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Chapter 1: We are confused
Chapter 2: A hard look at ourselves:
Chapter 3: We Can Learn from our Mistakes:
Chapter 4: Wake up World!
Chapter 5: Who are They? Who are We?
Chapter 6: The Health War Continued:
Chapter 7: Truth is the only base for Life:


The purpose of this booklet is to introduce the real world to those who want to know what is really going on. We discuss irrational community behavior, its cause and consequences. The evidence for logical interpretation and remedy is in this booklet and/or in other literature on www.themindweb.com which is not a large site; all is easily accessible from the “Home Page”.


Human Intelligence
Today most people in ‘western' cultures believe that we were created by chance events in a universe that came into existence by … ?? No answer, “Big Bang from zero” is just a way of saying “No idea”.

We are told that this theory is fact based on science but the only fact is that it is still called a theory rather than a scientific theory. This is because there is no actual hard scientific evidence that can be produced to support it. There has been no answer to writing covering twenty-five years that exposes evolution by chance and natural selection as fraud (and includes a $10,000 challenge over a major part of that time). Those who seriously investigate find that the ‘scientific' evidence given to support this theory (the base for humanist philosophy) is actually a composition of ‘plausible' mythology.

We are misled because we think that so many intelligent people cannot be so fooled for so long, but the ‘science' of many past civilizations, and existing religions and cultural beliefs, prove otherwise. Emotion, pride and the comfort of peer group support often make fools of the most intelligent of this world. All who want to make beneficial use of their given intellect must first learn to allow for, and take continual account of, emotional biases.

Ask yourself this: If those who promote the chance creation theory really believe it why are they so frantic about having us believe it? If there is no intelligence behind our creation; no future beyond this life, then there is no benefit or loss to come from how we behave; so why should what anyone else believes or does, concern them?

If we are just animals gaining no benefit from living other than avoiding hurt and gaining what simple animal pleasures we can obtain in our lifetime, then why are they so desperate to have us believe this? As pointed out on site much of our social trouble, suicides, murders and bad behavior, is the logical consequence of this imposed belief.

After all, if they really believe their story and are intelligent enough to see what consequences it has, it cannot matter to them what we individually believe or what we do? Who we kiss or kill is not going to make any difference in their mindless scheme of life.

In fact the most logical reason for their stubborn persistence would be that childish pride stands between them and truth, and they become frantic at the thought that others may make use of the wonderful opportunities of life while they miss out; this is a curse of jealousy.

If their belief is true the number of people happy or starving to death is irrelevant. If they really cared about us (with no scientific logic or evidence to say they should) then they would want us to believe whatever gives us most satisfaction. Mindless pleasure is the only benefit available and if we get that from an overdose of drugs as we pass into oblivion that's life and that's our fleeting and meaningless satisfaction.

Strange is not the word for their attitude. If they really believe what they tell us, and are intelligent, then how can they be so totally illogical? Why are they blind to the meaning of what they say? So, if you think YOUR life is worth living, don't throw it away because some idiots make up plausible explanations to disguise their emptiness.

Life is a wonderful opportunity and it really is worth a little of your time to check out the logical and scientific reality.

Intellectual Development
An editorial mentioned development of human intelligence as being vital to our future; we know that we use only a small part of our brain-power! Actually, as a general rule, because of indoctrinated beliefs the great majority now tend to use only the minimum of intelligence and instinct needed to maintain animal bodies and lifestyles. We will see why.

Research (at least that brought to public attention) appears to be directed to artificial intelligence rather than development of human potential. Also, no doubt, intellectual development is not the whole story but must include human caring and adventure. Nevertheless the awakening of our human potential is likely to be a process that is quite basic: a matter of honesty, caring self-discipline and attention to detail.

We know that some people are born strangely gifted. We also know that intellectual development can begin before birth and be increased by good nutrition, a stimulating or challenging environment and mind challenging games, etc. But a child also needs “alone time” for quiet contemplation and the individual learning process of thinking through ideas.

Research in development of human intelligence appears to be confined to private effort. Government in general (for very basic reasons as you will see) does not encourage development of our huge untapped potential.

Regular readers of this site will be more advanced and more interested in our subjects. So it is hoped that some may have read, experienced or have some contribution or suggestion that may stimulate discussion and help us make headway in relation to this exciting and urgent need.

This site relates to the truth of human life as a basic entirety. Even to clearly see that Christian development is the only science based program we have – that truth is the name of our God in this century and that truth means being sincere with what is true/correct/honest/accurate rather than with what is incorrect/lies/dishonest/faulty etc., is quite a leap of faith for many today.

Yes, even to accept the above is to stimulate and expand our enthusiasm for intellectual advance and a useful step to intellectual development. We are not talking of cutting edge science here. Though the robbery of our mind is by a sophisticated plan that has biased a lot of our natural thinking ability we can still have access to basic knowledge as a result of combining learning to read with natural curiosity about life and creation.

“The nature of true science is a marriage of logic and evidence. Today the cause and the practical cure of our political, cultural and health problems is visible. The cause is promoted belief in a marriage of emotion and lies called chance creation.
The cure is public exposure. No logic or science has been offered to challenge the fact, science or logic presented at TheMindWeb – no challenge has been brought here. We also affirm that we can never gain our social ideal without dedication to TRUTH above all ego set desires; that is the law and nature of the creation of which we are part.”

So who are these people who can impose religion and enforce it with law? Globalists: that is the name we give them today. It is they who impose Humanist religion and enforce it by law. Why? It's a strange story of ill-gotten power and greed! The base for the Humanist religion is the Theory of Evolution by Chance and Natural Selection. Once we accept belief in chance creation and Humanist religion we become slaves to blind guides. If you doubt the power of this devil's brew read Chapter 4 of Globalism Brainwash .

If they could force their power on governments (including the USA in 1907) what power do you think they have developed a hundred years later? Do not be fooled by ‘charitable' donations to medical research and Universities. That governments give tax benefits to such donations is only camouflage to keep from the public that universities become strong because they accept Globalist money and serve the Globalist Empire.

So now let us look at our social behavior under influence of Humanist religion! Let's continue in terms of our everyday expressions of human intelligence.


Think! Chapter 1.
We are Confused

I Read A Letter

Yes just another boring repetition of so many public letters, statements, complaints, protests. How many have we seen over recent years: hundreds, thousands, hundreds of thousands. How many protest groups; how many action groups; how much complaint in newspapers, on radio and on-line. But how little of concern directed to personal responsibility.

As French writer, Bastiat * “The Law” suggests, protestors are not just protesting against injustice, what many really want is to take part in the plunder. Example: The ‘political' “Greens” claim concern for environment but don't show much care for people. Do they want to be part of that world establishment that makes slaves of the producing class for its own benefit?

* (Our review: “Slavery by Law” ). The Law by Frederick Bastiat; 1850. Dean Russell translation 1950. Publisher: " The Foundation for Economic Education, inc., " USA.)

Unfortunately there are not many people old enough to recall that there was a time when protest marches and groups organized for complaint against government were a novelty, or to remember when drug addicted teenagers were, to most citizens, unknown. A time when divorce was a novelty and gun crime a gangster activity. Ram Raids were unknown. Child sex attacks rare. Homosexuals few. Bars on house windows and public facilities unknown: more general, homes left unlocked or key under doormat when owners away. Emotion based hero worship limited.

Over the last fifty years the number and variety of protests have grown in line with growth of misinformation and devious government. Public Relations, both commercial and political, promote lies leading to injustice, crime and immoral behavior. What the average citizen doesn't realize is that social pressures are now designed to bring these responses so as to give a middle class viewpoint that allows government to safely increase middle-class restraints and suppress human development.

Group protest activities are continually presented as if unique by group leaders who are so badly informed about earlier protest activities that they do not see that protest follows a convention that has not stopped, or slowed down, the increase in matters that need be protested about.

Why? Because protest leaders, not having researched the problem of political corruption, assume that their government is THEIR government, “We elected it didn't we?” and are like scared rabbits when it comes to facing a reality that might challenge them to think for themselves rather than merely asserting themselves. Facing responsibility for genuine choice of our government representatives frightens us because it means giving up dreams of taking advantage of group power (for plunder) and worse, having to take responsible part in a total community government.

If only half the protest groups and complaining citizens were to start facing the true situation and then start explaining it to others (give or sell copies of this booklet) then we, as a community or electorate, might see how we could do something positive and effective about our problems. Such as, for instance, organizing our own “Electorate Commissions” to genuinely choose our own representatives. But of course that would mean taking responsibility for our own governing and abandoning the comforting ‘my party' myth.

Honest information from politicians is very, very rare! This is because few politicians care about anything other than their own pride. They are blind to social trends that they should expose. In fact, past politicians who saw what was really going on were so rare that, when revealing statements were made many were recorded and enshrined as pearls of wisdom. But today, sadly, these are far too few and too seldom given public exposure. You will find many of these “significant quotes” in “TheMindWeb” literature.

Here is one not commonly known, in fact I doubt if it was recorded and have forgotten the politician who made it. But I don't forget the statement, it went like this: “Protest is good, it allows them to let off steam”. You can see why people did not remember that little pearl. It hits too close to home and shows politicians as happy to see protesters “let off steam” .

Common protest tells ‘authorities' that the protesters do not understand the situation and do not see that their protesting actually benefits (makes legitimate) the authority of those protested against. It reinforces belief that what we have is democracy; reinforces trust in false government and helps blind our community to political deceits.

If you explain this to seasoned protesters they will say, “but they have to take notice of us because we might kick them out at the next election” . These mushrooms really believe this, they do not see that they just elect new puppets to replace those dismissed. Individual M.Ps., have no real say; the advisers in the President's (or Prime Minister's) office write the speeches and run the government just as famous people, for years, have told us; (Many quotes on “TheMindWeb”).

The person or party elected is irrelevant to the behind scenes Government because all ‘party-system' candidates are chosen on their ‘compliance' rating and ‘quisling' potential.

The other well known “protest mushroom” response is: “They do take notice of us, we have our victories you know!” Yes we do know, and we also know the principle that encourages poker machine gambling: it is that the mushrooms must be allowed some wins otherwise they will not keep throwing their money away. That principle is universal: we have to let some cabbages go to seed if we want cabbages to eat next year.

Sadly most protesters are as defensive of their ego and as greedy as are those politicians that agents of international government choose for us as our candidates. Yes! Most of us have returned to the mushroom level. We are happy if kept in the dark and cared for by ‘big brother'.

But we ourselves are not acceptable food. We are just a nuisance and a waste of time and resources to the New World Order, or if you prefer, our Globalist [behind scenes] Government.

Can we blame elitist Globalists that they want to reduce our numbers and eventually eliminate this plague of unthinking dependents from an earth they consider they OWN by right of conquest?

Can we see that they want freedom from their need to feed this plague and keep it blindfold because if the mushrooms begin to see the truth they might start using their own intelligence and rebel?

I live in an area where insects are no novelty. As a friend cleared spider-webs I said “You should be careful, tomorrow your window may be covered with spiders waving little placards saying ‘Humans MUST respect spiders rights! Spider HOMES are sacred. We DEMAND equality with humans,'” etc.

A joke of course, spiders do not have human brains! They have no instinct for futile complaint. They didn't create their way of life and cannot change it; they just carry on as best they can! Many humans act like insects, the Creator calls these the human ‘earth'; those who have progressed a little to think for themselves are the ‘grass' that grows out of this ‘earth'.
We did create and continue to create, our way of life. We created bridges and roads and high rise home units! We created cars, telephones, TV sets, computers and space junk! We created our feel good philosophies of capitalism and communism and humanism to feed us sweet lies!

