings and by nature corrupt, but the brainwashed find frail excuses for avoiding their democratic duties.

Many, aware we have no democracy, accept corruption because of fear; fear is our foe. Enhanced fears are among the best aids those who corrupt our minds have. Others feel comfortable and ignore their peril. Elitist power rests on a usurious system of finance. Its weak link – the “party” system. Fear is our weakness.

Why do so many have the same instant defense of the party system? Why do they make the claim that if we elect our own candidates these will soon form parties?

This totally misrepresents the difference between democracy and the party system. It also exposes that they are mind manipulated because any reasoning person would see this! That so many give this instant defense shows that they have not thought, or are unable to reason. Globalism promotes an image of democracy but their weakness becomes clear when we see that by standing firm to choose and elect our own representatives, we govern them.

We do not have to elect the shallow selfish egotists chosen by agents of Globalism. We do not have to elect the ego driven candidates chosen for their weak-minded worship of money and power. We do not have to elect candidates who are blind to human responsibilities and who will do anything to bathe in the limelight and bliss of ignorance.

We do not have to let an alien elitism instill values and ideals to delude children and abort their human potential. We do not have to bow meekly to a mass-media-glorified ideal called “freedom of speech” that is no more than a permit for liars and deceivers! We do not have to ignore that only “freedom of truth” gives access to the human potential and guarantees the human future.

By financial illusion, Globalists control commerce and unlimited wealth! They are the ‘city' our Creator calls, “ The Great Whore” . The Great Whore is the God given image for the usury system that impoverishes and drains the human spirit. Its wealth and power is a mirage – an image promoted through the reins of the Party system.

Only by deceits and imposed ignorance do they manipulate us into accepting them. When humanity rises to defend itself, the wealth and power illegally amassed will be reclaimed: justice confiscates all gains of crime. Honest finance makes book entry money worthless. Globalists cannot defeat the truth and their supporters will suffer the Globalist fate.

Globalism is a criminal culture:
Congressman Larry P. McDonald, (1976): "The drive of the Rockefellers and their allies is to create a one-world government combining supercapitalism and Communism under the same tent, all under their control.... Do I mean conspiracy? Yes I do. I am convinced there is such a plot, international in scope, generations old in planning, and incredibly evil in intent." E.Q.

Many are quoted to show that our world situation is not just one opinion based only on one research and experience. Pseudo authorities of today's establishment insist there is no conspiracy; that truth does not exist; that every opinion is only a thought of no more value than others. But, as earlier pointed out, if there is no truth then what they want us to believe cannot be true – and it's not.

If all evidence was quoted this writing would be very long indeed but; who would have time to read it? Enough is enough. We see in ancient times that ‘elitists' had exactly the same attitude to the ‘common' people as they promote today. We are regressed by Globalist teachings to the point where Christian understanding is hidden and an outer worship (humanist ideology) “effective but imperfect for the profane” is imposed. As recorded in our most ancient writings the criminal ‘elitists' resurrect the same enslaving deceits to serve the same forces.

Why dispute with politicians as to whether this is a “conspiracy”? Why not just expose it as being in the nature of our corruption to worship of our bestial image? Our situation is not entirely our own fault but we must all share the blame for letting it come to this.

To distinguish between good and evil is the challenge of our development. We cannot just claim Christianity, sit back and leave it to God. If we love truth too little to sacrifice for it then we aid the untruth and are rightly seen as against truth. What major Christian church today loves truth enough to turn to science and expose the evolution myth?

Our Health:
Here we find government agencies banning healthy products and promoting the unhealthy. Industries spend large sums to remove nutrition from foods and promote unhealthy flavors.

Such inhumanity is so difficult to accept that we excuse it as greed for money. That is our sedation! We know and accept greed for money. Because we have in common the mark of the beast we excuse it. If we faced that greed has consequences that may penetrate far beyond the accumulation of money, even so far as cultural genocide, then we might treat it with the caution and suspicion it deserves.

Global agents choose for us representatives who crave money. Pride helps these feel good about their criminal values. When, in turn, these choose people to serve a commission to monitor or regulate goods or services they choose easily manipulated people: their own kind. Be alert! We need health of body and mind to defeat Globalism.

Party leaders, chosen for pride and fixations, can be persuaded to take a nation to war blind to the fact that it may be the moral equal of mass murder. They quickly see promise of wealth and acclaim but ignore shame and disaster.

