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This site is for those who want to know what is happening to their world, and why,
and what they can do about it. This information is already on site, just start reading.

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Site Tips.

If you save our new Home Page on your “Desk Top” you will find that, when on-line, you can use this to access files. These files will then remain attached so that they can be recalled at any time without again going on-line. You may find that “Acrobat” files do not save automatically; these can also be saved to attach for offline use by the following procedure:

Go to “Favorites”, (top menu) from the list of alternatives click on “Add to Favorites” and then on “Make available off-line”. Now go to “tools” and from that list click on “New Synchronize”.

By this means you may have “in use” files on your computer off-line and conveniently filed for reference. As our site reorganization proceeds smaller acrobat files will be converted to HTML and books set up for bookmaking will get an alternative, reader friendly, download.

On Trial: An additional convenience: clicking on the “Recommend this Site ” link enables you to send the Home Page to friends. Suggest they, when on-line, look at files you recommend or that interest them and by above procedure files can be saved on their personal desktop for off-line use.

Note: This site uses a default font that enables you to change the text size for your reading comfort. If you need to change text size click on “View” then “Text Size” in the top menu of your browser (Internet Explorer) and select your size preference.

Note: Handy “Google Site Search Facility” can help you find references to matters of interest.

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