We created (as citizens and leaders) cancers, heart attacks and crime in progressive increase; also poverty, drugs, very sick medical services, AIDS and genetically modified foods. We have created a world where human behavior is increasingly erratic, legitimized a world government that wants us dead and allowed use of nutrition as a weapon of war!

Yes we helped create the kind of world we live in and the kind of life and ideas we live by! We helped create a protest culture that is growing in line with the crime, sickness, torments and injustices that we helped create and help grow. But, as Scripture says, this worldly wisdom will be refuted. We have brains that allow us to create our problems through mistaken greed and self satisfaction so is it not time we started to use these remarkable brains to understand and replace the sick emotional use of our animal wisdom?

Why do we refuse to see that the torments of life are of our own creation and that we cannot have the good life while we live by lies and feel-good philosophies that are without base in the scientific truth of life or of creation? Why do we still persist to close our eyes to the fact that we are responsible for the world we live in; a world we can change if we have the will to do so?

People who promote chance evolution theory often say they cannot believe there is a God because a creative God would not allow, or create, the horrors of this world.

They also claim that their belief is science based. Yet their reasoning is pure emotion. Would a creative God want a mechanical toy? How boring! Would an enterprising Creator give us intelligence and not also allow the excitement of challenge to give growth and learning experience? Why do they try to stop our development? Our pain is trivial compared to our potential and scripture does tell us that God created both good and evil!

We start where it hurts!
A radio program tells of how insurance companies rob us! We hear of huge claims against insurance companies and we think that they are having a bad time. But these investigators found that these cases (those attracting huge publicity) are rare in comparison to the total number of cases and, in any event, are mostly later overturned on appeal. Why are the reversals not equally publicized?

The insurance industry is, in fact, far more the sinner than the sinned against. Writing to complain is futile; what form of expression can penetrate the accumulated preconceptions of the paid ‘professional'?

It may seem strange but most programs, especially those that debate or pretend to expose injustices, end as basically religious/political propaganda for support of humanist morals and attitudes; what they evade is any logic that may expose this fact!

Our politics and philosophies are our religions and how we became created is at the heart of all serious religions/philosophies, but selfish interest causes desire for self promotion and desire to avoid the challenge of truth. So eyes are closed! Whatever is claimed it is twisted to fit with the self-indulgent humanist philosophy that insists chance creation is scientific and proven. We fear to investigate actual scientific evidence once we accept belief that ‘there is nothing out there'. We fear to sacrifice pride in beliefs that are advancing cruelty, social incompetence, injustice and the downward cultural spiral.

The old claim is repeated: If there was something out there then it would not allow the cruelty, injustice etc. Those who read “Of Truth” and perhaps other material on TheMindWeb, might see that given intelligence we cannot intelligently blame our Creator for our stupid behavior.

We have lessons to learn! If we refuse to use the intelligence we were born with, if we want forever to be cared for, comforted and protected, by the surrogate parent we call government – if we want protection from the need to learn from our mistakes; then we deserve the hurt we suffer as consequence of our self-indulgent stupidity. That seems fair enough to me. Especially as we only have power to destroy each other in body, not in spirit.


Think! Chapter 2.
A hard look at ourselves.

The Earth is Round
Cry for your Children

We have lessons to learn. Yes you know the earth is round but the fact is that at one time almost everyone believed it was flat, even today there are still ‘flat-earthers' about.

Today almost everyone believes that life was created by chance; they prove, by their behavior, that they have this belief though some, by words, may deny it! Strange as it may seem these also believe elections create democracy and force the elected to govern for the elector's benefit.

Given belief as above then it naturally follows that we cannot believe industries would produce alcohol and tobacco if these were harmful to community health.* No sensible person could believe pharmaceutical or other companies would knowingly produce and market substances that cause sickness and death; ‘OUR' government would not allow it.

Nor can we believe that whole industries would create and promote as “healthy nutrition” foods stripped of our basic nutritional needs.

* (Note: Recent Health Insurance magazine reports: “Lung cancer will overtake breast cancer as the leading cause of cancer deaths … lung cancer deaths have tripled over the last 20 years. EQ. This referred to women in a certain area but will reflect the trend in our common culture. No! I do not think cigarettes should be banned, I think people should be told the truth about life, government and health so that young people are not be caught in childish escapes into drugs and pretended maturity.)

Likewise, with our given beliefs, we cannot believe that either our government or mass media would allow education to promote theories as if fact, allow education to lead us back to primitive forms of cultural communication, or not warn us of evidence that TV numbs the brain.

People would be confident about such things because, of course, ‘their' governments and leaders would not allow such deceits. Nor would governments send us to war in order to suppress independence: our own along with that of ‘the enemy'.

We accept history that shows family members killing each other for power or pride of position but such atrocities could not take place in our nation and times; ‘our leaders' would not kill for wealth and power. That such atrocities happen in our own countries and lifetimes is unthinkable; we are a loving Humanist culture.

Given such beliefs people will die of heart attacks and cancer with little complaint; they will watch their children destroy themselves with drugs and believe these things, like wars, are just ailments beyond government control. They will allow governments to suppress freedoms and rob them of their birthright; protesting only in traditional ways because it is ‘their' government and democracy is dedicated to our overall benefit. Our Government must defend us against other governments, doubts, protestors, fools and fanatics.

Our ‘good' government provides us with bread and circuses so that we do not see how poor we are in spirit; they substitute animal passions for enlightenment so as to occupy our minds. Today's problems may have been rare in the past or not in such proportions as today but its all part of an unstoppable ‘progress'.

So we, like those who still believe the earth is flat, fear to face the evidence! To face truth we may have to stand against our fanatical peer group and do independent thinking based on substantial fact. It is all too much to ask that we make effort to save ourselves because that is the job of ‘our' government; we must have faith in it; don't rock the boat.

It took nearly 300 years for doctors to accept that scurvy was a nutritional disease and to accept that a cure/preventative was commonly available. We now have diseases such as cancer and heart attacks in rapid increase and equally easy to prevent.

But yes, today things really are different! Today we have huge industries owned and controlled by the families who rule governments and, through them, our world. These industries makes $billions out of treatments for cancers and heart attacks. These and other health problems are created by nutritional deprivation that is a result of denatured foods and the Public Relations promotion of dubious food products.

Those who see something of this want to believe that it is about money and ignore the logical fact that the Globalist Empire owns the international financial system. They control the money supply; profits just serve to keep stooges happy while the real benefit to Globalism is population control.

The hidden Costs of Sport
Do we ever stop to think why sports events have become so massively promoted over the last half century? More and more, bigger and bigger events! More and more, bigger and bigger prize-money! More and more public adoration where sports teams are treated as conquering armies although they have rarely a death or serious injuries to be brave about and are enormously well paid for playing their games.

Armies fighting for homelands commonly lost many thousands to death and more to crippling injuries, but they, and the populations they represented, believing they had fought to protect their families and their nation, saw their effort as being worth their great sacrifices and paltry compensation.

So where are our values now and why have they moved? The $millions ‘earned' by sports ‘heroes' like those $millions ‘earned' by captains of industry are not rewards for what they produce or for any great sacrifices made in order to save family and nation. Oh No! These armies reduce the prosperity and the human potential of the adoring suckers.

Oh Yes! These highly paid sportsmen and women produce nothing of value either in goods or services. Nor do they inspire others to discoveries or enlightenment of human benefit and few even gain inspiration to take up healthy exercise! Actually all they produce is public preoccupation, expense and interruption to the useful activities adoring fans could have been engaged in had they not been caught up in an emotional fashion.

But that is not all! We may be told that these expensive sporting events bring money into the community, no doubt they do for some but they destroy more for most. Their benefit is not to the community but to the manipulative masters who are the hidden government. These events keep the attention of large masses of people focussed on matters irrelevant.

No! I am not against sport! What is harmful making it a business or a profession. More people should play a sport for their health and less should be watching it as fill-in for empty, meaningless lives.

Globalists recognize no loyalty to nation, state, culture or race. They are above such humanities because ‘they' are the master race. They own the world financial system and direct the policies of governments in exchange for debt. They encourage high cost entertainment to keep the attention of those they manipulate closely focussed on nothing of value.

Cry for your Children

The following item, as part of this book, now condensed, italicized and underlined for greater clarity. Though retrieved from a home schooling site (USA) this is a worldwide problem; that article is on site at our “Education' section and the original expose is on line at:
Note: Changes made to education after the 1985 exposure have not been for improvement. You may find this exposure painful but to create a better world we have to honestly face our situation. This article exposes an important part of the reason for our declining intellectual and social development over the last half century. See what investigators other than myself have to say.

Why Johnny Can't Think:
The Politics of Bad Schooling by Walter Karp (from Harper's Magazine, June 1985)
Quotes: “Until very recently, remarkably little was known about what actually goes on in America's public schools. There were no reliable answers to even the most obvious questions.

“The darkness enveloping America's public schools is truly extraordinary considering that 38.9 million students attend them, that we spend nearly $134 billion a year on them, and that foundations ladle out generous sums for the study of everything about schooling—except what really occurs in the schools.

John I. Goodlad's eight- year investigation of a mere thirty-eight of America's 80,000 public schools—the result of which, A Place Called School” , was published last year—is the most comprehensive such study ever undertaken. Hailed as a "landmark in American educational research," it was financed with great difficulty. The darkness, it seems, has its guardians .

Happily, the example of Goodlad, a former dean of UCLA's Graduate School of Education, has proven contagious. A flurry of new books sheds considerable light on the practice of public education in America. In “The Good High School”, Sara Lawrence Lightfoot offers vivid "portraits" of six distinctive American secondary schools.

In “ Horace's Compromise ”, Theodore R. Sizer, a former dean of Harvard's Graduate School of Education, reports on his two-year odyssey through public high schools around the country. Even “ High School ”, a white paper issued by Ernest L. Boyer and the Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching, is supported by a close investigation of the institutional life of a number of schools.

Of the books under review, only " A Nation at Risk," the report of the Reagan Administration's National Commission on Excellence in Education, adheres to the established practice of crass special pleading in the dark. Thanks to Goodlad et al., it is now clear what the great educational darkness has so long concealed: the depth and pervasiveness of political hypocrisy in the common schools of the country.

The great ambition professed by public school managers is, of course, education for citizenship and self-government, which harks back to Jefferson's historic call for "general education to enable every man to judge for himself what will secure or endanger his freedom." What the public schools practice with remorseless proficiency , however, is the prevention of citizenship and the stifling of self-government.

When 58 percent of the thirteen-year-olds tested by the National Assessment for Educational Progress think it is against the law to start a third party in America, we [find we] are dealing not with a sad educational failure but with a remarkably subtle success .

Passive, Docile Students.
Consider how effectively America's future citizens are trained not to judge for themselves about anything. From the first grade to the twelfth, from one coast to the other, instruction in America's classrooms is almost entirely dogmatic. Answers are "right" and answers are "wrong," but mostly answers are short.

" At all levels, tests called almost exclusively for short answers and recall of information," reports Goodlad. In more than 1,000 classrooms visited by his researchers, " only rarely " was there "evidence to suggest instruction likely to go much beyond mere possession of information to a level of understanding its implications.”

" Goodlad goes on ... " The give-and-take of genuine discussion is conspicuously absent”. Not even 1%" of instructional time, he found, was devoted to discussions that " required some kind of open response involving reasoning or perhaps an opinion from students....

The extraordinary degree of student passivity stands out." Sizer's research substantiates Goodlad's. "No more important finding has emerged from the inquiries of our study than that the American high school student, as student, is all too often docile, compliant, and without initiative."