Those who fail to reason for themselves become saves to Philosophy and Ideology. “The Stockholm Syndrome”, (themindweb) shows primitive survival instincts to be inappropriate to the development of humanity.

This is not a war of soldiers; this war is fought with medicines, drugs, foods stripped of nutrition. Foods contaminated with artificial fertilizers, insecticides and chemicals. Common foods pass no health test and can increase cancers, heart attacks and general disability. (See “Codex” articles for the campaign to ban natural nutrients.)

This is a war fought with lies, deceptions, banks and bankcards; with advertising, fake medications, deformed social fashions, and sexual misuse; with lying propaganda and gradual corruption; with trapping people in poverty and despair. It will be fought, increasingly, with torments fear and shame. Unlike normal war this attacker pretends friendship – friendship offering fun, love and seduction, but conceiving hopelessness. This is a war against the human spirit: true genocide.

But almost as contemptible are those who have opportunity to know what is happening but do not care enough to lift a finger; roll over in bed; or make any effort – those who fear to face the reality lest they be shamed into the simple effort of helping save themselves.

For further view of the massive evidence showing our level of mind enslavement; the means by which our culture was corrupted; how simply it was achieved and its purpose: see “Human Manipulation”, “Globalism Brainwash”, “Think”, and “The Crimson Crime of Arrogance”, and other literature at: www.themindweb.com for quick read see additions from 2004-5

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Of Truth
Part 3. The fight for Law and Order

A Gift of Chastisement.
In poetic harmony.


"The time has come" (as the walrus said)
"to speak of many things":
Now man may shed his heathen ways
to borrow angels wings.
In new guise he may venture forth
a whole new world to see
while the 'old world' he used to know
it never more will be.

Or will he keep his manly toys,
his bombs and drugs and such,
and treasure most the met-alloys
and love the carbon touch.
Will innocence - sophisticate -
still mock with paint its face
while love lies prostrate to desire
throughout this 'manly' race.

The choice is yours and you should know
you can have as you choose,
but know that when you bet your life,
you have to win - or lose.
You cannot stay just as you are
our time does pass on by
and what you choose may lead to life
or let it wither - die.


A Man(kind) that will not listen

In the meaning of Creation
and a Word that made it live
for a Man that will not listen
to the voice that's never still,
there's an ever living sorrow and a sadness gaining ground.

We dedicate intelligence
to scorn all common sense
when explaining our Creation
and see no consequence
for denial of our science or the truth of providence.

Even churches fail to spread
the true message of the Christ
and what our Jesus said
is deformed with human hype;
our ego stands almighty as we talk to justify.

Our pride is our undoing
we see things as we want;
we cover up the human truth
to humanism flaunt.
As falsehoods twist our nature we poison our own roots.

We drive the young to madness
with noise (is that fate?)
and we make art out of junk scraps
to reflect our mental state.
Yes, we take all good and spoil it, for our cause - sophisticate.

When lies all plastic coated,
are enforced as vital truths
and the whistle-blower taunted
for lack of corporate roots,
then Man is really lifting, by straps tied to his boots.

Life cannot, just continue
to pile madness on insane,
the virtual reality
will not itself sustain:
false theories don't build bridges and truth will come, with pain.


Modern Man

Modern man is younger than he was.
Though never mature
he's now less sure.
He sees life as through dark glass
or mists that pass
and cannot grasp a meaning.

He whimpers at the troubles that beset him.
Talks of pollution
and ecological restitution.
Ignorant of political scheming
to keep him dreaming.
He fears international finance on the boil
while cities spoil
and populations multiply over misused soil.

All uncaring he tramples flowers
insensitive to the hours
of their forming.
Possessions strewn about the floor
(where they're from there's plenty more).
Cast off rubbish street by street
(someone's paid to keep it neat).
he cost of living soaring.

Fair labor now no pride or joy
a man sincere can revere.
Though he must realize
even through misted eyes
that home and clothes and garden hose -
all things he may deduce
are in some way the produce
of labor.

He finds life now - well - rather dull
He seeks drugs to enliven.
He now thinks sex "just real good fun"
and beastliness is rising.
Now reason's out and fun is in
tomorrow is an oldies sin,
non-violence is the thing to do
(excepting those opposing you)
and love just compromising.

Before a screen he sits for hours
feeling naught of sun or showers.
A shadow world he lives and breathes
for fake sorrows, fakely grieves
His world perceptions - shadows now
and yet the fates demand – somehow
that real milk come from living cow.