There is good reason for this. On the one hand, notes Sizer, “ there are too few rewards for being inquisitive” . On the other, the heavy emphasis on "the right answer [As defined by education; Ed.] ... smothers the student's efforts to become an effective intuitive thinker."

Yet smothered minds are looked on with the utmost complacency by the educational establishment —by the Reagan Department of Education, state boards of regents, university education departments, local administrators, and even many so-called educational reformers.
Teachers are neither urged to combat the tyranny of the short right answer nor trained to do so. "Most teachers simply do not know how to reach for higher levels of thinking," says Goodlad. Indeed, they are actively discouraged from trying to do so .

The discouragement can be quite subtle. … even calls itself reform. Consider the current cry for greater use of standardized student tests to judge the "merit" of teachers and raise "academic standards." If this fake reform is foisted on the schools, dogma and docility will become even more prevalent.

This point is well made by Linda Darling-Hammond of the Rand Corporation in an essay in The Great School Debate . Where " important decisions are based on test scores," she notes, "teachers are more likely to teach to the tests" and less likely to bother with "non-tested activities, such as writing, speaking, problem-solving or real reading of real books."

The most influential promoter of standardized tests is the "excellence" brigade in the Department of Education; so clearly one important meaning of "educational excellence" is greater proficiency in smothering students' efforts to think for themselves.

Do the nation's educators really want to teach almost 40 million students how to " think critically," in the Carnegie report's phrase, and " how to judge for themselves," in Jefferson's? The answer is, if you can believe that you will believe anything.

The educational establishment is not even content to produce passive minds. It seeks passive spirits as well. One effective agency for producing these is the overly populous school. The larger schools are, the more prison-like they tend to be. In such schools, guards man the stairwells and exits. ID cards and "passes" are examined at checkpoints. Bells set off spasms of anarchy and bells quell the student mob. PA systems interrupt regularly with trivial fiats and frivolous announcements.

This " malevolent intruder ," in Sizer's apt phrase, is truly ill willed, for the PA system is actually an educational tool. It teaches the huge student mass to respect the authority of disembodied voices and the rule of remote and invisible agencies. Sixty-three percent of all high school students in America attend schools with enrollments of 5,000 or more. The common excuse for these mobbed schools is economy, but in fact they cannot be shown to save taxpayers a penny.

Large schools " tend to create passive and compliant students ," notes Robert B. Hawkins Jr. in an essay in The Challenge to American Schools. That is their chief reason for being. " How can the relatively passive and docile roles of students prepare them to participate as informed, active and questioning citizens?" asks the Carnegie report, in discussing the "hidden curriculum " of passivity in the schools. The answer is, they were not meant to .

Stamping Out Republican Sentiment:
Public schools stamp out republican sentiment by habituating their students to unfairness, inequality, and special privilege. These arise inevitably from educational establishment's longstanding policy (well described by Diane Ravitch in The Troubled Crusade) of maintaining " the correlation between social class and educational achievement."

In order to preserve that factitious " correlation, " public schooling is rigged to favor middle-class students and to ensure that working-class students do poorly enough to convince them that they fully merit the lowly station that will one day be theirs. " Our goal is to get these kids to be like their parents," one teacher, more candid than most, remarked to a Carnegie researcher.

For more than three decades, elementary schools across the country practiced a "progressive," non-phonetic method of teaching reading that had nothing much to recommend it save its inherent social bias. According to Ravitch, this method favored "children who were already motivated and prepared to begin reading " before entering school, while making learning to read more difficult for precisely those children whose parents were ill read or ignorant. The advantages enjoyed by the well-bred were thus artificially multiplied … This describes a malicious intent a trifle too mildly. [Note *]

The public schools we have today are what the powerful and the considerable have made of them. They will not be redeemed by trifling reforms. Merit pay, a longer school year, more homework, special schools for "the gifted," and more standardized tests will not begin to turn our public schools into nurseries of "informed, active and questioning citizens." They are not meant to .

When the authors of A Nation at Risk call upon the schools to create an " educated work force," they are merely sanctioning the prevailing corruption, which consists precisely in the reduction of citizens to credulous workers.

The education of a free people will not come from federal bureaucrats crying up "excellence" for "economic growth," any more than it came from their predecessors who cried up schooling as a means to "get a better job." Only ordinary citizens can rescue the schools from their stifling corruption , for nobody else wants ordinary children to become questioning citizens at all.

If we wait for the mighty to teach America's youth what secures or endangers their freedom, we will wait until the crack of doom. …
[Longer I think! Ed.] End quotes.

Surrender to fear of truth leads to embrace of corrupt teaching.
Though the above article was first printed in 1985 it is a tremendous exposure of what is really going on (world-wide) in schooling. If, in 1980 you were still at school you suffered this education, if later you suffered it more. If you are not submerged in the prevailing ideology you have had lucky breaks but are still, to some extent, infected.

Another book, Assault on Childhood was also published in 1985; quote:
I have been hunting alone in the wilds of Australia where any accident of mistake could have left me to die in misery. … I have been opal mining at Lightning Ridge where I crawled alone through old mining areas … where any disturbance could result in crushing fall or entombment. …My chosen sport was Motor Racing … some think that risky. …These items are mentioned only because I want to say to you that never in my life have I felt such apprehension, such frustration, such ‘let me get the hell out of here' as I have felt since I began to take a close look into the world of children today.

I am not referring only to education, yet in that area alone, if parents really understood what was happening in the schools, most would stand at their doors to face whoever may come and say: ‘Only over my dead body will you get my children to your school'.” That author is now the author of “ Think!”.

Our culture has done its best to convince us that we are just animals; changing social values takes at least three generations to become culturally decisive. Later stages of de-education may appear to encourage discussion but it is biased discussion designed to reinforce the primitive “situation ethics” morality designed for the ‘chance creation theory ideology' now imposed by Globalist educators.

It is unlikely that even the 1985 comments would get exposure in a leading magazine or newspaper today and, of course, even less likely to get the kind of publicity and explanation needed to awaken the sedated public mind. The system of gradual subversion by miseducation is very securely entrenched and protected.

Today, after some fifty years of intense public brainwashing through Mass Media and education, most people are incapable of appreciating the meaning of it all, our great intellectual abilities are being suppressed. Many no longer have the ability to see common “causes and effects” even when pointed out. Had the Wright brothers suffered today's education they could never have solved the problems of flight. However, despite the enormity of this abuse, I still believe that enough still retain the moral courage to self-sacrifice false belief to truth.


Think! Chapter 3
We Can Learn from our Mistakes.


As a teenager I read a book called “HAROLD”, interesting but nothing special except for a significant insight near the end of the book.

Harold was a King of England and the incident was suggested to have happened at the time of the Norman Invasion. Harold has a good friend, a witch, and as he gets his army together to battle the Norman invasion the witch sets to work to create a victory banner for him. There is not much time so she gets the village maidens to help, they work day and night to get it finished just in time to give Harold as he rides off.

So the witch goes back to her cabin and sleep. On awakening she inspects her pond and the frogs and feels very satisfied with herself, but then, as she gazes contemplatively into the pond a horrifying reality dawns! She really loves Harold! As an intelligent witch she knows that, without making allowance for this, she would have been biased in her planning! Every sign and design for victory would be biased, good would turn to evil and it was now too late to warn Harold.

Well, as history tells, Harold had all the bad luck; an arrow in the eye killed him and the war was lost.

For the record I, years later, was able to get a copy of “Harold” but on reading found that piece of basic intelligence not included (A later edition?). But I had learned the lesson and that's the important thing. How many millions of children have suffered bad advice (misdirected upbringing) by loving parents unaware that their biased desires were unwittingly leading their children into harms way?

But no! It was not the parents who were at fault it was the fault of the culture they lived in. We were not warned against the deadly dangers of biased thinking. We are now told love is all a child needs.

Or is it perhaps that we just do not love truth as much as we love our children. Or is it that we do not love our children enough to, for our children's benefit, put truth first?

Sad isn't it? In any case unthinking desires bias our behavior and our influence. Parents see this most clearly when looking at other parents!

The Christian Influence
It is no-one's fault but it is everyone's fault. Certainly every Christian's fault for our Scripture clearly tells us (even if our common sense doesn't) that truth must be our first and guiding love. If we show favor to our desires ahead of truth then we do make biased judgments; it is a principle of life. If we do not know, are we then excused?

Scripture also tells us: Seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened. So we also have responsibility! We can be excused where we did not know but when we say we know (act in faith of the truth of something not true) and can't be bothered to look unbiased for the actual truth, we then become responsible.

Yes it is sad, even more so because people now have such opportunity to know better. But, both as individuals and as communities we ignore intelligence and established evidence. Jesus of Nazareth revealed that Truth was the name of our God for the 21 st century but why should we believe Him? Why should Christian churches and people who claim Christianity not be rewarded equally for just claiming to be followers while ignoring the teachings of truth?
Most of us, as individuals or as communities, never even try to understand statements of Jesus that were so far ahead of their time that most of us, even today, do not see their truth without effort. Christians do not separate a miraculous scripture of superior knowledge from the mundane parts of scripture based on misunderstanding, bias, human desire or misquotes. We really only have to accept that our Creator was intelligent and question-mark statements accredited to Jesus that do not make logical or scientific sense. The true faith of Christians must be with truth not with religion.

You see, and as shown in “Of Truth ”, there are too many of his recorded statements that are scientifically and logically sound to be ignored. If we cannot see this reality today how could He, if he was just a primitive carpenter (or, as some persist, did not exist at all) have possibly revealed these truths 2000 years ago?

Yes God is truth! Living within the truth of life is the way (the only way) to life's fulfillment. Following false pathways cannot fulfill life!

Promiscuity does weaken and destroy the marriage bond and those who do not take their union seriously do destroy the security of their children when children most need it! There is no other God that can be put before truth if a human community is to survive; Humanism is a cancerous, feel good philosophy designed to be destructive of cultures and nations!

Humanism is the message of the little scroll (Revelations 10: 8-10) that tastes sweet but sickens humanity. Humanism is today's deformity of truth and the major cause of needless hurt by everything from bush fires to terrorism, plague, sickness and war! If it was not for wrong-thinking people trying to save trees, fewer trees and human lives would be lost to forest fires. If it were not for false religious teachings by people wanting to believe their petty preferences, then people would not go to war or kill to support the empty beliefs and useless ambitions of leaders.

Perhaps the most glaring example of humanist crimes is the AIDS epidemic now raging among the world's poorest people. AIDS has killed millions and millions more will die, and some of these millions of deaths may yet appear in our own countries – it needs only a small change to increase virus infection. Almost all AIDS deaths can be accredited to the deformity of morality that has been caused by humanist philosophy.

Christian philosophy did not set the conditions for AIDS spread and Christian caring would have isolated early cases as with the recent SARS ‘scare'. But because AIDS was promoted as a homosexual disease and segregation was promoted as discrimination and injustice, each ‘cure' just kept victims alive a little longer to help spread this “Ideology Protected” disease. If you think that AIDS could not have been planned and deliberately created look up “AIDS” in the “Discovering Humanity” files.

So we close our eyes more tightly as our self-inflicted torments grow. As we attack our torments with anger and bitterness we move further from truth and hurt ourselves more.

There will be new man-made diseases: new man-made wars: new man-made nutritional disasters. BUT ONLY SO LONG AS WE KEEP OUR EYES CLOSED TO LET THESE THINGS HAPPEN! We helped create the world we live in and we can change it! Doing nothing is suicide by sloth.


Think! Chapter 4.
Wake up World!

When it is again time to remember September 11
let's realize there's a war on and we had better start thinking
because our intelligence is our main line of defense.

Yes it is time for the world to awaken; time for another metamorphosis. We can see, in everyday life, caterpillars turn to butterflies. Science tells us that dinosaurs became birds and science and our simple intelligence together reveal that Dolphins were likewise the surrogate parents to mankind. This sounds strange to those who, because of vague resemblance, see us as evolved apes. See: New, “Of Truth”, C hapter 9.

As our earth became ready for human growth we left the water to challenge the land animals with only our better brain to defend our vulnerable bodies. We have made of common animals our servants, our foods and our playthings, but we now have to face that we have to tame our own animal instincts and turn our minds to more rewarding use by making better use of the great unused mental capacity we were given.

Drugs use/abuse is ignored as part of a growing community dementia and some will argue that this is a normal progress. But drugs have been available for centuries. Others will argue that drugs are brought in by profit seekers and governments try hard to stop this trade, but do governments really try to stop the illegal drug trade?

Or do they just try hard to keep up appearances! Why is it that young people have only wanted drugs since humanist belief became promoted? How is it that massive profits became available only when massive publicity was given to the drug problem? Can we face that old saying “Any publicity is good publicity”. Yes, so far as stimulating interest in drugs among the young and the disorientated is concerned, all publicity is just great advertising.

But it needed more than publicity! It first needed that the intelligent young feel disorientated – it needed the intelligent young to feel that life had no purpose or meaning or future, that life was just a plaything of fate; so false creation belief was first imposed.

Children with Christian beliefs, even with faulty Christian beliefs, did not need drugs to make life interesting or give life a purpose. As with AIDS a Christian culture gives no support for drugs culture – lays no foundation for either AIDS or drugs. It is only the futility of life when founded on belief in mindless chance creation that turns the intelligence of the young to see sleaze, promiscuity, mindless ‘fun', selfishness and drugs as a way of giving life some value.

The drugs market is then caused to flourish by effort of mass media publicity to stimulate and give direction to this blind rebellion against the empty blackness of the chance fates that we have been taught created us. Humanist law now uses philosophy to promote false values, destroy justice, help promote lawlessness and a growing Humanist deception. These exotic combinations do not happen by chance!

How can we escape? A good start would be to enlighten parents to return to well proven child-raising attitudes and from there we can make further improvement. Humanist child-raising is destroying large numbers of the most intelligent young by seducing parents' to believe that love and the parents own self-gratification in using their children as glorification of themselves is the parenting ideal and, that pain-punishment for bad behavior and the teaching of self-discipline, are crimes.

But it is in the nature of children that they are designed to begin life with a great hunger for knowledge and guidance. It is in the early years that we soak up knowledge like ever-dry sponges. In early years children learn a language and other basics equal to adult years at university and look to parents and educators for behavioral guidance. Our parents are our natural role models and should not ignore bad behavior or treat it as harmless fun.

The most important ten years of a human life is the first ten, this creates the base for all following years. When a parent reprimands a child for a mischief and the child tests the reaction of the parent by repeating the mischief and the parent turns a blind eye, then the child learns that the parent is ineffectual.

If later, after repeated offences, the parent persists to a more severe scolding of the child and promises physical punishment if the behavior continues, then the child wants to find out what will really happen because it already knows that the parent is ineffectual. If punishment of a hurtful kind is avoided then it learns that the parent is a lying ineffectual, less clever than itself and does not care enough or know enough to be relied on to give intelligent guidance, a truly traumatic finding for the young mind!

When the child goes to kindergarten it finds this belief confirmed: that its life and behavior are sacred to its own being. Also that it has a right to be entertained and, with no need for experience, can make its own laws. It finds confirmed that its parents are out-of-date and incapable of giving good guidance. By teenage the child has learned it should create its own values based on situation ethics and parents, following the easy path, find their pride in their children crushed.

So there you have it. It is in this way that, over a generation or two, millions of children are turned to primitive attitudes and lifetimes of human experience are thrown out like dirty dishwater. Right now millions of people are suffering and dying because they trust humanist deceits.

How can we be dismayed or surprised by the constantly increasingly vicious crime; increasing drugs abuse; increasing uncaring adolescent behavior by adults; increasing suicides. Think! When we sacrifice our humanist ideas and attitudes we can see that what is happening has a deliberately imposed cause. How could we NOT then be desperate to end this atrocity?

Of course the deliberate, but crude, re-programming of whole cultures has happened many times in the past, usually conquered people and perhaps for good reason. But it is only during the last century or so that this reprogramming has become a science and education a tool of government (see “Globalism Brainwash chapter 3” and other items).

Civilizations Grow and Die!
But those civilizations that were overrun by more primitive people living by more basic truths were those lucky. Those brought down entirely by their own deviance from truth are those to be pitied. Science, for years, has been mystified by the disappearance of some civilizations such as the Mayan and Minoan. Natural disasters are now blamed but natural disasters have caused distress in other civilizations without their disintegration.

Both Mayan and Minoan believed in human sacrifice so would it not be more logical to see that a very extended natural disaster would require the leaders to order excessive human sacrifices. If these did not work would not the people begin to lose faith and turn against leaders and their supporters?

Would rampaging of starving mobs and killing of entire families as now appears to have happened in Mayan disintegration not be a logical outcome?
Is not the disappearance of this civilization, seemingly without trace, (though triggered by a natural event) most likely caused by the cancer of untruth rather than by the hardship of nature?

The demise of the Minoan civilization of Crete appears to be best served by a similar explanation. People lose faith in false gods and in false beliefs. They become angry, depressed, lose their life stimulant and allow enemies opportunities for plunder. The sudden exposure of a false life philosophy is a very traumatizing event and, as we see today, is very hard for people to face.

The defeat of the Aztecs at the hands of a few Spanish adventurers' gives a more recent example of how false gods can so easily lead to an Empire's downfall.

Human programming by false information:
About fifty years ago was published a book called “1984” by George Orwell. It was about the coming “New World Order”. The writer had been a socialist supporter but his intelligence showed him, at least to some extent, what was really going on. However, as with many of us who look into the future, he expected events rather more quickly than they arrived. He should have called his book “2002”. He cloaked it in fiction for fear of reprisal because he did not see that the culture he wanted to expose had the strength and confidence to ignore him.

Of course the thought police were active in 1984 but we are really only seeing the consequences of their world-wide efforts today. It is only in recent times that we find children informing on their parents and having them charged for ‘humanist invented' offences.

A newspaper columnist, Janet Albrechtsen, (October 2003) starts her column: “Zealotry is gagging our language and bowdlerizing our humor.” Let's not waste time with examples as I am sure that you, wherever you are in an English speaking country, have ample opportunity to see examples of words being outlawed or meanings changed and ridiculous substitutions offered in the name of equality of sex, race, age or other equal nonsense. The deformity of childhood by increasingly expensive government education is world-wide.

This program varies according to culture and is designed to divorce people from their culture so that they can be deprived of rights and abused, or charged with offences for speaking the ever-present truth, but people, even in poor circumstances, have the numbers to fight back.

Its not just about beliefs and words going down the memory hole, its about removing words that help us to explain situations accurately. Common reasons given are that some words indicating race, culture or sex in some way demean humans but in fact it is humanists who demean human by suppressing honest thought and flexibility of speech – humanists fear the honesty of truth.

Humans do not need to be put in a protective cage by narrow-minded egoists' who are afraid of truth. Truth can defend itself if given freedom to do so. Humanism defends the immoral, the blasphemous and any cancerous sicknesses that may be used to help promote human deformity by deformity of truth. Vitriol and violent expressions of zealotry are part of all sick and deformed promotions! These expose the true nature of Humanism.

The vicious nature of zealotry comes from fear of truth! When we become addicted to a false cause; our conscience knows it will lose a fair fight so our defense becomes violence. Whereas truth, on the other hand, is prepared to stand alone in confidence that it can prove itself against lies and has no need to use suppression by force.

These enforcers of zealotry may be well educated, they may be professors, but as my Grandfather would have said, “An educated fool is still a fool.” In those “down to earth” days many everyday people could recognize stupidity even if those involved were rich or famous.

In relation to science based human reprogramming experiments it seems an early use of this science was in the USSR. We used to hear about mass media propaganda and of how Russians were brainwashed but, like parents scoffing at other parents, we could not see we ourselves were already on a similar, if more subtle and more refined, program.

So a world power establishment wanting to own the world only had to teach people to adore a false humanity and to love their children to death. That is not difficult because it is what parents, by animal instinct want, and we were taught that we are just animals.

But humans are not just animals; we are not just biological mechanisms governed only by behavior programmed instincts. We are not devoid of intelligent choice and the understanding of consequences. We are vitally different.

Once Globalists saw that cultures and civilizations can be controlled by false beliefs then, especially when power is world wide, they can see that this knowledge is a way to gain ownership of the entire world without danger to themselves. But they cannot allow for the fact that their own false premises undermine their own thinking.

If we encourage young children to develop their own personalities without ancestral experience to guide them, they naturally follow their animal instincts. If their earliest experience and most personal observation teaches them that they cannot trust their parents for intelligent guidance they look elsewhere. If then educators tell them that they must please themselves and live for what pleasure they can get out of life, then they are back in the jungle – generations of humanizing experience and understanding is lost.

Yes humans learn humanity! We develop by help of parents and culture! If our culture frees us of authority to be other than instinct directs, then whatever beliefs we finally accept is just a matter of animal instinct, peer group comforts or arrogant leadership.

Less than one hundred years ago most parents could see the value of instilling cultural experience into their children even if it did occasionally mean inflicting a little pain. In their love of their children the great majority knew physical punishment hurt them more than it hurt their children but not only did they make this sacrifice for their children's future but, in the great majority, the children were pleased to know that parents cared enough for them to give them firm guidance.

If someone says that love and pain cannot be interchanged, that Christianity forbids punishment, then you know that they are not prepared to suffer for love. These will find when their time comes that they should have tried more honestly to know their Creator. Past parents may not have understood that good parenting was a matter of loving truth for their children's benefit, but progressive healthy children gave them joyful reward for their sacrifices.

Of course it was inevitable that some zealous parents got it wrong and some children were excessively or unjustly punished. So parental failure created some rebellious children and some of these grew into zealous adults happy to turn against what they did not understand and did not want to understand. But our mistakes are something from which we should learn. We should turn our stumbling blocks into stepping stones.

Progressive seduction
So those hungry for power, who scheme to own the world, found they did not need to plan to fight a physical war or endanger their own families. They need only seduce by lies and deceit. They used pride to deceive sacrifice. Parents will do their best to deliver their children back to the Stone Age and confine them to cultural enslavement, misery and short lifetime in the name of “letting them develop their own personalities”. They deny their children the maturity and experience to understand their most beneficial choices. We sacrifice our children to maintain our pride in lies rather than sacrifice lies to maintain our pride in truth.

Around a century ago, in the more advanced nations, many parents would not have fallen for this trick because they lived by a basically Christian philosophy that included responsible values and responsibility for the values their children inherited. So by promoting evil as love, ignorance as self-development and truth as a matter of social choice, our world is delivered into sickness and darkness. We then fear to face the light of truth because it exposes what we have allowed to happen.

Slavish following of peer groups, political parties, sports and various fashions of primitive behavior are not signs of independent thinking but true evidence of intellectual enslavement. However if we face the truth and act to reclaim it, the fault can be repaired and the lost can be redeemed.


Think! Chapter 5
Who are They? Who are We?

Health War Part 1.