Yes man is less mature than he was.
Reality passes.
Life bypasses.
Educated to serve his own desires
he learns to believe
he can deceive – his soul.



What is life - but reality - but truth.
The path of life - the endless thread - the breath unseen.
How teasingly through labyrinth it wends.
False trails trodden futilely to failure.
Crooked passages pinched off by death.
Distillery of life.
So carefully evading
all endings that are no more than had they never been
it endlessly flows on.

A life not based on truth is fraud;
a flimsy thing;
a fantasy;
a thing that comes and goes;

A frustration filled with unknown terrors.
Opportunity denied;
A chance to live but lost in time - in space.

Love truth.
Honor beyond all shallow ends.
On truth,
reality depends.


The Challenge of Principle

Shall we then, be above the ideals we propound,
or shall we look to them, also, ourselves?
Shall we be free of the principles we so graciously utter?
Or the burden we submit, shall we not bend to it?

If we live up to our ideals, then we have none.
But do we have them more if we ignore them.
Should they not shine for us like a guiding star
never in our grasp but yet not quite beyond us?

And will man confuse his ideals with his principles?
Are they the same?
Are his principles not his very foundation
and if he fails them is he not ashamed?

Does not life exist only by virtue of true principles?
And does not life die when true principles depart?
Should we not seek truth before life knowing
the way to life is truth and all untruth is dead?

I enter life an empty vessel.
Shall I be filled with whatever my environment pours forth so
and shall I be sealed to stand in line for the pleasures of fate?
Shall I be an empty vessel standing open by the roadway
to be filled with the filth and cast-off things of the multitude?

Or shall I challenge the eager filler and say: "What guides

And shall I avoid the multitude - slaves to the easy path - a little?
Shall I not hide from a love which seeks to rule me
and seek the truth of the burr that spikes my foot?
Do I know the path that fate so desperately denies me,
and the love that lies beyond the stony ground?

Do I seek truth - enchanting strange beguiling
and hear the strangers voice and feel his hand?
Do I know them, I have a choice and I am free then
to defeat those desires first placed in my mind.
Then I may go where truth, not chance, may lead me
and not walk blind, controlled, my life confined.


Oh man!

Oh man!
You with your iron lungs and your heart transplants,
your wonder drugs and your blood transfusions.
Your technology that can create a diamond,
or take you to the moon,
or lay bare a continent.
You with your biology whereby you may glimpse your construction
and destruction.
Where are you going man?
You who have learned so well how to save a life,
have you learned how to live?

Oh man!
You turned away from me
to the tree.
Your world is filled with noise.
0Is it singing or is it screaming?

Oh man!
You have taken your baby's birthright for your pleasure.
Your hearts are hard, even more so than your arteries.
The "Great Whore" of commerce, "bedecked with many
she is sick.
Her stench fills the air
and the waterways,
yes, and even into the countryside.

Oh man!
You turned from me.
But what I did say to you, has it not proven true?
In your foolishness you claim freedom
and are enslaved.
Would you have sacrificed yourself,
you would have been saved.
Would you have been as a servant you would have been served
so much better.

Oh man!
You with your paint and beer and fancy gear.
Your false hair and false breasts.
You turned from me in the name of living,
but where is your life?

Oh man!
I am the way; I am truth; I am life.

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Of Truth – as related to Self and Society
2005 Edition
End Piece

Congratulations to all truly seeking truth. I trust this booklet has made possible a more realistic appreciation of the force of our creation along with the forces creating our discomfort. May we now use life more efficiently to the benefit of all.

Hopefully we now see more clearly the meaning of the text:
“Those who live by the sword will die by the sword”.

This is not about a sword of steel. Physical weapons do not threaten our spiritual survival. Nor does physical activity! Only the two-edged sword of truth and our mental attitude have power to threaten our spiritual lives. It is those who deform truth to take advantage of others who, heedless and uncaring, will suffer for the injustice they create and live by. When we misuse truth to destroy others we destroy ourselves. Only “truth” can set you free.

Who am I? Those who think the position of the person making a statement give it its value, or that the worldly authority of a speaker adds truth to it, are a danger to themselves and others. It is for you to judge the truth of that which is presented.

Internet publication by Alan Gourley

Please feel free to distribute complete copies
or promote on your www site.
Internet edition detailed for improved clarity
and enlarged June 2005