Throughout all history there was never a more compelling temptation for genocide than that presented to those who have gained such power of wealth and position as to see themselves as Globalists. Globalists see themselves as a new race of people and as a new nation separate from the common mass.

Those entitled to be called Globalists have established for themselves a separate identity and unity setting them apart from those who, by their normal abilities and unreduced/un-seduced nature, are entitled to be called humanity. Globalists, of themselves, and by virtue of their pride and arrogance, have created for themselves new fixations of mind and made of themselves a new, degenerate, race.

But the Globalist nation sees itself as innately superior and evolved. Their actions show that they believe they are entitled to claim the world as their own. Globalists thus need to subdue and eliminate those who (so they claim) overpopulate THEIR world and use or destroy so much of THEIR natural resources. To Globalists this is a war of survival of the fittest and not different from a conflict between ape-man and human.

That is our logical assessment of their attitude. We should not admire people because of their wealth and power. We should not be seduced to accept the insistence by those of wealth or position on a humanist philosophy based on chance creation and natural selection. If we do accept the lie then we, by default, also accept our fate.

Those who oppose Globalism know how difficult their task is but see another group, a political action group claiming to be environmental, seeming to have a charmed life. These appear to have easy access to funds, government support and mass media publicity, and do not appear to need to be too scientific about proving their claims. The evidence of who benefits should be sufficient warning, but our health situation may be our most effective line of exposure.

Fighting for Health:
In 2002 mass media gave us the information that the medical profession was the third highest cause of death after heart attacks and cancer. If we assume that the medical profession relates to conventionally trained doctors and does not include the hospital system itself, then addition of nursing mistakes and problems resulting from humanist hospital procedures would quite likely make the combined medical service itself the number one cause of death.

Either way is bad. But when we consider that heart attacks and cancer are problems in rapid increase over recent years, then it is clear that the training of the medical profession gives them no understanding of the cause or cure for these problems. Doctors are forced to persist in cruel and ineffective treatments that have in no way stopped the climbing death statistics.

The pharmaceutical companies, with government support, turn biased eyes to medical reality and pour public money (and some of their own illegally gained wealth) into dead-end avenues of research. So, when we consider the huge resources and numbers of people involved, there can be little doubt that this futility is driven by a philosophy which is used as a cover by interests that are not concerned for public health.

Eating is basic to health! Given knowledge of what is at stake and knowing the arrogance and pride involved we should see that any drastic change to food that leads to growing health problems could only occur with the help of a change to our philosophic base. This could not have happened by chance! Nor could it happen if government was truly democratic because public promotions that entice us to eat foods of poor nutritional value, or so de-natured as to become health risks, would not be allowed.

So we see our main health and social problems are bound to the ideology that, by trickery and seduction, has imposed false values on us. False biology is taught so as to form a base for an ideology that is planned and designed purposefully to achieve Globalist goals through creation of world-wide social disorders and conflicts.

To me the fake research being promoted to discredit natural cures and health aids is a compelling part of the evidence of what elitist/Globalism is about.

“Fake Research to Deliver Fake Evidence”
Here are two Health Sciences Institute samples to include fake research, fake promotion and fake reporting. I am limiting here to two sample quotes because of space needed for meaningful examples. I have read many such reports of recent years, not all HSI – we are led every which way but truth.

There are other examples of professional deceit in our “Health Files” and past editorials. This does not mean that doctors and educators deliberately deceive us. It means that these, as we ourselves, are deceived by teachings funded by Globalist money and biased to serve Globalist interests.

However there is a common thread in fake research, mass media reporting and professional promotion. First the testing may use smaller then usual numbers of people; then the dose used in the trial is often much lower than is useful, third; the time taken for the trial may be shorter than needed. Last but not least we find mass media reporting of the trial features only the main negative.

It is made evident by the amount of misleading information, and the persistent force with which it is promoted and defended that ‘expert' groups are established to produce fake reports and give misleading public advice.

The above features you will see are all features of the below reports. For myself I took a 750 mg tablet of Ginkgo Biloba daily for about a year as a health safeguard and it appeared to serve my general health and arteries, I leave it to you to judge my clarity of mind. Now HSI quotes:

Health Sciences Institute e-Alert
August 21, 2003
Then & now. First - a quick background check: Ginkgo Biloba is the oldest living tree species - possibly as much as 200 million years old - and has been cultivated in Asia for almost 5,000 years. Although the Ginkgo leaf was used for many centuries to enhance memory and cognitive function, modern research on the pharmacological value of GBE didn't begin until the late 1950s when it was first concentrated into a standardized extract by German scientists.

In 1965 Ginkgo Biloba as we know it today was introduced to the European market where it has been widely used for more than 30 years to treat circulation problems, sexual dysfunction, and cerebral disorders, including Alzheimer's disease. In 2001, retail sales of Ginkgo Biloba in America alone totaled $46 million.

But then came the report from researchers at Williams College in Williamstown , Mass., who said their primary objective was to evaluate the memory enhancing ability of Ginkgo Biloba in elderly adults. At the beginning of the report they point out that some GBE supplement makers claim that memory, attention, and related cognitive functions may improve in as little as 4 weeks. Given the short length of the study, it would seem that the researchers were specifically testing the claim about how quickly results MIGHT be experienced by SOME people.

The Williams team tested 230 men and women, all over the age of 60. Half the group received 40 mg of GBE 3 times per day, and the other half received a placebo. Before, during, and after the trial period, a series of tests were conducted to measure changes in memory, attention and concentration. In addition, the researchers interviewed a spouse or a caregiver of each subject to assess their impressions of changes in cognitive abilities.

The conclusions of the research are summed up with this comment: "These data suggest that when taken following the manufacturer's instructions, Ginkgo provides no measurable benefit in memory or related cognitive function to adults with healthy cognitive function." And from that comment, the media heard exactly 7 words – "... Ginkgo provides no measurable benefit in memory... " and the rush was on to shout the news with banner headlines: "Ginkgo Supplements Don't Help Memory!" exclaimed MSNBC.
"New Study a Blow to Ginkgo's Reputation!" declared CNN. Reuters Health, a slightly more reserved news outlet, used the word "suggests" to temper the conclusion, but still ended up slamming the door with, "Study Suggests Ginkgo Ineffective Memory Enhancer." No matter how you read these headlines and their accompanying reports, there is only one impression the average reader will come away with: Ginkgo Biloba doesn't work. That would be your impression, that is, unless you happened to know the truth.

What Ginkgo Biloba can really do.
In October of 1997 the Journal of the American Medical Association reported on a study that tested Ginkgo Biloba against something far more difficult than everyday memory functions - namely Alzheimer's disease and dementia. In that study 309 patients were studied, and the trial lasted 52 weeks - more than 8 times longer than the Williams trial.

The conclusion: Ginkgo Biloba is capable of stabilizing and in many cases improving cognitive performance of demented patients. That's right: it was shown to actually stop and even reverse the onset of Alzheimer's.

The message here is clear: a six-week test is worthless - especially when it involves a supplement that affects memory. And that should have been the headline: "Effectiveness of Ginkgo Biloba Questioned by Flawed and Pointless Study."

In the past 35 years there have been over 300 clinical trials of Ginkgo Biloba, and the evidence from those trials is overwhelming: GBE's excellent antioxidant qualities protect cells from free radical damage, and GBE improves blood flow and oxygen supply to the brain and throughout the body. For most people this results in improved cognitive abilities.

Most herbalists and medical professionals who use alternative treatments agree that the recommended daily dosage of 120 mg of Ginkgo Biloba is too low. Many suggest that the dosage should be 240 mg or more per day. But almost certainly they would all agree that the most effective results of a regimen of Ginkgo Biloba would be seen over a long period of time, not just a month and a half.

Among the many wise medical instructions that Hippocrates gave to modern medicine, perhaps the wisest, and best known, was this: "First, do no harm." I thought of this when I read the Williams study and the news reports that followed.

The researchers provided a study that was misguided and irrelevant to the genuine usefulness of GBE. That was the first harm. The second harm came when their "news" was widely reported: Ginkgo Biloba does not improve memory. That's the sound bite that will leave a lasting impression in the minds of consumers. And once it's rung, it's very hard to un-ring the bell.

The irresponsible media coverage of this topic may have drawn plenty of attention and upped readership, but it did so at the cost of misinforming their audience.

Now a second extract from “HSI”.

Sweetening the Pyramid
Health Sciences Institute e-Alert
August 27, 2003
The pyramid I'm talking about, of course, is the USDA Food Guide Pyramid, which illustrates federal dietary guidelines. Every five years the guidelines are reevaluated and updated, and that process is currently underway by representatives of the [US] Department of Agriculture (USDA) and the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS). [Sounds impressive doesn't it! Ed.]

Right now the lobbyists for special interest groups within the food industry are waiting to hear what the preliminary recommendations will be; ready to apply pressure, influence, accommodations - whatever it takes to help tip the recommendations to benefit their niche of an annual $1.3 trillion industry.

Guiding the way
Of course, anyone who looks to the USDA Food Pyramid for dietary guidance is barking up the wrong pyramid.

For ten years now, the base of the pyramid has been the "Bread, Cereal, Rice, and Pasta Group" of foods, with the USDA recommending a whopping 6 to 11 servings each day from this group. And as we now know, this is a perfect recipe for obesity.

In an interview on ABC News, Walter Willett - chair of the department of nutrition at the Harvard School of Public Health - pointed out that the idea of carbohydrates being good and fats being bad is "not really true." He added that this has been "known for 30 or 40 years." Known, perhaps, but for most of those years this idea was widely vilified by the majority of nutritionists.

Last year, Mr. Willet headed up a Harvard team that examined the dietary records of more than 100,000 subjects in the Nurses' Health Study and Health Professional's Follow-up Study. Willet's report (published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition), concluded that diets considered to be alternative to the high-carb/low-fat federal guidelines were "associated with significant reductions in risk of major chronic disease" including cardiovascular disease and cancer.

Of course, this is just one of many studies that reveal how the government guidelines have been guiding consumers to dietary disaster.

Living by corruption
When the USDA introduced the Food Guide Pyramid a little over 10 years ago, it was already widely speculated that lobbyists for the wheat and grain industries were instrumental in establishing the strong wheat-and-grain-based structure. As with the example of the sugar lobby above, [Deleted for space. Ed.] it would appear that corporate pressure prevailed and sound dietary advice took a back seat.

So when the new guidelines are announced in 2005, don't expect to see the result of an unbiased assessment of recent dietary research, but rather a compromise that government scientists and the lobbyists can all live with - whether it's good for our health or not. End Quote from HIS report.

They and we?
We can only give small samples of what has been going on for years, Globalists are robbing us of our intellectual capacity with a confusion of false information designed to abort our rational decision-making – our human birthright! They train us to behave within the restraints of common animals! They entice us to love unhealthy foods and lifestyles and ban or discredit what is healthy under disguise of health service. When we get sick they dose us with drugs that may give temporary relief at a cost of health damaging side effects and we now seem unable to appreciate the enormity of it!

Human means human, any addition to the word adds impurity. A commune means a small close-knit community; commun(e)-ism SUGGESTS a commune based culture. We give ourselves titles to say that we support a political party, sport or whatever but this does not mean we know the rules or the forces manipulating the party, sport or whatever. When we say we are humanists or support humanism that only means we like to think that humanism promotes what is human or is a representation of something that has supportive links with human. But human-ism is not the same as human it is just a decoy, a fake to mislead those who seek to be human.

How can these humanists/globalists assume any right to ban or discourage our use of any natural medication or any form of treatment or any choice, even the most foolish? How can they have such contempt for our lives when THEY have so conclusively demonstrated that they cannot, or will not, allow doctors to follow more effective lines of treatment to reduce the plagues of sicknesses that advance to destroy our economic welfare and health! Are they not, of themselves, an atrocity – if not by their inhumanity then by their incompetence?

I repeat: We can see the cause and the practical cure of our cultural and health problems; both result from the promotion of false creation belief. There has been no challenge to the fact, science or logic of what is presented at TheMindWeb or writing covering over twenty years.


Think! Chapter 6.
The Health War Continued:

“Alive and Well” by Dr. Binzel.

I return to matters of health because this is an area where, along with their theory of chance evolution, Globalists appear most vulnerable. We should not be surprised that their policies of health deception follow so closely those used to promote the evolution deception, i.e. funds to Universities; funds for research of Globalist choice; influence behind jobs promotions and world-wide media promotions of biased research. They undermine serious research and promote that which is misdirected.

Clearly it is very difficult to break free of indoctrinated beliefs. After generations of indoctrination our beliefs become part of us, they have the power to destroy civilizations, we strive to justify and maintain them, but small bias leads to large error and a need to sacrifice error to regain truth.

Few motorists would admit to ignoring road signs even those as appear authorized by failed drivers. So how is it that so many of us ignore more realistic health and social disaster signs, these are not less important so why the discrepancy? Let us again try to expose this problem and look at the efforts of an establishment determined to maintain its deceits.

Case 1:
Following comment is based on the book “Alive and Well” by Dr. Philip E. Binzel, M.D. First a court trial taking place in Oklahoma City, December 1977. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) had filed a suit in Federal Court to prohibit import of Laetrile into the USA because of toxicity. Testifying against the FDA was eminent toxicologist Dr. Bruce Halstead, and Dr. Binzel. Their Attorney was Mr. Ken Coe. The judge: Judge Bohanon.

A further witness was to have been the mother of a young girl who had taken Laetrile pills belonging to her father. She was taken to hospital and blood tests were done over the next two days. Nothing unusual appeared but the doctors decided to give her the antidote to cyanide, the girl died the next day.

Apparently the FDA contacted the girl's mother to testify to the toxicity of Laetrile. She didn't fall for that and instead chose to testify against the FDA. Coincidentally(?) a plane delay caused her to miss the hearing.

Dr. Binzel testified first to say that he had used Laetrile both by mouth and by injection on several hundred patients without any toxic reaction. Next Dr. Halstead testified as to how ALL known substances could be toxic even those most essential to life such as oxygen. He then showed that aspirin, sugar and salt were, milligram-for-milligram, more toxic than Laetrile. He further pointed out that the chemotherapeutic agents commonly used in the treatment of cancer are, milligram-for-milligram, hundreds of times more toxic than Laetrile.

In testimony Dr. Halstead quoted from his book “Textbook of Toxicology” which was commissioned by the FDA itself. Testimonials are not from back street fanatics.

When the Judge asked for the FDA evidence and witnesses the FDA attorney replied that they did not have any; the reported conversation went as follows: quote:

Judge: “You are telling me that you have filed suit in this court that Laetrile is toxic and you don't have a single witness or shred of evidence to support such a suit?”
Attorney: “That is correct your Honor.”
Judge: “Then why have you filed such a suit.”
Attorney: “Because, Your Honor, Laetrile may be dangerous.”
Judge: “Dangerous to whom?”
Attorney: “Dangerous to the Federal Government, Your Honor.”
Judge: “How could Laetrile possibly be dangerous to the Federal Government?”
Attorney: “Because, Your Honor, The Government may lose control.”
With this the Judge dismissed the case. End quote.

Meanwhile, on the wall of the lobby of the courthouse was a poster, six feet by four, declaring: BEWARE OF LAETRILE! IT IS TOXIC. At the bottom in small print: was: “Must be posted in all Government buildings by order of the FDA.”

You too may ask: “How could Laetrile be dangerous to the Government?” Presumably the Government might lose control of the nation or health system if people found that they could avoid cancer and many other sickness by eating healthy foods and a balanced diet. The government, and those behind it, could be in even more danger if people saw how governments ignore promotion of unhealthy foods and allow the truth about nutrition and dietary information to be confused.

Case 2:
In 1977 a Mr. Glen Rutherford from Oklahoma City developed cancer. He went to Mexico for treatment because they were using a Laetrile based treatment. On return to the USA his Laetrile was confiscated at the border. Mr. Rutherford then filed suit in Federal Court against Joseph A. Califano, Secretary for Health, Education and welfare and against Donald Kennedy, Commissioner of the Food and Drug Administration, for the right to have his Laetrile.

The trial lasted several weeks under Federal Judge Luther Bohanon. Each day the FDA attorneys would tell the Court that the FDA had hundreds and hundreds of studies that proved Laetrile would not work.

Finally the Judge asked the FDA attorneys to bring the evidence into court and the following morning asked for it. The FDA attorneys said they did not bring the studies in because ‘they were so scientific that we don't think you can understand them'.

The Judge insisted. Next morning still no evidence. The excuse this time being that there was too much to fit in the courtroom. The Judge insisted until finally the attorneys admitted there were no such studies.

Do you wonder how a department such as the US of A Food and Drug Administration can get away with such blatant public deceit? Why they can go to such lengths and not be exposed nation-wide by the combined power of mass media and government? Are they not even open to Contempt of Court?

Do we wonder why our health system (world-wide) presides over the miss-education of thousands of caring doctors to the consequential death of millions?

Those who think this is just about money have no understanding of the world we live in. First we have to face that a Globalist Government exists over and above national governments. Until we are prepared to face this simple well-evidenced fact and pass on evidence to convince others, all protest and reform effort is futile. Only when we are prepared to expose the truth and take responsibility for our own governing (organize selection of our political representatives) will we get honest government, health, equality and justice.

Dr Binzel gives these figures for survival of patients caught early. He calls these “Primary Cancer” cases and shows over 80% SURVIVING five years or more after being treated with nutritional (including Laetrile) therapy. This as against conventional therapy which produces a DEATH rate of over 80% within five years.

With cases involving treatment of advanced cancer (called metastatic) the comparison favors, even more dramatically, the alternative approach. Here conventional treatment saved only one of a thousand (0.1%) while Dr. Binzel showed his laetrile based treatments to save, at least, 62%.

Case 3:
Here Dr. Binzel is being asked to participate in a comparative cancer study to be conducted by the National Cancer Institute (NCI): conversation: Quote:
Dr. B. Let me make sure I understand what you are saying. Suppose you have a patient with a given tumor. Let's suppose that this patient is treated with one of these two methods. Let's say that the tumor is greatly reduced in size in the next three months, but the patient dies. How would the NCI classify that?
Dr. NCI: “The NCI will classify that as a success.”
DR. B. “Why?”
Dr. NCI. “Because the tumor got smaller.”
Dr. B: “Suppose you have a similar patient treated by a different method. Suppose after two years this patient is alive and well but the tumor is no smaller. How will the NCI classify this?”
Dr. NCI: “They will classify this as a failure.”
Dr. B: “Why?”
Dr. NCI: “Because the tumor did not get any smaller.” End quote.

To understand why Dr. B. did not take part in this study we need to know that cancer is not uncommon in the human body. But the body can defend itself against cancer if given its nutritional needs; apparently it is not uncommon for dead cancers to be found during autopsy, a dead tumor does not have to be removed. Today cancer is killing increasing numbers of men, women and children. Given reasonable nutrition it would seem cancer could become easily cured and even less common today than it was fifty years ago.

That NCI study was not designed to show that one method or other would save the patient but which method would remove the tumor even though the combined treatment and tumor killed the patient. Example: if you have a brain tumor and an operation removes the tumor but kills you; that was to be counted as a success.

Do you see it that way? That attitude shows a very biased logic or deliberate intent to deceive. If reporting is confined to the claim that removal is the successful response to tumors but fails to mention that most patients die of the treatment, then the death rate progresses along with the deceit; or perhaps faster if the given cause of death deceives the statistics.

The Binzel figures are backed up by the fact that, in great majority, cancer sufferers opt (because of censorship of truth and misguided loyalty) for conventional therapy and official ‘cause of death statistics' show cancer now second only to heart problems. It also seems that with heart and other health problems the situation is equally devious.

Conventional treatment is not a useful cure for cancer but the political establishment suppresses effective alternative cures! As cancer is now so rapidly expanding as a reported cause of death, official therapy would, if practiced by doctors without the protection of law, be seen as quackery.

To understand the health war we must look for causes deeply embedded in our cultural beliefs and political ideology.

I am not recommending Dr Binzel's book despite that his treatment and open-mindedness gives far better results than official treatments. He appears to be still influenced by his medical training and, because of this, still appears to favor establishment nutritional ideas; relies on Laetrile rather than on natural Apricot kernels and insists on diet before direct attack on the cancer.

What I consider to be a more informed reading is “World Without Cancer” by G. Edward Griffin. Support this with Supermarket Cures by Dr. Cass Ingram; Second edition 2002, for later information on nutrition.

Faith in indoctrinated beliefs is hard to break. With his experience Dr Binzel should be aware that there are influences behind and above the NCI (National Cancer Institute) and FDA (Food and Drug Administration). His own experience shows law to be soft on agencies promoting activities not in the public interest; this must surely ring warning bells.

Globalists have now had time to gain ownership or control all significant business. With this power to own what they want we must be suspicious of an opening left to manufactured laetrile; are we still getting the genuine article and in the needed strength? I have not heard of any evidence of its true to laetrile substance or reliable effectiveness.

In Dr. Binzel's defense I must say that his book was first published in 1994 and not revised. From personal reading I believe our best ‘alternative' nutritional research has been published since that time. Dr Binzel might have even better results if he gave the natural product immediately he begins treatment and follows this with modern “alternative” nutrition.

This ends references to “ Alive and Well ” but note that I do not unreservedly support alternative medication; quacks are common in all areas and people have to inform themselves to take responsibility. A clue is if the Dr. charges an excessive fee. It would not surprise if the cancer problem were solved by production of an official, nutrition based, medication because alternative medication is now becoming too challenging to be safely denied.

It is advisable that cancer victims use common sense despite their fears. There are numerous reported cures but hard to verify. As a matter of principle I would avoid use of more than one at a time or take excessive dosages over months. Though natural medications are much safer than pharmaceutical chemicals we now have a situation where commercial fruit and vegetables are commonly of hybridized varieties and growth is promoted by chemicals. The truly natural product might not be easy to obtain.

Attitude and confidence are important to health and treatment; the road to confidence is to learn as much about your problem and its successful treatment as possible. My work is to expose human problems and help with answers not to advise on medical problems.

Why do we go so quietly to our death?
Why are we not insisting on a food industry that excludes genetically modified, hybrid or chemically contaminated produce? Why are we not campaigning for proper evaluation of vitamin and mineral content of foods and nutrition rating? Why is promotion of unhealthy foods and lifestyles not a criminal offence?

Our imposed creation beliefs are too corrupt to sustain intelligent life but no reform can happen as things are and none will be needed if we become mature enough to accept responsibility for our own governing.

The evidence is far beyond what I can collect or present but samples of the way our world is governed in all these areas should be enough. What is exposed is not just common greed for wealth though good pay does help stooges turn a blind eye! Wealth is not an issue for those who own the international banking system; their power grab is aimed at world ownership.

Pride in power is too well demonstrated in history to be intelligently doubted as being other than a sickness embedded in the animal side of human nature. Plotting aimed at world ownership is now too close to success for hiding under the bed and saying it cannot happen today.

Health is very personal and is given attention here in hope that revealing the health scam will help us awaken to the urgent need for political reform and freedom of truth to live by. Our true sickness is the result of culturally embedded belief in a god set up to protect an establishment; this is common to all failed civilizations.

Many civilizations die and disappear. Today we close our eyes to death by the cancer of epidemic lies. Leaders have always used lies for manipulation. Accumulation of false principles will just as surely destroy a great civilization as cause a bridge to fail! The untrue ideology we now accept as our base for human civilized behavior will as surely destroy us if we continue to let pride close our eyes to truth. Additional evidence on TheMindWeb.


Think! Chapter 7
Truth is the only base for Life

Is Fear of Truth a Consequence of Love
or a Shame of Pride?

Sadly many people act as if in fear of truth. We should fear truth but not because it is truth! Our fear should be of the consequences of not finding it or of losing it. It is a principal of order that truth must ultimately replace all untruths. This must happen because untruth cannot sustain order and would return the creation to chaos.

Our fear should be of the negative. If we ignore truth we depart from our creation base and our rational behavior. Is it not logical that the problems mentioned in these pages are problems caused by our fear to face ‘that truth' which is a challenge to that which is false in ourselves or our culture?

Whether we want to make a political protest, raise a family or adopt a healthy lifestyle, we cannot make good decisions unless we know the truth of our situation. It is like being lost in a desert; we know a waterhole is within reach but there are 360 degrees in a circle and 359 wrong directions to go.

Chance is of little help. A native will have more hope through knowing the habits of wildlife or celestial positions and the truthful observation learned by generations of experience. In the end it will be the accumulated truth of our experience that will be our most valuable asset.

We need fear truth only when we abort our intellectual capacity,
or our desire, to know it.
Religions have done their job but now let us down because they moved desires into belief. The following quote of a leading churchman of the past is revealing. It explains a common attitude to truth. It may still help us today; see what you think?

A Thought for the day in 354-430 A D.
“Why does truth [sometimes] call forth hatred? Why is Your servant treated as an enemy by those to whom he preaches the truth which, if happiness is loved, is simply joy in truth?

Simply because truth is loved in such a way that those who love some other thing want it to be the truth, and, precisely because they do not wish to be deceived, are unwilling to be convinced that they are deceived. Thus they hate the truth for the sake of that other thing which they love because they take it for truth. They love truth when it enlightens them; they hate truth when it accuses them. Because they do not wish to be deceived and do [not] wish to deceive, they love truth when it reveals itself, and hate it when it reveals them [as being in error] .

Thus it shall reward them as they deserve; those who do not wish to be revealed by truth, truth will unmask against their will, but it will not reveal itself to them. Thus, thus, even thus, does the human mind, blind and inert, vile and ill-behaved, desire to keep itself concealed, yet desire that nothing should be concealed from itself. But the contrary happens to it - it cannot lie hidden from truth, but only truth from it.

Even so, for all its worthlessness, the human mind would rather find its joy in truth than falsehood. So it shall be happy if, with no other thing to distract, it shall one day come to rejoice in that sole Truth by which all things are true.” End Quote. St.Augustine (354-430) Bishop of Hippo and later said to be an evil man.

A god in our own image:
We should look for answers in accord with the teachings of Jesus; these are not always in accord with the teachings of Christian churches. Because of their love of image and fear to admit mistakes, religions learn and favor the worldly interpretation. Many Christians are now in love with a god created in our own image!

By creating god in our own image we comfort ourselves because this god does not, as truth does, so force us to intellectual effort or so challenge our image of ourselves. We are happy to leave our lives in the care of comforting humanistic interpretations and refuse to make a logical appraisal of what we are or where we are going. But we fool ourselves when we avoid to discipline ourselves, for we then avoid to read, with care and with thought, the statements accredited to Jesus.

If you were to save a friend's life your friend might ask how this debt could be in some part repaid. But a Christian may reply: “You owe me nothing, I was pleased to help; it was truth, not I, which saved you. All I did was express truth for your sake. You owe your life to our God who is truth, if you seek to repay you should repay with service to truth.”

Many people claim to be Christians with very little or a very deformed idea of what Christian means. Christian means dedication to truth: to being honest: to follow the sensible and logical directions given by Jesus to help us improve our lives. Christian means making use of our intelligence: of using the talent that was given.

Two thousand years ago we may have had to believe by faith alone but today we need only enough faith to use our intelligence honestly: our intelligence can now confirm our faith through the experience and logic we call science just as our faith will now confirm our intelligence.

Early followers may or may not have given good advice but their reported comments must be tested by the same intelligence with which we can test the translations of the reported words of Jesus. Truth is an easy master to follow and the spiritual reward liberally compensates for all physical pain.

We should always remember that truth is something humanity is allowed the privilege to access and benefit from, but we have to earn this benefit by learning over generations.

We could not have evolved from apes
nor could apes have been Our Surrogate Parents.
If you think that God took some buckets of earth, waved a magic wand and declared “You horse, you monkey, you man” , then you are child and its time you grew up. Yes all life forms on earth are composed of elements of the earth just as all machines created by man are composed of earth's elements. But the wand is not a magic material; the magic is the result of an intelligence correctly ordering elements of matter.

Our Creator created from what we call nothing. We call it nothing because we cannot measure with order that which is without order; the formless has no shape or size; it does not matter how much there is of it. We only see, hear, feel, and measure things of order with things of order. The great ocean of non-matter only relates to created matter through the link of intelligence and we can only measure intelligence by use of intelligence.

Our Creator created us out of the original creation by intelligent use of the elements of the creation and could only create within the laws of that original creation as exposed in Matthew 5:18–19: Luke 16:17. Note: these references on page 23 in “ Of Truth ” are not correct.

We were given intelligence to create for our own enlightenment and the great satisfaction of life is in discovery by our own effort, but our creations are only of real benefit and reliability so far as we obey the laws of the original creation. (See “ Of Truth ”: Chapters 4 to 6). Chance could never have created anything because chance can only operate among things created.

Any attachment to present attitude-forming influences may make learning how Dolphins became our surrogate parents distressing. Truth is always a challenge to our indoctrinated beliefs! Truth demands we re-arrange our thoughts and ideas to look deeper. Truth means sacrifice of false beliefs! Many will be loath to accept scientific time spans but time has little meaning for a Creator who created it in action that cannot be measured in time.

We should be pleased to find that the Creator is intelligent and that the creation is an intelligent and logical construction. We should be grateful that our creation is to do with logic and reason, not a power of magic and self-gratification. Our Creation was designed in one piece. All life genes, including those that form the human body, were delivered to our earth when animal life was delivered to our earth.

The reason for that may be because of a needed vastness of space and complication of transporting physical matter over this space. Or it may simply be that the process of developing our intellect needs separation for eventual success. Spaceship earth was provisioned with its life-force and had its development programmed. The earth was not, in its early ages, ready for advanced forms of life. Provision for required development of species was needed and triggered to appear so as to advance earth's environment over time.

Christianity has among its signs the sign of a fish. We have a story of Noah being swallowed by a fish; our oldest existing church had an instruction to eat fish on Fridays. Dolphins live on fish and our science says that the Dolphin, in the distant past, transmuted from a land animal. The human genes were designed to survive these transformations of our surrogate parents from land or oceans at appropriate times.

As land animals we have a great affinity to oceans and Biblical references may be a respectful salute to our surrogate parents and a clue for us now that we have the science and intellectual development to appreciate our prehistoric relationships.

Logically we have to be with the Dolphin line because the outstanding technical achievement of the creation of biological life was the human brain. The only brain comparable to the ‘land mammal' human brain is that of the ‘sea mammal' dolphin line and differences are within the ‘normal' range of adaptability.

This brain could not be left in the care of a land animal nor evolved by chance! As the development of earth proceeded the “brain” had to be left in the care of an animal that could not put it to self-destructive use. More important was need of the freedom, stability and security of an oceanic environment during what seems, to us, a very long waiting period.

Deprived of hands, legs and a dry environment the dolphin had no way to create a record of continual achievement and therefore must rely on the limitations of memory. No doubt the Dolphin has made exceptional use of this memory (what a story it may have to tell) but humans needed to develop portable hard copy memory aids and technical skills along with means of their production. We had, in our turn, to be as we are.

Our Prides and our Prejudices lead us to fear truth:
As Revealed in the St.Augustine quote the reason we appear to fight truth is because we, by nature and intelligence, love it; but pride builds in us a hate of being corrected.

The cause of irrational behavior in relation to truth is pride and prejudice – the fear of losing face. These are magnified by humanist education. I have used words to the following effect but have now found a quote credited to the well known philosopher Bertrand Russell; Quote: “Many people would rather die than think – in fact most do!” We now know why!

Had this British philosopher and mathematician (1872-1970) overcome pride and changed that ‘think' to “face truth” then he may have become as great a person as his followers think he was. But, like so many of us, he loved his self-image above truth.

Bertrand Russell is quoted in “TheMindWeb” in relation to revelations in his book “The Impact of Science on Society”; the essence of these is: Quote: Although this science will be diligently studied, it will be rightly confined to the governing class and the populace will not be allowed to know how its convictions were generated ... education should aim at destroying free will, so that, after pupils have left school, they will be incapable ... of acting or thinking otherwise than their schoolmasters would have wished." End Q.

You may view these quotes by entering “Bertrand” on the “Google” “site search” facility on the TheMindWeb “Home page”. The larger quote and comment is in the book “Globalism Brainwash” which can be downloaded at “Fast Downloads”.

Our other books related to this series of editorials including “Of Truth” are also available at Fast Downloads.

Readers, it seems, find this Russell quote hard to believe, or as not applying to their education. But it does apply and it is, at least so far as European culture is concerned, world-wide. Some may think that their upbringing has encouraged a broader viewpoint; we are led to believe this but actually it is not true. Our education is designed to encourage belief in our own importance at the expense of all balance of logic.

Perhaps, as world social problems multiply, readers will more easily see that the deceit, bias, pride and prejudice injected in the wider community does corrupt rational behavior and result in declining community health and wealth. We may also see more easily why world problems increase and why suicides and murders combine with our stubborn refusal to think and act in our own intellectual defense. In addition we may see how this increases the power and security of Globalist world government!

The evidence warning of our present situation has been growing progressively over the last hundred years of scientific progress and the idea that populations should be mentally enslaved is not a rare idea. For instance:

“We need a program of psychosurgery and political control of our society. The purpose is physical control of the mind. Everyone who deviates from the given norm can be surgically mutilated. The individual may think that the most important reality is his own existence but this is only his personal point of view. This lacks historical perspective.

"Man does not have the right to develop his own mind. This kind of liberal orientation has great appeal, we must electrically control the brain! Some day armies and generals will be controlled by electrical stimulation of the brain" E.Q. Dr Jose Delgado, who demonstrated a radio-controlled bull on CNN in 1985. Director of neuropsychiatry, Yale university medical school.

Yes this is a crazy level of arrogance but there is forewarning in examples from earliest history and in the Christian testament. Throughout history there have been leaders wanting to own their entire known world and total mind enslavement is only new in so far as science is increasing this potential for abuse. The truth of our nature is now available; we are at our testing time.

The logic of finding a unity of so many of our cultural problems in combination with a logical cause should and does, point to practical action.

As with all social change (engineered or not) everyone is not equally afflicted, effective change takes a few generations to take secure hold. Many now see that we face serious problems but feel they have no time to look for truth, therefore they try ever harder to promote their convictions. Fortunately those prepared to stop and think honestly can defend themselves and their families but time is running out, we all have our point of no return.



This war is against Mind

Two drops of rain falling side by side: one lands on a leaf and slides right the other deflects left. They are equal and close to begin but one will end in a great ocean, the other evaporates in desert. Chaos Theory says that so small a thing as the flutter of a butterfly wing in Brazil may end as a storm in some far away part of the world.

But millions of butterflies may flutter their way through life and not make any measurable difference at all while millions of raindrops may fall side by side only to merge and end in the same way or place. Equally a little bias may turn a good man to evil while a host of small biases have little influence or merely create uncertainties within the human mass.

A little bias, infused by deliberate deceit of ambitious leaders, can lead to the total destruction of a great civilization. The difference is that random events, by nature, cancel each other but a small bias deliberately promoted for social deceit may need to be exposed if we are to escape its ultimate tragic consequence.

In history we see that nations using writing composed of signs and symbols had limited intellectual potentials because of lack of flexibility. This led to false mindsets, false gods, stagnation or destruction. The invention of alphabet based writing gave us a virtually unlimited freedom for intellectual development, our main restraint then became the deliberate, science based, promotion of false beliefs used as a tool of public manipulation.

Public manipulation may be political, commercial or intellectual and public bias interacts and compounds to confuse the trusting citizen. Bias by ego promotion leads to false humanity and idolatry as a natural consequence.

So! Do we now wonder why educators want children to learn reading by whole word recognition? Why spelling and grammar are demoted? Do we wonder that we have puppet thought police insisting on throwing parts of our language down the memory hole or by stealth changing the meaning of words to make honest attitudes voiceless? Do we see that the science of Public Relations has become a scientific form of public corruption and that all such corruptions added together lead us back to a primitive past?

Can we see that state controlled education is like handing a control freak a nuclear bomb. The only government that can be trusted is a true democratic government where the electorate itself has chosen every potential member: where there is no place for the self chosen egotist or those chosen by parties and special interest groups.

We must open our minds to the fact that elections do NOT create either democracy or republic; it is candidates SELECTED for honesty and integrity that create public government and this SELECTION has to be made by the people governed.

Selection is what makes a government democratic and THAT is what would be made clear to the community by government governing in the interests of the people; that this has not happened proves we have never had a people motivated government.

Electing members who have been pre-chosen by special interest groups is as democratic as voting to choose who is to be your executioner and gives your executioner disguised power over health, law, education and information services which then become subsidiaries of parties under control of financiers. These are no longer community directed facilities.

The Universal Sex Seduction:
Sex has, to some extent, been avoided on TheMindWeb because so many are now so passionate about their animal instincts that we need to take one step at a time. Our magnified desires have made many of us seem totally incapable of facing the fact that, by worship of our animal instincts, we demean the whole intellectual adventure of human life and trivialize the excitement life has to offer.

A recent news item was directed to discussing the reason for the increasingly early onset of female puberty. The modern miss of English speaking culture now matures about four years younger than was common less than a century ago. This was considered to be harmful because girls acquire the physical feelings of young adults when their mental maturity is still that of children.

Intelligent observation and evidence tells us that this is harmful both to individuals and to the mental and physical future of a culture. But why no report that our mental maturity is also slipping because of the amount of “real life” experience time lost to a multitude of unhealthy and seductive entertainments?

Why no hint of the even more insidious danger presented by the fact that when childhood is aborted and development interrupted, loss of individual maturity is never fully recovered?

Do we see now why those so passionately teaching children of their sexual nature are just immature adults wanting to promote beliefs based on their pride in their imagined maturity? It is so easy to transfer love of truth to love of self and close eyes to human consequences when we believe life is just a meaningless event.

The news item suggested that the cause of a lowering in age of puberty, at least in part, is the separation of the father from a girl's family. It saw more and more girls needing to replace the security of a father's love and this, they claimed, caused early sexuality.

Few will consider, much less admit, that constant harassment/seduction and incessantly promoted promiscuous sex through entertainment, mass media, education and mind deadening ‘music' attached to corrupting lyrics, would have any effect on childhood development!

Nor will they consider that the very same ‘entertainment' that stimulates sexual development does, at the same time, reduce and distort access to natural “real life” maturing experience. These artificial forces quite naturally have corrupting effects whose consequences are obvious and beyond logical challenge (1+1=2).

In any event, simple observation makes it very evident that girls as young as eight years may now see themselves as sex objects; some have even reached puberty at this age. This is where pressures of our culture are taking us and causing so many of our social problems.

Pressure of a culture devoted to sexual stimulation is the very natural cause of premature sexual development and, at the same time, of a culture decreasing in mental and emotional maturity and increasing in dependence on paternal government.

That lack of father security will increase this pressure is also a simple matter of cause and effect but to suggest that the break up of families is the cause is simply putting the cart before the horse. What should be clear enough (to those looking for truth rather than evasion) is that extremely unnatural and incessant promotion of sex is the cause of increasingly adolescent community behavior, including family break up. This spiral is intensifying pressure on children and adults of both sexes.

Late News Flash: New research in early development indicating 25% of children at age five years are already dangerously disadvantaged and this, no doubt, is based on current ideas of maturity. So let us not pretend that we cannot see the forest for the trees – that we cannot see the forest of deceits for the distraction of individual consequences. And let us not pretend that it is not entirely obvious that this situation did not come about by chance!

The opportunity for gain (offered those with power) to use power corruptly, is very obvious! Infecting a trusting community with unnatural sexual stimulation creates an immature and sex obsessed community, a community that will then be easy to further corrupt, control, and lead to self-destruction. Informed Globalists could neither miss this chance nor resist to use it.

The war against guns
Don't ask me what I think because I was raised on a farm and at about the age of ten I was given my own single-shot 22 rifle. Contrary to what people are now brainwashed to believe, guns are not demons from hell, guns are just intricately made pieces of equipment and never, on their own, kill anything.

In my young days ‘gun crime' was an unknown combination of words. Parents at that time were expected to teach their children basic disciplines and firearms were not perpetually glamorized by ever-present, realistic, ‘entertainment'. Children at that time saw guns as everyday pieces of equipment and, like knives and axes, dangerous, if told to leave them alone they could obey with understanding and without pressure of the huge seductive glamorizing power of mass media.

The guns problem is another direct result of the deformed attitudes promoted by our “Priests of the Dead” devotees of humanist culture. This culture has an obsession with laws, rules and regulations that, so we are led to believe, are to protect us from our evil nature.

The philosophy creates the problems and we accept laws and regulations to solve the problems created. New laws forced on us as consequence of failing self-discipline and deformed understanding bind us ever tighter to corruption and allow the Globalist grip to tighten.

Human problems are created by false beliefs and in pretense of protecting us from ourselves, those who impose false beliefs gain the excuse for imposing a straightjacket of controls, deceits and regulations.

These same kind of people who want to control minds wanted, a hundred years earlier, the legs of chairs and tables hidden because they thought them seductive. They are also the kind of unbalanced extremists who, even earlier, ran the inquisition. But always we must realize that there are the stooges who do the dirty work and behind scene powers that pull the strings.

Our physical, mental and human development is targeted.
Yes, we are under constant attack from all sides. Nutrition is removed from our foods and replaced by tasty but unnatural health destroying additives while alternative medication and alternative sources of minerals and vitamins are now under worldwide attack to reduce availability and public confidence; this also increases prices so that fewer can afford them.

Our very ability to communicate is under attack by reduction of language and language flexibility along with our true understanding of our own human nature and the nature of our creation. News and entertainment is heavily laced with propaganda to constantly promote humanist values and beliefs as if normal, progressive and essential. Our expensive hospital and education systems now work less for our welfare than for our control.

Our culture is designed to lead us to increasing adolescence and the success of this is shown by the increasingly adolescent nature of entertainment and news presentation. TV entertainment is now generally primitive and lacking in honest story line and intellectual quality; dance and art is mainly childish antics promoted by a publicity of pretence.

Culturally few people think for themselves, not because they are incapable of it but because of training that has lead them to believe life is meaningless – there is nothing out there so why waste time with it.

Fifty or so years ago George Orwell may have been right to think he might be in danger if he did not disguise the truth as fiction. Today we see Globalists are confident that they have humanity so bamboozled that no significant number will see the truth unless it is given massive publicity and the key to that is in their secure control.

People are confused: they feel that doctors, politicians or police are not really bad people, so the things we are saying cannot really be true. Well yes! Most people, whatever their role, are as nice as most people are.

But offer money, (maybe as little as a $hundred or as much as $million) to burn a house for the insurance; steal a car or even kill someone and, provided they think they can get away with it, you will find most people will now do things they know are both illegal and immoral, and often for surprisingly small reward. We do this because we no longer know tomorrow; we are not familiar with reasoning, if we can get away with it there is nothing to lose.

Some may risk their lives to help you out of a burning building or car crash but turn their back if they see you being beaten, robbed or murdered. Some risks are fashionable some are not.

Behind behavior there is always motivation! Almost every behavior is now formed by belief in chance evolution and, although all put on the fashionable face, when the chips are down where is life's meaning? Given what seems a good opportunity, most decide after a ‘risk/gain' evaluation rather than a moral evaluation. When life is meaningless morals have no meaning.

Except for a bit more ego your politician is much like you and that is why you like him. When elected he knows no more than you about the way of the world so he asks the ‘expert' who is there to advise him. Knowing no better he accepts the expert advice. If he doesn't do so then he soon finds that the ‘friends' who helped him get elected will disown him and he has his new importance to defend.

So all these things tie logically together including the big lies about the Iraq war (addressed on The Mind Web at the time) can anyone still believe all is coincidental? We would have to be very naive!

We are involved with the ultimate war of survival of the fittest; it is our Armageddon and our torments are of our creation. This is in no way related to chance or natural selection.

The victory will be with individuals, not with armies or parties or factions or fanatics. The worst the Globalists can do in response to opposition is no better than what they plan to do if allowed to achieve their plans. We have nothing to lose and a world to win.

Though all about you may be intent on throwing their lives away and pressing you to join their bandwagon, you can still be true to yourself and your given abilities. You can still distribute information to those who want to know truth and work for progress and a future based on creation's truth.

Finally: Were it said to you: “I know someone who has a power to change your nature and talents, would you prefer to be a cow or horse, or perhaps a fish in the ocean; any animal you choose. You could have less stress, feel contented, but you would have no intellectual ability to know your life or your world or behave beyond your instincts. You would not be able to make decisions for yourself that may take you into danger, stress, discomfort, hardship or anger but you will also lose your ability to choose adventures, understandings, develop creative abilities, and make new discoveries.” Would you choose to change?

Should your answer be “No I prefer to stay as I am” then the question becomes: “Why then do you not use the talent that gives the advantage you prefer? Why do you persist to live for your animal comforts and pleasures, obey peer group pressures and leave your life at the discretion of the greed obsessed and a mindless empty fate?”

Now, of course, there are many to whom I would not put that question. It is not posed as either a threat or warning. What informed people choose to do with their lives is their problem. The above thought is presented in hope to help those who may be misled into belief that they are just animals; it is not a trivial question.

For a relevant Testament see: Matthew 25: 14-30. A little out of date in language but with clear meaning: The message given is that those who bury their talents will lose even what little they have while those who use their talents to gain more will be given more. Here the word ‘talents' is used in its present English meaning rather than in its Biblical meaning because our Creator does not value lives in terms of gold and silver or financial profit. We are valued in terms of intellectual and moral profit! Do you think that this dual meaning came about by chance?

Scripture also makes clear that those who claim to follow Jesus but do not follow, or even try to know His advice, will not be recognized at the judgment. Good deeds do not get us to heaven. We only achieve this benefit by living to our best ability, in the truth of our human nature. To be sure we are on the right path we have to love truth enough to always want to know truth better.